A User's Perspective: Innovating Smarter with Invention Machine Goldfire


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Customer Co-Host: Mr. William (Bill) Hessler; Mechanical Engineer Leader, Seasoned Innovator & Patent Holder; CSC in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Description: Learn how to take the "hit or miss" out of your product innovation processes from a seasoned innovator and patent holder, Mr. William (Bill) Hessler. Hear first-hand what Bill has learned through more than 14 years of designing next-generation technologies, solving root causes, mining patents and improving existing products at Fortune 1000 and mid-sized industrial and medical manufacturing companies, by applying Goldfire and basic TRIZ principles to his research.

During this informative webinar, you will learn:

* Best practices Bill uses to boost his daily innovation productivity, more rapidly solve problems, and generate breakthrough solutions
* Real world applications of Goldfire
* When to apply the software, the types of problems it helps solve, and the successes achieved as a result
* ...and much more!

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A User's Perspective: Innovating Smarter with Invention Machine Goldfire

  1. 1. A User’s Perspective: Innovating Smarter withInvention Machine GoldfireWilliam Hessler, Mechanical Engineer LeaderCSC, Computer Sciences CorporationAberdeen Proving Ground, MD
  3. 3. What is Goldfire?
  4. 4. What is Innovation? Market Analysis Leverage New Product IP Development Product Risk Improvement ManagementPage 4
  5. 5. Innovation Activities Market • Technology / market landscaping Analysis • Understand trends and evolutions New Product • Design a new product or system Development • Design a hybrid system Product • Diagnose and fix product defects Improvement • Improve product to achieve a specific goal Risk • Identify potential failure points Management • Develop risk mitigation strategies Leverage • Patent strategies IP • Find new markets for existing IP
  7. 7. My Background with Invention Machine & TRIZ• Ingersoll-Rand Power Tools, 1989 - 1998 • 1997 trained as a trainer for TRIZ problem solving and on Invention Machine software • Trained engineers/designers how to do more effective problem solving and cost savings for hand tools• Dade Behring, 1998 - 2004 • Medical diagnostics blood analysis company • Formerly DuPont Medical Products, now Siemens Diagnostics• GE Energy, 2004 - 2009 • 3 years as a combustion Design Engineer • Introduced TRIZ and Goldfire to engineers, scientists and IP personnel • 1.5 years for Solar Technologies• Spring Life Device Manufacturer, 2009 - 2010• CSC, Computer Sciences Corporation, 2011 - Present • Supporting ARMY Research & Development test labs
  8. 8. Applications of Goldfire• Problem Statement: How to apply Goldfire to company problems using Root Cause Analysis, Function Models and TRIZ basics for solution creation• Contradiction: Psychological inertia-“there is NO WAY software and a process is going to help you be more creative.”• Ideal Final Result: More engineers have access to Goldfire & understand basics of TRIZ principals to solve future problems
  10. 10. 1st Use-Project: Create a Unique Patent-able Torque Tool Solution: Team developed a function model describing nuts vibrating loose over time; air motor and mechanism manufacturing were major concern issues. Benefits: • Goldfire identified vibration as key feature and suggested removing air motor and swinging mechanism. • Goldfire said eliminate air powered motor and swinging mechanism device for tightening lug nuts. Results: • Everyone said this was impossible, UNTIL software suggested using a high vibration source to eliminate the air motor and swinging mechanism TO TIGHTEN the nuts. • The software recognized this as a potential solution contradiction since we documented nuts come loose due to vibrations caused during driving. WOW!!! 10
  11. 11. 2nd Use-Project:Why are these holes cracking? Challenge: RCAs & FMEAs get directed by the loudest speakers in the room, usually the RCA champions, who usually think they are the expert. • When you use Goldfire, it is the expert in the room and more issues are uncovered that would have been most likely ignored or missed due to the Human Expert not having the worlds domain expertise at their fingertips. • Team initially came up with a Fishbone diagram with only 11 ribs for why holes crack in hot parts. • 11 ribs… and not one mention of any manufacturing cause! Solution: Used Goldfire to create a Fishbone diagram with 97 ribs; everyone wanted to know where I “FOUND” it. The team investigated shot peening of the holes to improve residual stresses at the machine surfaces of the holes. 11
  12. 12. 3nd Use-Project:How to wash clothes & dishes more efficiently? Challenge: How to wash (clothes or dishes) more efficiently? • I did a DEMO for the Appliance team in late 2007 and asked, “What problem if it were solved would make you Engineer of the Year in your group?” Results: Goldfire in 10 minutes said solution was centered around STEAM, STEAM, STEAM and more STEAM. • Within 10 minutes I had the complete R&D team’s attention and they saw the evolution of high efficiency appliances and their competitors capturing even more market share. • All major competitors had the patents and white papers on cleaning with steam for residential appliances. 12
  13. 13. 5th Use-Project: Eliminate Solar Frame Assembly & Field Issues Solution:  Trim “un-needed” parts using Goldfire & evaluate what could be eliminated in solar panel design and packaging.  Built a simple solar panel function model. Goldfire asked if the frame could be integral to another part.. like the $$ flat glass AND showed that packaging boxes had many potential improvement areas in the past 35 years. Results: Eliminated aluminum frame, tape, screws, ergonomics issues, module assembly issues (>$51.00) & new formed glass $42.00. Shipping waste also eliminated and still gives customer functions of eliminated parts Box $13.00 and landfill waste, BUT Lego like corners $10.00 & CAN BE RE-USED!.
  14. 14. 6th Use-Project:Why are all these springs breaking? Challenge: Spring lifting devices with main springs breaking in a weird tearing shape. When I heard the cause was spring overload and only overload, I knew this was a job for Goldfire.  Results: Team was amazed to see this MANY common spring failure modes. RCA in Goldfire has ability to link causes and effects with related improvement Patents. Goldfire showed this type of failure was CAUSED by twisting and pulling, so we redesigned spring ends.
  15. 15. Using Goldfire for Patent Disclosures & Filings  Challenge: How to grow business, not lose market share, come up with new product ideas faster and find ways to make existing products more efficient. How do you find information, no matter what form it is in or where it is stored. How do you do MUCH more with less resources, better, faster and cheaper.  Corporate agenda: Innovation is key to staying on top. Senior leadership searching for REPEATABLE methods and consistent processes to generate new products. Engineering managers trying to accelerate the number of patents per year as one of their “number one” high priority measurable metrics.Results: 28 Patent Disclosures at Gas Turbine & 3 at Solar:in less than 4 years 15
  16. 16. Reaction to the Software People at first do not believe any software could actually help you be more innovative and creative. • How can a software package help you think by generating ideas, looking for causes and effect relationships and breaking fundamental concepts down into simplified functions? • It asks you what you are trying to solve, and what the causes and effects are that you know about.. I did a demo in 2007 for the research team in India. • Were very surprised to see it suggest solutions to one of their research problems to making LEDs brighter. • I had JUST created a function model and within a few minutes it was suggesting unique solution directions. 16
  18. 18. What is TRIZ, how is Goldfire related, & isTRIZ experience required? Recommended Book: “And suddenly the inventor appeared: TRIZ, the theory of inventive problem solving” by Genrich Altshuller (2004) Origin: USSR by Altshuller after WWII Theory: Innovation can be taught; step by step methodology that can lead to a repeatable process. Basis: Exhaustive patent search conducted by Altshuller Today: Considered an empirical method of innovation 18
  19. 19. Knowledge Based Problem Solving Six Sigma Value Engineering TRIZ Innovation LabsTool Effectiveness FMEA Market DOE Research Robust Design QFD Computer Trial & Error Modeling Brainstorming DFMA Axiomatic 6 Hats Design Morphological Analysis Osborn’s C hecklists Problem Problem Concept Concept Concept Concept Definition Definition Formulation Formulation Ideation Ideation Development Development Design Design Stages of Product Development Goldfire is the most complete TRIZ tool available.
  20. 20. Impact of TRIZ on an organization 20
  21. 21. The Problem StatementAnalysis Approach to Current Solution Road Blocks:Define your Roadblocks based on 5W’s and H.Answer the 6 basic questions of journalism:1. Who? Who has the problem? ENGINEERING2. What? What does the problem seem to be? What are the resources?3. When? When does the problem occur? All the time? Under certain circumstances?4. Where? Where does the problem occur?5. Why? Why does the problem occur?6. How? How does the problem occur? 21
  22. 22. The Problem Statement – Asking Why5Ask "Why" Five TimesAsk "Why" a problem occurred and then ask "Why" four more times.For example...1. Why has the machine stopped? A fuse blew because of an overload2. Why was there an overload? There wasnt enough lubrication for the bearings3. Why wasnt there enough lubrication? The pump wasnt pumping enough4. Why wasnt lubricant being pumped? The pump shaft was vibrating due to damaged impeller5. Why was the impeller damaged? Chips of foreign material entered into the pumpProblem Statement: Foreign material chips are damaging the pump impeller. 22
  23. 23. Problem Definition to Solving the Problem 1) Define the problem 5) Determine Contradictions List all requirements and constraints Technical or Physical contradictions We want this but we can’t because of this. We get this because of this. 6) Determine Input Parameters Use 2 of 39 or other parameters2) Create Ideal Final Result (IFR) 7) Physical or Technical Contradiction Eliminate the deficiencies Convert between the two contradictions Preserve the advantages If Technical then use Contradiction Not more complicated Matrix No new disadvantages 8) Determine General Solution Use 40 Inventive Principles 3) Determine the differences Compare original system with IFR 9) Examine Solutions Convert generic solutions to specific Does solution increase Ideality? 4) Create Ideality Equation No – go to step 5 List differences as Benefit, Cost, Does solution solve the problem? Harmful Yes – IMPLEMENT 23
  24. 24. Typical Goldfire Project Focus: Reduce part cost  Reduce assembly Reduce size time Reduce temperature  Increase strength Reduce weight  Reduce vibration Increase speed  Reduce More efficient stress/pressure Improve alignment  Improve manufacturability 24
  25. 25. Benefits of a Confident Decision Point ? Innovative solutions with more proposals- better, cheaper, faster Enhances credibility and exposes past knowledge. Reduces # of trial and error solutions. Saves time, money and reduces risks Easy software to use and follows repeatable process Works on any type of problem in any industry Used Goldfire on Power Tools, Medical Devices, Gas Turbines, Solar Modules, Ergonomic Lifting Products. Can be applied to existing designs, new products, failure prediction, RCA’s, cost savings, liability redesigns, process improvements and product enhancements. 25
  26. 26. TRIZ 39 ParametersWhen facing a contradiction, begin with identifying the 39 engineering parameters.Which parameter improves and which parameter worsens as a result?1. Weight of moving object 15. Durability of moving object 29. Accuracy of manufacturing2. Weight of nonmoving object 16. Durability of nonmoving object 30. Harmful factors acting on object3. Length of moving object 17. Temperature 31. Harmful side effects4. Length of nonmoving object 18. Brightness 32. Manufacturability5. Area of moving object 19. Energy spent by moving object 33. Convenience of use6. Area of nonmoving object 20. Energy spent by nonmoving object 34. Reparability7. Volume of moving object 21. Power 35. Adaptability8. Volume of nonmoving object 22. Waste of energy 36. Complexity of device9. Speed 23. Waste of substance 37. Complexity of control10. Force 24. Loss of information 38. Level of automation11. Tension, pressure, stress 25. Waste of time 39. Productivity12. Shape 26. Amount of substance Select which parameter13. Stability of object 27. Reliability number is improving, and14. Strength 28. Accuracy of measurement which is getting worse. 26
  27. 27. TRIZ 40 Principles Use the Contradiction Matrix to generate ideas using the 40 Principles1. Segmentation 15. Dynamics 29. Pneumatics and hydraulics2. Taking out 16. Partial or excessive actions 30. Flexible shells and thin films3. Local quality 17. Another dimension 31. Porous materials4. Asymmetry 18. Mechanical vibration 32. Color changes5. Merging 19. Periodic action 33. Homogeneity .6. Universality 20. Continuity of useful action 34. Discarding and recovering7. "Nested doll" 21. Skipping 35. Parameter changes8. Anti-weight 22. "Turn Lemons into Lemonade" 36. Phase transitions9. Preliminary anti-action 23. Feedback 37. Thermal expansion10. Preliminary action 24. Intermediary 38. Strong oxidants11. Beforehand cushioning 25. Self-service 39. Inert atmosphere12. Equipotentiality 26. Copying 40. Composite materials13. The other way round 27. Cheap short-living objects14. Spheroidality - Curvature 28 Mechanics substitution Note: All 40 principles may apply to solving the contradiction, though statically the top level solutions for resolving this conflict are identified in a matrix grid. More than one set of parameters may apply to the contradiction. 27
  28. 28. Please click here to access the full presentation deck andwatch the on-demand replay of this session:http://InventionMachine.com/webcast-replay-a-users-perspective- innovating-smarter-with-invention-machine-goldfire/