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Innovation process first session


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Innovation process first session

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Innovation process first session

  1. 1. Innovation Process
  2. 2. First observation • Lots of lots of lots of lots of Innovation model. • There is no right or wrong. • There is no universal model.
  3. 3. 14 The importance of Innovation
  4. 4. Succeeding at Innovation is tough • In fact, a recent study performed by Harvard business school showed that 70% -90% of innovations fail to find the customer. This results in retiring innovations from the market in only 12 months after market launch. • A similar failure rate is found among innovation startups, which also fail at a 90% rate, according to a study done by Stanford business school
  5. 5. Knol, Google reader, Google Buzz Even very innovation driven companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Danone, Renault among others, fail, as well maps Essentis Vista VelSatis
  6. 6. So….. Why do most innovation fail?
  7. 7. Top Reasons for Innovation Failures • Too little voice of customers • Underdeveloped capabilities • Inefficient innovation and operational processes • Poor failure management • Time
  8. 8. Too much focus on technology • There’s often too much focus on technology and not enough on understanding consumers. • Example: • the Concorde, the first supersonic commercial airplane, • the EPR, the latest generation nuclear plant, • the “Rafale”, a first rate military airplane, and • the “Minitel” a very innovative telecommunication systems which, in many ways, predated the Internet.
  9. 9. People think that being one step ahead is enough • Product life-cycle is extremely short • Being one step ahead isn’t enough. • No more competitive industry. • Competitive as usual
  10. 10. Innovation Failure
  11. 11. 71 innovation methodologies …. and many mores 22 02-2016/71-innovation- methodologies/
  12. 12. 23 What happen to these companies?
  13. 13. 25 Why innovate “inside the box”?
  14. 14. 26
  15. 15. 27