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Bridge Design Exchange Brochure

  1. 1. DELEGATE INFORMATION PACK 15th - 17th May 2011 Radisson Blu Amsterdam Airport, The Netherlands
  2. 2. As practitioners, it is essential to share knowledge and experience gained on projects. In an increasingly global market, learning Bridge Design & from the best international practice is key to Construction Exchange success. Bridge Construction Europe promises to offer excellent pan-European networking opportunities and a wide range of topics Learn. Network. Engage. Do Business. showcasing the best of European practice. Head of Bridge Design and Technology, Atkins As global economic conditions remain tight and budgets are finely scrutinised, to win and deliver a successful bridge construction project it’s essential to have the right experience, skills, contacts, technology, supplier partners and manpower at every step of the journey. Building relationships with bridge owners, authorities and using the latest techniques to deliver truly cutting edge, sustainable and environmentally integrated projects presents many challenges. Project identification, timely engagement and demonstration of capabilities is a complex and time consuming process. The Bridge Design & Construction Exchange is your opportunity to hear from, meet and engage with the largest contractors in the world and the project directors leading the most innovative bridge design and construction programmes. Your expert speaker faculty includes: Maximise your time and Chris Hendy, Head of Bridge Design & Technology, ATKINS Felix von Platen, Head of Technical see real return Support, Hochtief To ensure your time is best spent and that you see real benefit, the Exchange format cuts out the risk of traditional conferences. Here’s what participants can David Mackenzie, Henning Schultz, Vice President & Director, expect in Amsterdam in May 2011: CEO, Flint & Neill Steel Bridges, MT Højgaard Cutting edge insight: The latest updates, challenges, techniques and solutions deployed on the world’s most innovative bridge design and construction projects David Climie, Project Director, Martin Charter, Executive Director, Forth Replacement Crossing One To One Business Meetings: A platform to select Centre for Sustainable Design the companies you want to engage with, profile your capabilities to, understand their priorities and align on potential collaborations Dr. Karl Kleinhanβ, Director, DEGES A 100% expert practitioner audience: Fully profiled Marcus Sanchez, Chief Bridge Engineer, Roughan & O'Donovan attendees so you know who is there, who to network with and where common interest, challenges and opportunities lie Edo Vonk, Senior Bridge Engineer, A15 Botlek Bridge An itinerary customised to your current business Steve Kite, Associate Director, Arup objectives: Exchange participants customise their agendas by selecting conference sessions, roundtables and one-on-one meetings with solution providers that Davood Liaghat, Technical Director, are most relevant to their specific business needs Buro Happold Karl Humpf, Manager, Bridge Department, Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner Exclusive attendance: Participation is strictly limited to senior executives from leading corporations in Europe to facilitate true peer-level networking for our delegation and speakers. Stephen Pottle, Structures Manager, Raymond Hawes, Bridge Team Leader Transport for London Sava Bridge Project Bratislav Stipanic, Design Review Manager Sava Bridge Project Professor Eilif Svensson, Cable-stayed Stuart Withycombe, Global Technical Bridge Expert, Sava Bridge Project Director, Bridges, Halcrow & Consultant Engineer, ES Consult Denmark Good value, state of the art on design and good to meet other bridges experts and suppliers. Henrik Christensen, Bridges Manager, Ioannis Koutras, Director of Development Femern AS & International Projects, Egnatia Odos Senior Bridges Manager, Arup Netherlands 44(0) 207 368 939484
  3. 3. Who you will meet Exchange Delegates To ensure the Exchange offers the highest degree of relevancy for attendees, only senior executives responsible for delivering bridge and construction projects are invited. This exclusive format allows you to Bridge Design & connect with those peers whose insights you respect Construction Exchange most – through exceptional networking, business meetings and strategic information sharing sessions. Executives in attendance will include: More Value for your time out of the office Directors/Heads/Chiefs/Leaders of: The Bridge Design and Construction Exchange offers a variety of unique learning styles and sessions, from which you can build a customised itinerary that • Bridge Engineering reflects your current initiatives, priorities and future strategic objectives. • Bridge Design • Structures • Bridge Construction • Infrastructure • Civil & Structural • Maintenance Conference Sessions • Procurement Engineering The highly crafted conference sessions reflect the strategic issues that senior • Construction Planning • Technical Solutions executives have identified as priorities during our lengthy research process. • Planning You will choose from a selection of plenary sessions covering a myriad of From: issues that will create the foundation of your agenda. Session formats include: Co-presented Case Studies, Panel Discussions, Case Reviews, Roundtable Discussions and Interactive Debates. BRIDGE OWNERS One-to-One Business Meetings An integral part of your agenda is the one-to-one business meetings with leading solution providers. When you register for the Bridge Design and Construction Exchange, you will be asked to identify the solutions and services you are currently considering, so we can invite leading experts to the Exchange who will fit your business needs. CONTRACTORS CONSULTANTS Prior to the Exchange, you will be able to assess the solution providers who will be attending and select 6-8 who offer products and services that match your initiatives and priorities. Your selections are then incorporated into your customised agenda. These private 30 minute one-to-one meetings give you the opportunity to hear from leading specialists, whose industry knowledge and experience enable them to make a valuable contribution to the requirements of your business. They offer objective, flexible and relevant strategies for success. Bridge Design & Construction This unique aspect of the Bridge Design and Construction Exchange Exchange Solution Providers serves to simplify the process for sourcing new solutions, enabling you to Solution Providers are invited based on the discover strategies that are working for others and offering you early previews requirements of attending delegates. of emerging technologies. The solution providers at the Bride Design & Construction Exchange specialise in the following areas: Think Tank Discussions • Access equipment • Management Our signature Think Tank sessions encourage discussion, debate and learning • Architects Contracting in an unscripted and informal setting. You can choose to participate in these • Bridge strengthening • Materials Testing interactive roundtable style sessions on topics which are front of mind issues. • Bridge Design • Moveable bridges You will be able to select from a range of Think Tank topics which will be • Bearings • Paints/Coatings incorporated into your personal itinerary. These 30 minute discussions will be • Bridge Decking • Personal Safety moderated to ensure that the discussions stay on-course and deliver maximum • Concrete structures Equipment • Concrete services • Pedestrian bridges benefit to you. Ask questions, share experiences, ideas and find the right • Cranes • Prefabricated Bridges answers to your immediate concerns. • Cables • Rail bridges • Civil Engineering • Road bridges • Dampers • Software for Design • Demolition & Analysis • Drainage • Software for • Engineering Consulting Bridge Management • Field Testing • Repair & Refurbishment • Formwork • Scaffolding • GIS • Steel fabrication, • Heavy Lifting casting & corrosion Very valuable. It gives a good overview of major projects, • Inspection and • Stress & Load testing great insight into current challenges and an opportunity assessment • Structural Engineering to meet with potential partners. • Joints • Lifting Equipment • Temporary works • Waterproofing Project Director, Arcadis France • Load Testing • Wind Engineering 44(0) 207 368 9484
  4. 4. What You Will Gain Access To At The 2011 Bridge Design & Construction Exchange 15th - 17th May 2011 Radisson Blu Amsterdam Airport, The Netherlands Martin Charter, Executive Director Exchange Chairman The Centre for Sustainable Design EUROPEAN INSIGHT AND DELIVERY David Climie, Project Director Keynote Address: The World’s First Cross-Stay Bridge: Forth Replacement Crossing Update On The Forth Replacement Crossing • Understanding how innovative, cost efficient use of a managed crossing strategy has reduced the overall budget by £1.7 billion • Adopting a system of crossing stays to limit deformation whilst allowing a slender structure • Merging engineering and architecture to create a unique and modern structure to suit the setting • Engaging in ongoing consultation with appropriate regional bodies and communities to educate and ensure the bridge meets economic, social and financial objectives • Moving forwards: Defining the construction roadmap to ensure flexibility, testing and adjustment Edo Vonk, Senior Bridge Engineer Designing The Biggest Lifting Bridge In The World: The A15 A15 Botlek Bridge, Netherlands • Background to the bridge project: Transport requirements and bridge specifications for traffic flow • Designing to deliver: Ensuring the bridge design meets all performance requirements and has a workable construction roadmap to deliver • Overcoming the specific challenges for the bridge design: Materials, environment and lifting capabilities for sea traffic • Lessons learnt from the front line: Keeping the design process agile to allow for improvements and redesign to deliver a world class bridge Martin Charter, Executive Director 30 Minute Think Tank Topic: Embedding Sustainability Into Design And Centre for Sustainable Design Construction For The Next Generation BRIDGE DESIGN: INNOVATION, SUSTAINABILITY AND INTEGRATED PLANNING Sander den Blanken, Associate & Bridges Keynote Address: Leader Europe, Bridge Design And Construction - Global Opportunity, Innovation And Delivery ARUP Netherlands • Highlighting growth opportunities in global and European markets and assessing the level and nature of investment in bridge infrastructure • Growing the competency base of the construction firm to ensure maximum delivery capability, best in class strategy and techniques for bridge design and construction • Developing and deploying new, innovative techniques to bridge design to ensure sustainability and world class project delivery • Lessons learnt from bridge design and construction projects around the world: best practice and inspirational design Marcos Sanchez, Chief Bridge Engineer Examining Innovative Approaches For Bridge Design And Construction Roughan & O’Donovan Projects To Give Fresh Momentum And Inspiration To Your Planning • Does size matter? Looking at the use of innovative approaches in all sizes of bridge design and construction across Europe • Addressing the importance of increasing safety and quality through technology in bridge design and construction • Forging effective working partnerships with suppliers to ensure existing as well as cutting edge materials are tested and evaluated for any project • What does innovation look like for your project? Variations on a theme or revolutionary new approaches: finding the balance and remaining focused on delivery 44(0) 207 368 9484
  5. 5. 15th - 17th May 2011 Radisson Blu Amsterdam Airport, The Netherlands SUSTAINABILITY AND DESIGN Chris Hendy, Head of Bridge Design Developing A Sustainability Index To Enable Performance Targets, and Technology Better Decision Making And Improved Bridge Design ATKINS • nderstanding project drivers and defining the required output from such an index U • eveloping the index around key sustainability attributes: Economy, society, environment, D climate change and resources • pplying the sustainability index at key stages to deliver maximum benefit: Outline design A stage, detailed design stage, during construction and at completion • essons from the front line: Examining the use of the index on a live bridge project L • uture roadmap for development and application of the sustainability index, for benchmarking, F performance target setting and decision making in bridge design and construction Steve Kite, Associate Director Examining The Latest Innovative Design Techniques For Building ARUP Sustainable Bridges • eveloping bridge concepts considering project requirements, site condition, available D materials, constructability and maintenance • aying close attention to aerodynamic stability and human induced vibration when unique P structural systems are used • reating better structural design with the help of 3-D modelling C • eveloping lighting schemes to enhance night time appearance D • esigning construction sequences with consideration of contractors’ capabilities D GLOBAL PROJECT UPDATES, KNOW HOW & TECHNIQUES Davood Liaghat, Technical Director Opportunities And Challenges For Designing And Delivering Bridge Projects & Bridges Team Leader In The Middle East Buro Happold • nderstanding recent trends in bridge design and construction projects in the region U • dentifying the specific challenges for bridge design solutions to cope with the hostile climate I • essons learnt from recent projects for design tools, techniques and approaches that L enable the successful delivery of bridges in the Middle East Henning Schultz, Vice President Case Study & Director Hardanger Bridge: Designing And Constructing The Longest Bridge In Norway Steel Bridges MT Højgaard • xamining key design considerations for the bridge: Materials, structure, suspension, wind dynamics E • vercoming the challenges of a slim girder design for both temporary and permanent works to O ensure schedules, safety and precision requirements are met • refabricating and transporting deck units and using best in class methods to provide the safest P and most efficient execution of the bridge structure • oving from the design to the construction phase: Coordinating the project team, ensuring M flexibility in the construction process and designing a construction roadmap to deliver on time and on budget Stephen Pottle, Structures Manager Ensuring Value For Money Through Best In Class Risk Based Transport for London Inspection For Bridges • ey drivers for bridges programme in the TFL structures network: safety, resource allocation, K investment planning, demonstrating value for money • nderstanding the evolution of bridge inspection strategies: from time based to condition U based to risk based • ssessing recent trials of the risk based inspection programme and the lessons learnt in terms A of defending budgets, decision making and identifying future areas for bridge investment • ext steps for the programme: integrating the inspection approach into the bridge N management system, developing a recognised qualification and improving lifecycle planning and bridge management Dr. Karl Kleinhanß, Director Case Study DEGES Innovation And Successful Project Planning & Delivery In German Bridges: Tools, Techniques And Know-How • ighlighting growth opportunities in German markets and assessing the level and nature of H investment in bridge infrastructure • sing power management techniques to enable rapid delivery of bridge projects with tight U deadlines and critical infrastructure • xamining the lessons learnt from recent projects in overcoming design, construction and E delivery challenges: Case study examples 44(0) 207 368 9484
  6. 6. 15th - 17th May 2011 Radisson Blu Amsterdam Airport, The Netherlands BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION, PROJECT DELIVERY & PERFORMANCE Stuart Withycombe, Global Technical Planning for the Design and Construction of a Major Fixed Link Director • Ensuring structural safety in cable stayed bridges: key considerations and performance criteria Bridges Halcrow • Utilising pre-cast heavy caisson foundations, and at select locations, piled foundations to withstand seismic pressures • Assessing the advantages of working under the privately financed BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) model • Incorporating an intelligent traffic system into the design (ITS) including; information screens, communications, automatic speed control, queue warning, smoke extraction system, lane control system and vehicle detection system David Mackenzie, CEO From Design To Delivery: Successful Bridge Construction To Deliver Flint & Neill Projected Benefits And Meet Stakeholder Requirements • mploying innovative construction solutions to deliver the project on budget and E ahead of schedule • vercoming local geographical and environmental challenges by designing for constructability O • nsuring sustainability of bridge structures and managing future capacity requirements E • inimising disruption to the wider community by developing construction techniques at the M design stage CONSTRUCTION PLANNING AND DELIVERY Felix von Platen, Head of Technical Overcoming The Technical Challenges Of Delivering The Construction Project Project Support On Time And On Budget Hochtief • nderstanding the key considerations in planning the transition from design to construction: U Technology, people, resource, partners, timelines and agility • he importance of works preparation to enable a rapid start and ongoing meeting of deadlines T on the project • nsuring the delivery plan is workable within project guidelines and takes into account actual and E forecasted technical challenges to be solved along the way • essons from the front line: Using technical innovation in problem solving on the construction project L Karl Humpf, Manager Bridge Department Case Study Session: The Contribution Of Latin America To The Development Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner GmbH Of Long Span Bridges • xamining the challenges of laying foundations in deep water E • sing incremental launching for lower first cost and lower maintenance U • nderstanding the advantages of double composite bridges U • esigning and constructing cable stayed bridges for railway D • nsuring appropriate protection for the bridge against ship impact E • earning from the most recent applications of these techniques on the Third Orinoco Bridge L INTEGRATED BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION & TRANSPORT PLANNING Raymond Hawes, Bridge Team Leader Case Study: The Sava Bridge - A Landmark Structure For The Next Generation Sava Bridge Project • nderstanding the key components of the project: The bridge, north and south approach roads, U Bratislav Stipanic, Design Review Manager rail route over the bridge Sava Bridge Project • ealing with adverse conditions in the construction phase of the bridge including snow, rivers D Professor Eilif Svensson, Cable-stayed and seismic activity Bridge Expert • he importance of supplier selection: Using a mix of local and international sub contractors to T Sava Bridge Project ensure best in class materials, techniques and successful delivery within budget & Consultant Engineer, ES Consult Denmark • oving forwards with the delivery roadmap towards completion in 2011: Key milestones M achieved and lessons learnt from the front line Ioannis Koutras, Director of Development Using The Latest Construction Techniques To Plan For Successful Major Project & International Projects Delivery In The Face Of Multiple Geotechnical Challenges Egnatia Odos • nderstanding the geotechnical challenges faced when constructing the Egnatia Odos U motorway and the Metsovo Bridge • earning how to plan for construction in riverside areas characterised by soft soil: key challenges L and solutions learned from the projects • oving from design to workable construction roadmap and incorporating agility into the M schedule to allow for new challenges to be addressed • nalysing best in class tools and techniques used on both projects to enable the delivery of over A 177 major bridges as well as numerous overpasses, viaducts and related structures 44(0) 207 368 9484
  7. 7. Your Itinerary As part of the Exchange you will create your own three day agenda to ensure it meets your current business needs, and it will look something like this: Sunday 15th May, 2011 Bridge Design & 14:00 Registration 15:00 Opening Keynote Address Construction Exchange 15:45 16:30 Ice-Breaker Networking Business Meeting 17:00 Business Meeting 17:30 Free Time 18:30 Cocktail Reception What Your Participation Includes: 20:00 Gala Dinner This exclusive event is strictly for senior executives from construction companies, Monday 16th May, 2011 bridge consulting firms and bridge owners. 09:00 Chairman’s Welcome If you haven’t received an invitation to this event and would like to know if you qualify 09:15 Session to attend please call +44 (0) 207 368 9484, email or fill 09:55 Session in an invitation application online at 10:40 Business Meeting 11:10 Session Exchange Pricing 11:55 Business Meeting 12:25 Business Meeting Early Booking Rate Standard 12:55 Lunch (Book and Pay by Friday 11th March) Price 13:55 Business Meeting €949 +VAT* €1149 +VAT* 14:25 Business Meeting *Dutch VAT is charged at 19%. VAT Registration #: NL 8078 84 728 B01 15:00 Session 15:40 Business Meeting To apply for an invitation, please contact the Exchange team: 16:15 Session Telephone: +44 (0)20 7368 9484 16:55 Chairman’s Close Online: 17:10 Free Time Email: 19:00 Cocktail Reception Tuesday 17th May, 2011 Participation for qualifying delegates includes: 09:00 Chairman’s Welcome • 2 nights accommodation at the Exchange venue* 09:10 Session • Access to the secure pre-event website to customise your schedule for the Exchange 09:50 Session • Selection of interactive discussions, keynote presentations and conference sessions 10:35 Business Meeting • Selection of one-on-one business meetings with solution providers 11:10 Session • Breakfast, lunch and refreshments 11:50 Session • Networking Dinner 12:35 Business Meeting * Please note we have a limited amount of accommodation so please secure your place 13:05 Business Meeting early to avoid disappointment. Once all free accommodation has been allocated, the 13:35 Lunch standard rate of 1149EUR + VAT excluding accommodation will apply. 14:30 Business Meeting 15:00 Business Meeting 15:35 Session 16:15 Exchange Adjourns The Venue Radisson Blu Amsterdam Airport, the Netherlands Boeing Avenue 2, Schiphol-Rijk NL-1119 PB Amsterdam, Netherlands Phone: +31 20 6553131 One of few luxury Amsterdam hotels near the airport, the Radisson Blu Hotel is situated amongst the greenery of the Schiphol-Rijk business park and is just minutes from Schiphol Airport. Centrally located close to Amsterdam, the hotel’s location affords guests elite access to Schiphol-Rijk business park.Overlooking the lush trees and canals of the business park from the 279 rooms and suites at the hotel. Luxury amenities such as Free high-speed Internet, airport shuttle service, as well as 24-hour room service are available to guests. Guests can also unwind in the hotel lobby lounge, sample regional flavours and fine dining at the on-site restaurant and enjoy respite at the wellness and health centre with sauna, steam bath and a variety of spa treatments. All Exchange venues are very carefully selected. We believe that the backdrop and ambience are crucial to the success of an Exchange. By tying in rich traditions, ease of access, historic significance and unsurpassed quality at stunning locations across Europe; these venues present the perfect setting to conduct business and meet a peer group of senior experts. These venues provide a peaceful and productive retreat, ensuring that you are able to focus on your priorities for participating in this Exchange. 44(0) 207 368 9484