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Output devices


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Under this slides full detailed information about output devices is provided

Published in: Technology
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Output devices

  2. 2. What are OUTPUT DEVICES? - Output devices are hardware devices that display or present information to the user or other people. The monitor, printer and the speaker are one of the examples.
  3. 3. M O N I T O R
  4. 4. MONITOR - The monitor is a visual display device to present output information in the form of text, graphics, or video on the monitor screen.
  5. 5. MONITOR - There are two kinds of monitor; the flat panel or LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitor and the older CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) models.
  6. 6. CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) - It is basically a vacuum tube with an electron gun and a fluorescent screen. A coating of red, green and blue are used to form images in the form of light emitted from the fluorescent screen.
  7. 7. C R T M O N I T O R
  8. 8. TFT LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) - LCDs are thin, flat display device made of color pixels arrayed in front of a light source (backlight) or reflector. The advantage of LCD monitors is less space, low power and low radiation.
  9. 9. T F T L C D
  10. 10. P R I N T E R
  11. 11. PRINTER - It is a computer device that produces a permanent copy on paper of information from the computer. There are several kinds of printers: ink jet, dot-matrix and laser jet printers.
  12. 12. DOT MATRIX PRINTER - Prints by hammering or striking an ink- soaked cloth ribbon against a paper. The advantage of this kind of printer is that it can easily create carbon copies because of the impact action of the printing process. The cost per page of printing is relatively cheap.
  13. 13. D O T M A T R I X
  14. 14. INK JET PRINTER - Operates by propelling or spraying different sizes of very small and precise amount of ink onto a paper or other media. Printing quality of this printer is better than the dot matrix.
  15. 15. INK JET PRINTER - The ink comes form a cartridge of liquid ink and this printer is simply black and white or in full color.
  16. 16. I N K J E T
  17. 17. LASER JET PRINTER - It produces high quality prints or graphics on paper. Color and black and white printing is available. It is based on the principle of electrostatic printing and photography wherein the source of ink is a toner.
  18. 18. L A S E R J E T
  19. 19. PLOTTER - It comes in 2 types: pen plotter and electrostatic. Pen plotter is a vector graphics printing device which operates by moving a pen over the surface of paper.
  20. 20. PLOTTER - It is usually used for large printing requirements of CAD drawings of houses, buildings, cars, airplanes and others. It is also used for vinyl and plastic used for billions and posters.
  21. 21. P L O T T E R
  22. 22. THERMAL PRINTERS - Produce prints on thermal paper by selective heating wherein heated areas turns black creating an image. It is mostly used in groceries and department stores. They print faster and quieter than dot matrix.
  23. 23. T H E R M A L P R I N T E R
  24. 24. S P E A K E R S
  25. 25. SPEAKER - It is an output device for sounds music, audio from movies and computer alerts are heard from this device. There are several speaker system for computer, from 2 piece simple system to as man as 5 and more speakers.
  26. 26. H E A D P H O N E
  27. 27. HEADPHONE - It is a small speaker with a way to hold them close to the ears of the user. The headphone allows the user to listen music and sounds all alone.
  28. 28. D A T A P R O J E C T O R
  29. 29. DATA PROJECTOR - It displays computer information on big screen so that many will able to see the show.
  30. 30. Daryl Calacday Erlindie Lao Kismith Aile Maceda Mary Kris Santos III-PRIME