MN Chemical Regulation and Policy, Work Group Meeting 10/5/11


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  • Budget includes one more Work Group meeting we could schedule for January, if needed.
  • MN Chemical Regulation and Policy, Work Group Meeting 10/5/11

    1. 1. Minnesota Chemical Regulation and Policy Project<br />Work Group Meeting<br />October 5, 2011<br />
    2. 2. Public Meeting Oct. 12<br />AGENDA<br />5:00 Welcome and Introductions<br />Project Background and Overview Draft Proposals<br />5:30 Roundtable Discussions/Input Sessions<br />Policy and Risk Management<br /> Science and Risk Assessment<br /> Green Chemistry<br />6:30 Reconvene and Report Back<br />7:00 Close<br />
    3. 3. Oct. 12 Presentation Outline<br />Environmental Initiative Intro (who we are)<br />Project Background<br />Purpose<br />Funders<br />Phase I Outcomes (Opportunities)<br />Phase II Charge<br />Project Structure<br />Intro to Draft Proposals<br />Policy<br />Science<br />Green Chemistry<br />
    4. 4. Green Chemistry Proposal<br />Recommendation: Create a Minnesota Green Chemistry Innovation Council by Governor’s Executive Order<br />Need: <br />Increase economic development through the promotion of new Green Chemistry businesses in Minnesota; <br />Improve the sustainability and access to markets of existing Minnesota businesses through Green Chemistry process improvements and product development.<br />Function: Develop and recommend strategies to:<br />Identify sources of funding and incentives;<br />Promote collaboration and synergies between entities;<br />Identify ways to align existing initiatives and interests;<br />Raise public awareness of Minnesota Green Chemistry businesses and products.<br />Structure: Cross-sector membership TBD to demonstrate public and private-sector leadership and engagement<br />
    5. 5. Science and Risk Assessment Proposal<br />Recommendation: Implement a project to test alternative risk assessment methodologies to improve risk assessment in MN<br />Need: Identify and analyze new or underutilized risk assessment approaches enable better riskmanagement decision-making. Guiding principles and priorities for adopting new approaches include: <br />increased precision and accuracy; <br />decreased uncertainty;<br />utilizing chemical mode of action information;<br />accounting for cumulative risk;<br />cost effectiveness and efficiency; and<br />high level of confidence in the data and risk assessment conclusions by all stakeholders. <br />Function: 2 Phases<br />Phase 1 – inventory existing methods, data requirements, and relevant policy implications<br />Phase 2 – test and analyze alternative methods (vs. standard approaches) against the guiding principles <br />Structure: Assessment and analysis performed by a UMN graduate student with oversight and advisement from a cross-sector project advisory committee<br />
    6. 6. Recommendation: Create a Chemical Science Advisory Panel (CSAP) for the State of Minnesota<br />Need: provide a forum for scientific discussion and debate outside the policy realm<br />Structure: 6 members from the scientific community appointed to serve on the panel with the ability to call in other experts as needed on an ad hoc basis<br />Function: the CSAP will serve as an independent advisory body and will respond to specific requests (charges) from either the legislative or executive branch<br />Policy and Risk Management Proposal<br />
    7. 7. Pathway for inputs and outputs of the Chemical Science Advisory Panel (CSAP)<br />Criteria<br />Executive Branch<br />MPCA/MDH<br />Commissioner<br />Charge<br />60 days<br />Proposal<br />Full Report<br /><ul><li>2/3 majority</li></ul>CSAP<br /><ul><li>Work plan
    8. 8. Budget
    9. 9. Timeframe
    10. 10. Ad hoc members
    11. 11. Screen for relevance/importance</li></ul>Charge<br />LAC viaLegislative Auditor<br />Legislative Branch<br />Committee Chair or Legislator<br />Criteria<br />Criteria<br />Relevant to MN environment or population<br />Disputed issue of science where independent review is helpful <br />
    12. 12. Project Roadmap & Milestones<br />October 12 – Public Input Meeting #15:00 – 7:00 pm; Wellstone Center, St. Paul<br />October 26 – Work Group Meeting<br />Review public input<br />Revise and refine recommendations<br />Further discussion of outreach and implementation plan<br />November 16 – Work Group Meeting<br />Revise and refine recommendations<br />Review draft Final Report outline<br />Prepare for Public Input Meeting (TBD)<br />Date TBDStakeholder Input Meeting #2<br />December 7 – Work Group Meeting<br />Finalize and approve recommendations<br />January 2012 – Final Report complete<br />
    13. 13. Meeting Schedule & Locations<br />October 12 Public Input Mtg – Wellstone Ctr<br />October 26 Work Group Mtg – UROC<br />November 16 Work Group Mtg – SPSC<br />Date TBD: Stakeholder Input Group Meeting #2<br />December 7 Work Group Mtg– UROC<br /><br />
    14. 14. Collaborative approach<br />MN unique/appropriate<br />Resource efficient/promote economic development<br />Sound science<br />Information, education, communications<br />Major Themes from Phase I Opportunities<br />