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BK Chapter 9.pdf

  1. 1. Indiana Secretary of State Bookkeeper Manual IX. ReconciliationIX. Reconciliation Reconciliation is an essential task performed by the Bookkeeper. The term,reconciliation, can be applied to several responsibilities or tasks relative to the position. The Bookkeeper is responsible for verifying that the deposit amount matches theamount shown on each Divisional report. This is a form of reconciliation. The term ‘reconcile’, as it pertains to the Corporations and UCC software, variesfrom the traditional definition, and this chapter. Those functions are better off beingdescribed as ‘write-off’. The Bookkeeper is responsible for a daily reconciliation against the Auditor’sOffice statements. All deposited revenue from the Report of Collections will reflect onthe Auditor’s system the following business day. It is essential that the Bookkeeper verify the Report of Collections amounts onthe Auditor’s system. The Auditor’s Office serves as the ‘bank’ and maintains accountbalance information. All revenue and expenditure activity is reported on the Auditor’s database. Theprogram that the Bookkeeper will utilize to reconcile is known as Alchemy.Alchemy requires the Bookkeeper’s PC be connected to the Auditor’s Drive information and a Novell user name and password is required of such. If this information is not provided to the Bookkeeper or unavailable, see the Director of Operations. Begin by opening the Alchemy program located on the Windows Startbutton list, or locating such on the desktop. IX-1
  2. 2. Indiana Secretary of State Bookkeeper Manual IX. Reconciliation On the far right toolbar select the Open Database icon, which resembles an open folder The folder to search for the applicable database files is ‘GLFICHE’ – double check that the Open window has defaulted to GLFICHE. IX-2
  3. 3. Indiana Secretary of State Bookkeeper Manual IX. Reconciliation Although there are many folders to choose from here – the ONLY applicable folderto browse in is GLFICHE. If the menu window shows “Look in: GLFICHE”, this is thecorrect location. The files that will open are present on the far right of these lists. They will be filesthat end in .ALD To verify that the Auditor’s Office has posted the correct balance information-Open the database named: ihjvclos.ald IX-3
  4. 4. Indiana Secretary of State Bookkeeper Manual IX. Reconciliation This will open the Daily IHJV Document Extract Reports. These documents are notspecific for our Agency, rather all the activity of the Auditor’s Office. In order to filter the daily to find only applicable Secretary of State relevantinformation- utilize the Query option. The Q icon on the task bar can select query. The Q allows you to search through the files to find applicable information. It is similar to using Google to find information on the Internet. Some Alchemy databases can be searched by the Agency number of 040 either/orthe Fund/Center information. Try both of these during your auditing/reconciliationefforts to ensure all data is acquired.In this particular database, it is necessary to Query by the Fund/Center information.Example: Verifying Fund/Center information for 1000/100400 on 11/22/2006 Use the Full Text option of Query to ensure the widest array of options provided.Once the Fund/Center information is entered 1000 100400 IX-4
  5. 5. Indiana Secretary of State Bookkeeper Manual IX. Reconciliation- Select the Search option After Querying using the criteria of 1000 100400 it will provide a list of all applicabledocuments in the database that have that information. Scroll down to find the date inquestion. IX-5
  6. 6. Indiana Secretary of State Bookkeeper Manual IX. Reconciliation For daily revenue auditing – it will be the last date posted. Since the Bookkeeper willdeposit funds into a variety of Fund/Centers on any given business day – there may beseveral pages containing information in regards to relevant Secretary of StateFund/Center activity. On the next page, all other Fund/Center information has been removed to show asimple example of the report generated by the Auditor’s Office. During day to day operations – there will be many other Fund/Centers, severalunrelated to the Indiana Secretary of State, on these pages as well. (REMAINDER OF PAGE LEFT INTENTIONALLY BLANK) IX-6
  7. 7. Indiana Secretary of State Bookkeeper Manual IX. ReconciliationINDIANA AUDITOR OF STATEREPORT ID : IHJVCLOS IHJV DOCUMENT EXTRACT REPORT PAGE 9RUN DATE 11/22/2006 18:30:49 FOR 11/22/2006 DOCUMENT GL APPL D DEBIT CREDIT ACCT NUMBER DATE AREA T LINE FUND OBJECT CENTER AMOUNT AMOUNT RULE ---------- -------- ---- - ---- ---- ------ ------ ------------------ ------------------ ---- RC508733 11/22/06 01 1 1 1000 411000 100400 .00 100.00 43With this report the following information can be gathered• Amount deposited into which Fund/Center• Why the amount was deposited (utilizing the object code)• The Quietus number/AUDIT ID number; RC508733• Date in which the amount was deposited (credited) IX-7
  8. 8. Indiana Secretary of State Bookkeeper Manual IX. ReconciliationThe Bookkeeper is responsible for ensuring that every day the following are allthe exact same dollar amounts.• Report of Collections image scan• Values entered into the applicable spreadsheet for filings activity• Alchemy Reports If there is any inconsistency among these three, notify the Director of Operations immediately. Alchemy reports can be used for a variety of purposes including refundpayments, purchases, etc. Below is a list of all applicable Indiana Secretary ofState Alchemy databases, and a description of such. Alchemy File Name (in GLFICHE) Title Description apagywrp.ald Daily Warrant Distribution By Checks/Direct Deposit issued by Agency the Auditor’s Office from Agency Fund/Centers for Invoices, Refunds, and Travel. glagaatb.ald Daily Agency Appropriation and (ex: Income Statement) Funds Allotment Trial Balance available after expenditures glagafde.ald Daily Agency Available Funds <Audit ID is found here> Activity Detailed summary of revenue/expenditures per day glagapde.ald Daily Agency Appropriation Report of Collections Activity information, each Alchemy report for specific Fund/Center glagobda.ald Agency Object Trial Balance Month/Year-to-Date amounts categories determined by object codes/nature of transaction glagrvde.ald Daily Agency Revenue Activity Report of Collections and Refunds issued. glagarvtb.ald Agency Revenue Quarterly Total Revenue (by Center/Object) Totals for each Quarter in the current fiscal year gldetail.ald Daily Fund Activity Detail Daily List of all debts/credits to all Fund/Centers. Snapshot of invoices paid including CV # and Vendor Name IX-8
  9. 9. Indiana Secretary of State Bookkeeper Manual IX. Reconciliation Alchemy File Name Title Description (in GLFICHE) glfdrvtb.ald Daily Fund Revenue Trial Not specific to Agency, lists as Balance Fund/Center criteria Revenue – Expenses glfdtbda.ald Daily General Ledger Trial Total State Revenue/Expenditure Balance information non specific by Agency or Fund/Center hv0400c.ald Daily Warrant Register Very detailed Daily List of Invoices/Vouchers issued including invoice #, CV#, Amount, and Payee (all state warrants) *For Current Month Only* ihjvclos.ald Daily IHJV Document Extract Daily Snapshot of Report of Report Collections complete list with Quietus number olrwrpt.ald Auditor’s On-Line Warrant Re- Reissuing of checks or warrants, Writes several criteria to search with *All databases can be found in the GLFICHE folder* For additional Alchemy support or inquiries – contact the Director of Operations. Auditor’s Office information on many reports is only maintained on aquarterly basis. This includes the ‘running total’ of revenue received. Quarterlyinformation is provided by the Auditor’s Office to the Director of Operations byCompact Disc. One copy should be given to the Bookkeeper each period. Also, where applicable, a member of the IT Staff may also copy theinformation from the Compact Disc to an internal Secretary of State shared driveto ensure the data is not lost or damaged.Reconciliation is required every day to the Daily Deposit.Net revenue must be audited daily. Net Revenue = Revenue – Refunds – Returned ChecksThe Bookkeeper is responsible for all relative parties’ data being in sync. IX-9