Building an appetite for energy
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Building an appetite for energy



A hypothetical pitch for energy drink brands in Australia.

A hypothetical pitch for energy drink brands in Australia.



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    Building an appetite for energy Building an appetite for energy Presentation Transcript

    • Building an Appetite for EnergyA hypothetical pitch for energy drinks brands in Australia
      By Hannah Donovan, Digital Strategist
    • A Strategic Approach
      Collaborative and fluid (with the creative team and with you the client)
      Flexible - focused on generating an effective outcome rather than the process itself
      We dive deep, work quickly and refine
    • Strategic Framework
      Information hunt:
      Identify challenges, opportunities & goals
      Develop insights, platforms, territories
      Filter & pressure check
      Define strategic approach
      Create idea framework
      Creative & content solutions
    • Agency Model
      Strategists & Creatives
      Producers & Content creators
      Everyone in our agency is required to have a point of view on every brief. We all participate in the strategy process.
    • The Big Three in Australia
    • The Situation
      The energy drinks market has seen exponential
      growth in the last 7 years with 400% sales growth since 2003 (, Aug 2010)
      7 out of 10 people are not interested in the energy drink category (Mintel, Aug 2010)
    • Problem Areas
      The pool of youth is diminishing due to an
      ageing population
      Increasing health concerns associated with excessive consumption and alcoholic combinations
      Increased competition from brands playing in the same space (youth, music, sport)
    • Big Opportunity
      To appeal to a older audience & create a new more health conscious terrain
      (or in marketing chat - increase penetration beyond the youth core)
    • The Energy Terrain
      Enhanced performance & reactions
      Improved alertness, clarity & wellbeing
      The Big Three play in both Physical & Mental energy terrain. Currently no one owns a clear space.
    • Consumption Motivators
      71% of energy drink users consume them for an energy boost
      57% drink them to stay awake
      60% drink them to stay alert
      Out take: mental exhaustion is rife but no one owns the ‘mental’ energy terrain in a purest way
    • Audience Expansion
      Where can we find a new audiencethat isn’t declining, an audience that suffers from mental tiredness and requires ongoing energy support for mental stimulation.
      We need people searching for alertness, clarity and calm…
    • Working Mums
      Today’s mums are busier than ever “We have crammed lives. We work full time, out kids are busier than ever and we’re always on the go” (Author & Parenting Expert Stacy DeBroff)
    • Depleted Mother Syndrome
      In Australia 52% of married mothers with children under 5 are in paid employment
      Women in developed countries are working more than ever before as they ‘juggle’ paid jobs with domestic work and child rearing
      Official time data reports that mums with kids under 15 provide around 2 ½ a day extra work compared to fathers
      In Australia, women report higher frequency of work life conflict than men. 46% of women reported constant conflict
      Working mums are 2 ½ times more likely to suffer from interrupted sleep than working dads
    • What mums say…
      “Parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever have”
      “I’m totally burned out”
      “I don’t mean a little tired, I’m completely exhausted”
      “I have no time for me, I’m a wreck”
      Side effects of depleted mothers syndrome:
      - Mental exhaustion
      - No “me time”
    • New bulls eye target
      Mums missing in action
      Working mums aged 25 to 40
      Have already weaned their kids
      Part of a tag team couple of dual income
      Suffer pronounced work-family conflict
    • The Insight
      Mums need Zenergy
      A wellbeing energy drink to maintain mental harmony & togetherness. Re-charge the true you.
    • Product Innovation
      A new energy drink positioned as a wellbeing
      This is not about an occasion based stimulant
      boost, it’s an ongoing source of mental energy
      for mums
      A caffeine based energy drink with added vitamins
    • Gaining Share of Stomach(a cultural context)
      Australia is a nation of coffee drinkers. Growth in the Australian coffee
      Sector is forecast to hit $800 million in 2013 (
      A survey by the national sleep foundation found that more than 65%
      of mums consume coffee ‘to get them through the day’
      Mums are already seeking caffeine support so a caffeinated energy
      drink with added vitamins will not trigger health concerns. And a
      convenient RTD format will fit with mums ‘on the go’ lifestyle
    • How do we drive consideration?
      Through mum influencers online
      Women with children trust women with children – other mums become the most valuable source of information when making purchase decisions (
      Mums have very limited “me time” which greatly impacts their media consumption habits.
      A survey by shows that 54% of mums spend their “me time” online
    • The rise of the digital mum
      dot.mum is the new mainstream
      A survey by CafeMom reported that mums spend an average of 18.5
      hours per week online
      65% of mums interact with social network (Digital mom)
      46% read blogs & 24% write blogs (Kleenex Mums Survey)
      Mums set to overtake teenage boys as the new gamers. 46% of
      Australia’s gamers are now women with the average age over 3
    • Mums - Digital Channel Usage
      (Digital Moms)
    • Mums - Digital Consumption trends
      Mums going online at similar times regardless of whether they’re working or not.
      (Kleenex Mums Survey)
    • Out take: This provides us with a vast array of opportunities to engage with and add value to mums when they are seeking some “Me Time” online
    • Communications Strategy
      Enhance mums “me time” experience online by delivering relevant and engaging content
      An experiential campaign in the digital world
      Drive awareness through content collaboration e.g. sponsored and exclusive digital content, video, editorial, content
      Drive trial through sampling e.g. ‘like to get’ on Facebook. Every mum gets a voucher to redeem a free sample in store
      Drive WOM and advocacy by collaborating with the influential core of mum bloggers e.g. Mia Freedman, ChantelleEllam
    • Digital Comms Approach
    • Execution Starters
      Ready. Set.
      The art of ‘can’
      The 2nd Shift
      24 hour days
      Ever Ready
      Mileage for mums