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Sibesonke importance of mobile phones in africa
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Sibesonke importance of mobile phones in africa


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Team Finland – Lähtöselvitys kansainvälisille markkinoille -seminaarin 18.3 esitysmateriaali

Team Finland – Lähtöselvitys kansainvälisille markkinoille -seminaarin 18.3 esitysmateriaali

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Importance of Mobile Phones in Africa – Path to Success / Opportunities March 2014 Uwe Schwarz, CEO m: +358 50 3400 469 / +255 71 6653 697
  • 2. Winner AfricaCom Telecom Innovation of the Year Winner Red Herring 100 Europe Finalist Finland Peer Award Winner Global Opportunity Award Helsinki Winner slush09 start-up competition About Sibesonke Sibesonke, founded in 2009 as a spin-off from Nokia, provides services for farmers in developing countries over every phone and network - in cooperation with mobile operators and local Ministries. 2  
  • 3. 3   Which Phone is More Relevant?
  • 4. 4   A Question of Perspective 1st screen 4th screen (Movie, TV, PC, Mobile)
  • 5. 5   Mobile Payment (M-PESA) From basic money transfer (2007) to a mobile money facility – even for smartphone users! FACTS: •  75% of Kenya’s adult population use it •  43 % of GDP flows through M-Pesa •  M-Pesa to distribute dividends to shareholders
  • 6. 6   Leap Frogging in Developing World Leap Frogging: “Skipping inferior, less efficient solutions and move directly to advanced ones” New Traditional Mobile phones Fixed-line phones Mobile banking Brick & mortar banks Mobile agriculture Market place Mobile health Health centers Mobile education, etc. Class rooms
  • 7. Mobile Agriculture – Market Need 7   “We explores ways to use mobile to improve agricultural productivity. But we cannot act on them alone.” Vittorio Colao, Vodafone CEO –  80% (35m) of population in agriculture. –  Low farming productivity: Maize yields 12% of North America –  Thin profits on selling harvest. Wordwide, one third of humanity is fed through 500.000.000 smallholder farms. E.g. in Tanzania: The problem: Isolation The solution: Mobile agriculture for individuals and for global food security
  • 8. Our Vision: Global Pioneer in Mobile Agriculture 8   Farming information with a few clicks on the mobile phone that changes lives   Farming   1.Market   2.Transport   3.My  Farming   4.Weather   5.Kwa  Swahili   *149*50#  
  • 9. 9   How? With Strong Partners Agro businesses (fertilizers, seeds, buyers, etc.) Mobile Operators Development Projects (e.g. USAID funded) Tanzanian Ministries (Agriculture, Livestock) Team Finland Premium services
  • 10. 10   Team Finland Has Worked For Us! •  Cooperation Tz Ministries •  Project Financing •  Raising Profile •  Awareness
  • 11. 11   Opportunities for Finnish Companies •  Enormous market needs (education, health, infrastructure, ICT, etc.) •  Finnish know-how •  Finland brand – Team Finland •  Tanzania: Sibesonke often asked to do more on its mobile platform Challenges: •  Business ethics, values •  Out of sight, out of mind •  Preloaded expectations •  Finding local talent •  Good Governance
  • 12. 12   Thank You! Uwe Schwarz, CEO m: +358 50 3400 469 / +255 71 6653 697
  • 13. •  Over 80% of respondents find the crop and livestock management content useful for their farming. Customer Satisfaction Tanzanian Farmers 13  
  • 14.                 Purchase  loop  for  premium  services   How It Works 14:20   Answer                                Exit   Farming   1.Market   2.Transport   3.My  Farming   4.Weather   5.Kwa  Swahili   14:20   Answer                                Exit   Get  3-­‐day  weather   forecasts  for   1.Tsh100,  1  days   2.Tsh200,  7  days   3.Tsh500,  30  days   0.Back   14:20   Answer                                Exit   Mtwara   Today:  min  23°C,   max  30°C,  mostly   cloudy,  chance  of   rain   1.Forecast   2.Change  locaQon   0.Back   4   1   14:20   Answer                                Exit   Thank  you.  You  are   charged  Tsh100.   1.ConQnue   0.Back   1   14:20   Answer                                Exit   Mtwara     Forecast  3  days:   Tomorrow  23..29°C,   Clear   -­‐-­‐   Saturday  23..29°C,   Chance  of  T-­‐storms   -­‐-­‐   Sunday  22..28  °C,   Partly  Cloudy   0.Back     1   1   Dial  *149*50#