Patrice Martin: Designing Your Business


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Patrice Martin: Designing Your Business

  1. 1. Designfor SocialImpact
  2. 2. Hi.I’m Patrice.And I’m from
  3. 3. Design Thinking Design for Behavior Change May 11, 2011 CONFIDENTIAL 6
  4. 4. A few years ago, foundations started to see thepotential for what design and the social sectorcould do together.They pushed us to investigate.
  5. 5. Step-by-step innovation process
  6. 6. A few incremental changes,not enough impact.We needed to turn the design processon ourselves.
  7. 7. It’s more than changing our financial modelIt’s more than just projectsIt’s the opportunity to widely share ideas,spread human-centered designand improve the lives of low-incomeindividuals everywhere.
  8. 8. I D E O . O R G H A S I M PAC T I N T H R E E WAY Sdesign foster spread
  9. 9. works directly with non-profits, socialenterprises and foundations to get solutions to marketfaster and increase their impact and effectiveness.
  10. 10. THE DESIGN PROCESS INSPIRATION IDEATION IMPLEMENTATIONobs er v e and i n s p i r e t el l s t o r i e s s yn t h e s i z e foster b r a i n st orm c r e a t e c on c e p t s p rot ot y p e in t rod u c e e x p e rim e n t s sc ale , sp re ad , su st ain
  12. 12. supports a fellows program to nurture futureglobal leaders who will spread human-centered designthroughout their careers.
  13. 13. fellows
  14. 14. harnesses online and offline tools to share themethodology of design thinking, foster a community tospread and build on each other’s ideas, and catalyze thepower of good storytelling.
  15. 15. open + inclusive
  16. 16. DING PAGE new networks
  17. 17. 5 thoughts ondesignthinking
  18. 18. 1.See thesystem
  19. 19. OWNERSHIP = CAREIf a family feels that the toilet is theirs, itAn integrated approachwill be treated with care and cleaned.
  20. 20. Product, service, business + brandSERVICE MODEL 01 Branded household toilet with bio-digester chemical and 05 removable waste container. Waste used to generate electricity or create fertilizer to sustain and grow local business. 02 Local franchised operator provides household waste collection service. 04 Vacuum truck services local transfer tanks. 03 Waste taken to neighborhood transfer tank for interim storage.Unilever + WSUP + IDEO 26
  21. 21. details matter
  22. 22. 2.Mix insight,inspirationand intuition
  23. 23. prototype the product,
  24. 24. recast intuition
  25. 25. 3.Build to think
  26. 26. prototype the product,
  27. 27. prototype the business Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 We need to Iterative model: choose a specific Chip on tip for investors endoscope market Working prototype for Design sterilizable Fistula market is pilot and water-proof small. Let’s explore endoscope for 6 business models fistula surgery Let’s gain access to multiple endocope markets Let’s put this thing together Update specification, Create a generic manufacuring and Let’s use design that reaches assembly processes chip on tip 4 of the 5 largest technology endoscope markets
  28. 28. 4.Reframe thequestion
  29. 29. Question assumptions Youth are often finding formal education doesn’t teach them the skills they need to gain employment. What if formal education isn’t the answer?
  30. 30. Look outside what existsImagine designing a new employment standard, asystem where foundational skills are recognized andlead to employment.From To
  31. 31. 2.Don’t forgetto play
  32. 32. looking in and looking out
  33. 33. simple, easy + compelling
  34. 34. 1. See the system2. Mix insight, inspiration and intuition3. Build to think4. Reframe the question5. Don’t forget to play
  35. 35. thank you.