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Information booklet of Theateradvies bv


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theateradvies bv is a dynamic, independent theatre consulting firm based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In this information booklet, we would like to introduce
you to our working methods, philosophy and some of
our projects. In our project list, you will find a large diversity
of theatre projects, ranging from intimate community
theatres to multifunctional, technologically sophisticated
national theatres and concert halls.
Our experience is extensive and we look forward with
enthusiasm to any challenges large or small that a client may bring us.

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Information booklet of Theateradvies bv

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION theateradvies bv is a dynamic, independent theatre consulting firm based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In this information booklet, we would like to introduce you to our working methods, philosophy and some of our projects. In our project list, you will find a large di- versity of theatre projects, ranging from intimate com- munity theatres to multifunctional, technologically so- phisticated national theatres and concert halls. Our experience is extensive and we look forward with enthusiasm to any challenges large or small that a cli- INTRODUCTION ent may bring us. Gerbrand Borgdorff and Louis Janssen partners theateradvies bv 2
  3. 3. COMPANY PROFILE The Team In order to make creative projects happen atral in Bogotá, Colombia. For us, working with clients on time and within budget, theateradvies and colleagues is what makes the project worth doing. bv relies on an informed, experienced, pro- fessional, open-minded, conscientious and What is it that makes a building a theatre? hardworking team. The relevant experiences A visitor probably thinks of an evening out. For a spon- of the partners and staff in all aspects of thea- sor theatre is part of his marketing mix and for an artist, tres and theatre productions including light, an usher and a technician a theatre is a place to work. sound, design, architecture, engineering, fi- All of them are right and all their interests should be nancial management and administration make taken into consideration. They are all indispensable, if theateradvies bv a powerful interdisciplinary the theatre is to function properly. team. With this combined expertise the build- ing or renovation of a performing arts facility The Theatre Consultant can be approached as a whole, where there Designing and building a theatre requires specialized COMPANY PROFILE is an awareness that decisions made on one experience as the effectiveness and efficiency of the aspect always affects the others. facility depends on many details. The theatre consult- ant is often the only member of the design team with The participation of partners and staff in con- the necessary experience in the functioning, design ferences, national and international theatre and technical equipment of theatres. Our task as a organizations and education institutions has consultant is very broad; it is important to know the led to a strong worldwide network, crossing characteristics of an auditorium, the stage area and disciplines and borders. As such, we are ac- its spatial and functional relationships as well as the tive members of the VPT (Dutch Association different types of performing arts and their respective for Theatre Technology), OISTAT (Internation- requirements. al Association for Scenographers, Theatre Ar- In addition to the services that we offer during the con- chitects and Technicians) and the Society of struction and renovation of theatres, there are programs Theatre Consultants. and projects that broaden the consulting practice. Our theatre consultants work with organisations and Design Team governments in the definition of safety standards in Our firm has been a member of many inter- theatres and advise on a workable and sustainable national design teams giving us extensive ex- implementation of new standards. We have also been perience working with architects, engineers, involved in analysing, reporting and making recom- acousticians and other professionals. Ad- mendations on existing theatre situations in a country ditionally, we have built alliances with other or specific city with plans to improve its theatrical in- theatre consultants such as TPC in London, frastructure. Shozo Motosugi in Tokyo and Arquitectura Te- 6 7
  4. 4. COMPANY PROFILE The Work Process The design and planning of all aspects in a theatre project are scheduled in a timely man- Respecting Schedule and Budget ner within the context of the design and con- While our main task it to make a good theatre, schedule struction process. In general, this work can and budget are key factors in defining the project. Our be divided into two main tasks. The general starting point is that the funds and time available must task of theatre planning: the development be wisely spent. Proper planning can assure these tar- of the whole project as an effective and ef- gets are met. ficient theatre, and the specific task of design of performance equipment: the preparation of Safety in the Theatre specification, organization of the tendering A central factor in the development and the design of process and supervision during construction theatre equipment is safety. The flying system, techni- or installation. The following issues are cen- cal bridges, stage lifts and in general the theatre’s tech- tral during this process: nical infrastructure are objectively designed, following COMPANY PROFILE practical experience as well as industry standards. The Client’s Interest The client’s interest is central to our work. We follow our agreements strictly, working to plan and on budget. Certified Work Process Our work process follows strict proce- Independent dures, which are ISO 9001 certified. Our firm is independent; therefore our only interest is to provide unbiased, viable, func- tional and practical theatre consulting serv- ices to the client, users, architects, engineers and other consultants. Consulting as an Interactive Process An optimal design by definition requires an active and constant communication with the client, the users and the design team through- out the entire process from conception to completion of the project. 8 9
  6. 6. Doetinchem SCHOUWBURG AMPHION the Netherlands The new Schouwburg Amphion is to replace the old building, which no longer suits the growing number of spectators nor today’s safety and technical require- ments. The 870-seat large auditorium is horseshoe shaped with two balconies and boxes on the first level reminiscent of theatres from the 18th and 19th century, contrasting the contemporary aesthetic of the eleva- SCHOUWBURG AMPHION tions and lobby. The small auditorium references its predecessor and is set up as a workshop theatre. The flexible seating system gives theatre artists the possi- bility to experiment with different configurations. Client: Cultural Centre Schouwburg Amphion N.V. Project: New theatre with two auditoria Commissioned for: 2009 Architect: Mecanoo Architects 12 13
  7. 7. Almere SCHOUWBURG ALMERE the Netherlands Almere is renowned for its waterfront display of ar- chitectural works, including the new theatre complex by prize-winning Japanese architectural team SANAA (formed by Kazuyo Seijima and Ryue Nishizawa). The building is a juxtaposition of water, light, shadow, solid- ity and transparency that surrounds the events taking place in the Schouwburg Almere. Within the three prin- cipal volumes, one finds the three auditoria (1050, 350 and 150 seats). The large auditorium is used for opera, ballet, mod- ern dance and musicals. With its moveable ceiling ele- SCHOUWBURG ALMERE ments, the volume of the space is variable allowing for an optimal acoustic environment for theatre, chamber music and recitals. The rear stage wall of the 350-seat auditorium as well as the sidewall of the small audito- rium are fully glazed and overlook the water. The coordination among the audio-visual, lighting and network subcontractors resulted in the development of a single, complex, refined network where all the techni- cal disciplines come together and operate throughout the building and are controlled digitally. The large audi- torium was awarded the “Best Auditorium Award 2007” by Installation Europe. Client: City of Almere Project: New theatre complex with three auditoria Commissioned: 2006 Theatre Installations: € 6 216 050 Architect: SANAA / ABT 14 15
  8. 8. WEIWUYING Kaohsiung CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS Taiwan 衛武營藝術文化中心 WEIWUYING CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS 衛武營藝術文化中心 theateradvies bv, in conjunction with Mecanoo archi- tects, won the competition for the new National Per- forming Arts Centre in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This 100 000 m2 theatre complex built in a large metropolitan park, will be the largest of its kind in Taiwan. The de- sign includes a concert hall with 2300 seats, an opera house with 2000 seats, a playhouse with 1000 seats and a black box theatre with 200-500 seats. An open- air theatre will be built on the roof. The concert hall’s 2300 seats circle the stage and in this manner, despite the large quantity of seats, cre- ates a rather intimate environment. The stage is com- posed of concentric stage lifts. Chinese and Taiwanese opera as well as western oper- as and musicals will be presented in the Opera House. Side and back stages have the same dimensions as the main stages, allowing for quick set changes. The under stage area has a height of 11 meters so that scenery can be built up while the main stage is in use. In the stage floor are five large stage wagons on lifts and the entire stage area is equipped with an automated fly system, composed of fly bars, point hoists and chain hoists on a crane system. Client: Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan Project: New theatre complex with four auditoria Commissioned for: 2012 Budget: US$ 200 000 000 Theatre installations: US$ 20 000 000 Architect: Mecanoo Architect 16 17
  9. 9. Client: Muziekgebouw aan het IJ and BIMHUIS Project: New concert hall Amsterdam MUZIEKGEBOUW AAN HET IJ / BIMHUIS Commissioned: 2005 the Netherlands Construction: € 32 000 000 Theatre installations: € 2 600 000 Architect: 3N (Nielsen Nielsen Nielsen) The floor of the large auditorium is made up of 8 plat- forms on elevators, allowing for many possible con- figurations. The sidewalls of the stage can be rotated and even be removed. The back wall of the stage may also be removed. This flexibility allows many different musical styles, varying from intimate chamber music MUZIEKGEBOUW AAN HET IJ / BIMHUIS to large symphonic orchestras, to be optimally experi- enced. The reverberation time in the concert hall can be adjusted from 1.5 to 3.5 seconds with the moveable acoustic ceiling. The new concert hall, Muziekgebouw aan het IJ opened its doors to the public more than 100 years after Amsterdam’s tradition- al concert hall, the Concertgebouw. Just as its predecessor did in its time, this modern musical complex is destined to promote the contemporary music scene. It houses a large multifunctional concert hall with 725 seats or standing room for 1500; a small auditorium with 150 seats and a venue called the BIMhu- is, for jazz and improvisation, with 250 seats. The unique technical design of the concert hall allows the space to be transformed acousti- cally and physically to the specific wishes of composers and musicians. 18 19
  10. 10. Client: Koninklijk Theater Carré Amsterdam Project: Technical facilities upgrade KONINKLIJK THEATER CARRÉ the Netherlands Commissioned: 2004 Theatre Installations: € 2 500 000 Architect: Greiner Van Goor Architecten Koninklijk Theater Carré, originally built as a circus theatre is now one of most important Dutch ven- ues for musicals, cabaret, popular music, dance and opera. This historically significant theatre was renovated in 2004 to meet the needs of a modern, KONINKLIJK THEATER CARRÉ multi-use facility. This required an extensive im- provement of both stage and public amenities. A new grid was installed above the stalls in the audi- torium, and the grid above the stage was upgraded to a power flying system. The rigging for these per- formances used to be a dangerous and tricky affair, but due to the innovative grid and rigging system, these daily problems have been solved. The flexibility created by installing lifts in the auditorium floor creates a time and cost effective method to adapt the space to its multiple uses. The set up required for a circus performance or thrust stage is a now achievable in a matter of hours rather than weeks. The floor of the auditorium can not only be set at different heights, but may also be graded to achieve improved sightlines. 20 21
  11. 11. Amsterdam BIJLMER PARKTHEATER the Netherlands Bijlmer Parktheater is a multi-cultural centre for thea- tre and circus performances as well as educational ac- tivities aimed at developing young talent. It houses a multifunctional auditorium, rehearsal spaces and work- shops. The 280-seat auditorium is designed to accom- modate the diverse requirements set by circus events and theatre productions. BIJLMER PARKTHEATER In addition to the height necessary for a circus pres- entation, the public often has a different relationship to the performance area in a circus in comparison to a theatre production. The elongated auditorium has rounded telescopic side tiers, which can be collapsed and flown, leaving a frontal relationship between audi- ence and performance area. Client: City of Amsterdam User: Circus Elleboog Zuidoost, Krater Theater, Jeugd- theaterschool Zuidoost, Theaterwerkplaats Project: Multi-functional auditorium Commissioned: 2007 Construction € 5 233 240 Architect: Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter 22 23
  12. 12. Zwolle THEATER DE SPIEGEL the Netherlands Client: City of Zwolle Project: New theatre Commissioned: 2006 Theatre installation: € 3 000 000 Architect: Greiner Van Goor Huijten Architecten THEATER DE SPIEGEL The design of Theater de Spiegel accommodates dra- ma, opera, musicals and symphonic music performanc- es. The moveable ceiling elements allows the space to be adapted for variable uses. By raising the ceiling, the extra volume above the auditorium makes the acous- tics suitable for opera and musicals, and by lowering the ceiling, the last balcony can be covered creating an intimate playhouse with clear acoustics for spoken word. The three moveable ceiling elements may be tilted to reflect the sound as necessary. The shape of the au- ditorium can also be adjusted by rotating the balco- nies next to the proscenium wall. In “drama mode” the boxes are turned inwards, to enhance the horseshoe shape. For symphonic concerts, the boxes are lined up with the orchestra shell on stage. In this configuration, the lighting bridge is hoisted up out of the view. 24 25
  13. 13. Amsterdam PODIUM MOZAÏEK the Netherlands The Pniëlkerk, also known as the “theelichtje” (“tea light”) in the neighbourhood Bos en Lommer in Am- sterdam, was transformed from a church into a multi- functional theatre. The unique character of this church has been preserved in this transformation. The space includes a 350-seat auditorium as well as studios and workshops. A special seating system was developed for this project, where the back of every seat may be PODIUM MOZAÏEK lowered to provide a table. This unique feature is uti- lized during congresses, lectures and social events. Client: Podium Mozaïek, Matrix, Kristal nv Project: Community Theatre Commissioned: 2005 Theatre Installations: € 333 200 Architect: OIII Architects 26 27
  14. 14. Haarlem PHILHARMONIE HAARLEM the Netherlands The concert hall, originally built in 1872, closed its doors in July of 2001 to begin one of the most ambi- tious theatre renovations in the Netherlands. The his- toric concert hall was carefully restored and upgrad- ed and its capacity was enlarged to 1230 seats. The windows and ornaments were brought back to their original state, allowing daylight back into the space. A new small auditorium in an amphitheatre form with 415 seats was built. The Philharmonie has chosen a versatile automated PHILHARMONIE HAARLEM technical installation for both spaces to accommodate the diverse nature of the programming. During an in- timate concert, where little or no technical support is necessary, the fly bars can be easily dismounted. This may especially be desirable in the large historic audito- rium, where the technical bridges can also be lifted out of sight. Both auditoriums are acoustically designed for non-amplified music and spoken word. Client: City of Haarlem Project: Concert Hall Commissioned: 2005 Construction: € 16 000 000 Theatre Installations: € 1 100 000 Architect: Cie Architects 28 29
  15. 15. VLAKKEVLOERZAAL AMSTERDAM / Amsterdam MELKWEG the Netherlands The new, experimental 800-seat auditorium, Vlakkevlo- erzaal Amsterdam, will complement the classic horse- VLAKKEVLOER AMSTERDAM / MELKWEG shoe shaped existing auditorium of the Stadsschouw- burg Amsterdam. Jammed between this historic theatre and the re- nowned pop venue, the Melkweg (The Milky Way), a creative solution and close collaboration between the two institutions made this project possible within this dense urban environment. The new auditorium is a combination of a proscenium theatre with orchestra pit and black box theatre, where performers and audience literally share the stage. Per- formance equipment was carefully designed for both configurations. Client: City of Amsterdam Project: New auditorium, pop venue renovation Commissioned for: 2009 Architect: Jonkman and Klinkhamer Architects 30 31
  16. 16. PROJECT LIST Het Wilde Westen, Utrecht (2008) Culturalis, Den Haag (2008) Cosmic, Amsterdam (2008) Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen, Amsterdam (2008) Theater aan de Slinger, Houten (2008) International Projects Bijlmer Parktheater, Amsterdam (2008) Wei-Wu-Ying Center 衛武營藝術文化中心, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2012) Cultureel Centrum, IJsselmonde (2008) Koninklijke Bibliotheek Theater, Den Haag (2007) Dadong Art Center 大東文化藝術中心 , Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2009) Podium Mozaïek, Amsterdam (2006) National Theater 國立中正文化中心, Taipei, Taiwan (2010) Jan van Besouwhuis, Goirle (2005) Birmingham Library and Repertory Theatre, England (2013) Theatergroep Kwatta, Nijmegen (2005) Kaaitheater, Brussels, Belgium (2009) Scala, Meppel (2005) Casino Kursaal, Oostende, Belgium (2005) Cascade, Hendrik Ido Ambacht (2005) Centre Culturel et Administratif, Montreal, Canada Frascati, Amsterdam (2004) Projects in the Netherlands Cultureel Centrum, Bathmen (2004) Theatres Theater Oostpool, Arnhem (2003) Emmen Dierenpark, (2012) De Uitstek, Zwijndrecht (2003) Schouwburg Amphion, Doetinchem (2009) Theater Provadja, Alkmaar (2000) Het Nieuwe Theater, Sneek (2010) Hofpleintheater, Rotterdam (2000) 52 degrees, Nijmegen (2010) Concert Halls Schouwburg De Meerse, Hoofddorp (2009) Concert-en Congresgebouw de Doelen, Rotterdam (2009) Stadsschouwburg Haarlem (2008) Stadsgehoorzaal, Leiden (2008) Theater De Harmonie, Barneveld (2008) PROJECT LIST Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, Amsterdam (2006) Schouwburg Kunstmin, Dordrecht (2008) Philharmonie, Haarlem (2006) Stadsgehoorzaal, Vlaardingen (2007) Schouwburg en Congrescentrum Orpheus, Apeldoorn (2005) Rotterdamse Schouwburg (2007) Pop Venues Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie, Leeuwarden (2007) Pius X, Volendam (2009) Schouwburg de Kunstlinie, Almere (2007) Eemcentrum, Amersfoort (2009) Theater De Spiegel, Zwolle (2007) Cultuurcluster Getz, ArenA Boulevard, Amsterdam (2009) Schouwburg en Congrescentrum De Flint, Amersfoort (2007) Pophart, Hoofddorp (2009) Schouwburg Odeon, Zwolle (2007) De Melkweg, Amsterdam (2007) Theater-Congrescentrum De Tamboer, Hoogeveen (2007) De Metropool, Hengelo (2007) Theater De Lawei, Drachten (2006) Theater De Mythe, Goes (2003) Theater De Muzeval, Emmen (2006) Stadsschouwburg Arnhem (2001) Stadsschouwburg Eindhoven (2005) School and University Theatres De Goudse Schouwburg (2005) Eemcentrum, Amersfoort (2009) De Rijswijkse Schouwburg (2005) Deltion College, Zwolle (2008) Stadsschouwburg Velsen (2005) Hogeschool Inholland, Alkmaar (2007 Koninklijk Theater Carré, Amsterdam (2005) Schoter Scholengemeenschap, Haarlem (2007) De Meerpaal, Dronten (2005) Academiegebouw Universiteit Leiden (2007) Schouwburg en Congrescentrum Het Park, Hoorn (2004) Openbare basisschool de Kinkerbuurt, Amsterdam (2006) Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam (2004) Julianaschool, Rotterdam (2004) Studio or Black Box Theatres Scholen in de Kunst, Amersfoort (2004) Cultuurcluster Getz, ArenA Boulevard, Amsterdam (2009) Almere Poort, Almere (2004) Cité des Arts, Amsterdam (2009) Conservatorium, Amsterdam (2002) Vlakkevloerzaal Amsterdam (2008) 32 33
  17. 17. Images by: Frank Greiner: 20,21 Greiner van Goor: 7, 9 Allard van der Hoek: 32,33 Rob Hoekstra: 14,18 Suzanne Jager: 4, 26, 27 Jonkman en Klinkhamer Architects: 30, 31 Mecanoo: 11, 12,13,16,17 Katrien Mulder: 19 Wim Ruigrok:15 Architectenburo Paul de Ruiter: 22,23 Daria Scagliola Stijn Brakkee: 24, 25, 28, 29 cover: Theater Orpheus, Apeldoorn, Nederland © Dura Vermeer theateradvies bv Herengracht 160 1016 BN Amsterdam the Netherlands t +31 (0)20 627 2248 f +31 (0)20 620 0296 34