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Overview brochure of General Electric's Microwave Data Systems Division. World's leading provider of industrial-strength wireless products to transmit data for your mission-critical applications.

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  • 11/03/08 – new MDS overview brochure
  • GE MDS Overview

    1. 1. MDS Industrial Strength Wireless GE Digital Energy
    2. 2. Ensuring mission critical communications GE Digital Energy - MDS is the world’s leading single-source, end-to-end wireless solution provider, with 20 years of experience and over 1 million units installed. MDS solutions implement future-proof technologies that provide our customers with infrastructure savings, exceptional reliability and the longest in-service life. With over one million wireless devices installed worldwide, we bring industry-leading experience to your applications.
    3. 3. Industrial strength wireless, from the first meter to the last mile Industrially Hardened <ul><li>Extreme operating temperatures (-40C to +70C) </li></ul><ul><li>Class 1/Div 2 hazardous location approvals. </li></ul><ul><li>Serial and IP/Ethernet traffic </li></ul><ul><li>Fixed or mobile data solutions </li></ul><ul><li>Point-to-point & point-to-multipoint solutions </li></ul><ul><li>Future-proof & backward compatible </li></ul><ul><li>Long range, (up to 60 miles) </li></ul><ul><li>Standards-based encryption, authentication, and data integrity verification </li></ul><ul><li>Dynamic key rotation, provisioning lists, redundancy, and anti-jamming technologies. </li></ul><ul><li>Full offering of engineering services and complete turnkey wireless solutions </li></ul><ul><li>Site surveys, computer-generated path analyses, frequency coordination, licensing </li></ul><ul><li>Network design, installation & support, and in-depth training </li></ul>Application Flexibility Reliable & Scalable Secure Complete Solutions
    4. 4. Ensuring secure and reliable communications Data Acquisition LAN Extension Backhaul High-speed, long-range connectivity including data and video Mobile data access including work orders and field force automation High-capacity, long-distance network aggregation of field communications High-security real-time network management and full-duplex connectivity Input collection from discrete sensors (oil wellhead pressure & tank levels) Output control to devices (pumps, valves, & trip relays) IP/serial communication to meters and RTUs
    5. 5. Data Acquisition Wireless asset monitoring MDS NETio™ Analog and Digital I/O Signal Communication MDS TransNET Long Range, High Speed Serial Communication MDS SDx/x710/x790 Long Range Telemetry Solutions MDS Trinity Mesh Network Data Acquisition Available 2009 Standards-based mesh networking for use in asset management, supply chain management, inventory control, and metering. 115 kbps 15 mi 2.4 GHz 115 kbps 30 mi 900 MHz Speed Range Frequency 115 kbps 15 mi 2.4 GHz 115 kbps 30 mi 900 MHz Speed Range Frequency 19.2 kbps 50 mi 200, 400, 900 MHz Speed Range Frequency
    6. 6. LAN Extension High-speed point-to-multipoint networking MDS iNET/iNET II™ Long Range IP/Ethernet and Serial Networking MDS Mercury™ High-speed Industrial WiMax Networking MDS entraNET™ Extended Range IP/Ethernet and Serial Networking 1 Mbps 20 mi 900 MHz Speed Range Frequency 13 Mbps 800 kbps Speed Fixed 15 mi 900, 3650 MHz Mobile 4 mi 900 MHz Mode Range Frequency 106 kbps 15 mi 2.4 GHz 106 kbps 30 mi 900 MHz Speed Range Frequency
    7. 7. Backhaul High-speed, high-capacity point-to-point solution MDS Intrepid™ Series High Capacity Point-to-Point Solutions MDS Five™ Series License-free, Scalable, Efficient and High-Speed MDS LEDR™ Subrate/Fullrate Series Scalable, Secure Licensed Backhaul Solutions 800 Mbps 20 mi 6-38 GHz 48 Mbps 50 mi 2.4-5.8 GHz Speed Range Frequency 100 Mbps 20 mi 5.8 GHz Speed Range Frequency 2-8 Mbps 64-768 kbps Speed Fullrate 60 mi 400, 900, 1400 MHz Subrate 60 mi 400, 900, 1400 MHz Mode Range Frequency
    8. 8. Commercial Services The MDS Wireless Services Group (WSG) offers a wide range of services to assist our customers with their wireless communications and networking requirements. Wireless System Development Our team of highly-qualified engineers manage the design, installation, integration, commissioning, and training for complete end-to-end projects. Engineering Services Our engineers have extensive domestic and international experience with commercial, industrial, and government systems and offer a full range of engineering services. Training: In-class and On-site We provide customers with the high-quality training and certifications required to be safe, efficient and successful. Our courses cover topics such as the fundamentals of wireless communications and product training. Racks & Custom Enclosures Our equipment integration designs are developed with detailed attention to equipment placement and accessibility.
    9. 9. Accessories To ensure our customers get the maximum performance from their wireless devices, we provide a complete line of reliable and cost-effective accessories that are fully tested to perform at optimal levels, and maintain product warranties. We simplify wireless system design by providing a convenient single source for ordering. Antennas MDS provides a full range of antennas to fit every specification and budget. Lighting Arrestors Preparation is the best course of action when protecting wireless devices against lightning strikes. RF Essentials Kits The MDS RF Essential Kits provide an easy-to-order wireless package. Ethernet Switches MultiLink Ethernet switches are extremely cost effective solutions for high speed networking. Power Supplies Power supplies not only allow customers to increase the efficiency of their wireless system, but they can also help protect against power system overloads. Multiplexers Our line of SONET, T1 and SDH access multiplexers provide voice, data, teleprotection, Ethernet WAN and video application solutions.
    10. 10. Our products deliver application specific solutions across multiple industries Energy We provide electric utilities worldwide with wireless solutions to monitor and control vital processes in the development and transmission of electricity. Oil & Gas We provide the industry with wireless solutions for monitoring and controlling vital production and delivery processes. Specifically designed for the utility market, the DGT Distributed Generation Trip Control is a wireless transfer trip solution that enables fast and secure disconnect of renewable energy generators from the electrical power grid. Fast Wireless Transfer Trip Serial data is available from the PLCs and RTUs located along gas pipelines. A single MDS data acquisition hub can communicate to hundreds of different remote pipeline locations. By using multiple hubs, pipeline customers transmit data from thousands of locations to a central control station. Remote Gas Pipeline Monitoring
    11. 11. Our products deliver application specific solutions across multiple industries Water & Wastewater We provide a full range of wireless devices for many applications including monitoring vital water flows, and sending control signals to pipes, valves and pumps. This MDS data acquisition solution monitors dozens of remote water treatment tank levels. The system uses ultra-low power mesh radios that can operate on internal power for 5 years. Tank level data is collected at the wireless gateway and transmitted to a remote data center using a cell radio and a public carrier. Ultra-Low Power Tank Level Monitoring Transportation We provide wide area coverage over miles upon miles of highway and track worldwide for condition monitoring, signaling, switch control and linking of infrastructure control locations. This includes remote locomotive control, dispatch systems and traffic monitoring. The MDS LOCOTROL RCL is the easiest to use and most capable system available for wireless control of locomotives. This lightweight and ergonomic controller worn by operators provides long range precision speed control for up to 20 trains and 40 operators. Remote Control Locomotive
    12. 12. Our products deliver application specific solutions across multiple industries Public Safety First responders require mobile data access for dispatch systems, backup systems, voting receivers, simulcast systems, last-mile access, and backhaul between control centers and access points. One of our mobile data solutions uses MDS Mercury devices in vehicles to connect over 2000 vehicles in 7 municipalities to essential first response data. Law enforcement, fire, and ambulances have a reliable network to access criminal databases, video, and geographic data. Mobile Data Networks for First Response Heavy Industrial The Petrochemical, Mining and Metals and Agriculture industries leverage our wireless solutions to extend LANs for industrial control, monitor in-plant assets for optimization and regulatory compliance and cost-effectively implement safety and security systems. I/O signals from remote sensors and serial data from PLCs are handled simultaneously on this MDS system at one of North America’s largest surface mines. PLC’s collect signals wirelessly from seismic sensors connected at 25 remote radios to control mining vehicle traffic and facility access during unsafe conditions. Surface Mine Condition Monitoring