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Presentation on Global Social Media. …

Presentation on Global Social Media.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Global Social Media #BoGlobal James Bottari
  • 2. Global Social Media      #BoGlobal Fundamentals of Social Media Global Strategy Social Media Channels Content is King Questions
  • 3. Global Social Media  #BoGlobal Fundamentals of Social Media
  • 4. Fundamentals of Social Media What are the some popular social sites? Global Facebook Japan 1200M 17M Twitter 500M 13M Google+ 540M 4.5M LinkedIn 225M 1M LINE 230M 50M September 2013 There are many, many more... …and one size does not fit all #BoGlobal
  • 5. Fundamentals of Social Media Why is social media marketing important?    Many of our customers are spending their online time there.  It is where we can enhance our experiential marketing and strengthen customer intimacy through engagement, shares, connections, etc. #BoGlobal
  • 6. Fundamentals of Social Media Also: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media is one of the three pillars of SEO …and the goal is not only to show up 1st on SERP, but also to “own the page”
  • 7. Fundamentals of Social Media Social Media connects to other components Website SEM Mobility Apps Geotargeting Email Texts RSS Digital Signage Podcasts Television Radio So, when we talk about Social Media Marketing what we are really talking about is Digital Marketing. #BoGlobal
  • 8. Fundamentals of Social Media Consider how your social media strategy fits into your digital marketing strategy. What is your purpose? • • • • • • sending users to a web page increasing brand exposure pursuing endorsements providing a customer service platform promoting an event or product engaging in inbound marketing Should your social media activities be global or local? #BoGlobal
  • 9. Global Social Media  #BoGlobal Global Strategy
  • 10. Global Strategy There are a several challenges you will face when engaging an international audience.        #BoGlobal Available resources Location priority Specific issues (regulations, compliance, political) Different / Multi languages Multiple time zones Variety of cultures Different audiences
  • 11. Global Strategy Creating a strong unified approach       What is the unified goal? What is the tone of voice? What creative materials are to be used? What is the timing of the release? How do all of your campaigns tie together? How are crisis handled? Be flexible to accommodate to cultural differences. #BoGlobal
  • 12. Global Strategy Choosing the regions/countries      #BoGlobal Where do you want to be present? Where is the majority of customer base, both domestic and international? Where is the potential for growth? Do you have international leads/prospects? What are your available resources? They may add weight to your decision, but remember to focus on ROI. Where is the best place to be now? You can expand later.
  • 13. Global Strategy Speaking the language    #BoGlobal Should your content be in multiple languages? Should you create a new social profile for every language or utilize localization functions (example: Facebook, LinkedIn)? Should you monitor social media platforms in multiple languages?
  • 14. Global Strategy Using a Content Hub    Consider a hub to originate all content (blog, forum, community page, website) Your social media channels should link to the hub. Your hub is a key part in SEO strategy. A community manager is imperative. #BoGlobal
  • 15. Global Social Media  #BoGlobal Social Media Channels
  • 16. Social Media Channels Localize Posts Targeted Advertising Live Streaming Analytics Especially for advertising, use targeting functions for Language and/or geography. If you create separate regional pages for each language, “like” or link to each page. #BoGlobal
  • 17. Social Media Channels Facebook Edgerank is dead (Affinity, Weight, Time Decay) Over 100,000 weights: Post Types, Hide Post/Spam Reporting, Clicking Ads, Viewing Timelines, Device/Technical Considerations #hashtags Trending topics @mentions Graph Search Edit posts Auto-play videos Public Feed API Keyword Insights API Embedded posts #BoGlobal
  • 18. Social Media Channels   Twitter Advanced searches to monitor the conversation Lead generation cards #hashtags Lists @mentions Trending topics 6 second loop #BoGlobal
  • 19. Social Media Channels Google+ #BoGlobal Google loves Google+
  • 20. Social Media Channels    LinkedIn Groups Dual posts to Twitter Rich media on profile #hashtags @mentions Groups  Instagram Video services (15-second) Soon to take on advertising  Pinterest Soon to take on advertising  #BoGlobal
  • 21. Global Social Media  #BoGlobal Content is King
  • 22. Content is King        #BoGlobal Provide native translations Use correct spelling variations Use one language per blog Use images/video wherever possible Be relevant Learn color connotations Crowd sourcing sites on the rise for content sourcing: Kickstarter
  • 23. Content is King  It is important to experiment with different ad content, posts, pictures, etc.  Check each social media’s analytics page for insight into how your campaign is running.  Remember, it is best to try out ideas, before spending vast amounts of money on them… #BoGlobal
  • 24. Content is King EPIC FAILS  Susan Boyle's hashtag to promote her new album event: #Susanalbumparty Take away: Proofread your material  #McDoStories backfired when users began flooding the tag with bad experiences Take away: Be careful of what you cannot control #BoGlobal
  • 25. Content is King EPIC WINS  #BoGlobal McDonald's launched a website called: "Our Food. Your Questions” to promote transparency using the same channels that perpetuated negative stories about their food quality. They respond to questions through text, photos, and video. Take away: Be transparent (even with the bad). Try to have more control over content.
  • 26. Content is King EPIC WINS  Oreo Cookie amazed Super Bowl fans with their tweet. Take away: event jacking and trend jacking Power Out? No problem Oh, and a 15 member team brainstorming before and during the game. #BoGlobal
  • 27. Questions Thank you. #BoGlobal James Bottari