‘ONE SlZE                                                       FITS ALL’      BROCHURE 2011 MOSQUITNO BV      MosquitNo B...
INTRODUCTION≈                                               HEY DON’T BITE ME PLEASE                  After lengthy resear...
TRENDY CITRONELLA BRACELETThe Trendy Citronella Bracelet, is a     natural citronella oil and evaporates itsmart bracelet ...
MOSQUITNO CITRONELLA TULIP                                                     The MosquitNo smart citronella tulip is    ...
MOSQUITNO DISPLAYS                                     MosquitNo designed modular displays,                  a over-carton...
ANTI MOSQUITO POLO SHIRTS                                                New! The MosquitNo Polo’s Shirts.                ...
STYLISH &                                                                                                         IDEAL DU...
EASY GIVING CONCEPT TO UNICEF                                                       on your clothing or     Our products a...
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Mosquit No


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New innovative Mosquitoes Brand.

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Mosquit No

  1. 1. ‘ONE SlZE FITS ALL’ BROCHURE 2011 MOSQUITNO BV MosquitNo BV is the producer & distributor MosquitNo want to satisfy the consumer of the product assortment MosquitNo. It has with repellant products that are user friendly become famous through its clever trendy and more fun than current products in the citronella mosquito bracelets but now market. MosquitNo is an organization that presents a full assortment of natural aims to put 10% of its net profits to spend repellant products and her new Mosquito on good causes. This allows us to introduce repellent Polo Shirts. new functional products on the market and We now deliver across the globe products also contributing to a better world. that protect against mosquitoes and other For 2011-2012 we have chosen as Unicef, insects in a philosophy that embraces the made by our international scope triangle of fun-functionality -charity.MOSQUITNO BV | KAPELLERLAAN 46 | 6041 JD ROERMOND, THE NETHERLANDS | MOSQUITNO.EU
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION≈ HEY DON’T BITE ME PLEASE After lengthy research MosquitNo developed a silicone which can Protecting our skin from biting absorb fluids and let them gradually mosquitoes previously meant using evaporate. After that we also sticky lubricants including the toxic developed a new range of Mosquito substance DEET. MosquitNo thought Repellent Polo Shirts, available for ‘this can be done with more fun and men, women and kids. By these functionality’ skin or clothing sticks. technologies we are able to develop MosquitNo is well known from the new product concepts which connect trendy bracelet for mosquitoes to keep with current trends for safe and user bad bugs away and has developed friendly protection against mosquitoes practical solutions to replace the and other insects. MosquitNo turns a clumsy lubrication problem. And its low interest product into a high also hip and trendy. interest product and makes a normally rational sale into an emotional sale which creates new revenue chances for the traveller. USE MOSQUITNO DURING SPORT Unique Package MOMENTS & OTHER Most buying decisions are still made in a shop or store by communicating the OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES product message and striking ONE packaging. MosquitNo goes beyond the SIZE FITS visual package. The packaging is designed to display the functionality STYLISH, ALL and to convey the customer. The bright PRACTICAL citronella colors stimulating sales. The AND packaging and the leaflet have 6 FUNCTIONAL different languages (NL, UK, DE, FR, ES, SE). MosquitNo is internationally available.
  3. 3. TRENDY CITRONELLA BRACELETThe Trendy Citronella Bracelet, is a natural citronella oil and evaporates itsmart bracelet that keeps mosquitoes gradually. Mosquitoes simply dislikeat a remote distance. Sticks and other citronella and stay away. And in thislubrication can be dangerous and they case it means functional and trendy.can contain DEET, a toxic substance Each user contributes charity throughthat is harmful for the nervy system. the ‘MosquitNo Easy Giving’ conceptThe silicone bracelet absorbs the for Unicef.BRACELETS & STICKERSTO PROTECT YOURSELFAGAINST BITESbracelets en stickers that keepsmosquitoes at a remote distance INLC. STAINLESS STEEL BUCKLE PRODUCT FEATURES PACKAGING The MosquitNo Bracelet & Sticker does not contain toxic substance, no TRENDY Deet. The products contains 100% natural citronella oil CITRONELLA BRACELETS MosquitNo is not applied on skin, making it practical and safe YELLOW Family 5 GREEN protection during active moments: sports and other outdoor activities Dual 2 ORANGE RED The MosquitNo products contain no liquid and therefor ideal during PINK Family 5 WHITE traveling by air Dual 2 BLACK BROWN The silicone bracelet en sticker absorbs the natural citronella oil and D-BLUE Family 5 L-BLUE evaporates it gradually Dual 2 SUMMER CLASSIC Keep the citronella bracelet and patches out of reach from children FUN CITRONELLA30 stickers younger than 3 years old. For external use only STICKERS6 sticker labels Bracelets available in 10 different colors. One Size Fits All. FISH Family 30 all figures Stickers available in 5 different figures, all 5 figures in package Label 6 The compact and lightweight MosquitNo package is ideal during STAR Family 30 all figures holidays and traveling Label 6 Each bracelet & sticker individual works minimal 48-72 hours. There are SMILE Family 30 all figures five bracelets + stainless steel buckle and 30 stickers in a Familypack Label 6 After the effectivive duation of the bracelet, you can use colors of the BEER Family 30 all figures bracelet as a stylish item Label 6 Summerpack contains the colors: green, yellow, pink, white and orange. HART Family 30 all figures Classicpack contains: black, brown, red, dark and light blue Label 6 1 sticker label 6 stickers
  4. 4. MOSQUITNO CITRONELLA TULIP The MosquitNo smart citronella tulip is yellow and pink) and every pestle a smart flower, made with pestle in functions up to 2-3 days. There are 9 silicon rubber, which several hours MosquitNo pestles in a bag. The gradually dispenses a citronella odor. Pestles are available as an individual Mosquitoes (and other insects) dislike item, The MosquitNo citronella tulip is this scent and so prefer to remain far also a nice decoration on your away. MosquitNo citronella tulips come table.Three Tulips in a package, uni- in 5 different colors ( white, orange, red, and assortie package.FUNCTIONALTULIP PRODUCT FEATURES A Functional decorationon your side and The MosquitNo Stickers contains 100% natural citronella oildinner table Gradually dispenses citronella odor, for at least 2-3 days Available in 5 different colors included 9 refills A functional decoration in your side and dinner table A wonderful gift Each mosquitNo tulip supports charity through the ‘MosquitNo Easy Giving’ concept. PATCHES WITH SHOOTING EFFECT 3 Tulips in ‘After Bite’ Patches which reduces pain retailpackage incl. 9 RefillsBEEPATCH BeePatchThe Bee-Patch works just like a The patch must be appliedsugar cube. Inside the patch there is immediately after a bee or waspa patented membrane made of stings you. If too much time issugar. If you get stung, remove the allowed to pass after you werestinger, put a drop of water or spit on stung, the venom will spread throughthe injury, and cover the spot with your skin, making it difficult to drawthe patch. The patch must be applied out the poison. The patch has aimmediately after a bee or wasp soothing effect just 15 minutes afterstings you. If too much time is application. However, to draw out asallowed to pass after you were much venom as possible, the patchstung, the venom will spread through must be worn for one hour. 5 BeePacthes inyour skin, making it difficult to draw Package Displayout the poison. The patch has a 16 or 20 Pcsoothing effect just 15 minutes afterapplication
  5. 5. MOSQUITNO DISPLAYS MosquitNo designed modular displays, a over-carton-box which are easy to suitable for each unique situation. The expand to a salable presentation-display. counter displays are compact and available Its fresh and striking colours, in for 5-pack packages as well as single combination with its trendy and functional items for direct sales. Besides, our euro characters, makes MosquitNo a hard-to- displays are a perfect fit within larger miss item during spring and summer! stores. The euro display will be delivered in DISPLAY FEATURES DISPLAY CONTAINSALL-IN-ONE Striking presentation displays, included productfeatures. Available in several dimensions such as counter sales as well as instore MIX DISPLAY: 24 Sticker , 12 bracelet en 8SALES presentation Tulp packagingDISPLAYS MosquitNo displays are recognizable by its fresh colors which are DUMB’IN DISPLAY 180 single items bracelet stimulating summer-feelings!Modulair displays will COUNTER DISPLAY MosquitNo displays are available for sales in a Multi-pack-items asstimulate sales. well as single item. To communicate the salesprice per item, the 12 bracelet packaging 24 sticker packaging displays have a white circle at the top card of each displayDisplays for eachstore surface All products will be delivered included standard counter display. COUNTER DISPLAY 50 single items Sticker labelsavailable. By ordering the MosquitNo products, please provide us your MINI PALLET DISPLAY preferences. Our products will be delivered as direct salable item, 216 bracelet verpakkingen 1/4 euro pallet customized to your preferences. SALES DISPLAYS INSTORE counter en floor displays MINI- PALLET- DISPLAY 1/4 EUROPALLET 216 ITEMSMIX Display Dumb’in Display 180 12 Bracelet | 24 sticker Display 50 single 216 Bracelet packaging in24 Sticker packaging single items bracelet packaging in display sticker labels mini-pallet-display12 Bracelet packaging 1/4 europallet 8 Tulpen packaging
  6. 6. ANTI MOSQUITO POLO SHIRTS New! The MosquitNo Polo’s Shirts. mosquitoes up to 50 washing times. In Ideal during outdoor activities, every wash, the repellent is re-booted. traveling, sports and holidays. The Functional, Trendy and Comfortable comfortable and trendy polo shirts are polo shirts, available in 12 different impregnated with a mosquito repellent trendy colors, sizes range for men, and are made of biological cotton. The women and kids. polo shirts protects against The Polo Shirt is washable for 50 times againstTEXTILE INNOVATIONPreviously, the application of insect-repellent-clothing was only applied for PRODUCT FEATURES professional organizations such as theU.S. Army. MosquitNo developed a Polo Shirts range for men, women and kids, available in 12 trendy colorsrepellent polo shirt with a comparabletechnology against mosquitoes. This Available in the colors: Black, Marine Blue, Royal Blue, White, Red, Pink, Clay, Lavender, Lemon, Aqua, Orange and Green. Sizes men and women S,M, L,XL, XXL andtechnology is specially developed for (XXXL only for men)consumers use. In every wash, the Mosquito repellent is a re-activated technologyAnti-mosquito polo shirts. Ideal duringoutdoor activities, traveling, sports and Functional and Comfortable Polo Shirts for use during sports, outdoor activities, traveling and holidays = Functional and comfortable polo shirts during sportsholidays. The comfortable and trendy poloshirts are impregnated with a mosquito Impregnated with a mosquito repellent. Impregnation proces approved by World Healthrepellent and are made of biological Organization (W.H.O)cotton. The impregnated polo shirt iswashable for 50 times against mosquito’s, De Polo Shirts made of Biological Cotton. Available in an Unique Gift Boxhence every time you wash it, the systemis re-booted. The polo is also suitable fortraveling in malaria areas. POLO SHIRTS AVAILABLE IN 12 TRENDY COLORS, FOR KIDS, WOMEN EN MEN
  7. 7. STYLISH & IDEAL DURING HOLIDAYS ANDFUNCTIONAL TRAVEL EASY TO USE, EASY TO CARRYStylish, practical and functionalMosquitNo protects you from mosquitoes and other insects! Stylish, practical and functional. The gradual spread of the citronella scent ensures thatMosquitNo protects you from mosquitoes stay away.mosquitoes and other insects! Wasps often need very little encouragement to bite us. Avoid sweet scented creams and 100% Natural perfumes if you go out as this will make youMosquitoes, wasps and ticks can spoil Citronella attracted to wasps. Are many waspsyour day at the beach, the garden party or products, available in around? Cut a lemon into slices, use aa sunny holiday. How do you keep them at MosquitNo couple of cloves, place the citronellaaway? bracelets, Patches bracelet in the middle of the table or pasteMosquitoes are particularly active after and Tulips the patch on your T-shirt and the wasps willsunset. Normally you use a spray roller or taken ‘another journey” .other user unfriendly form but MosquitNo has a Ticks infected with the bacterium Borrelia canuser-friendly and functional solution. The cause Lyme disease. To avoid ticks it is advisable toMosquitNo Bracelet prevents direct skin contact so it wear long sleeves and trousers. Do not forget the Braceletdoes not damage or leave a sticky residue on clothing or skin. MosquitNo to keep the bad bugs out! HOME & GARDEN SPORT TRAVEL TERRACE MosquitNo products are very The skin is extra sensitive for The compact and lightweight MosquitNo products are excellent suitable to use around the house. mosquitoes after sports due the MosquitNo package is ideal suitable for use on the terrace or While sleeping next to your pillow sweat on the skin. MosquitNo is during holidays and travel. during those nice summer or on the table during the long not applied on the skin, making it Our products are not fluid evenings on a trendy beach summer evenings in the garden or a practical and secure protection hence easy to carry during air clubs. MosquitNo is easy to use, patio. during active moments. travel. has a gradual and prolonged functionality for optimal protection
  8. 8. EASY GIVING CONCEPT TO UNICEF on your clothing or Our products are 100% natural mosquito skin. With the MosquitNorepellents. Due to the effective smell the products you avoid allergicmosquito’s are chased away. Remember reactions of the skin ormosquito’s are attracted by odour and heath damage to your clothing.hence the smell of the bracelet and patch The enclosed lock enablesreduces the attractiveness of the wearer to every person to size the bracelet to each individualthese insects. and gives a nice modern The products does not contain DEET effect as if you wear awhich is a toxic (cancer causing) material. By beautiful gadget.wearing the bracelet or patch you avoid oil SUPPORT YOUR EASY GIVING FOUNDATION WITH MosquitNo has MOSQUITNO the opinion that companies need to MosquitNo contributes a part of her profit contribute to a better world. to the foundation named Unicef. This As every 30 second a child is dying because of foundation wants to put an end to suffering the malaria disease we believe something and death caused by malaria. For more needs to be done. The function of our product information about the Easy Giving Concept to is an outstanding combination in realtion to Unicef, check our website mosquitno.eu. contributing to a reduction of malaria suffering. DURING SPORT & OUTDOOR ACTIVITIESKapellerlaan 466041 JD RoermondThe NetherlandsT +31 475 33 34 62 W mosquitno.nlF +31 475 33 38 99 W mosquitno.euMOSQUITNO SUPPORTS