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2 roberto - mining - presentation-v3

  1. 1. Digital EnergyMDS Industrial Wireless CommunicationsLentronics Fiber Optic MultiplexersCritical communications solutions
  2. 2. Industrial Communications ProfileThe Industrial Communications business offers end-to-end networking communications, using fiber and wirelesssolutions specifically designed to meet harsh operating environmental standards and strict cyber securityrequirements for mission critical applications. We also provide engineering & consulting services as well as networkmanagement solutions to monitor your communication devices, on-site or hosted. Industrial Wireless Fiber Optic Multiplexers Hardened Ethernet Switches Consulting, Engineering, MDS Lentronics MultiLink Software Solutions • World’s leading industrial end-to- • Hardened multi-service • Industrial hardened Ethernet • System Design end wireless solution provider telecommunications platforms Switches • Project Management, • IP/Ethernet & serial traffic, plus • Secure application performance • Secure, reliable installation & commissioning analog & digital I/O signals from the network edge to the communications for critical • End-to-End Communications • Antennas, feedline, surge core infrastructure devices Network Management protection and installation tools software
  3. 3. Industrial Communications Applications ENERGY OIL & GAS TRANSPORTATION HEAVY INDUSTRIALWireless Applications… Wireless Applications… Wireless Applications… Wireless Applications… • Distribution Automation • Wellhead automation • Wayside monitoring • SCADA communications for backhaul • SCADA communications to • Rail yard control & switching Controllers, Meters & • Advanced Metering Meters & RTUs • Positive Train Control (PTC) Instrumentation Infrastructure backhaul • Field force automation • LAN extension for data & • Mobile workforce • Pipeline monitoring & control video in facilities • Storage tank, liquid & gas automation monitoring • Video backhaul Fiber Applications… • Pressure, level and flow • SCADA communications for Fiber Applications… monitoringFiber Applications… compressor stations • SCADA & backhaul • Status & condition • SCADA & teleprotection for & valve sites communications monitoring transmission & distribution • Short range, high speed LAN extension applications
  4. 4. MDS and LentronicsEnsuring secure and reliable communications• Wireless Conveyor• Wireless Mobile Tracking• Wireless Flow Data Monitoring• Wireless Security Monitoring• Ethernet’s IP Swiches• Fiber or Wireless Rail control
  5. 5. Consulting & Engineering SolutionsGE Digital Energy Communications offers a wide range of services to assist our customers with their wired andwireless communications and networking requirements. System Development Racks & Custom Enclosures Our team of highly qualified engineers Our equipment integration designs are manage the design, installation, developed with detailed attention to integration, commissioning and training equipment placement and accessibility. for complete end-to-end projects. Engineering Services Training: In-house and On-site Our engineers have extensive domestic We provide customers with the high- and international experience with energy, quality product training and industrial, commercial and government certifications required to be safe, systems, offering a full range of services. efficient and successful. www.gedigitalenergy.com
  6. 6. Network Management SolutionsOur MDS and Lentronics Network Management Solutions provide a complete set of software tools to help youmanage, diagnose and enhance your network performance. MDS PulseNET Comprehensive Network Management MDS PulseNET is purpose-built for industrial communications and includes sophisticated and meaningful pre-built workflows along with intuitive graphical representations of the network at your fingertips. Lentronics VistaNET Network Management System Lentronics VistaNET is a complete suite of software tools to manage the Lentronics family of products. VistaNET can be provisioned as a standalone tool or a client-server solution, permitting centralized or distributed network management. Key Benefits of our Network Management Solutions • Identify capacity and performance issues • Minimize system disruptions • Improve network operations team productivity • Lower costs by minimizing maintenance and eliminating guess work www.gedigitalenergy.com
  7. 7. Wireless Technology Comparison
  8. 8. Industrial Wireless Network TopologiesPoint to Point (P2P) Point to Multipoint (PMP)Consecutive Point (Ring) Mesh
  9. 9. Distance (Miles) Wireless Technology Comparison Infrastructure Costs are Based on a 10-Mile Radius35 miles Narrowband Point-to-Multipoint Data Type Data Spectrum Licensed Infrastructure Private Infrastructure Cost Low Point-to-Multipoint Data Type Data, Video, Voice Spectrum Unlicensed Infrastructure Private Infrastructure Cost Low Cellular20 miles Data Type Data, Video, Voice Industrial WiMAX Spectrum Leased Data Type Data, Video, Voice Infrastructure Public Spectrum Unlicensed & Licensed Infrastructure Cost None Infrastructure Private Narrowband Mesh Infrastructure Cost Med Data Type Data WiFi Mesh Spectrum Unlicensed Data Type Data, Video, Voice Infrastructure Private Spectrum Unlicensed Infrastructure Cost Med Infrastructure Private Infrastructure Cost Med WiFi Data Type Data, Video, Voice Spectrum Unlicensed Infrastructure Private ½ mile Infrastructure Cost High 9.6 KBPS 1 MBPS 10 MBPS+ Data Rate (Throughput)
  10. 10. Dollars Wireless Technology Cost Vs. Speed Comparison Infrastructure Costs are Based on a 10-Mile Radius$$$ WiFi WiFi Mesh Industrial WiMAX $$ Narrowband PtoMP Point-to-Multipoint Narrowband Mesh Cellular $ 9.6 KBPS 1 MBPS 10 MBPS+ Speed
  11. 11. MDS Ensuring secure and reliable communications Data Acquisition LAN Extension Backhaul Input collection from discrete sensors High-speed, long-range connectivity High-capacity, long-distance (oil wellhead pressure & tank levels) including data and video network aggregation of field communications Mobile data access including work Output control to devices (pumps, orders and field force automation High-security real-time network valves, & trip relays) management and full-duplex IP/serial communication to meters connectivity and RTUsA full line of accessories, network management , consulting and engineering services are available to support all products and applications www.gedigitalenergy.com
  12. 12. Data AcquisitionWireless asset monitoring MDS SD, x710 & x790 Series MDS WiYZ™ Secure, Long Range IP/Ethernet Intelligent Data Acquisition Cellular & WiFi Frequency Range Speed Frequency Range Speed 200, 400, 50 mi 19.2 kbps 900 MHz 900 MHz 30 mi 106 kbps 2.4 GHz 15 mi 106 kbps MDS TransNET™ Series Long Range, High Speed Serial MDS NETio™ Analog and Digital I/O Frequency Range Speed Frequency Range Speed 900 MHz 30 mi 115 kbps 900 MHz 30 mi 115 kbps 2.4 GHz 15 mi 115 kbps 2.4 GHz 15 mi 106 kbps www.gedigitalenergy.com
  13. 13. Data AcquisitionWireless asset monitoring MDS SD, x710 & x790 Series MDS WiYZ™ Secure, Long Range IP/Ethernet Intelligent Data Acquisition Cellular & WiFi Frequency Range Speed Frequency Range Speed 200, 400, 50 mi 19.2 kbps 900 MHz 900 MHz 30 mi 106 kbps 2.4 GHz 15 mi 106 kbps MDS TransNET™ Series Long Range, High Speed Serial MDS NETio™ Analog and Digital I/O Frequency Range Speed Frequency Range Speed 900 MHz 30 mi 115 kbps 900 MHz 30 mi 115 kbps 2.4 GHz 15 mi 115 kbps 2.4 GHz 15 mi 106 kbps www.gedigitalenergy.com
  14. 14. Introducing MDS WiYZ MDS WiYZTM Intelligent Data Acquisition An exceptionally versatile, cost-effective data acquisition and networking solution for sensors, transducers and I/O combined with IP/Ethernet and serial communication using Cellular, WiFi and MDS backhaul options. • Outdoor, field hardened Remotes • Battery power, line power and solar power • Standards based mesh networking • For sensor, transducers, instruments and I/O • Outdoor, field hardened Gateway • IP/Ethernet and serial communication to controllers and host systems • 4 wireless options for Cellular, WiFi, MDS Mesh and MDS long range networking • Comprehensive networking between wireline and wireless options
  15. 15. WiYZ Remote Features Antenna Connection • Wireless: MDS Mesh - ISA 100.11a NEMA 4X, IP 65 • Data Interfaces Outdoor Housing •2 AI: 0-100 mV, 0-5 V, 0-20 mA •2 AO 0-5 VDC, 0-20 mA •2 DI: 5-36 VDC •2 DO: 5-36 VDC • Power: •Internal Battery: 5-Year Life •Line: 7-30 VDC • Operating Temperature: -40 to 70 DEG C • Antenna: Attached External, Remote • Area Classifications: FM/CSA: Class 1 Division II Enclosed Wiring Terminations • Approvals: FCC/IC Wiring/Conduit Hubs
  16. 16. WiYZ Gateway Features Mesh Antenna Cellular Antenna Connection NEMA 4X, IP 65 Connection Outdoor Housing• Wireless: •MDS Mesh – 2.4 GHz, ISA 100 •WiFi – 802.11 (b,g) – (Pending) •Cellular – CDMA, GSM/GPRS •MDS Private Wireless• Data Interfaces: Ethernet, RS232/485 Serial• Power: 10-30 VDC• Operating Temperature: -40 to 70 DEG C• Area Classification: UL General Purpose Class 1 Division II (Pending)• Approvals: FCC/IC Ethernet, Serial and Power Connections MDS Radio• Housing: Outdoor, NEMA 4, IP 65 WiFi Antenna Antenna Connection Connection
  17. 17. WiYZ Functionality Summary
  18. 18. Applications – Data Collection and NetworkingUse the Cellular infrastructure or MDS eNET for long range Bridge a local WiFi network onto long range Cellular or MDS eNETaccess to remote sites • Access remote WiFi networks using the WiYZ Gateway • Cellular GSM/GPRS and CDMA • Bridge WiFi onto a public or private infrastructure • Poll data using Modbus or FTP for bulk file transfer • Optionally connect Ethernet or serial devices directly to the • Wirelessly connect with remote controllers, meters and RTU Gateway devices
  19. 19. Applications – Local Network Infrastructure Use facility WiFi or MDS eNET infrastructure • Collect data from multiple Gateways and Remotes • Use the Gateway to provide wireless connectivity to other remote monitoring and control devices • Combine facility data acquisition and networking over a common infrastructure
  20. 20. LAN ExtensionHigh-speed point-to-multipoint networking MDS Mercury™ Series MDS iNET Series Industrial WiMax Networking Secure IP/Ethernet Frequency Rang Speed Mode Frequency Range Speed e 900 MHz 20 mi 1 Mbps 900 MHz 4 mi 800 Mobile kbps 900, 3650 15 mi 5, 9 Fixed MHz entraNET™ Series MDS Mbps Extended Range IP/Ethernet & Serial OEM Boards Solutions for 3rd Party Integration Frequency Range Speed We manufacture custom solutions that 900 MHz 30 mi 106 kbps integrate directly into Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) 2.4 GHz 15 mi 106 kbps products. Contact us to find the right OEM board for your needs. www.gedigitalenergy.com
  21. 21. Posicionamento dos produtos MDS Mercury™Velocidade Rede Industrial de Alta velocidade com WiMax Frequency Rang Speed Mode Alcance e 900 MHz 4 mi 800 kbps Mobile 900, 3650 MHz 15 mi 5, 9 Mbps FixedVelocidade MDS iNET/iNET II™ Rede IP/Ethernet e Serial de longa distânciaAlcance Frequency Range Speed 900 MHz 20 mi 1 Mbps MDS entraNET™Velocidade Rede IP/Ethernet e Serial de longa distância Alcance Frequency Range Speed 900 MHz 30 mi 106 Kbps 2.4 GHz 15 mi 106 Kbps
  22. 22. GE Digital EnergyIndustrial Communications MDS Mercury Series
  23. 23. MDS Base Station and Subscriber Unit TX/RX antennaNote: antenna connections shown are 1800 & 3650 indoor subscriber and base station.Mercury 5800 indoor subscriber & BS antenna connector shown in photo above
  24. 24. MDS Outdoor Unit (ODU) Details DB9 Serial Port RJ45 Ethernet WiFi Antenna USB Management DC Power
  25. 25. MiningBridgeNET Gateway Application ViewMDS Application Example MDS Mercury
  26. 26. Water/Wastewater Application Application View MDS BridgeNET Gateway MDS Mercury
  27. 27. BackhaulHigh-speed, high-capacity point-to-point solution MDS Intrepid™ Series High Capacity Point-to-Point Licensed & Unlicensed Frequency Range Speed Mode 2.4-5.8 GHz 50 mi 48 Mbps Unlicensed 4.9 GHz* 50 mi 48 Mbps Licensed 6-38 GHz 20 mi 800 Mbps Unlicensed *Public Safety Registered Band 3 MDS LEDR Series Scalable, Long Range Licensed Point-to-Point Frequency Range Speed Mode 400, 900, 1400 MHz 60 mi 64-768 kbps Subrate 400, 900, 1400 MHz 60 mi 2-8 Mbps Fullrate www.gedigitalenergy.com
  28. 28. Critical Communications Solutions
  29. 29. MultiplexersPowerful and flexible multiplexing solutions JungleMUX™ SONET TN1U SDH Signal Speed Signal Speed OC-1 51.84 Mbps STM-1 155.52 Mbps OC-3 115.52 Mbps STM-4 622.08 Mbps OC-12 622.08 Mbps STM-16 2.488 Gbps OC-48 2.488 Gbps JungleMUX™ T1 TN1Ue SDH Signal Speed Signal Speed STM-1 155.52 Mbps DS-1 1.544 Mbps STM-4 622.08 Mbps STM-16 2.488 Gbps www.gedigitalenergy.com
  30. 30. Utilities-Integrated SDH Approach Benefits  Integrated Network Management  Minimal Delay: Mission Critical Appl. SDH  Optimized protection switch time (3ms) Multiplexer  Flexible Bandwidth for Video & EthernetOrderWire  Scalability  Designed for Harsh environment External AlarmsControls & protection Analog Telemetry 2-4W E&M, FXS, FX0, 1.5 - 100Mbs Bandwidth RS-232, RS-422, V.35, G703 Ethernet on-Demand 4W Multi-Drop PartyLine VIDEO
  31. 31. Offering Highly Secure Traffic Segmentation… • Proximity • Smartcard • Biometrics Security 20x Business IT Access Control Systems TUG-3 Digital Video 10x Surveillance STM-16 TUG-3 AMI / AMR 7x TU-1 SCADA TUG-3 # 1 12 DS0s TU # 21 DS0 # 24 DS0 # 24 Relay Protection & Control Optical Level TUG-3 Level TU Level 64kb/s Level
  32. 32. LentronicsDriving security and dependabilityAccess Multiplexer Optical BackboneWe deliver powerful networking solutions over a variety of Ensure your critical data will arrive quickly andtransmission media from optical cable to microwave radio, safely with our secure, high speed, high capacityoffering a wide range of tributary interface choices for applications. fiber optic backbone networks. Input collection from discrete sensors Network aggregation of field communications Output control to devices Real-time network management and full-duplex connectivity IP/Ethernet & serial communication to High speed, long range connectivity meters and RTUs including data and video www.gedigitalenergy.com
  33. 33. Applications – Pipeline Mining Applications – Slurry Pipeline SCADA, hydraulic control, leak detection, voice, video services  SAMARCO - Iron Ore Mine - Minas Gerais Brasil (2007- 2008)  Iron Ore Mine New 396 km pipeline  Existing 30 year old pipeline on same route, satellite telecom system replaced  Pump stations, various block valve sites, terminal facilities – 15 sites  Pipeline route from processing facility to port facility  SDH STM-4 622 Mb/s network - supporting 5 distinct 100 Mb/s Ethernet WANs  System supports control of both the old pipeline and the new pipeline  PSI do Brasil – Telecom and SCADA consultant  IHM - SCADA / telecom systems integrator
  34. 34. Digital EnergyOsmar Guidelli JuniorSales ManagerGE Digital Energy - CommunicationsT + 55 11 3614-1754C + 55 11 8224-5332F + 55 11 3614-1711E osmar.guidelli@ge.comwww.gedigitalenergy.com GE Digital Energy reserves the right to make changes to specification of products described in this brochure at any time without notice and without obligation to notify any person of such changes. Rev 3, 2010