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Various small magazines and products guides for different brands within Healthspan ranging from skincare, pets and supplement guides.

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A5 mini magazines and guides

  1. 1. Introductory offer £2 off WHEN YOU SPEND £20SK IN C A R E GU I D E AU T U MN / W IN T ER 2012
  2. 2. Super skin boosters protect eye cream The eye contour is the most delicate area of your skin. It is important to protect this area as it is a common place for fine lines and wrinkles to form. This gentle cream contains edelweiss extract to help the skin fight free radical damage. With ChroNoline™ to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, regenerate the skin, as well as improving softness and smoothness. £9.95 15ml tube eye contour 72% felt that the skin around the area appeared to be firmer after use.* protect moisture boosting serum this intensively hydrating serum contains a unique blend of active ingredients and natural plant extracts to help protect skin against the daily environmental damage which stimulates premature ageing. a calming formula enriched with neutrazen™ to help the penetration of active ingredients and soothe redness caused by skin irritation. squalane, vitamin e and panthenol condition the skin with a deep-acting moisturising affect and protects it from becoming dry. the skins own defence system is fortified and the natural balance of the skin is restored. £11.95 30ml pump INNER HEALTH OUTER BEAUTY gave 87% of women felt that the serum ChroNoline™ their skin a moisture boost.** Outer Beauty DERMONUTRIENT Benefit: A biomimetic tetrapeptide. It boosts the production of key components at the dermo-epidermal junction for optimal skin structural support. It helps the skin to look *User trials took place over a two week period on 94 women. smoother, firmer and more even for a younger rested look. **User trials took place over a two week period on 92 women.6 freephone orderline 0800 072 9510 www.nurtureskincare.co.uk 7
  3. 3. Why should you Give yourselfcleanse and tone? a helping handIt is important to start your beauty regime with a clean base as your protect hand cream spF15skin will not be able to glow if it still has pollutants and make-up Protect your hands with this light,from the day before. Starting with a blank surface also allows other nourishing hand cream. With SPF15anti-ageing creams to be better absorbed into your skin. to protect your hands against ageing UV rays as well as glycerin to help your skin to retain moisture. With antioxidants vitamin E and green tea protect soothing cream cleanser extract to protect skin from damaging A calming cream cleanser which gently removes dirt and make- free radicals and fight premature skin up thoroughly without causing skin irritation or drying the skin. ageing. To help keep your hands Pro-vitamin B5 helps to leave the skin clean, soft and hydrated. hydrated, soft and smooth cocoa This cleanser also helps soothe irritated skin as well as leaving it butter and sweet almond oil have moisturised. been added. £4.95 200ml bottle 94% of women felt that the productsoothed their skin when in use.* protect gentle toner To help tone, refresh and remove any last traces of make-up, use this facial tonic before applying your usual moisturiser. It ensures that your skin is not stripped of its moisture balance and pro- vitamin B5 helps skin to maintain its elasticity. This gentle toner refreshes the skin without causing irritation. 98% of women trialled found that the toner successfully removed any last traces of make-up and cleanser.* £7.95 75ml tube *User trials took place over a two week period on 97 women. £4.45 200ml bottle8 freephone orderline 0800 072 9510 www.nurtureskincare.co.uk 9
  4. 4. For extra replenishment INNER HEALTH OUTER BEAUTY Soy bean extract Outer Beauty DERMONUTRIENT Benefit: Soy bean extract is a plant oestrogen which mimics and helpsAs well as the two step system the replenish range contains replace diminishing natural levels of oestrogen, responsiblea host of other products to help meet a variety of skin needs for accelerated visible skin ageing. It helps to support skinall containing phytoestrogens to help replenish what is lost renewal and improve collagen production, increasing skin density and elasticity for healthier, younger looking skin.during and after the menopause.replenish lip and eye contour serum replenish facial washWith nourishing shea butter and soothing This creamy facial wash contains nourishingpro-vitamin B5 this luxuriously rich, borage oil, is an essential fatty acid andfragrance-free serum helps to improve natural moisturising oil. It helps skin tolong-term moisturisation around the eye retain moisture, therefore reducing thearea. These ingredients also help to reduce prominence of fine lines which can appearinflammation/puffiness around the eyes. Also due to lack of moisture. Antioxidant vitaminwith phytoestrogens of soy bean and red E helps skin’s renewal function whilst alsoclover extract to help reduce the appearance protecting your skin from environmentalof wrinkles. This serum helps protect these damage.delicate areas from environmental damage £6.95 75ml tubeby containing antioxidant vitamin E.£9.95 15ml tube replenish hand cream spF15 replenish collagen boosting serum Help reduce the appearance Winner of ‘The Best Miracle Cream’ in Jo of wrinkles and age spots Fairley’s Beauty Bible ‘Beauty Steals’ with this rich, intensive cream. awards. This serum contains Phytoestrogens of red clover advanced phytoestrogens extract help to reduce the to help restore skin’s appearance of wrinkles on your density, thereby making hands. UVA and UVB filters it appear smoother, so help protect against further wrinkles appear reduced. pigmentation patches forming, Plus a blend of patented whilst skin lightening agent ingredients (Ronacare™ and Tyrostat™ helps to reduce Matryxl™) to help both stimulate the appearance of existing collagen synthesis and reduce pigmentation. existing collagen degradation. £7.45 75ml tube £11.95 30ml pump12 freephone orderline 0800 072 9510 www. www.nurtureskincare.co.uk 13
  5. 5. Latest additionsnurture is pleased to introducetwo new products to thereplenish range.83% of participantsfelt that their NEWskin was morehydrated after use* NEW replenish neck and décolletage cream Formulated with 1% Caffeine and 0.15% retinol as well as phytoestrogens (natural plant oestrogens). This intensive neck and décolletage serum combines fat fighting caffeine with Vitamin A in its purest, most effective form. Retinol enables caffeine to penetrate deeply into the cells NEW where it actively boosts the metabolism of fat, as well as neW replenish body butter smoothing and tightening skin. With phytoestrogens of red clover This rich body butter is specially formulated for extract to help restore oestrogen 79% found more mature skin, containing phytoestrogens of red clover extract to help re-densify skin, as well levels and therefore skin’s density neck and their décolletage which can be lost as skin ages. as REFORCYL® to aid skin hydration, firmness, 85% found that Clinically proven to improve skin area looked smoothness and elasticity as well as reduce the tone and elasticity as well as appearance of wrinkle depth. Pro-vitamin B5 the body butter reduce the appearance of fine intensively moisturises skin and vitamin E helps left their lines and wrinkles. firmer skin feeling to give your skin antioxidant protection. £15.95 50ml tube after use.** £8.45 200ml tub smoother after use**User trials took place over a two week period on 99 women. ** User trials took place over a four week period on 96 women.14 freephone orderline 0800 072 9510 www.nurtureskincare.co.uk 15
  6. 6. Clinically proven to intensive night treatment cream*turn back the clock With retinol and vitamin c, two of the most effective ingredients in the fight against skin ageing. together, they work deep inside skinAs well as our NEW replenish neck and décolletage cream we also have cells to help trigger regeneration, help to improve skin tone and3 intensive anti-ageing treatments that contain the clinically proven texture, whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.ingredient retinol. It is highly effective and the most proven anti-ageing £12.95 30ml tubeingredient available without prescription.it can help benefit your skin texture and tone, as well as helping to reduce wrinkles intensive eye contour serum*by penetrating deeper into the skin to stimulate collagen production. these unique capsules contain a measured dosereplenish intensive pigmentation reducing complex* of micro-fused retinol and dermochlorella (a biothis multi-functional night cream helps re-densify the skin, decrease marine extract of sea algaewrinkle depth and reduce the appearance of age spots. it does all with dermo-cosmetic properties).this by containing highly effective clinically proven ingredients. Kojic together these ingredient help todipalmitate is an excellent skin brightening agent. along with retinol visibly reduce fine lines and crow’sthey work together to help fight the appearance of age spots, feet around the eye area.fine lines, wrinkles, visible sun damage and other signs of ageing.antioxidants vitamin e helps to protect skin and vitamin c £10.95 30 capsuleshas been added as it is essential to help stimulatethe production of collagen.£15.45 30ml tube *PRECAUTION – Please read the label carefully, retinol66% said the appearance of (vitamin A) is a highly effective ingredientpigmentation patches and may not be suitable for all skinand age spots were types. We always recommend you tryvisibly reduced.** a patch test 24 hours before full application. **User trials took place over a two week period on 95 women.16 0800 072 9510 www.nurtureskincare.co.uk 17
  7. 7. NEW and Treatment improved cosmetics At nurture we are always looking at ways to improve our products to make sure you get the very best quality at the most affordable price. translucent face powder SPF15 this breakthrough powder has been updated and improved. containing Uva/UvB filters as well as micro-fused antioxidant vitamins a and e, to act as an extra barrier between your skin and environmental damage, which is the Instant radiance, biggest cause of premature skin ageing. this NEW and IMPROVED face powder with its silky smooth, sheer formula is 100% fragrance free and is available in one suit-all shade. lasting results £6.95 4g pressed powder illuminating touch treatment concealer this unique concealer helps to instantly disguise under eye darkness, boost radiance and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 90% said it However, the real benefit is in its long-term sufficiently anti-ageing action with unique, clinically-proven Available in 1 suit-all shade ingredients Haloxyl™ and songa (solidago covered under eye virgaurea extract). With continued use Haloxyl™ has been shown to reduce under eye darkness and songa helps to strengthen skin tissues and improve firmness for a more lifted look. darkness. also with antioxidant vitamins to help protect against premature ageing. £9.95 2.5ml click pen20 freephone orderline 0800 072 9510 www.nurtureskincare.co.uk 21
  8. 8. Glucosamine and Joint Health Your definitive guide
  9. 9. ® - ADVANCED COMBINATIONS Advanced Optiflex® We recognise how difficult it can be to choose the right supplement for your needs. To help keep things simple our experts have formulated these combinations SIMPLY THE BEST! advanced Optiflex® combinations to ensure that you receive the right amount of each nutrient every day. 25% off ChondroMax® Unique to Healthspan, and our number one best seller, ChondroMax comes highly recommended FOR THE by our nutrition experts as it contains the same OVER 70s levels of glucosmine and chondroitin as used in successful clinical trials. Three tablets daily provides 1,500mg Optiflex Glucosamine and 1,200mg of the finest chondroitin (90%). Fast Release Glucosamine 70 Plus 60 tablets £9.95 As we age our bodies ability to absorb nutrients 120 tablets £17.95 to their full capacity diminishes. This is why our expert nutritionists have developed Fast Release “Glucosamine and chondroitin Glucosamine 70 Plus, the first glucosamine product is probably the most popular formulated specifically for the over 70s. Each nutrient combination with capsule delivers 1,500mg Optiflex Glucosamine alongside 120mg calcium, 5mcg vitamin D plus a long tradition of use.” 80mg ginger extract for bone and digestive health. Dr Hilary Jones, 120 capsules £13.95 NOW £10.46 GP and Advisor to Healthspan8 FREEPHONE 0800 73 123 77 w w w. h e a lt h s p a n . c o . u k 9
  10. 10. FISH OILS Fish oil support Did you know? Our fish oil supplements Some people find that fish oils provide are double-distilled additional support to their daily health, using patented technology in a similar way to glucosamine. The ensuring unsurpassed great thing about fish oils that they also levels of purity. benefit heart and brain health. 25% off “For me the most important thing is to achieve the highest levels of 25% the essential fatty off acids DHA and HIGH EPA & DHA LEVELS EPA on a daily basis. Insist on Super Strength Cod Liver Oil 1,000mg the purest cod Opti-Omega 3 (TG) is the purest, most bioavailable (body-ready) form of omega 3 liver oil from WITH VITAMINS A & D essential fatty acids available. The letters clean unpolluted TG stand for ‘triglyceride’ and this form Super Strength Cod Liver Oil 1,000mg waters.” of omega 3 is particularly high in DHA. In fact, each capsule contains an Each capsule contains 155mg DHA Dr Hilary Jones, unparalleled 276mg total DHA alongside and 205mg EPA, with 400mcg vitamin A GP and Advisor 220mg of the equally prized EPA. and 5mcg vitamin D. If you’re looking for to Healthspan higher levels of EPA and DHA, you’re best 60 capsules £10.95 NOW £8.21 to try a pure omega 3 supplement. 120 capsules £10.95 NOW £8.2110 F R E E P H O N E 0 8 0 0 7 3 1 2 3 7 7 w w w. h e a lt h s p a n . c o . u k 11
  11. 11. NEW PRODUCTS NEW Cutting-edge “I am a keen amateur rower and recently had nutrition the opportunity to trial the liquid hyaluronan LIQUID SOLUTION supplement from Healthspan. I really Liquiflex™ found it invaluable, particularly following Few products can boast the long tradition Hyaluronan, or hyaluronic acid, is a glycosaminoglycan tough races at sea. supporting their use that glucosamine that is naturally produced within the body but as we I have since age our ability to produce it reduces. Liquiflex signals has, but there are exciting developments a major breakthrough in hyaluronan supplementation; recommended this in this area of nutrition for those who it is one of the only all-natural forms of hyaluronan product to other available and is delivered in a taste-free convenient liquid members of our team want to try something different. Working saline solution at a molecular weight equivalent to that and recommend in similar ways, these two products really Healthspan due to found in the body for optimum bioavailability. Unlike are at the forefront of nutrition. other hyaluronan supplements it is stabilised to provide the ease of ordering.” consistent quality and is suitable for vegetarians. Mr Willington, 30 sachets £16.95 NOW £12.71 Pembrokeshire EXCLUSIVE TO HEALTHSPAN 25% NemCare™ off Exclusive to Healthspan, NemCare is a newly developed product which naturally contains many well-known 25% nutrients from a single source. NemCare provides a rich source off of glycosaminoglycans such as glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Each NemCare capsule contains our experts’ “I have been using your products for years and have recommended levels of 500mg natural always found them very successful. The latest one eggshell membrane alongside 80mg has proved a winner with me, NemCare. I am a vitamin C (100% RDA) for the role it plays in normal collagen formation. recycled teenager and these capsules are top class.” 30 capsules £14.95 Mrs D Batchelder NOW £11.2114 FREEPHONE 0800 73 123 77 w w w. h e a lt h s p a n . c o . u k 15
  12. 12. Your complete joint health soultionDon’t know which product to choose? This is the answer.Formulated by nutritionists, Joint Synergex provides an advanced combination of specially selected nutrients in four easy to swallow tablets and capsules. 28 day supply £14.95 25% NOW £11.21 offFREEPHONE 0800 73 123 77
  13. 13. NEW Pet Medicine range see inside for details Nose to tail health care Quality assured products at permanently low pricesFREEPHONE 0808 100 40 80www.vetvits.co.uk
  14. 14. Welcome to VetVits We’ve been providing care for over 11 years. All our Why VetVits? products are developed by leading veterinary experts veterinary experts and made using the purest natural ingredients to the 3Developed by leading ingredients very highest standards at permanently low prices. 3Pharmaceutical grade ble ta Keep your eyes peeled on our ever extending range - some of which are featured here. We’re particularly 3Natural and highly pala care centre mer excited about the launch of our NEW flea and 3Freephone UK custo ed Get in worming treatments! Always looking after your cats, dogs 3Individually batch test designed to be taken are 3All VetVits products n with each other touch and horses. ly in combinatio safe Nothing is too much s Permanently low price trouble for the friendly staff 3 NEW in our UK customer care quality pet centre who will be pleased Sue Nicolle medicines to answer any queries you Customer Services may have, so please give Manager, VetVits us a call on freephone 0808 100 40 80 or “ email info@vetvits.co.uk e committed to Here at VetVits we ar emium products an d Visible providing you with pr ns results ads to pay this mea ” with no retail overhe e 98% r you both. With mor only the best value fo been an ever it has never of our customers voted products available th d horses a ur cats, dogs an visible results as the easier to help give yo life starting today!” number 1 reason to longer and healthier recommend VetVits. rtVOphthal John Foster BVSc Ce MRCVS. Veterinaria n and Or your money Consultant to VetVits. back2 3
  15. 15. Flea & Worming treatments SAVE NEW clinically proven Pet Medicines 40% * with Ve vs the m tVits Containing exactly ar leaders ket the same active ingredients as the market leaders, “Time to leave!” at a fraction of the price. Only available online www.vetvits.co.uk or via Freephone 0808 100 4080 VetFlea Clinically proven spot-on for the control of fleas and ticks in cats and dogs. Available from August. VetWorm Plus asty pork flavoured tablet for the control of T Small Medium Large Extra large Cats roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms & whipworms. 8 months’ 8 months’ 8 months’ 8 months’ 5 months’ Small Large supply £17.95 supply £18.95 supply £20.95 supply £23.95 supply £13.95 Medium Extra large 2 tablet pack 4 tablet pack 6 tablet pack 8 tablet pack 6 months’ 6 months’ 6 months’ 6 months’ *Market leader, 2 x 4s, from Boots 27/04/2012 £37.56. 12 months supply medium dog, VetVits VetWorm Plus, 2x4s £21.90. supply £6.95 supply £10.95 supply £14.95 supply £18.95 Market leader, 1.5 x 3s from Boots, 27/04/2012 £53.88. 12 month supply medium dog, VetVits VetFlea, 1.5 x £28.434 5
  16. 16. Av a Se ilab TreatFunctional treats pt le em frTreat their joints be om r An advanced their teeth functional treat to help maintain and gums everyday mobility. An advanced triple action dental chew to help promote good oral Joint Treat hygeine and support gum health. Bones For dogs Approx. 90 treats £11.95 £3 Off DentaFresh NOW £8.95 Chews For dogs 28 Chews Sm/Med £7.45 28 Chews Large £8.45 Zeolite Specialist natural abrasive to Green-Lipped Mussel Claimed to have Chew texture aid food removal and many benefits as a rich source of glycoproteins, to aid with teeth help keep your dog’s chondroitin, amino acids, vitamins and teeth clean and cleaning as part of minerals. gums healthy. your dog’s daily oral Calcium To help maintain healthy bones. care and dental routine. Feed Joint Treat Antioxidant-rich herb mix Including DentaSpark Bones alongside rose hip, blackcurrant, spinach, oregano and HMP This Flexi-Joints for rosemary. advanced mineral maximum Salmon Oil The all important omega 3 fatty helps reduce Perfect support. Partners acids found within salmon oil are traditionally plaque formation. used to help maintain healthy joints. www.vetvits.co.uk