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Indiana Secretary of State                                                   Bookkeeper Manual                            ...
Indiana Secretary of State                                                       Bookkeeper Manual                        ...
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BK Chapter 3.pdf

  1. 1. Indiana Secretary of State Bookkeeper Manual III. Core CompetenciesIII. Core Competencies The Bookkeeper’s top priority is to process and report a Daily Deposit. The DailyDeposit represents all revenue received by the Secretary of State’s Office from the previousbusiness day. This should be the first task performed in the Bookkeeper’s workday. This willallow sufficient time for self-auditing, accuracy, and to troubleshoot potential problems. Statistically, the Bookkeeper will receive 5 to 6 requests for refunds on any givenbusiness day. The Bookkeeper is expected to research any potential refund requests daily.Documentation, processing, and mailing of the refund paperwork must be completed everybusiness day. Customers who submit a high frequency of filings in the Business Services Divisionfind that a prepaid account is a time-saver. These customers will deposit funds into theirspecific prepaid accounts. It operates similar to a standard checking account. When filingsare processed, the funds are withdrawn from the remaining balance. It is essential thatmonthly statements be mailed to these customers. These customers need to reconcile theirperspective accounts using the statements provided by the Bookkeeper. These customers will call to inquire about their account balance to ensure adequatefunds remaining for the business they wish to conduct. These phone calls, like all others, mustbe returned within 24 hours. The only time the Bookkeeper should not answer the phone is during preparation ofthe Daily Deposit - all other tasks can be put on hold briefly to ensure the highest degree ofcustomer service. Reconciliation occurs when the Secretary of State’s general ledger of activity iscompared with another entity’s ledger that is also recording activity. The most common form ofreconciliation will occur between the Secretary of State’s documentation of activity and that ofwhich is from the State Auditor’s Office. Reconciliation should be done on a daily basis. This allows potential errors to becaught early, and simplifies troubleshooting. The smaller the scope the error occurred in, theeasier it is for the Bookkeeper to resolve. Reconciliation should be done daily on two fronts. The first, during the daily depositof revenue – the Bookkeeper will verify the revenue amounts provided by the specific Division III-1
  2. 2. Indiana Secretary of State Bookkeeper Manual III. Core Competenciesreports. If these numbers do not match, the Bookkeeper should bring it to the attention of theDirector of Operations. The second is in regards to the Auditor’s system information. Keystroke errors area real possibility and the Auditor’s Office may mistakenly enter an incorrect value. TheBookkeeper will utilize the program, Alchemy to verify the integrity of the deposit.Reconciliation will be covered in subsequent chapters in greater detail. Proper recording of all account activity is a direct reflection of the integrity of theposition holder in order to properly service our customers, meet regulations, and influencebusiness decisions. The Bookkeeper enjoys the luxury of being able to quantify any upcomingneeds. EXAMPLE: Bookkeeper notices trend in Loan Broker applications in the last 2 months equal to nearly 3x the amount in the same months the year prior. Information provided by the Bookkeeper can be used to evaluate outreachprograms, an argument for additional staff could be made, etc. The Bookkeeper, who properlyanalyzes the data reported, can ensure that our customers are serviced the best way possible. The Bookkeeper must maintain communication with the Director of Operations on afrequent basis. This includes updating excel spreadsheet files for each Fund/Center. Monthlyreports of activity must be e-mailed to the Director of Operations, as well as any activity that isnot standard. Information updated on the excel spreadsheets will be made available to theDirector and the Executive Staff on the shared drive. III-2