Ramadan etiqutte @ qatar


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Ramadan Etiqutte for non-Muslims expats living in Qatar and other similar Arabian countries

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Ramadan etiqutte @ qatar

  1. 1. RAMADAN will start soon…Understanding its Etiquettes for non-Muslims Dr Hend Al Muftah DFI,24-7-2011
  2. 2. - Why Ramadan?- How Ramadan Work?- Ramadan day…- Garangaoo!!- Do’s & Don’t-Q&A
  3. 3. What do you know about Ramadan???
  4. 4. Why Ramadan? The month Al-Quran was revealed byAllah to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) Fasting is one of the 5 pillars of IslamThe 9th month of the Islamic calendarRamadan is a religious festivals &ends with Eid Al Fiter Festival
  5. 5. Of Ramadan• To rid us of those “bad” habits…• Teaches us discipline & self control …• Time for forgiveness…• Caring for other people…specially suffering…• To reform ourselves…• Create a bond with Allah that will continue
  6. 6. Allah is not in need of any person to leavehis food or drink or desires…But we need to do so …Discipline, Merits & RewardsForgiveness, Solidarity
  7. 7. How Ramadan Work?• Begins with the sighting of the crescent moon & lasts for 29/30 days depending on the lunar cycle• Incorporates physical & spiritual aspects – Fasting from morning to dusk … – Worship & Pray … @ mosque , charitable activities, Zakat… – … Just being a “good” HUMAN…
  8. 8. Ramadan @ Doha• The city/malls will be glowing with twinkling lights• Many signs in English & Arabic saying “Ramadan Kareem.”• Adjusted working hours, late morning & evening best time 4 shopping• Stores/hotels have special foods, special offerings People are joyful
  9. 9. Typical day During Ramadan Suhoor Fasting Iftar Taraweeh
  10. 10. Suhoor!Getting up midnightEat & probably read Quran Pray Al Fajar Don’t be surprised thatsome Muslims might be a little bitgrumpy, quiet or much slower inperforming tasks while fasting This is due to the adjustmentperiod of fasting & sleeping 
  11. 11. Fasting!
  12. 12. Iftar!Time 4 breaking fastingIftar cannonCollective/Group IftarSharing meals -It is a kind gesture to present Muslims with packages of dates or some type of sweet/food during day/after Iftar... Dangerous traffic hours 
  13. 13. Taraweeh!!• Special evening pray only in Ramadan• Muslims (adults & children) pray @ mosque – Mosque Services.. Cars park everywhere during/after Taraweeh @ mosques & malls, completely blocked roads with parked cars is JUST normal 
  14. 14. Garangaoo- Traditional celebrationsimilar festival to Halloween- kids everywhere -14th of Ramadan
  15. 15. Garangao Girga oh song…Give us what God gave youTo Mecca he’ll take youThe greatly filled MeccaCovered with tassels, goldand lightGive us what God have givenAbdulla greets you withsmilesPlease give us a bit of sweets
  16. 16. End of Ramadan…Qiyam• The last 10 days of Ramadan starts becoming very religious & festive…• Late night praying (Qyiam pray)• Shops are open till late time• People like to shop for Eid
  17. 17. Do’s… @ work• Before Ramadan…Do not be shy or hesitant to wish Muslims “Ramadan Kareem” …• Do not get into arguments with fasting colleagues; be patient and show consideration for the long hours of fasting.
  18. 18. Do’s.. @ Elsewhere…• Modest dress & respected behavior• Rather than be impatient if a question/service is not answered/met immediately, smile & be patient…Demonstrate understanding• Try to involve yourself in the spirit of the month. Saying Ramadan Kareem‘ & attending Iftar with other Muslim colleagues, or visiting local attractions as Souq Waqef, Katara, etc.
  19. 19. Don’ts...• Eat, smoke, or drink anywhere in public (including your car) during fasting hours• Offer a Muslim food or drink during fasting hours believing it is necessary towards hospitality.• Smoke or have alcoholic beverages in the presence or around a Muslim during Ramadan, even after Iftar..
  20. 20. Don’ts…• Dance or sing in public at any time, even after sunset when cafe and restaurants are open.• Play loud music that might disturb your neighbors.• Display physical affection (hugging, kissing) in public• Get upset that your neighbors eat and socialize at midnight. The day begins after Iftar (sunset) and it is normal to see individuals up all night.
  21. 21. Some Ramadan Greetings…Some useful Ramadan phrases:Ramadan Kareem: Happy RamadanRamadan Mubarak: Ramadan blessings.Siam Maqbool wa Iftar shahee: Well fastedand enjoy breaking fast. (to be said at sunset)Kul sana wa inta tayyib: Every year you arefine
  22. 22. Don’t !Enjoy Ramadan experience
  23. 23. Tanks 4 Your Attention Q&A