A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 20 An Ending


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My Victorian Legacy heir takes action wiht regards to his marriage

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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 20 An Ending

  1. 1. Hello everyone and welcome back to my Victorian Legacy. I really, really suggest that any new readers check out the previous chapters since you join us smack bang in the middle of a story arc. A reminder for everyone else, last chapter saw Marielle's neglect of the Legacy garden result in Beth climbing a ladder to prune a fruit tree, and then falling off. She sustained a concussion and nothing more serious thank goodness. We ended the chapter with Eddie returning home to find his youngest son sitting alone in the hall, tired, hungry and wearing a soiled nappy. This was the final straw and he vowed to do something to end the situation. So sit back, make sure you have your tea by your side, and we will rejoin Eddie and Stuart in the Legacy house.
  2. 2. Eddie leant into his son's cot and gave him a tender kiss. "Sleep now my little chap." He murmured. He had taken a little time to feed Stuart, change his nappy and clothes, and tenderly wash the tears and snot from his son's face. Now as he put him in the cot, Eddie could tell that Stuart was struggling to keep his eyes open. It wasn't long until Stuart was fast asleep and Eddie was able to go and look for his wife.
  3. 3. As Eddie quietly closed the door to the nursery he tried to think what he was going to say to Marielle. This couldn't go on. The family was being torn apart because of her actions, and his sons were being neglected. He had to put a stop to it. It was as he was about to cross the landing to go downstairs to search for Marielle in the library that he heard the sound of soft giggling coming from the master bedroom. The bedroom his wife had locked him out of months ago. He approached the door and listened. Yes there were people in there. Hardly daring to breathe he tried the door handle and was surprised when it moved beneath his hand.
  4. 4. What he saw caused his heart to stop, and he stood there not moving as he took in the scene before him. "I really should be going..." Said the man "Why?" Replied Marielle pulling him closer. "We have plenty of time until anyone is home." The man gave in and started kissing her back. At that moment the door closed behind Eddie. "What was that?" Asked the man pulling away. "One of the dogs I expect.“ "You locked the dogs outside...“ Marielle looked towards the door and saw who was standing there. "Oh no."
  5. 5. Marielle's eyes meeting his was all Eddie needed to break him out of his trance. "What in the name of Plumbbob do you think you are doing? I come home early to find my son downstairs tired, hungry and dirty and my wife behaving like a common whore!"
  6. 6. "I think I should go." Said the man swinging his legs over the side of the bed. "Yes I think you should." Said Eddie watching him.
  7. 7. As Eddie heard the running footsteps of the man making his escape, Marielle tried to calm her husband down. "Eddie, please it is not what it looks like."
  8. 8. "Not what it looks like?" Eddie was flabbergasted at her words. "I come home to find my wife in her undergarments on our marital bed with a strange man. How can it not be what it looks like? How idiotic do you think I am?"
  9. 9. Marielle regarded him shrewdly. "Very well, it is what it looks like, but given your lack of interest in me...“ Eddie interrupted her. "Far be it from me to point out that you are the one who has locked me out of the bedroom for months now."
  10. 10. "Regardless," he continued, "this is the last straw. You have made mine and my family's lives hell over the past seven years. You are selfish, lazy, lacking in respect and have no idea of the importance of carrying out your duties in the correct manner. Your actions have caused harm to those closest to me, and I have had enough. I want you out of my life Marielle."
  11. 11. Marielle, hearing the determination in her husband's voice decided to try a different tack. "Eddie, please it will never happen again. I was feeling lonely and uncared for and..."
  12. 12. "You are quite correct about it never happening again Marielle. Stuart and I are going out for a while. When I return I do not expect to find you here. I want you to pack your things and leave. Anything you cannot take with you now, I will send on to you once you send word of your new accommodation." Eddie spoke quietly but firmly. He hadn't raised his voice once throughout the conversation, but there was a steeliness underlying every syllable he uttered. "I...I..." Marielle gaped at him, trying to find the right words to make her husband change his mind. She was still staring at him dumbfounded when he left the room.
  13. 13. "I am so sorry little chap." He said as he lifted a very sleepy Stuart out of his cot. "Papa is going to see if Auntie Nerd can look after you for a short time whilst Papa attends to something very important.“ Stuart blinked sleepily up at him, and stuck his thumb in his mouth. *** Auntie Nerd is the simself of DrSupremeNerd, writer of the Vetinari Dualegacy. In Regalton she is the wife of Eddie's cousin and best friend Theodore Harrison.
  14. 14. Eddie had nearly made it to the front door by the time Marielle had gathered her wits. "Wait, Eddie." She called running down the stairs. "Pack your trunk Marielle." Said Eddie over his shoulder. "But where will I go?" She asked plaintively. Eddie turned and looked at her. "You expect me to care?" He said quietly before opening the front door and heading towards the Harrison house.
  15. 15. After depositing his son with his friend's wife, Eddie made his way to one of the more imposing mansions overlooking the main part of the village. As he waited for the occupier to answer, he started to fret. What if she could not help him?
  16. 16. "Eddie!" I said when I opened the door. "I would say that this is a pleasant surprise, but judging by the look on your face, this is not a social call." As I said the words I was reminded of a day, years ago now, when his parents had come to see me to deliver news which could have seen the family ruined. "No Miss Di, I am afraid that this is not a social visit. I have something very specific on my mind, and I was wondering if I could come in.“ "Of course." I stood aside and motioned him into my house.
  17. 17. Eddie declined the tea I offered him, and instead got straight to the point of his visit. "Miss Di, I have been deeply unhappy in my marriage for the past few years, and it has got to the point where I cannot continue to live like that. To put it bluntly, I want a divorce."
  18. 18. I looked at him in consternation. "Oh Eddie, I don't know if you can." The look on his face as I said these words made me feel sick.
  19. 19. What I mean is," I said trying to clarify my statement, "I don't know the law. I have no idea if it is possible for you to obtain one."
  20. 20. "However, I do know someone who will. Wait here a moment." I said getting up. As I crossed the room, I could feel Eddie's eyes watching me. I just hoped that I would be able to receive the answer he wanted.
  21. 21. "Right then." I said, snapping Eddie out of his reverie when I re-entered the drawing room. "My...friend can see us this afternoon. I have ordered as a carriage and it will be here momentarily.“ "Thank you Miss Di." He said quietly. 'Don't thank me yet.' I thought. 'We don't know what my...friend is going to say when we see him.'
  22. 22. A little over an hour later we were in Simdon standing outside a slightly imposing building. Eddie had been silent for most of the journey, and I hadn't wanted to try to push him into conversation. As we looked up at the building in front of us, Eddie spoke. "Miss Di, we are standing outside barristers' chambers." . "Yes, we are." I agreed.
  23. 23. Eddie turned to look at me. "Members of the public do not approach barristers directly.“ "This is true, but my...friend is a barrister and has agreed to see us. In fact we had better not keep him waiting." I lead the way into the building, Eddie trailing behind me.
  24. 24. "Miss Meeeee, what a pleasant surprise." Said Damion Raymond when we entered the outer office. "Good afternoon Mr Raymond. I trust you are well?" I replied. "I cannot complain. Do you have an appointment?“ "He should be expecting us, yes.“ "Then please take a seat and I will inform him that you are here."
  25. 25. As we say and waited for the clerk to return from the inner office, Eddie turned to look at me. "Your friend will be able to help me will he not?" He asked. I desperately wanted to tell him, that of course, yes my friend would help and that everything would work out for the best, but I couldn't. Instead I replied truthfully, "I don't know Eddie, but I hope he will be able to."
  26. 26. I was about to continue when Damion reappeared. "You can go in now Miss Meeeee and Mr...“ "Legacy." Supplied Eddie. "Mr Legacy. I will bring in a tray with some refreshments momentarily."
  27. 27. We walked into the darkly panelled chamber which smelt of the comforting scents of old books and the occupant's cologne. "Thanks for seeing us In...Mr Vetinari." I said as the office's occupant came over to greet us. "I always have time for you D...Miss Meeeee." As he spoke I could tell he was laughing at my formality. *** Indy is originally from Doc's Vetinari Dualegacy where he is happily married to my simself. I brought him over to Regalton so that she wouldn't get lonely, and because he, y'know, rocks the hat.
  28. 28. I rolled my eyes at him, and said "This is Mr Edward Legacy. Eddie, this is Mr India Vetinari QC.“ "How do you do Mr Vetinari. Such an unusual name.“ "Yeah, my siblings, me, distant cousins, we're all named after countries.“ Eddie nodded, but I could tell that he was actually referring to Indy's surname. Indy pointed to the chairs in front of his desk. "Take a seat."
  29. 29. We made small talk until Damion had entered with the tray of tea things. "So you need some legal advice." Said Indy after Damion closed the door.
  30. 30. "Yes." Replied Eddie. "To put it bluntly Mr Vetinari, I want to divorce my wife.“ Indy looked askance at me, and I nodded. One of the things I had done before seeing if he could see us was check my copy of the legacy rules. There was nothing in them stopping Eddie from divorcing Marielle, but I had long ago caused the law to exist in Regalton, and that I did not know.
  31. 31. "I'm not an expert in that area of law Mr Legacy, but let's see what I can do for you." Indy said as he got up from his desk and walked over to one of the shelves full of books which lined the walls of his office.
  32. 32. He returned to his desk with a heavy tome and started to look through it. After a couple of minutes I started to fidget whilst Eddie was deadly still beside me. Both of us were nervous about what Indy was going to say. Eddie because he wanted out of his dreadful marriage, and me because I couldn't bear the thought of him being unhappy. Indy turned a page and continued to read, still not saying anything, which made me want to scream.
  33. 33. Finally Indy spoke. "You're a lucky man Mr Legacy. Since the 1857 Matrimonial Causes Act I don't have to get an Act of Parliament passed in order to get you a divorce.“ Eddie's expression became one of hope and relief at Indy's words. "It will, however, still be an expensive process.“ "Well I'm sure you and Mr Legacy can come to some arrangement." I said looking pointedly at Indy. "Money is no object." Said Eddie. "Like I say Eddie, an arrangement can be made." I said firmly.
  34. 34. Indy looked at me amused before going back to the passage he was reading. "There's only one grounds for it though: adultery. I can't see that being a problem. It’s just a case of convincing the Court of Chancery that your wife is an adulteress. I can do that, even if there is no evidence, I can do that."
  35. 35. Eddie looked down at his hands, and kicked at the carpet. "There is evidence." Said Eddie quietly. "She is an adulteress."
  36. 36. "What?" I asked not believing my ears. "My wife is an adulteress." Eddie repeated.
  37. 37. "She's what? That no good, dirty, stinking COW! What the bleedin' hell does she think she is doing?" I shouted. "Miss Meeeee..." Indy tried to interrupt me. "Has she never heard of the strict family values handicap? And what about the family? How DARE she jeopardise the family's reputation like that! My plumbbob the social implications! And you Eddie! How could the cowbag cheat on you?"
  38. 38. "Miss Meeeee..." Indy tried again, but I was in full flow by now. "I'll blast her. That's what I will do. I'll go round there and blast her into a million pieces. I don't know how just yet, but I will find a way.“ "DI!" Indy's voice sounded like a whipcrack, and I fell silent.
  39. 39. "You can't." He said more quietly. "I'll find a way." I said defiantly. "You can't." He repeated. I looked at him. "She's making my smiting finger itch." I said slightly petulantly.
  40. 40. "Really? I couldn't tell, but think about it. You can't do that, and even if you could, she's given Mr Legacy grounds to divorce her. That's a good thing even if I don't get to argue as much in court." Indy sounded slightly disappointed as he said these last words. I muttered something that might have been "he'd be just as unmarried as a widower," but sat back in my chair and clamped my lips together nevertheless. Indy turned back to Eddie. "I know that this will be painful for you Mr Legacy, but I need to know details." He picked up his pen and waited for Eddie to begin.
  41. 41. Eddie looked at Indy. "There is not much to tell Mr Vetinari." His tone was flat as he related his tale. "I arrived home earlier than planned this morning to find my youngest son neglected at the bottom of the staircase. When I went to find his mother after putting him in his cot, I discovered her...in a state of dishabille on our marital bed with another man." Eddie's description of that morning's events nearly made me launch into another tirade, but I managed to bit my tongue.
  42. 42. Indy looked up from his notepad. "That'll get you that divorce, but there's a few more things we should go through."
  43. 43. Meanwhile back in Regalton Marielle was pacing in the hall. She had washed and dressed, but she had not packed her things. She was determined that she would not be leaving, but, for the first time in a long time she was worried. She had never expected to be caught with one of her lovers, but there had always been a part of her that thought that if she was then she would be able to calm Eddie down and make him forget it. She had never factored into consideration that he would not listen to her. In fact she had never had any inkling that Eddie could be as determined as he had been when he left. She shook herself. She was Marielle Hut...Legacy. She would be able to turn this situation around. She...
  44. 44. She whirled round at the sound of the door opening, expecting to see Eddie there, but it was her in-laws instead, back after a day at one of the shops. "Marielle." Said her mother-in-law as she entered. "Mother, Father."
  45. 45. "I am going to work on my latest project." Said William as he crossed the hall, heading for the stairs. He blamed Marielle for Beth's accident and although he was civil to her if he had to speak to her, he tried not to spend long in her company. Beth watched him go, a fond smile on her face, before she turned to Marielle. "Is Eddie home? He said he was going to pop in for a bit."
  46. 46. Marielle looked at her mother-in-law. "Err no. He has gone out for a bit with Stuart.“ "Did he say where they were going?" Enquired Beth. Marielle paused. "No.“ "Ah. Well I expect he will be back before Bertie is home. I am going out into the garden for a bit." Marielle just nodded and continued to stare at the front door as Beth walked towards the French doors leading onto the raised patio.
  47. 47. Once outside rather than heading towards the vegetable garden though, Beth sat down on the bench. Her fall had made her realise that she could not carry on as she had been, and the garden was one thing that she was giving up tending, much as it saddened her to do so. As she looked out at the garden and Stanley's house on the other side of the common, she thought about what her daughter-in-law had said. It was unlike Eddie to go out anywhere without leaving word of where he was going, and just why was Marielle so agitated? She leant back and crossed her ankles. Ah well it would all come out in the wash. She would enjoy the mid summer sunshine whilst she waited for her grandson to come home.
  48. 48. Indy put down his pen and looked at Eddie. "I think that's all I need at the moment Mr Legacy.“ Eddie nodded and voiced a question that had been on his mind. "What about my sons? I want them to continue to live with me, I do not want her to have anything to do with them.“ Indy got up, went to his bookshelf again and came back with another tome.
  49. 49. He sat and read for a while, making a few notes this time. I was just starting to fidget again when he spoke. "According to the 1873 Custody of Children Act, even though your wife is an adulteress she can be granted access, and even custody of both your sons if she asks for it. However it's at the Judge's discretion and given the fact that from what you have said she is a neglectful mother, and" he looked slightly amused as he said the next words, "morally corrupt, I'm confident that I can persuade the court to grant you full custody of your boys."
  50. 50. For the first time since finding Stuart on the floor Eddie smiled. "Thank you. I do not want that woman raising my sons."
  51. 51. Speaking of Eddie's sons, his eldest was at that moment alighting from the omnibus which ferried him to and from the board school in Simford. As he jumped down from the last step he snuck a peek at his report card. He really did not understand why he was not meant to look at this, and had to hand it to his parents instead, but once he was off of the bus and away from the teenaged boy who acted as monitor, he always took a little look. Today he pumped his hand in glee as he saw that he had been given As in reading, writing and arithmetic. He giggled and started to run up the garden path to find his papa or one of his grandparents.
  52. 52. He got halfway up the path and stopped. Through the front door he could see his mother waiting in the hallway. Bertie had a terrible secret. He didn't actually like his mother very much. She was cold and unfeeling and not at all fun. He started to turn so that he could make his way to the side gate and go in through the garden, but the latch to that gate was stiff and the last time he had tried to lift it, it had come down on his finger. It had hurt a lot, and he had stood there crying until his Grandmamma had come rushing out of the greenhouse and made it all better with hugs and kisses. He sighed and kicked at the ground. He had no choice but to go in through the front door.
  53. 53. "Good afternoon Mama." He said politely when he entered the house. "Afternoon Albert. What have you got there?" Replied Marielle, noticing the piece of paper her son was holding close to his chest. "It is my report card. Would you like to see it?" He responded offering it to her. To tell the truth he was hoping that she would say no so that he could go and find someone else.
  54. 54. Marielle ran a hand over her face. She was worrying about what was going to happen when Eddie got home, and didn't really have the patience to look at Bertie's report card, even though it would take her all of a minute. "Why would I want to do that? Mama is busy. Go and do something constructive.“ "What is this I hear about a report card?" Asked Beth who had come in from the garden whilst Bertie had been talking to Marielle.
  55. 55. Bertie handed it over expectantly, and was rewarded when Beth gave a squeal of delight and bent down to hug him tightly. "Well done Bertie. Why do you not take this in to the library and I will be along soon to help you with your homework.“ "But I already have As. Why do I need to do my homework?“ "Because you want to continue to get As do you not? Now away with you child and I will be with you shortly.“ Bertie made a pretence of moaning as he entered the drawing room on his way to the library, but secretly he was very pleased with his grandmother's response, and his homework probably wouldn't take him too long to do.
  56. 56. Beth stopped smiling as soon as the door to the drawing room closed and turned to her daughter-in-law. "Never speak to my grandson like that again." She said, the temper she could normally keep in check flaring.
  57. 57. Marielle, her nerves taut enough as it was snarled at Beth. "I am his mother and I will speak to him as I see fit. I thank you not to interfere."
  58. 58. Beth looked at her with contempt. "No my dear, you are not his mother. All you are is the woman who carried him. Everything else which would make you a mother, you fail at completely.“ Beth pushed past Marielle and into the drawing room. Marielle watched her go, the worry in the pit of her stomach intensifying. Her mother-in-law had never spoken back to her before. She couldn't help but feel that times were changing, and she didn't like it one bit.
  59. 59. Back in Simdon Eddie and I were getting ready to leave Indy's chambers. "I'll be in contact Mr Legacy. There shouldn't be any problems and I'll try to get proceeding started as soon as possible."
  60. 60. "Thank you Mr Vetinari." Replied Eddie. "There was a point when I wondered if I would be able to end my marriage, but, with your help... Thank you.“ "It's my job kid." Said Indy. "Eddie, why don't you see if you can get us a cab? I just need to speak to Mr Vetinari." I said. Eddie nodded at me, said his goodbyes to Indy and walked out the office.
  61. 61. Thanks Indy." I said. "Anything for you Di, you know that.“ I smiled, I did. He pointed to his desk. "I have quite a bit to do here, and I know you want to make sure Eddie's alright, but how about dinner tonight, eight o'clock, next door?“ "I'd like that." I said. "See you tonight." I kissed him tenderly then left the office to go and join Eddie.
  62. 62. I found Eddie by the curb outside. He hadn't had any luck securing us a cab and I wasn't sure that he had been trying very hard. After all he did have a lot on his mind. "Mr Vetinari is certain that he can get me my divorce?" Said Eddie as I approached him. "Yes he is.“ "I am very relieved. I do not know what I would have done if he had told me it was impossible.“ "Thankfully he did not." I replied. "He does seem a very nice fellow." Said Eddie looking at the carts as they went by. "His manners perhaps need a bit of work though. I was very surprised that he kept his hat on when we entered.“ "Oh he doesn't keep his hat on all the time." I said absentmindedly. "Come on, let's get you home Eddie." I stepped to the edge of the curb to hail a hansom I had seen heading towards us.
  63. 63. The cab dropped Eddie off at the Harrison house and after promising Doc a big box of Belgian chocolates and a good bottle of wine as a thank you for looking after Stuart he headed home with his son. He was not happy when he saw Marielle through the front door as he approached the house. "I thought I told you to leave." He said quietly when as he entered the house. "Eddie I..."
  64. 64. At that moment Bertie rushed into the hall to greet his father, closely followed by his devoted grandmother. "Papa, Papa I got all As at school today Papa." Said Bertie excitedly, desperate to share his happiness with his father. "Well done, that is excellent indeed Bertie. I tell you what, I expect that your grandpapa will be so happy about that he will want to play trains with you. Why do you not go and ask him?“ Bertie grinned at his father before turning and running up the stairs to find William.
  65. 65. "Mother," said Eddie "I think that Stuart might enjoy watching the trains too. Will you take him upstairs for me please?“ Beth looked at her son before holding out her hands to take Stuart. Something was brewing between him and his wife, and she had not missed the steely look in his eye. "Of course." She said. "Come on Stuart, let us go and watch the choo-choos.“ Eddie turned to Marielle. "Will you join me in the music room?"
  66. 66. Eddie waited until Marielle had closed the door to the music room before he faced her. "I told you to leave." He said quietly. "Why have you not?"
  67. 67. "Eddie please forgive me." Replied Marielle. "It was a silly mistake on my part, one which will not happen again." She looked imploringly at her husband.
  68. 68. "You are quite correct in that assertion Marielle. You are a terrible mother, a horrible wife and an atrocious legacy spouse. This is the final straw, but one which is very welcome. I am divorcing you." Eddie said firmly.
  69. 69. Marielle's eyes grew wide. "But you cannot. I am your wife and I love you.“ "No Marielle, I do not think you do. In fact I do not believe that you ever loved me. You were in love with the heir to this family." Said Eddie, his eyes now open to his wife and her behaviour. "But you are the heir..." Started Marielle.
  70. 70. Eddie shook his head sadly. "It is a position and a responsibility, but it is not who I am. I am much more than that, as you would know if you had ever bothered to try to find out the man behind the title. I want you out of my house Marielle."
  71. 71. The finality in his words sent a chill down her spine. He meant it. He actually meant that he was divorcing her and that he wanted her to leave. "But where will I go, what will I do?" She blurted out.
  72. 72. "Go and stay with your lover, or one of your friends. I care not where you go Marielle as long as you are out of my house. Your things will be sent on to you." Snarled Eddie starting to lose his temper.
  73. 73. "Eddie, no, you cannot throw me out!" Shrieked Marielle.
  74. 74. "I can and I am. Go Marielle, now." As he spoke she knew there was no point arguing further. He was not going to change his mind, and she had no choice but to leave.
  75. 75. Marielle closed the gate behind her and looked up at the house she had just left, blinking back tears. So many years she had planned how to become mistress of it, and she had achieved it. How could it have gone so wrong?
  76. 76. She set off down the road, unsure of where she was going, or what she was going to do next.
  77. 77. Whilst Eddie had been informing Marielle of their impending divorce Bertie had been playing trains with his grandfather in William's hobby room. Bertie couldn't know it, but the reason that Eddie had suggested this was because the hobby room was as far away from the music room as you could get without going down the bottom of the garden. "I think," said Bertie as he watched the train go round the track "that there should be more trees."
  78. 78. "More trees where Bertie?" Asked William as he expertly controlled the speed of the toy train whizzing round the track. "Here on the model." Said Bertie pointing. "I think that you are right. We will have to make some, and perhaps your papa would like to help too. He made the lake and the mountain with me you know.“ Bertie smiled. "That will be nice. I would like that.“ William smiled at his grandson. He'd like it too.
  79. 79. Beth had just fed Stuart a bottle when she heard the sound of he son coming up the stairs, anxious to find out what was going on, she left Stuart happily playing in the nursery. "Ah Mother, I was just coming to find you." Said Eddie when he saw her. "Is something amiss Eddie?“ "Not any more." He replied with a small smile.
  80. 80. "Mother I am divorcing Marielle." He said without preamble. "I see.“ Feeling he had to offer more of an explanation Eddie added. "When I arrived home, she was not alone. Her...infidelity made me realise that I cannot continue in this farce of a marriage. She has left our house, but I was wondering if you would be so kind as to pack her things into trunks so that we can deliver them to her.“ "Of course. I will do so right away." Said Beth. "Thank you." Eddie turned and started to head downstairs to see if Lucy had prepared any dinner for the family before she had left for the day.
  81. 81. Beth smiled as she made her way to the master bedroom. She would never forgive Marielle for cuckolding her son and she would now have to resume all the duties of the legacy spouse to keep the house running, but at the same time she felt as if a dark cloud had been lifted and hoped that her son would be happy at last.
  82. 82. It was over dinner that a nervous Eddie broached the subject of Marielle leaving with Bertie. "Bertie I have something very important to tell you. I am very sorry but your mama will not be living with us any more."
  83. 83. Bertie stopped chewing his food and stared at his bowl. "Bertie?“ Bertie started chewing again.
  84. 84. He swallowed and looked at his father. "So it will just be you, me, Stuart, Grandmamma and Grandpapa living here?“ "Yes." Replied Eddie, prepared for Bertie to start crying.
  85. 85. Instead he just nodded and said "Grandpapa and I are going to make some trees for the trainset. Would you like to help?“ "I, er yes of course. But you are not upset about your mama not living here anymore?“ Bertie shook his head quickly before saying. "I suppose that Stuart can help us too, but he has to promise not to eat the trees like he tried to eat the carriages today.“ "Well he is only little Bertie." Said Eddie smiling. He would keep a close eye on his son for a little while, but he thought that he would be fine.
  86. 86. Despite the lovely meal at the Law restaurant I had been unusually quiet all evening. "Di what's up?" Asked Indy as I toyed with my baked Alaska. "Hmm?" I looked at him vaguely puzzled. "Something is wrong. I've never known you to be this quiet, what is it?"
  87. 87. I gestured with my spoon. "It's this Eddie thing." I explained. "I just feel as if I should have been able to do something to help him sooner, or at the very least be able to blast the cow into a million pieces. What's the good of being the clicky-person if I can't do that?"
  88. 88. "You can't though." Pointed out Indy "I know, but I want to. I feel so powerless.“ "We can't always get what we want. I want a helicopter but it's not going to happen.“ I just sat there in silence.
  89. 89. Indy put his hand on mine. "You know why you can't." He said, his fingers tracing faint circles on the back of my hand. "This mini-verse is too well-established now. You're no longer the force that holds it together: the family is.“ Still I sat there in petulant silence. "Your influence over events has diminished and it is the family's story that needs to be told, not your chronicle of a challenge.“ "I know Indy," I said at last, "but it doesn't make it any easier for me or stop me from wanting the powers I once had."
  90. 90. "I know it doesn't love. Anyway there are other ways to get back at the cow which don't involve clicky- person powers.“ He was right and we sat in silence for a while as I thought this over. Finally I said "have I told you yet today how much I love you and how glad I am that you are here with me?"
  91. 91. "Yeah," he replied, "but tell me again anyway.“ Smiling I leant over and kissed him on the cheek. "I love you loads Indy and I'm incredibly glad that you are here with me.“ "Right back at'cha Di. I like being here with you for the most part."
  92. 92. "For the most part?" I repeated concerned. I didn't want Indy to be unhappy living with me for any reason. "Yeah there is one thing I don't like about living here.“ "Oh?" This did not sound good and my heart started to hammer like mad.
  93. 93. "Yeah." Said Indy. "We're not married here." He produced a small blue velvet box and slid it across the table to me. "So whaddaya say? Marry me? Again, again, again?"
  94. 94. I took the box, a huge smile on my face and placed the ring on my finger. "Indy you can ask me that question a dozen different times in a dozen different mini-verses and the answer will always be yes."
  95. 95. "Good, I was almost worried that this would be the one time you said no. That you liked being Miss Meeeee too much." Said Indy smiling. "I do like being Miss Meeeee, but I like being Mrs Vetinari more. Besides I might double-barrel it, become Mrs Meeeee-Vetinari.“ Indy smirked at me. "If you do, you've got to make our daughters change their name too, especially the eldest.“ I hooted with laughter. "Bee would kill me!“ "Yep, but it would be worth it to hear her introduce herself as Miss Bee Meeeee-Vetinari.“ "True, and you know how much she likes meeting new people."
  96. 96. As Indy and I were discussing ways in which we could wind our eldest child up, Eddie was proving that he really is a very good father. He had spent a little time with Stuart, before tucking him in his cot and had witnessed his first steps. They were shaky and he had only managed a few, but they filled Eddie's heart with joy.
  97. 97. As he checked on Bertie and made sure he was all tucked in Eddie couldn't help but smile. The witch was gone. He had his sons and he had his parents. At that moment in time, that was all he needed.
  98. 98. The next morning Eddie made his way down to the music room. He had slept far better than he had in many months and was feeling very refreshed and positive. As he played he was struck by two ideas. Firstly he would redecorate the music room. It had become the place where he would go to pour out his emotions when he was feeling miserable, and he wanted to rid the room of that feeling. Secondly, well he would need to speak to Alexandra and his father about that idea, but he felt that they would like it as much as he did.
  99. 99. Just before noon Eddie, Alexandra, William and Beth gathered in the drawing room. "This is nice." Said Beth. "Nearly the whole family all gathered under one roof. Next time we are all together will be at Vicky's wedding I expect."
  100. 100. "Perhaps Mother, but I have been thinking, and I think that you and Father deserve a break away from Regalton for a few days. I really do think that you would like the cottage Father bought in Simmouth, and I think that the two of you should go there with the eldest grandchildren." Said Eddie.
  101. 101. "I cannot possibly." Replied Beth. "Much as I would like to take a short trip, I have far too much to do here. Not only do I have oversee the running of the household now that your wife has left, but I also found a pile of correspondence that she had neglected to respond to. I must attend to that."
  102. 102. "Beth, my darling, I think that you will find that our children have already made plans with regards to that." Said William smiling down at his wife. Whilst he loved her dearly and thought that her sense of duty was commendable, he also knew that she deserved a holiday and was determined that she was going to take one.
  103. 103. "Yes we have." Said Alexandra. "I am going to help Eddie with running the house and looking after Stuart whilst you are away. I will also tackle that correspondence for you, and see to the delicate matter of informing our acquaintances about Eddie's change in marital status."
  104. 104. "Alexandra, whilst that is very kind of you, you do have your own household to run and two small children to look after. I cannot ask you to do this whilst I go off gallivanting. No, I cannot go, and it is as simple as that." Said Beth.
  105. 105. "Mother you can go and you will go. Anthony is away on business, so David, Sarah-Jane and I can stay here whilst you are away. My household will run perfectly well whilst I am away, and if it does not, I will deal with it on my return. You have worked so hard for this family for so long, allow us to take on some of this responsibility whilst you relax for once."
  106. 106. Alexandra had spoken quietly but firmly and Beth suddenly realised how her daughter was able to keep her two very boisterous twins under control. "I see I have no choice." Replied Beth smiling. "No, you do not.“ "Thank my dears. I must admit that it will be very nice to relax by the sea for a few days and spend some time with my grandchildren."
  107. 107. "Good that is settled then." Said William. "I will order a carriage to pick us up Saturday morning." He walked out of the room before Beth could change her mind. *** This is where I am going to end the chapter I think. Yes the witch is gone and Eddie is once again single in game. Thank you all for reading and sticking with me whilst I ploughed on with having such a horrible person married to the darling Eddie. I hope that you have enjoyed it, even if she did make your blood boil. I have an idea on how to punish her for all she has put the family through, but I am not sure when I will be able to share it with you all. Thanks also to the creators of all my wonderful CC. You really do make my game look amazing. Also thanks to everyone who has allowed me to pinch their simself or legacy sims. It's only taken me 5 months but Indy and Di are finally engaged in Regalton. You can find Indy's home legacy as well as many more brilliant stories at Boolprop.com. Join me next time for that holiday in Simmouth, a few weddings, and maybe a little bit more. =>
  108. 108. I made a couple of people cry the last time I used a picture of a toddler with a dog. Hopefully this one will just make you melt.