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Guest Lecture for Integrated Marketing Communication, DU, instructor Lora Louise Broady

Guest Lecture for Integrated Marketing Communication, DU, instructor Lora Louise Broady

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    Jason Karpf, Master’s Candidate, University of Denver
  • 2. Introducing your lecturer
    Jason Karpf, independent PR/marketing consultant from Southern California
    3 courses and 1 Capstone away from M.P.S., Organizational and Professional Communication, PR/Marketing specialty
    LLB student: Internet Marketing Communications with LLB, Winter 2010; Integrating Social Media, Summer 2010
  • 3. Thanks to our guest expert
    Michael Wylie, president, Abway Technology—SEO and Web development company
    Michael’s special tips marked in red throughout presentation
  • 4. Case study site:
    Financial site dedicated to LIBOR index
    Jason Karpf is editor: Web copy, articles, press releases, news summaries, video scripts
  • 5. When kirk told bones to work on sEO
    Dammit, Jim…
    I’m a communicator not a Web-savvy, techno-droid!
    (Actual Star Trek Communicator)
  • 6. Boldly go into seo
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a communications discipline
    “Techno-droids” not mandatory, but…
    “Spocks” speak up!
  • 7. What is seo?
  • 8. What is seo?
    Enhancement of Web site attributes known to boost search engine ranking
    Giving search engines “what they want”
  • 9. How search engines work
    Determine pages’ relevance to entered search terms (keywords)
    Send out “spiders” to “crawl” sites
    Use algorithms (formulas) to gauge relevance, establish ranking
    Higher the ranking, higher the placement on search engine results page (SERP)
  • 10. KEYWORDS
    The root of SEO
    Mirroring how people search
    Presence in visible content and “behind the scenes” features
    Learn them for your site and your competitors’
  • 11. Keyword tools
    Show most used search terms within site’s existing content
    Show frequency among prospective keywords
    Suggests additional keywords
    Google Search-Based Keyword Tool
    Google AdWords Keyword Tool
  • 12. On-page seo
    Keywords used in written material: Web page copy, product descriptions, articles, press releases captions, etc.
    Special text—bold, underline, italics—gives more weight to keywords
    Can measure keyword density;
    4%-8% is target range, keyword density
    Best advice:
    Write aggressively but artfully
    Update frequently
  • 13. On-page seo
    Good opportunity for keyword
    Can be “/(keyword)” after domain
    Separate words with dashes so Google can read keywords
    Phrase seen at top browser bar
    <120 characters; keywords twice
    LIBORATED.COM: LIBOR rates news education tools and more
    Site map
    Good for human beings and search engines
  • 14. On-page seo
    Meta description and keyword tags
    Extra opportunity to list keywords
    " is the world’s foremost resource for current and historic LIBOR rates, LIBOR news, charts, calculators, and mortgage and loan information.“
    "liborated,, LIBOR, LIBOR rates, libor rate, LIBOR loans“
    Alt tags
    Text descriptions for images when they don’t appear
    Anchor tags
    Make the wording of the tag descriptive; keywords
    “CLICK HERE” is awful use of anchor tag
    Bots need to know importance of next page
    Extensive links within site an SEO plus
  • 15. How do I know what is in the tags?
    Right click on a background area of your site
    Select “View Source”
    Small window will come up
    CTRL F for “Find” window
    Type in term; “img”
  • 16. Off-page seo
    The more incoming links, the “more desirable”
    Link popularity
    Number of total inbound links
    Link quality
    Relevancy of site linked to yours
    Traffic to sites linked to yours
    Link popularity tool, Google searches help with research
  • 17. Off-page seo
    Creating inbound links
    Link to suitable sites in hopes they reciprocate
    Directly soliciting reciprocal links may be frowned upon
    “Link to us” feature on site with code
    Press releases
    Bylined content
    Placement on other Web sites with back links in copy
  • 18. So, what’s a communicator to do?
    Best SEO technique: quality, relevant, evolving site
    Helpful content
    Talk about keyword subject matter
    Regular updates
    New articles
    News summaries
    Press releases
    Good navigation
    PR to foster off-page presence
  • 19.
    Ongoing informational articles
    News summaries with keywords in headlines, images
    Press releases and PR
    Video; keywords in tags, narration transcript
    Licensed LIBOR rate feed
    Social media
  • 20. Some resources
    Jason Karpf:
    Michael Wylie:
    Article: Top 10 SEO Mistakes
    The Happy Guy Marketing:
    (note URL contains keyword, dashes)
    Article: The 52 Top SEO Tips - Here Are 10 of Them
    No tricks—in fact search engines punish
    Not passive
    Work with consultants/experts
    Worthy sites: traffic, links and growth
    A job for communicators
    SEO Officer,
    Star Fleet
    Jason Karpf, Master’s Candidate, University of Denver
    Thank you to Lora Louise Broady and my fellow DU students