Open geographic data - Tina Svan Colding


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Tina Svan Coldings presentation from Digisams #nordlod-conferene 24 - 25 April 2013.

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Open geographic data - Tina Svan Colding

  1. 1. Open geographicdataÖppna kulturarvsdata i Norden 24 - 25 april 2013Tina Svan Colding, Danish Geodata Agency
  2. 2. PAGE 21. Basic data programme2. The agreement3. The road to open geographic data4. Respons on open data5. The future?Outline
  3. 3. PAGE 4Basic public data
  4. 4. PAGE 9The Agreement
  5. 5. PAGE 10Danish Geodata Agency gives open access to• current and historical topographic data• cadastral map• Danish Elevation Model - updatedDanish Geodata Agency income from the private sector will be financed by theMin. of FinancePublic sector agreements adjusted (funding transferred)The data should be open for everybody by Jan. 1st 2013Nautical charts are not includedContent
  6. 6. PAGE 11The road to open geographic data
  7. 7. PAGE 12The Bill ammending the Act on the Danish Geodata Agency wasunanimously passed at the Danish Parliament (the Folketing) onDecember 19th, 2012The Act on the Danish Geodata Agency
  8. 8. PAGE 13“Conditions for use of open geographic data”• Open commercialisation + distribution to third party• Acknowledgement of Danish Geodata AgencyHuge change and simplification ofDanish Geodata Agency data rights...Conditions
  9. 9. PAGE 14More than 400 contracts have been terminated and creditedThe contracts
  10. 10. PAGE 15open data = new users -> new needs; new communication; new access .....=> two different distribution channelsData and access to data
  11. 11. PAGE 16Broad understanding of accessibility – access not enoughTransparencyComprehensibilityUsabilityAccessibility
  12. 12. PAGE 17Digital Map Supply/Download
  13. 13. PAGE 18Digital Map Supply/Services + +
  14. 14. PAGE 193 Principles• Channel strategy• Transparency (on-going dialogue to match expectations)• Communication strategy ’relatively reactive’Phase 1. Inform using newly designed – targeted at the public, developers,enterprises and the public sectorStrategically - how do we position the Danish Geodata Agency inrelation to open data?Phase 2. Proactive communication initiatives – increased awareness of open dataCommunication
  15. 15. PAGE 20Growth, efficiency and transparency in public administrationMeasuring the effect
  16. 16. PAGE 21Respons on open data?
  17. 17. PAGE 22Treasure to be found in openCadastral Map(Sille Wulff Mortensen)”Joy over government’s data bonanza:breakthrough with open accessto Central Business Register andcadastral numbers(Henrik Nordstrøm Mortensen)”…growth adventure waiting forDanish enterprises...(Jakob Chor)”Reactions ?
  18. 18. SIDE 23Map distribution service (download) - 4000 new usersHow many?
  19. 19. How many?Map distribution service (WMS)
  20. 20. SIDE 25Who?
  21. 21. SIDE 26New users
  22. 22. SIDE 27Happy users
  23. 23. SIDE 28Companies
  24. 24. SIDE 29Examples?
  25. 25. SIDE 30Kortforsyningen/Download – 15.000 datasetsHow many datasets?
  26. 26. SIDE 31Who download data?
  27. 27. SIDE 32Datasæt downloadsDEM 4066DEM contour lines 1571DEM terrain 1313DEM surface 691DEM point cloud 491Cadastral map 2271DTK/Kort25 1599FOTkort10 804FOT 792DAGI (administrative boundaries) 602Kort10 600Popular dataset?
  28. 28. SIDE 33The future?
  29. 29. PAGE 34All actors in the geodata field have just recieved alarge gift from the government - a gift thatimproves the competitiveness of Danishenterprises, stimulates innovation, and createsmore efficient public-sector service. We just haveto dare to think in a new way.(Allan J. Christensen)””…need for change management in public sectorbefore digital benefits (efficiency gains)can be harvested....(Ejvind Jørgensen)Challenges
  30. 30. Why are you doing it and for whom?Analyse the user groups (communication, distribution)User registrationRaw data or selected data – distributionIt’s not rocket science – but don’t underestimate the workloadRecommendations
  31. 31. PAGE 36Danish Geodata Agency in new role in relation to partners and users• New models for cooperation with partners• Private sector - trade organisations and enterprises• Public sector – prioritised users• Communication• Digital Map Supply/Download v.2Open data – so what now?
  32. 32. SIDE 37….og spørgsmålet erM A N I F E S Ttisha@gst.dkContact:Questions?Foto: