Evolution part I
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Evolution part I



Part 1 of lecture slides for Mr. Mason's Biology I, Hon. class

Part 1 of lecture slides for Mr. Mason's Biology I, Hon. class



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Evolution part I Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Theory of Evolution part 1
  • 2. Science v.s. Pseudoscience Logical process to determine the cause(s) of natural events in the world. observation question constant hypothesis testing
  • 3. evolution not a new idea life on earth changes over time it connects the present with the past the unifying theory for the study of biology
  • 4. Charles Darwin 1809-1882 ships naturalist on the HMS Beagle 1831 keen powers of observation and analysis
  • 5. Darwin’s visit to tropical South America piqued his interest in the Diversity of Life. scientist speculate as many as 10 mi!ion species Darwin also found evidence to speculate that a large number of species were once here but vanished. researches today suspect that of a! the species that onc" lived on earth 99.9% are now extinc$
  • 6. Darwin wondered From where does this seemingly endless variety of life come ? Why have so many of them disappeared? 'What a life of wonder - every object new'. Tennyson
  • 7. Jean Baptiste Lamarck 1744-1829 agreed with the fact of evolution individual strived for perfection inheritance of acquired characteristics
  • 8. Darwin proposed Descent with Modification there were a variety of ways in which organisms were designed for survival (form and behavior) organisms appeared well designed to survive their local environment survival was necessary for reproductive success
  • 9. “fitness” ...the combination of physical traits and behaviors that helps organisms survive and reproduce in their environment (adaptation)
  • 10. “fitness”
  • 11. Theory of Natural Selection more offspring are born than can survive genetic variation within a population competition for resources - “struggle for existence” differential reproduction - the best adapted survive to reproduce
  • 12. The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection Darwin maintained that organisms have been produced through the long, slow process of change in the species over time - Evolution
  • 13. Darwin argued that just as each new organism comes from an existing organism...
  • 14. ...each species has descended from other species. speciation “Early” modern horse types