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THINGS Agency, The Company Profile


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THINGS Public Company Profile

Published in: Design
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THINGS Agency, The Company Profile

  1. 1. a design and innovationagency for the Internet of Things
  2. 2. we think the digital and make itphysical
  3. 3. servicesGOOD DESIGN IS GOOD BUSINESS [Thomas John Watson Jr.]
  4. 4. we work together with organizationsto innovate creating hybridexperiences.
  5. 5. EXPERIENCE ECOSYSTEMSWE ORCHESTRATE SEAMLESS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCESDesigning consumer experiences means exploreand shape all the touch-points of the entirecustomer journey. In the ecosystem perspective,products, services, customers and their tools, arenodes in a web of complex relationships that arecritical elements of a brand experience.Designers are not just designing for a user, or different user roles, but they We create experience ecosystems from strategy definition and conceptare designing for a community which have experience of a brand through envisioning to detailed interface design.different channels (mobile, web, social, display, on/off) and multipleinterfaces (touch, voice, gesture-based, visual). Creating a customerexperience means orchestrating an ecosystem where each touch-point addsto the experience rather than repeating it. #journey #touchpoint #orchestra
  6. 6. CONNECTED PRODUCTSWE INVENT AND EVOLVE CONNECTED PRODUCTSIn the Internet of Things vision, objects areconnected and communicate each other sharinginformation, performing tasks and sensing theworld. Objects are not isolated and play an activerole within the experience ecosystems.Recently a new kind of connected objects are emerged from the intersection We design connected products that are physical interfaces of innovativeof design and technology perspectives, representing an anticipation of the services and networked activities: they share content and information, startInternet of Things: a little printer transforms the stream from friends into a conversations, and come to have a personality.miniature paper, a piano accepts song requests and strikes up in conversationwith facing listeners, a white box notifies retweets giving you sweets. #sensing #communicating #sharing
  7. 7. CAPABILITIESTrend & Design Research Visual DesignProduct & Brand Evaluation Participatory DesignInnovation Consulting Prototyping & EvaluationInteraction/UI Design Digital StrategyPhysical Interaction Brand ExperienceProduct Design Technology ScoutingService Design Program Management
  8. 8. approachTHE BEST WAY TO PREDICT THE FUTURE IS TO DESIGN IT [Richard Buckminster Fuller]
  9. 9. we team up with companies todevelop business strategies anddesign innovative solutions.
  10. 10. DESIGN APPROACH 1 2 3 4 we identify we envision we design we prototype together strategic innovative concept opportunities scenarios ideas ideas
  11. 11. TO START WORKING WITH THINGS 1 DAY JOINTLY BRIEFDISCOVERY DAYWe work all day long with the company management to explore business needsand opportunities and to build a brief for a project of business innovation.#designresearch #benchmarking #casestudies #briefstorming
  12. 12. TO UNDERSTAND BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 3 WEEKS THINGS STRATEGYSTRATEGIC RESEARCHWe gather consumer insights, conduct design research, and create user scenariosin order to define strategies for business innovation. The Strategic Research lasts3 weeks and usually ends with the development of a concept idea within theidentified strategy.#designresearch #insights #scenariodefinition #strategy
  13. 13. TO DEVELOP INNOVATIVE IDEAS 4 WEEKS JOINTLY 4/5 CONCEPT IDEASINVENTION WORKSHOPWe run workshops bringing together clients in a multi-disciplinary team toenvision innovative design concepts of products and services. The outcomes of aworkshop are a number of different product/service ideas (usually four/five) thatcan be further developed for brand communication or design investigationpurposes. In a workshop the first versions of new interactive products andservices are created. The Invention Workshop goes on for 4 weeks.#designresearch #conceptideas #visualdesign
  14. 14. TO PROTOTYPE THE CONCEPT IDEA 6 WEEKS THINGS PROTOTYPEHACK LABWe set up a lab for building an interactive prototype of a developed concept idea.Prototypes are the best way to evaluate a concept with stakeholders andpotential users. An Hack Lab usually lasts 6 weeks.#designresearch #conceptidea #visualdesign #prototype
  16. 16. we consider design as driver ofinnovation.
  17. 17. inventing valuableproduct and service designing the focused on designinnovation and community creation
  18. 18. ready to start thenext evolution of Internet
  19. 19. © Copyright 2013The Internet of Things S.r.l. Founded in September 2012 For inquiries, please contactVia Bartolomeo Panizza 7 THINGS is an agency of Pierpaolo Bardoni20144 Milano ITALIA CONNEXIA and DOXA group pier.bardoni@things.isP.IVA 07955680967