What's Hot with Paid Social? SMX Advanced 2013


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  • In the interest of full discloser, I am not a Guru or even a thought leader for that matter. I certainly work with some and have the privilege of presenting with others today. No, I am not the type of marketer that is predicting what is going to happen 3, 6, or 12 months down the line in the paid social space. Instead, I am the marketer that hits my goals after trying and failing, testing, and trying again. I look for patterns and trends and find ways to create efficient scalable models that create high quality leads for my sale team.
  • When I found out I was going to be presenting, I was very excited. I had a million ideas pop into my head about which direction I wanted to go.
  • I wanted to tie everything together in an extensive, elloborate, and likely very boring way. Touching on things like how unlike ever before you can retarget leads through social and customize your messaging based on where they are on the decision funnel, you can hyper target, and segment on the fly and the impact on paid social roi.
  • But then I realized I only get 14 minutes to leave you the audience with something you can take away and make a positive impact on your bottom-line.
  • So that left me with a couple of options that came to mind. First Linkedin’s display ads, I mean how cool are these. There is slideshare integration so you can capture lead data right within your ad, but with a 15k minimum spend I thought that that my be positive to some of the smaller companies in the audience. Then I got really excited about the idea of prsenting on Facebook eXchange which is awesome, I mean how cool is that you can retarget your visitors right on facebook… but you have to buy these spots through 3rd party so that’s out.
  • So I took the approach of letting you the audience decide what is important and what is worth talking about. Working as a marketer marketing marketing to marketers I have access to lots of information about what’s working, what’s not and what’s happening in the industry. One of the major focuses for 2013 is an increased budget for demand generation. In fact 1/3rd of b2b marketers say there demand generation budgets have increased by over 20% this year. Increased spend always results in inceased reporting and measurement which ultimately means greater ROI. Now that paid social is finally accepted as a positive ROI source it is more important than ever that marketers continue to improve their process and drive real results.
  • As marketers we have an obligation to always be testing. There is nothing wrong with failing as long as you are willing to pick yourself back up and give it another go. Learn from your sales team, listen to their feedback, and continuously adapt your campaigns to the changing landscapes.
  • Paid social is now treated like any other advertising source which requires real metrics. None of the fluffy crap that social media managers could push on their teams before. I certainly don’t want to hear about follows or likes, I want to hear about new leads, mqls, opportunities, and deals. While I like high lead numbers, I can certainly tell you that my sales team doesn’t care about my lead volume, they care about their real opportunities and if I am not delivering high quality leads I am going to hear about it. I’m not alone in this. 46.5% or marketers have identified the need for improved lead quality in 2013. Without question, this is my focus and is exactly what I work on every day.
  • To understand how to maximize the effectiveness of paid social it is important to first understand what’s driving visitors but more importantly what is driving leads. Many marketers get hung up on sources of traffic, but those that are held to hard goals know that it really comes down to lead volume. Looking at this graph you will notice a significant percentage of visitors coming from facebook which is why Facebook is talked about so much for paid social advertising. What a lot of marketers don’t realize is that the high quality visits are actually coming from twitter.
  • As a B2B marketer twitter is my go to platform. Yes, it out performs in terms of lead generation and allows me to get very specific with my target audience, but as a marketer that stands with my sales team on a daily basis, what I appreciate most is how on target and qualified our twitter leads are when they convert to MQL.
  • Several weeks ago when I decided that I was going to talk about Keyword Targeting in Timelines seemed like the obvious choice. . I mean how awesome is it that you can target your audience based on their tweets and engagement?I can tell you that we have been building specialized target profiles and have successfully targeted the right audience resulting in a nearly 60% conversion rate from our campaigns. Way to go danie.
  • Well, social media advertising is an ever changing landscape and the platforms are all racing for a better experience for advertisers and end-users… so of course my formerly hot topic was dated and I had to do a last minute pivot and talk about something even more hot and by hot I mean a feature that is allowing me to more effectively meet my goals… HIGH QUALITY LEADS!
  • The hottest new thing right now is Twitter’s new Lead Gen Cards. These things are built for demand generation marketers. They are simple, they have room for lots of info, thee user never has to leave the platform or even fill out a form. Look at these things, I don’t know about you but looking at these is like looking at a nice big juicy steak because they are just awesome.
  • Twitter loves advertisers. No one else is making it this easy for us.
  • Just look at these things. You get a tweet, an image, a description and a call to action. This in case you can’t tell I am slightly obsessed with these things.
  • What's Hot with Paid Social? SMX Advanced 2013

    1. 1. Jeffrey Jewett, Demand Gen @optifySMX ADVANCEDWhat’s Hot withPaid Social?Follow me @jeffreyajewett
    2. 2. 2Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BGuru Free ZoneNo PredictionsThis is an action-oriented and data-driven presentation.
    3. 3. 3Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BDeciding what to present
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    6. 6. 6Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BThings I wanted to talk about…Requires $15K minimummonthly spendMust be purchased through 3rd party(AdRoll, Bizo, etc.)
    7. 7. 7Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BSo, I took the scientific approach.
    8. 8. 8Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BWhat’s actually hot with paid social? 1/3rd B2B marketers say theirdemand generation budgetswill grow >20% in 2013 Increased spend will result insocial campaignmeasurement being morealigned with its contributionto the sales pipeline andrevenue Paid social is finally acceptedas a positive ROI demandgeneration source
    9. 9. 9Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BWe have a responsibility to…
    10. 10. 10Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BEmphasis on volume & quality You can no longer sell “fluffy”metrics to your team It’s less about likes and followsand more about lead volume andopportunities. 46.5% of marketers haveidentified the need for improvedlead quality over quantity in paidsocial as a top priority in 2013 We all know clients & teams wanthigher quality leads and it’s time todeliver!
    11. 11. 11Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BWhere are leads coming from?2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report
    12. 12. 12Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BSeriously, what’s hot?(For B2B marketing)
    13. 13. 13Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BTwitter Twitter is by far the best social mediasource for leads, outperforming bothFacebook and LinkedIn in conversionrates for B2B marketers Higher-than-average conversion ratescompared to other sources, includingorganic search and direct Twitter has been investing in its adplatform and targeting, resulting inhigh-quality, high-converting andengaged leads
    14. 14. 14Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BWhat’s NEW with Twitter? Keyword Targeting inTimelines This new feature enablesadvertisers to reach usersbased on the keywords in theirrecent Tweets and the Tweetswith which users recentlyengaged
    15. 15. 15Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BTell me something I didn’t know!Did you already know aboutKeyword Targeting inTimelines?You want something a littlemore fresh?
    16. 16. 16Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BWhat’s BRAND NEW with Twitter? Twitter just released its newLead Generation Cards A new way for users to express aninterest in your offers directly fromwithin the Twitter platform According to Twitter’s blog: “Users can easily and securelyshare their email address with abusiness without leaving Twitter orhaving to fill out a cumbersomeform.”
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    18. 18. 18Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BLead gen card breakdownYour Tweet
    19. 19. 19Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BTwitter + Salesforce Seamless integration Ability to customize with hidden fields Tied to your autoresponse emails and lead nurturing programs ROI measurement & analytics
    20. 20. 20Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BRememberDrop all of your new leads into a nurturing campaign so you cancontinue serving them compelling content until they’re ready for aconversation with Sales.…and don’t forget to track, measure and refine all of yourcampaigns!
    21. 21. 21Tweet @jeffreyajewett #smx #13BAdditional resourcesInterested in learning how to build these cards?Use this guide to set up your campaigns in 10 easy steps:bit.ly/LeadGenCardsCreated by @daniepote
    22. 22. www.optify.netThank You!Twitter: @jeffreyajewettEmail: jeff@optify.netWebsite: optify.netBlog: optify.net/blog