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Powerpoint on environmental issues


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Powerpoint on environmental issues

  1. 1. • Environmental issues are any such issues created due to human activitiesand cause harm to the environment.
  2. 2. • Japan maintains one third of itselectric production from nuclearpower plants.• However the Fukushima Nuclear powerPlant Disaster on 11thmarch, 2011proved the failures of nuclear power.3 out 0f the 5 reactors in the plantstarted leaking following an earthquakein the nearby region. Over 1,40,000people were evacuated from the nearbyarea.• The disaster was rated as 7 out of 7
  3. 3. Japan’s approach on waste management relies heavily onfour major factors: 1) technological advancements inincineration, 2) technological advancements in plasticsrecycling, 3) Comprehensive production-side recyclestream package labeling, and 4) wide consumer-side/household participation in recycling and waste materialseparation
  4. 4. Major Issues:-
  5. 5. CancerVillages inChina• The existence of “cancer villages” proves China’sdisregard for environmental protection.• The CANCER VILLAGES ARE LARGEAREAS THAT ARE SO POLLUTEDTHAT EVEN LIVING IN THEM CANCAUSE SEVERAL TYPES OFCANCERS.• In Shangba (a cancer village), a city in southernGuangdong province, the river that flows throughtown changes from white to a shade of orangebecause of varying types of industrial effluent. Manyof the rivers contaminants, like cadmium and zinc,
  6. 6. • India has made one of the fastest progress in the world, inaddressing its environmental. Still, India has a long way to goto reach environmental quality similar to those enjoyed indeveloped economies.• Pollution remains a major challenge and opportunity forIndia.• All forms of pollution – air, land, water – are prominentlyfound in India.
  7. 7. Floods are a significant environmental issue forIndia. It causes soil erosion, destruction of wetlandsand wide migration of solid wastes.Floods are a significant environmental issue forIndia. It causes soil erosion, destruction of wetlandsand wide migration of solid wastes.
  8. 8. India is recognized as has having major issues with waterpollution, predominately due to untreated sewage. Riverssuch as the Ganges, the Yamuna and Mithi Rivers, allflowing through highly populated areas, are all heavilypolluted. Water supply and sanitation continue to beinadequate, despite long-standing efforts by the variouslevels of government and communities at improvingcoverage.
  9. 9. There are many ways we can prevent environmental problems,especially Global Warming. Common and simple ways we can helpsave our environment are as follows: 1. Stop using spray products with CFCs 2. Stop burning wastes especially non-biodegradable. 3. As individuals, the only thing we can help preventenvironmental problems is to keep our environment clean.4. Plant more and more trees. Stop Deforestation.5. Use Public transport to Travel as it will save money, fueland there will be less air pollution.
  10. 10. QUESTIONNAIRE What do you understand by the term“Environmental Issues” ? Name the two pollutants / contaminants present inwater bodies and are known to cause cancer ? Why does the river flowing through town changesfrom white to a starting shade of orange inShangba , a city in Southern Guangdong province ?
  11. 11.  Environmental Issues in Japan include___________. What is the response of Japanese Governmentregarding environmental issues ? What is meant by Cancer Villages in China ? What does “UNEP” stands for ?
  12. 12.  Mention two major harmful effects caused due tofloods. What are the four major factors on which Japan’sapproach on waste-management relies on ? What are the various ways by which we canprevent environmental problems in different