Input devices


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Input devices

  1. 1. Input Devices of Computer Presented by Ch. Abdul Manan
  2. 2. Learning Outcomes Students can 1. tell the name of input devices 2. Indentify the input devices 3. tell the function of different input devices
  3. 3. Definition of Input Devices The devices which are used to enter data and instructions into the computer are called input devices.
  4. 4. Names of Input Devices 1. Keyboard 2. Pointing Devices i) Mouse ii) Trackball iii)Track pad iv) Joystick v) Light pen vi) Digitizer 3. Microphone 4. Digital Camera 5. Digital Scanner
  5. 5. Keyboard It is used to enter text and numeric type data. Some special keys used to perform special functions. The buttons on the keyboard are called keys. The standard keyboard is Q,W,E,R,T,Y Keyboard
  6. 6. Pointing Devices A pointing device is an input device that is used to control a cursor. For Example: Mouse, Trackball, Touchpad, Joystick, Light Pen, Digitizer
  7. 7. Computer Mouse
  8. 8. Mouse It is used to o control the cursor or pointer. o give commands to the computer o create graphics
  9. 9. Trackball
  10. 10. Trackball • It performs functions like mouse • A stationary device • Moveable ball on its top • The ball is rotated or rolled with fingers or palm • The ball is used to control movements of pointer • Trackball also has buttons used send commands • No need of flat surface
  11. 11. Track pad / Touch pad  It is a pressure sensitive pointing device  Stationary device  It has no moving parts  A small, flat surface  We slide our fingertip to move pointer  Pointer moves on the screen  Some Touch pads has buttons near the surface  Commonly used with portable computer It can also attached with keyboard Built in keboards
  12. 12. Track pad / Touch pad
  13. 13. Joystick o It consist of a vertical handle o Like gearshift lever mounted on a base o One or two buttons o Vertical handle used to control movements of pointer o Buttons of joysticks are pressed to activate the certain event or action o Video games and CAD
  14. 14. Joystick
  15. 15. Light Pen PDA
  16. 16. Light Pen  It is a handheld pointing device  A light sensitive device or pen like device  It is connected to a computer by a wire  A photocell on its front end  When front of the photocell touched with the monitor screen, it detects a position on display screen  The has a button; to select and press  PDA and other handheld devices
  17. 17. Digitizer
  18. 18. Digitizer / Graphic Tablet A flat, rectangular, electronic board Each location on the digitizer points to corresponding position on the computer screen Used to make drawings and maps Stylus and Puck (cursor) are used to trace drawings and sketches Digitizer converts the movements of stylus and puck into digital signals that are sent to computer Easy to enter freehand drawing into computer
  19. 19. Microphone
  20. 20. Microphone  Audio input device  Use to enter / record sound into computer  Main Purpose to provide digital input for multimedia
  21. 21. Digital Camera
  22. 22. Digital Camera  It is used to take pictures in digital form  Uses a light sensitive processor chip  Chip capture photographic images in digital form  These images are stored in a small diskette or flash memory chip  Then image are loaded into computer for further processing
  23. 23. Digital Scanner
  24. 24. Digital Scanner / Optical Scanner  Light sensitive input device  It reads images and text printed on the paper  The translates into electronic form  That can be processed and stored by computer  It uses Laser technology to scan the images