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Student Survival Guide

Student Survival Guide



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Student survival guide (a) Student survival guide (a) Presentation Transcript

  • Student Survival Guide By Micheal Harrison
  • Using Axia's Educational Resources
    Tips for Axia’s Education Resources
    The Download Process
    Navigate Library & Research
    Name Other Workshops & Guides
  • Tips for Axia’s Education Resources
    Fill Out Financial Aid!
    Speak With The Advisor.
    Install The Proper Product.
    Get Note Books For Class.
    Attend Colleges Class Regular.
  • Buy Product
    Icon Appears after Installation
    Click Run
    Click Start
    Click Install
    The Download Process
  • Navigate Library & Research
    Then login
    User Name
    First go to
  • Home
    Click the library tab
  • Library
    Keep the library tap OPEN!
    Center For Mathematics Excellence
    Center for Writing Excellence
    University Library
    University Library
    You can also research at
  • Power Point
    Grammar Workshop
    Center for Writing Excellence
    Center for Mathematics Excellence
    Name Other Workshops & Guides
  • Upholding Academic Honesty
    Tips for Academic Honesty
    Understanding Axia’s Dishonesty Policy
    Understanding consequences of plagiarism
    Avoiding plagiarism.
  • Tips for Academic Honesty
    Do you’re own work
    Write and take notes
    Avoid using plagiarism
    Include the web site addresses
    Include the authors, dates and titles
  • Understanding Axia’s Dishonesty Policy
    It is unacceptable to be dishonest. Dishonest towards college results in getting arrested, losing funds, and expelled.
  • Do not claim someone else's work.
    Failure to document sources or materials...
    Are changes we simply don’t believe in.
    My fellow Americans….
    Plagiarism is against the law.
    Understanding consequencesof plagiarism
  • Avoiding plagiarism.
    Give credit where credit is do.
    Avoid taking shortcuts.
    Use your own ideas
    Add in authors, websites, and notations
    Be realistic and avoid fabricating facts
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
    Tips for Achieving Goals
    Identify Education and Career goals
    How to reach goals despite obstacles
    How an Axia degree relates to goals
  • Tips for Achieving Goals
    Research your goals
    Set yourself goals
    Prepare your work
    Get a daily planner
    Get your goals organized
  • Identify Education and Career Goals
    First, identify what career field your interested in. Second, Find the right school that fits into your career. Last, prepare yourself by organizing, prioritizing and maintaining your goals.
  • How to reach goals despite obstacles
    Tell yourself you’re going to be successful. When the going get tough you get tougher. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.
  • How an Axia Degree Relate to Goals?
    You obtain the degree in the job field by first setting your goals. Most higher job fields require a degree. The degree sets you up for the job field you have chosen. The degree prepares you for a brighter future.
  • Managing Time Wisely
    Tips Managing Time Wisely
    Balancing time between course at Axia
    Juggling school, work, and responsibilities
    Prioritizing and avoiding time-wasters
  • Tips Managing Time Wisely
    When managing your time wisely it is best to draft in a notebook, proofread all materials, and prepare ahead.
  • This is hard work!
    Axia Course
    # 1
    Axia Course # 2
    Balancing time between course at Axia
  • Balance and stay right on course to over come hurdles in school, work, and responsibilities. Apply yourself to maintain an equal between
    both work and school.
  • Prioritizing and avoiding time-wasters
    Read, Review, Revise
    Check grammar and spelling
    Do the work in a timely manner
    Refer back to your Daily Planner
  • Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention
    Tips for Reading Comprehension and Retention
    Successful reading comprehensions techniques
    Using SQ3R and other study habits
  • Tips for Reading Comprehension and Retention
    Pace yourself reading
    Brainstorm and take notes
    Read a book, newspaper, or magazine
  • Successful reading comprehensions techniques
    Pay attention when you read materials. First, ask yourself what the main idea of the passage. Then, ask yourself what kind of writing is it. Last, ask yourself what is the author's purpose. Vary your reading rate, keep from reading out load, and utilize your thoughts.
  • Using SQ3R and Other Study Habits
  • Survey
  • Survey
    Scan the contents
    Summarize the text
    Form an opinion
    Discard information you do not want.
  • Questions
    Take notes
    Scan the text again
    Structure the information
    Ask yourself questions
    Understand the answers
  • Write down notes
    Pace your reading
    Read the document
    Search for details
    Read carefully to understand the materials
  • Recall the facts
    Isolate core facts
    Brainstorm materials
    Remember the key facts
    Essentially fit the facts
  • Reread the document
    Discuss the materials
    Recall your reading
    Review your notes
    Teach the materials to someone else.
  • Other Study Habits
  • Applying Personality and Learning Styles
    Tips for Appling Personality and Learning Styles
    Using your Personal types for distance learning success
    Developing your multiple intelligences
    Relating to others
  • Tips for Appling Personality and Learning Styles
    Get in a group to learn about other peoples differences. Learning about someone else’s personality and differences can help you strengthen weaker techniques. Learning something new can be applied to your weakest techniques. Listen to the group and key on how to make your life simple.
  • Using your Personal types for
    distancelearning success
    Tell yourself learning is fun. Apply what you have learned. Draw conclusion and brainstorm. Write draft notes and proofread. Finally, get a ‘Just Do It’ attitude to become successful in work or school.
  • Developing your multiple intelligences
    Gather in a group you can listen to other peoples deference's. How can a person learn, if they do not try new things. Apply the differences into your weakness. You become more successful and intelligent.
  • Relating to others
    The importance of relating to others can be challenging. You have the opportunity to learn news skills and obtain information. Enrich your qualities in life, value social skills and apply them into your studies.
  • Conclusion
    In conclusion, here are a few tips that might help your college life, constructive writing, and course materials simplified. First, when preparing to go back to college fill out a finical aid. Here are a few reasons why, college is very expensive, you need a contingence plan for funds and last it covers you as a student when you are low on funds for college. Second, speak with The College Advisor about getting started in college. Here are a few reasons why, The College Advisor helps you prepare the transitional stage, overcome barriers and hurdles during college. Become friends with your College Advisor because, they help you progress more in your course studies, they help you get the proper tools, materials and programs need for your course materials. Last, get note books for writing materials and proof reading. Here are a few reasons why, getting note books helps you organize, proof read materials, check for proper grammar and spelling. When focusing on the course materials ensure yourself to read, review, and revise all your materials before actual due dates of the subjected materials. In closing, I hope my Student Survival Guide helps you construct an effective and successful college experience.
  • If you have any question or concerns please call me at 1(731) 410-6120 or write me at