What About Geo Ppta


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Used to promote geography as a subject choice for S2 going into Standard Grade (GCSE equivalent) Sections adapted from Val Vannet's piece on RGS website.

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What About Geo Ppta

  1. 1. So what about geography? Are you interested in… the wonders of the NATURAL WORLD
  2. 2. Or… the issues of the HUMAN WORLD BRA ZIL
  3. 3. What topics will you study? Local Issues Where do people choose to live & work? What problems does it cause? National Issues Why do we get the weather we do? How can we minimise the damage?
  4. 4. What topics will you study? Global Issues How will GLOBAL WARMING affect us? Is our way of life SUSTAINABLE… ? (without damaging the environment)
  5. 5. What skills will you develop? Solving mysteries! Looking from different angles Interpreting patterns
  6. 6. What skills will you develop? Observing & listening Widening your horizons &
  7. 7. Will Geography be useful? Problem Solving World Aware Data Analysis Map Reading Team Work Literacy & Numeracy Computer Skills Time Management Geography skills are useful in any job! Highly sought after by employers! Adapted from www.rgs.org
  8. 8. Will Geography be useful? Do you like to people watch? Geographers deal with urban change. You might use geography to become a Lawyer, Architect, Planner, Social Worker, Market Researcher, Housing Officer or Estate Agent Geographers can explain why people do the work they do? You might use geography to become an Economic Developer, Transport Manager or Retailing Do maps fascinate you?. You might use geography to become an GIS Specialist, a Publisher or Services Manager Adapted from www.rgs.org
  9. 9. Will Geography be useful? Do you care about world issues? You might use geography to become an Aid worker, a Diplomat, a Refugee Advisor and a Charity Coordinator Do you enjoy watching the weather? You might use geography to become a Weather Presenter, a Disaster Manager, Flood Prevention Officer or Water Supply Coordinator. Do you enjoy being in the landscape? You might use geography to become a Hydrologist, Coastal Manager, Civil Engineer or Geologist. Adapted from www.rgs.org
  10. 10. Will Geography be useful? Do you like discovering new places?. You might use geography to become a Travel Agent, Tourism Officer, Tour Guide, Media researcher or an Eco-Tourism Advisor. Do you care about our planet? You might use geography to become a Conservation Officer, Environmental Consultant, a Forestry Ranger or a Pollution Analyst. Adapted from www.rgs.org
  11. 11. The company makes natural fruit drinks, and is committed to running its business in a sustainable way. These values underpin every single decision the company makes from sourcing its fruit, to choosing green electricity to run their offices. innocent is committed to investing in the future of those countries that it sources its ingredients from and donates 10% of profits to the foundation each year. Based in the UK, the majority of the foundation’s funding goes to overseas projects. Richard Reed: Geography Graduate Founding Director of innocent smoothies Using Geography in Life                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  12. 12. What do people say about Geography? “ Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future “ Michael Palin “ A top pupil applying for Medicine should study AH Geography because it is the be s t preparation for the skills required in further education and life in general ” Glasgow University Medical Dept “ Thanks Mrs. T… that was really interesting today! Steven Walker 4D Geography Worth considering?