Nokia Lifeblogging and theBlogging Phenomenon


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Nokia Lifeblogging and theBlogging Phenomenon

  1. 1. BSI Nokia Lifeblogging and the Blogging Phenomenon Marketing 2.0 Conference, Hamburg 2005
  2. 2. BSI Join the conversation MARKETING 2.0 CONFERENCE Paris, France 28/29 March 2011
  3. 3. Nokia Lifeblog and the Blogging Phenomenon International Word-of-Mouth Marketing Conference 6-7 Oct 2005, Hamburg, Germany Ni Jian Senior Business Development Manager Lifeblog, Nokia Multimedia Nokia Lifeblog and blogging
  4. 4. 2 Contest Blogging phenomenon Nokia Lifeblog and mobile blogging Nokia Lifeblog and word-of-mouth marketing Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  5. 5. 3 Blog basics A blog, a short form for weblog, is web-based publication that is easy to maintain and update is periodically updated and the articles are normally listed in reverse chronological order can consist of text, images, audio, video and other contents can be intended for general public consumption or for private audiences supports features such as RSS/ATOM feeds, comments, TrackBack, tags that help to interconnect blogs together into ‘blogoshpere’ The motivation to blog is varied, from wishing to be on the spotlight to sharing information with family members Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  6. 6. 4 Blog population Blog population worldwide (source: Persus) It is dificult to get the accurate number of blogs worldwide 60,000,000 but the growth is phenomenal. 50,000,000 31.6m blogs on hosted services (Perseus, Apr 2005) 40,000,000 60m (The Blog Herald, May 2005) Non-English blogs can be 30,000,000 largely uncounted (e.g. millions of blogs in Japan, S. 20,000,000 Korea and China) According to Technorati, there are about 275,000 new posts daily, or 10,000,000 about 10,800 blog updates per hour. 0 05 02 03 04 04 05 00 00 01 01 02 03 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 1 3 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  7. 7. 5 Blog readers More dramatic growth happens with blog readers. ’Blog readship shoots up 58% in 2004 (in US)’ Many people are getting information from blogs without relizing they are blogs. Source: Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  8. 8. 6 Key elements of a typical weblog post Timestamp = normally posting day Title Possible picture or other associated files Body text with possible web links Permalink = unique url that tries to ensure that the Post can be found & links to it work even if it is moved away from the original page Possible comments on the post Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  9. 9. 7 Mobile Blogging (Moblogging) Technology for multimedia mobile blogging exists already – photo blogging is established, video and audio blogging have started Multimedia capable mobile devices capture moments and memories that consist of different and complementary media types New usage patterns occur when starting to moblog: “I blog the instant moments first from my phone and return to them with the PC to edit them” “I use the PC more for thought posts and the mobile mainly for pictures” “I blog stuff I did not blog previously, since I can post, for example, when traveling” “I always have my phone with me and that is all I need to blog some spontaneous thought/events” Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  10. 10. 8 Methods of Mobile Blogging Today, the methods of mobile blogging are MMS and email Uploading via the browser blogging client application Nokia brings you the possibility of mobile blogging using a client (Lifeblog) that enables the blogging of multimedia content (sms, pictures, videos & text) seamlessly while being mobile A mobile client is an appealing, optimized, and usable way to post to blogs Enables formatting of the posts Easy to set up, remembers where to post Safe to post – no sending to wrong address, with user authentication No size limitations Metadata can be included in the post, flexible method for adding metadata Easy to share links to your blog posts (e.g. via SMS) Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  11. 11. 9 Nokia Lifeblog is a multimedia diary application A mobile + PC solution for managing all the emotionally important contents of your mobile phone. It helps you to collect, store, view, browse, search, and share your personal mobile content. A commercial application: distributed inbox with Nokia terminals and internet. Store all data to PC store auto-collect organize organize view view browse delete share Copy favourites back to mobile Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  12. 12. 10 Nokia Lifeblog – highlights Automatic collection of mobile content – a life recorder No folder hierarchies: all your personal content in the same place Horizontal ‘timeline’ navigation Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  13. 13. 11 Nokia Lifeblog – most important features Sharing: Send MMS/SMS Post to web Collecting: Automatic tracking of new content, Text annotation s Sharing: Post to web Email Favorites transferred Storing: Back to the phone Powerful metadata enhanced One button search, “Google your life” triggered sync Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  14. 14. 12 Lifeblog Mobile: displaying multimedia capabilities Free mobile software, exclusive to Nokia imaging phones Collects up all the personal content on your phone Displays thumbnails of all visual media types in one place Video Photos MMS SMS Extra text notes Posts to web: “Moblog” from the phone over GPRS/3G Typepad compatible now Livejournal, MovableType, Flickr soon Also email or SMS straight from Lifeblog to compatible blog Perform actions on content e.g. forwarding SMS, sending pictures or videos via Multimedia, email or Bluetooth, set images as wallpaper etc. Back-up Timeline to PC client Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  15. 15. 13 Lifeblog posting to web (Mobile, Series 60) Post editor after selecting Formatting of texts Lifeblog timeline Mobile blog site the content to post (title, caption & body text) with blog-post content card With sent post Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  16. 16. 14 Lifeblog mobile use case Services (SPs, operators) RS GP Publish over the air GPRS/ATOM Viewing with browser In ter n et Lifeblog for mobile •The content flow Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  17. 17. 15 The complete process URL by SMS/MMS/Bluetooth URL by SMS ttp R S/h GP Publish over the air Viewing with GPRS/ATOM http browser Post tag recorded In ter in phone n et/ ht tp Contents generated Services in phone and (xSPs, operators) captured by Lifeblog URL by email URL by email •Message and content flow •Works perfectly even without PC or fixed Internet connection Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  18. 18. 16 Any weblog service can be Lifeblog compliant Nokia uses open Atom standard for uploads Many weblog services are already Atom compliant Lifeblog introduces (open) extension to Atom To allow posting of multiple files inside one post To make the posting less resource intensive for mobiles (binary upload) Nokia has been working with blog providers, e.g., Six Apart (Typepad service) with the development & testing of mobile blogging in Lifeblog. And we are working to prompt ATOM and Lifeblog compliant services to all leading service providers. Nokia has been working with the development of the ATOM to enable more blogging service providers to offer mobile blogging with Lifeblog Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  19. 19. 17 Nokia multimedia devices are ideal all-in-one mobile blogging tools Nokia multimedia phones are suitable for mobile blogging due the good quality cameras & the ease of use of blogging with the Lifeblog client Nokia Nseries products all have strong multimedia capability and Lifeblog built-in. The direction is to enhance mobile blogging feature and to integrated with core applications on mobile devices integrate with leading services providers Lower the end user entry barrier and improve out-of-box user experience – everything is ready for sharing your instant thoughts. Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  20. 20. 18 Nokia Nseries multimedia capability – imaging as an example Photo taken with Nokia N90 Photo taken with typical camera (2 megapixel with Carl Zeiss phone (VGA resolution) optics, macro mode, autofocus) Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  21. 21. 19 Why people do not blog? Why people not create or maintain their blogs? Mena Trott, president and a co-founder of Six Apart, once asked her mother and got the major points as below. She feels like she doesn't have anything to say. She doesn’t want the world to see what she writes. She doesn’t have the time to keep up with blogs. Lifeblog helps to, at least partially, tackle those problems. Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  22. 22. Lifeblog approach to blogging 20 The more you have, the more you share No contents, no blog. It takes time and effort to create and manage meaningful contents, if done manually. Nowadays, mobile phones or such handheld devices are virtually recording our life. “Mobile phone is your life record and Lifeblog is your multimedia diary.” Lifeblog automatically collects, sorts, and manages larger amount of contents created in phone and makes them ready for sharing. Content is the king and Lifeblog automatically collects it. Content is the king and Lifeblog automatically collects it. Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  23. 23. 21 Ease of use is everything People often have impulsive urge to Flexible editor to share special moments and thoughts format the post before sending Lifeblog make it possible to blog instantly when you feel the urge Pleasant user experience encourages sharing Mobile phones are always with people Nokia Lifeblog is an No hassle to collect contents from other appealing and usable way source, which typically requires PC or other to post to blogs devices. Contents existing in phone In the simplest way, 3 key-presses can publish one story with Lifeblog. Enables formatting of the posts People can blog from anywhere, even when Easy to set up sitting in boring meeting. Safe to post – authetication Viewing and follow-up instantly Lifeblog ––blogging effortlessly with pleasure Lifeblog blogging effortlessly with pleasure Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  24. 24. 22 There is big potential in one-to-few and few-to-few sharing There are millions of blogs that are only of interest to family, friends, fellow students, and co-workers.* Blogging is a social phenomenon: persistent messaging for young adults.* There is a perceived need for more sophisticated ways to enable usable one-to-few and few-to-few sharing (limited audience). Online publishing to a non-limited audience (one-to-all) is technologically more straightforward and thus a logical first step towards sharing with limited audiences. Our goal is to enable instant sharing of highlights in life. Our goal is to enable instant sharing of highlights in life. * Source: Perseus blog survey Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005
  25. 25. 23 In summary, we think that… The more you have content gathered the more you share it Lifeblog grows the amount of shareable content People share memories, media is secondary importance Lifeblog enables mobile multimedia blogging, any place any time Mobile & PC blogging complement each other Lifeblog integrates PC & mobile blogging thus driving more usage than mobile alone Online sharing is evolving Lifeblog will be developed to work with the future winning internet sharing solutions Nokia Lifeblog and blogging 3.10.2005