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Why do brands use Facebook?



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Why do brands use Facebook?

  1. 1. #fbforbrands Wifi code - username: pr moment password: pr network: EUOMWV103
  2. 2. James Whatley Senior Associate Director 360°Digital Influence, Ogilvy PR
  3. 3. 360° Digital Influence What type of organisation should have a Facebook Fan Page? (and which ones should not) January 2012
  4. 4. Question 1 >
  5. 5. Are Facebook brand pages a fad, or a trend? Question 1 >
  6. 6. Question 1 >
  7. 7. Question 1 > People on Facebook: 800 million active users Activity on Facebook: 900 million ‘objects’ that people interact with Global Reach: Over 70 languages Mobile: 350 million active users access Facebook via mobile
  8. 8. Question 2 >
  9. 9. When is a Facebook page a good idea for a brand? Question 2 >
  10. 10. Slide on MEA Question 2 >
  11. 11. Slide on FB Lebanon Question 2 >
  12. 12. When is a Facebook page a good idea for a brand? Question 2 >
  13. 13. When is a Facebook page a good idea for a brand? (and when is it not) Question 2 >
  14. 14. Will the day come when a brand’s Facebook pages are more important than their own websites? Bonus >
  15. 15. Will the day come when a brand’s Facebook pages are more important than their own websites? Question 3 >
  16. 16. What is your objective? Question 3 >
  17. 17. Bonus round… >
  18. 18. What’s next for brands in Facebook? Bonus round… >
  19. 19. F-Commerce >
  20. 20. What’s next for brands IN Facebook? Bonus round… >
  21. 21. What’s next for brands OUT of Facebook? Bonus round… >
  22. 22. F-Commerce >
  23. 23. 360° Digital Influence Thank you James Whatley @Whatleydude @OgilvyPRLondon January 2012

Editor's Notes

  • Hello, good evening. My name’s James Whatley and I’m senior associate director here at the London practice of 360 digital influence. You’ve already seen a couple of great case studies around where and how Facebook can be used with two very different brands. However, I’ve been asked along tonight to answer a couple of questions for the inquiring minds in the room. So…
  • Question 1:
  • Are Facebook brand pages a fad, or a trend? Well, I’m hardly going to stand up here – working in the DI team – and tell you that everything you’ve just seen is a fad, am I? No, of course not. But let me give you some interesting numbers to back that up -
  • This image is just over a year old. Produced in December 2010 by a Facebook intern back when their member-base was a mere 500m. It’s a stunning image that manages to not only capture the breadth of connections that Facebook facilitates across the world but also the sheer depth of which into our lives the book of faces has ingratiated itself: it’s huge, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s here to stay. But like I said, to back that up, some hard numbers -
  • More than 50% of those 800m log to Facebook on any given day and, on average, each of those users has around 130 friends (proving Dunbar’s number quite nicely too) Social objects – ie: community page, events.. Images. On images, over 250million are uploaded *every day* We’ve already seen the scope of the connections via the image from earlier but, to give that 70 languages figure some colour too – anyone who’s ever attempted any kind of translation work in the past (on even a small scale) will know how difficult in can be. Well, over 300,000 Facebook users helped out with this mission. Through an app. Simple. Crowd-sourcing at its best. That big mobile number is healthily supported via 475 mobile operators worldwide . Nice. Which leads us onto…
  • Question 2!
  • From the campaign activity we’ve seen from the our speakers this evening, they’ve covered X Y and Z. All good ideas. However, there might be some practical measures as to why you may or may not need a Facebook page… but remember: it’s about having a clear objective – here’s an example:
  • Last year I wrapped some work on Nokia Middle East and they don’t have regional variations for pages… doesn’t have a different dotcom for every country/region in the MEA part of the world so… what do they use? Facebook!
  • This is Nokia Lebanon, 45000 fans and – they love them. Customer care, polls, marketing, even some RnD is thrown in there – all of it. Covered. So that’s that question answered, right?
  • Well no… there was a second part. Remember?
  • NOT
  • It really does depend. On a whole bunch of factors – however, the key one for me is that *it depends on whether or not you have a robust communications strategy to back it up* - if you don’t, then I really wouldn’t worry too much about Facebook just yet. You MUST MUST MUST plan for the worst, if you haven’t – then I thoroughly recommend NOT setting up a facebook page for your brand. Seriously. Next!
  • When? Well I don’t know… similarly to the MEA example earlier, it kind of comes down to ONE question -
  • It’s true. As the social media industry matures, more and more brands are going to be signing up to the PRINCIPLES of social media and using them in different parts of their business. If you don’t have facebook built into your communications crises plan, why not? What would be the objective of having a facebook page? Perception change? Pr? RND? Care? Ask yourself the question: WHAT IS YOUR OBJECTIVE? OK, so, as you’ve all been so good ---
  • Let me show you…
  • F-commerce, selling ACTUAL tangible things on a facebook page. *Enlarge on html vs fbml and also secure internet windows*
  • But that’s easy… IN Facebook is easy, but what about…
  • What goes on here: “ How much are we seeing of social brought into commerce rather commerce being brought into social?” alex pearmain – head of social o2
  • Talk about how Facebook Connect is used by KLM, Ticketmaster and TripAdvisor to help change / improve the customer experience on THEIR homepages…
  • Questions?! 
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