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Designing your Dreams

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Param Info Eggheads

  1. 1. It takes many ingredients to make someone an EGGHEAD. EGGHEADS COMMUNICATIONS
  2. 2. We’ve managed to squeeze bits. sum of all
  3. 3. A division of
  4. 4. We AreEggheads was set up in order to break away from the industrypractices of ‘hiring’ creative expertise out as a service. While othercreative organizations confine themselves to a core skill (advertising,design, technology, etc.), we explore ideas across any sphere. We aren’trestricted by any one medium, one technology or one domain. So we puttogether a team of people who combine Eggheadness with a diverse rangeof skills.We have creative delinquents who are not just seasoned incommunication, production, design & writing but also plunge into films,animation, GUIs & product design.We are loaded with tech junkies with solid experience in, and afrighteningly passionate love for machines, platforms, protocols, engines,drivers & frameworks.Our project maniacs (not managers only) combine major exposure tovarious industries, domains, categories & markets with impressiveabilities in research, networking, execution & monetization.In addition to the above skills, every single person in Eggheads is creative.After all, firstly & lastly, we are an ideas company.
  5. 5. We DoLots of people come up with ideas. And then they die (i.e. the ideas).An idea in our heads (eggheads actually) is good for our own egos butpretty useless to anybody else. This is why a large part of our focus is onimplementation.We feel an idea is useful and cool, we prototype it. It could be a layout, awebsite, a viral or webisode, an event, a DM, an email, a press release,a scandal for that matter, whatever. We immediately give it some fleshand blood. We then figure out the best way to package the concept andtake it to market. And very importantly, we decide on the ideal method tomonetize the idea.
  6. 6. Though the medium or technologies used are just vehiclesfor the idea, or perhaps the packaging of the idea, butstill all blah blah not used to be enough for the world tounderstand this core of communication. Therefore somedetails need to be explained properly…such as…
  7. 7. CapabilitiesBrand and Communications Design Environmental Graphics Design Interactive Design and Rich MediaBrand Identity Design Posters Rich Internet ApplicationsCorporate Communications Design Office ambient graphics Interactive Design and Creative DirectionBrochures and Print Collateral Design OOH media graphics Video and Motion graphicsPrint production Promotional standees and POP design Enterprise Learning Floor graphics Touch Screen Kiosk Design Digital Signage Content CreationCorporate communication design Motion Graphics Brand Promotion and MarketingCompany profiles Corporate Audio Visuals Relationship MarketingProduct Catalogues Music Videos Direct Marketing and Sales PromotionAnnual reports Intro Animations Exhibition Design and Ambient MarketingCorporate stationary Logo Animations Conferences and PR Events Set-up DesignCalendar design Corporate films and AVs Product Launch / Sales Event DesignMailers and Hand outsAdvertorialsPrint ads
  8. 8. From strategic consulting to the creation andimplementation of design and developmentsolutions, Eggheads Communicationsdelivers an elevated brand experience forthe users through the integrated use of thebest practices, good ideas, people andtechnology. for Selected Case Studies >
  9. 9. www.paraminfocatalyst.comGet in touchEggheads Communications. A DIVISION OFAshish NandaChief 8800873661