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  1. 1. Chapter 1My eyes slid shut and my head hit the desk below me, faintly in the distance I can hearmy history teacher droning on about some war or something.“Mr. Puget are you with us?” My teacher snapped at me. My head shot up when I heardmy name called.“Yes ma’am I’m listening.” I said putting on my sickeningly sweet teacher voice“Great then you can answer the question I just asked.” She glared at me as I silently triedto think of a way to get myself out of trouble. Just as I was about to make up somebullshit answer the principal came to the door and called my teacher out into the hall.“You’re lucky this time Mr. Puget, but I would like to talk to you after class.”I heard a few of the assholes behind him snicker and make some sort of comment. Thesecomments were becoming a regular occurrence for me, all of the jokes, and all of thejocks yelling queer or fag at me as I walked down the halls, I was used to this by now andit just went right over my head. Oh well at least I can get a few more minutes of sleepbefore the bitch comes back I thought and put my head back down. I was almost asleepagain as I heard my teacher enter the room again.“Class we have a new student joining us today, everyone this is David. Ok David you canjust...”“Umm it’s Davey” I heard a soft voice say.“ Excuse me?”“Umm my name it’s not David, it’s Davey.” I heard the voice say again. I was just aboutto fall back to sleep as I heard laughter from the asses behind me.“Oh great another one!” I heard Nick say from behind me. I looked up to the front of theroom to see what was going on. Standing in front of the class looking incredibly nervouswas one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen. He had long black hair that waskind of hanging down in his face. And he had the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen; theywere dark brown and lined with smoky black eyeliner. He was truly gorgeous. Shit Ithink I’m staring. Dammit he caught me. At first he just stared back. I tried to look awaybut just looking into his eyes made my heart stop. Oh great now he’s going to think I’msome sort of freak. Wait a second he just smiled at me. And damn does he have a greatsmile if I was standing I’m sure my knees would have given out from under me. Wait a
  2. 2. second he’s still staring but his smile went away and he looks kind of sad. I just realized Inever acknowledged him and I quickly smiled back trying not to make to big of an assout of myself. He’s still staring but he doesn’t look upset anymore. We kept staring ateach other like we were the only two in the room. I’d be lying if I said this whole momentwasn’t incredibly intense.“Davey, for the moment you can take a seat in front of Nick” I faintly heard my teachersay, but I wasn’t really paying attention to anything but Davey. “Davey are you listening?Mr. Havok?” She said louder tapping him on the shoulder.“What.. Oh sorry!” He said and his pale face turning a deep shade of red “Umm.. Ididn’t...didn’t hear what you said.” he mumbled under his breath.“I said sit in front of Nick. Now go.” She said sounding mildly irritatedSo he made his way to the back of the class and sat down right next to me. He looked atme again so I decided this time I was going to say something.“Since Davey is new to the school and doesn’t know his way around, do you think youcould show his around today Nick? Your schedule is very close to his.” my teacherasked, interrupting me before I had the chance to say anything to Davey.“Aww man can’t someone else do it?” Nick whined “ What would people think if theysaw me with someone like that?” I saw tears come to Davey’s eyes briefly, but he blinkedthem away quickly. I want to kill the bastard for doing that to someone like Davey. I justmet him how do I know what kind of person he is? I’ve never felt like this before aboutsomeone and I’ve never even talked to him, this is shaping up to be one hella strange day.“No, Nicholas I asked YOU to do it, and you will do it with out complaining” she toldhim and gave him the “and that’s final” look. Nick was about to say something else, butthe bell rang and interrupted him. He looked pissed but got up and walked over to Davey.“Gimme your schedule.” Nick grunted at Davey. “ We don’t have next period togetherbut I’ll show you where to go, then I’ll meet you after and show you where your nextclass is, OK?” Davey just nodded uncomfortably. “Good come on” Nick said grabbinghim by his arm, “fag” he added quietly so our teacher wouldn’t hear him. His tears cameback and Davey looked back at me sadly. God I’d give anything so I’d never have to seethat look again. I’ve never wanted to hurt anyone as badly as I did right now. Nick wasjust lucky he left when he didChapter 2Second period crawled along, I couldn’t stop thinking about Davey, and the look in hiseyes when he left with Nick. I couldn’t help feeling like I should be protecting him. I’dgiven up any hope of actually concentrating on the class. My mind just kept wanderingback to Davey. God he looked so beautiful this morning. He was wearing a tight Joy
  3. 3. Division shirt, and black pinstriped pants, his nails were painted dark red, with a fewrings on each hand, and around his neck was a little silver chain with a small silver hearton it. He was perfect.“Mr. Puget are you ok today?” Hearing my name helped me out of my trance,unfortunately I didn’t hear anything besides that.“Umm I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, sir.” I said trying to sound sincere.“I asked if you were ok. You looked like you were lost in your own little world.”“Oh yea I’m fine I was just thinking, I’m sorry I’ll pay more attention.” I told him tryingto push the images of Davey out of my head. Just thinking about him made me smile Ihope my teacher didn’t see it.“Just thinking? I see. What’s her name?” He asked with a little smirk on his face, “comeon I’ve seen that look before who is she?”I was still thinking about Davey when I decided to answer. “Da...” shit I’m sure my faceturned like ten shades of red. Dammit I can still recover. “Don’t know what you’retalking about sir.” I hope no one noticed. How could I be so stupid? Thank god the bellrang when it did, stopping my teacher from asking any more questions.I quickly went to my locker grabbing my bag with my gym clothes in it. Stupid fuckinggym, and it’s stupid fucking shorts! I hated gym I had no athletic ability whatsoever, anddon’t think the asshole jocks ever let me forget it. It was forty-five minutes of cruel andunusual punishment. I was on the way down still ranting in my head when I saw Daveystanding against the wall. He looked kind of nervous and upset. I wanted to stop and talkto him, but if I did I’d be late for gym, so I kept my head down and kept walkingknowing if I made eye contact with him I’d have to stop. Visions of how beautiful he wasflooded my mind again, and I stopped walking and turned around. Oh fuck it, it’s justgym and I won’t be that late. When I went over to him his head was turned the otherdirection, and he looked like he was on the verge of tears again.“Umm Davey right?” I said clearing my throat to get his attention. I guess I startled him,because he jumped about five feet into the air. I couldn’t help but smile at how cute hewas. He turned around and I found myself staring into his eyes unable to look away. Hestill looked upset, but when he saw me he looked relieved and kind of happy. Well maybeit was just my imagination.“Hey!” he said almost cheerfully “You’re in my history class right?”
  4. 4. God his voice is beautiful. I could just stand there and look at him forever. Oh damn Iforgot I should probably answer him, I hope my voice works. “Yea.” I managed tosqueak out. Way to make an ass out of yourself .“I’m Jade” I said smiling at him“Nice to meet you Jade.” Davey said holding out his hand.“Yea it’s good to meet you too.” I said shaking his hand. His hands are so soft. I wish Icould stay like this forever. “Umm where are you supposed to be now?” I asked himfinally letting go of his hand. He stared down at the floor for a few seconds, and when helooked back up he had tears in his eyes.“Umm well I’m supposed to be at gym but I don’t know where it is.” He told me. By thetime he finished his sentence a few tears had fallen from his eyes. I had to fight not toreach up and wipe them away.“Wasn’t Nick supposed to show you?” I asked. He looked at me and started crying harder“He..walked me up here, and...he, he told me I was nothing but a stupid fag, and he alsosaid that he refuses to help a fucking freak, and if I try to talk to him again he...he’llmaking my life at this school miserable. Then he kicked me in the ribs and walkedaway.” by the time he was finished he was sobbing uncontrollably. I’m going to fuckingkill him“That fucking bastard!” I said quietly “He didn’t hurt your ribs to bad did he?” He shookhis head and continued to cry softly. “Don’t worry about that asshole Davey. He’s notworth it.”“But I’ll never be able to find my classes by myself.” Davey said. He stopped crying, buthe still looked upset.“Let me see your schedule.” He handed it to me and I looked it over. “We have everyclass together except for second period I’ll be glad to show you.” I said smiling at him.He looked at me and smiled and a few more tears fell from his eyes.“Thank you so much Jade. You really don’t know how much this means to me.”“It’s no problem at all, we’re going to the same places.” I have to admit it felt good toactually have a civilized conversation with someone for once.“No I don’t mean that. I meant you’re actually talking to me like I’m a human. No onestreated me nicely for a long time.” He gave me the first genuine smile I’d had in a longtime.“Thanks for treating me like a human too, I don’t get that much either.” I gave in and
  5. 5. reached up and wiped the tear from his cheek. He closed his eyes and sighed softly.“C’mon let’s go we don’t want to be to late.”“Alright thanks again Jade.” He turned and hugged me quickly before we started to walkslowly. Neither of us said and thing for a few minutes, until I decided that I had to breakthe silence.“So did you just move here?”“Umm.. yea. Me and my mom just moved. Her and my dad just got divorced, and shewas afraid to stay in the same city as him.” He said softly“Oh god, I’m so sorry.” I said feeling like a total ass.“Nah it’s no problem he was a dick I’m glad to be away from him.”We walked the rest of the way in silence, but it was actually really pleasant just beingwith him. When we got there we were about ten minutes late, and my teacher just glaredat me. We went into the locker room and started to change. I tried not to stare at Davey ashe pulled his shirt over his head. He turned to get his gym shirt out of his locker, I wasgoing to turn and finish getting dressed when something caught my eyes. I turned to lookat Davey and saw two beautiful wings tattooed on his back. Holy Shit! Oops I must havesaid that out loud, because Davey turned to look at me.“What?” He asked smiling shyly “I know my whiteness is blinding.” He laughed“No it isn’t that. Well you are rather pale.” I laughed, “but your wings they’re awesome.”“Really? You think?” He asked becoming shy again“Yes they are one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.” Shit I shouldn’t have saidthat out loud. I think I must have turned eight different shades of red. If it was at allpossible Davey was redder than me.“Umm thanks a lot Jade.” He said stepping closer to me. He moved closer reached hishand up towards my cheek.“Come on guys it’s time to go.” My teacher yelled from the door. Davey and I bothjumped about ten feet in the air
  6. 6. “Well I guess we should go.” Davey said to me“Yep it’s time to be tortured.” I said and we left the locker room and went into the gym.“So, umm what exactly are we supposed to be doing this period?” Davey asked me“Well what I usually do is, I get a basketball, and I walk around looking like I’m doingsomething the whole period.” I told Davey smiling.“Really? That’s it?” He asked me laughing, even his laughter was beautiful“Yep that’s about it. Oh yea and I gotta warn you every one in this class is a huge assholeit’s best just to ignore them.”“Hey look guys, the fag has a new queer friend” One of the assholes yelled, I can’t evenbe bothered to learn their names“Oh god he wears more make-up than our first fag.” Asshole number one’s friend yelled“Ha! He looks like a Cher impersonator !” Asshole number one yelled againI looked at Davey and he had a tear running down his cheek. “Davey calm down it’s ok.”I told him softly trying to calm him down. He started to cry harder. “It’ll be alright, don’tworry I won’t let them hurt you.” I said touching his shoulder trying to calm him down.God if the guys saw him crying like this he’ll never hear the end of it. He started shaking,and almost sobbing. “Here come with me Davey.” I said leading him over to the corner ofthe room, and I sat him down next to the bleachers. “No one will see you over here,they’ll leave you alone now.” I told him gently wiping the tears away from his face.“I can’t believe they would say that to you.” Davey said, his eyes full of concern“I’ve learned to ignore it by now it doesn’t bother me anymore. It was so much worsewhen I used to let them see it was bothering me. Besides they’re the ones who havesomething wrong with them if they can’t see how beautiful you are.” I said without reallythinking“What? You... you really think I’m beautiful?” Davey asked sounding nervous“Well... uhh...yea I do.” I told him truthfully. To be honest I wasn’t entirely sure how hewas going to react. I saw his eyes water again, but this time he actually looked happy.The look on his face gave me a little confidence. “in fact you look better than any Cherimpersonator ever could.” I told him honestly. To my surprise he actually started to laugh“Thank you so much Jade. For everything.” Davey told me. I opened my mouth to saysomething, but he put a finger up to my lips to stop me. “Um just listen for a secondplease?” I just nodded and let him finish. “I know that I’ve only known you for less thana day, but in that short amount of time you’ve done more for me than anybody ever hasand I really just want to thank you. I mean you’ve gone out of your way to be nice to me,
  7. 7. no one ever does that for a stupid fag like me, I...”“Listen don’t talk like that.” I said interrupting him “You aren’t a stupi...”“Shh I wasn’t done yet.” He said smiling at me. “This morning when everybody waslaughing at me, and you smiled at me, I bet you didn’t realize how much that little thingmeant to me did you?” I shook my head and let him finish. “And when you came back tohelp me when I couldn’t find my class, you didn’t have to do that either. You had nevereven talked to me before, but you turned around and helped me. And the most importantthing you did for me was you actually seemed like you genuinely cared about me, andyou made me feel beautiful. God I’m rambling aren’t I?” He asked me smiling shyly. Iknew I was crying, but I could honestly care less, that was the nicest thing anyone hadever said to me. I definitely think I’m falling for him.“Davey, that was probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, but I bet youdon’t realize how much you’ve done for me too. For the longest time all I’ve wanted wasfor someone to be here for me, and you’ve done that for me. I know just from listening towhat you just said to me that you’ll be here for me, and I’m the one who needs to thankyou.” I knew that was almost sobbing now, Davey reached a hand up and wiped a fewtears away leaving his hand on my cheek. I reached up and put my hand on his andslowly leaned in closer to him.“Jade I really feel like I’m fa...SHIT Jade watch out” I heard him yell out“Hey there’s the fags I was looking for you guys.” I heard someone yell just as I feltsomething slam into the back of my head. I looked up into Davey’s eyes and he lookedterrified. A few seconds later everything went black.Chapter 3I opened my eyes to see my teacher standing over me looking rather pissed. I had no ideawhat was going on or where I was. I sat up and felt a sharp pain shoot through the back ofmy head. I moaned in pain, and leaned my head back against the bleachers. “So whathappened this time Mr. Puget?” my teacher asked me a little too loudly.“We were sitting down over here, and he came up behind Jade and hit him in the headwith something.” I heard Davey explaining to my teacher. I looked over and saw himpointing to Will , yet another asshole from my class. Suddenly I’m starting to remembereverything that had happened. I remember the whole conversation I had with Davey, andI remember the terrified look on Davey’s face after Will hit me. I can’t help but wonderwhat would have happened if Will didn’t see us.“Dammit I can’t take it with you guys anymore! Will get your stuff and go up to the
  8. 8. office, and Jade go get dressed and I’ll send you to the nurse.” my teacher said lookingreally pissed.“Umm sir my head is really hurting can Davey come with me just in case I need somehelp?” I asked him. I didn’t want to leave Davey alone after what the guys did to himbefore.“Yea I don’t care. Just both of you go get dressed before you cause any more trouble.”He told us and walked away. “Damn freaks maybe if they’d dress normal everyonewould leave them alone” I heard him mumble under his breath as he walked away.Luckily Davey didn’t hear him. We got up and went into the locker room“God how could he possibly say that what happened was your fault? All I hope is thatWill gets what he deserves.” Davey said looking angry“You’ve got a lot to learn about the way this school works.” I told him. “Will is the beston the football team, and our football team is the only good thing this school has. So inthe eyes of the teachers Will, and his friends can do nothing wrong.” I told him“Oh, well then I guess we should get you up to the nurse, and make sure you’re ok. Doyou need any help getting dressed?” He asked me.“Nah, honestly my head doesn’t hurt that bad. I’ll be ok.” I lied to him. Actually I feltlike I got my head slammed in the door a few times, but I didn’t want to worry Davey anymore than he already was. I slowly pulled my gym shirt off, and pulled my plain blackbutton-down shirt back on. When I stood up to pull my pants back on I suddenly gotreally dizzy and started to fall backwards. Luckily Davey was there to catch me.“Shit are you ok Jade?” He asked wrapping his arms around my stomach to help steadyme.“Yea I’m fine, I just got a little dizzy. I just need a few seconds then we can go.” I tried tostand back up on my own, but instead I just collapsed back into Davey. Stayed that wayfor a few seconds until I felt like I could stand again. “Alright I think we can go now, I’msorry about that.”“No problem. Are you sure you’re ok now?” he asked sounding concerned again.“Yep I’m fine. Let’s go.” I grabbed my bag and started walking slowly out of the lockerroom.“Jade wait. At least let me carry your bag.” He said insistently“Well I really don’t need you to, but since I can tell you won’t listen to me anyway goright ahead.” I said jokingly and handed him my bag“Hurry up and get out of here you two, I’d like to continue with my class now.” my
  9. 9. teacher said handing us each a note.“I’ll see you girls tomorrow.” Will’s asshole friend called to us. I had to grab Davey’sarm to stop him from running across the room and kicking the shit out of him. “I’mdefinitely looking forward to seeing you fags again tomorrow. Oh yea, I hope your headfeels better Jennifer”“Let go of me! I’m gonna kill him next time I see him.” Davey yelled and tried to pullaway from me. I laughed quietly, and grabbed his hand pulling him out of the gym.“C’mon let me go please, just let me kick the shit out of him a little then we can go.Please Jade?” He said giving me his pouting face“No that look isn’t going to work on me this time. Now are you going to behave?”“Fine I’ll be good.”“Good. I can let go of you right? You aren’t going to go running back in there are you?”“Yes you can let go. No, I won’t go running back in the gym, and yes I could take him.”He said kinda whining. I could tell he was trying to act like he was upset , but he wasfailing miserably.“Are you done yet?” I asked him laughing at him trying desperately trying to keep astraight face. Finally he gave in and started laughing too.“Yea I’m finished. Oh yea how’s your head feeling?” He asked me suddenlyremembering where we were going.“I’m feeling much better now. Thanks, and Davey.”“Yea?”“It’s probably best if you don’t become an actor.”
  10. 10. “Hey shut up!” He said laughing harder. I stopped in front of the nurses office. Daveydidn’t notice I stopped and kept walking for a few seconds. He stopped and lookedaround before he noticed I stopped. “ I think you enjoy watching me make an ass out ofmyself.” He said coming over to me.“Well now that you mention it yes, yes I do.” We walked into the empty nurses office,and waited for the nurse to come out from the back“Well Mr. Puget what seems to be the problem today?” I get up and hand her my hallpass.“Well I was in gym and I bent down to pick up the basketball that rolled behind thebleachers, and I must have hit my head pretty heard on the corner of the bleachers cause Iknocked myself out.” I lied to her“With all these injuries we’ll just have to buy you a helmet won’t we?” she chuckled andturned to get my records. Davey looked at me like I had lost my mind. He open his mouthto say something but I quickly shook my head and quietly told him not to say anything.He looked confused, so I leaned over and whispered to him that I’d explain later.“Alright Jade go have a seat in one of the rooms in the back. I’ll be back to check you inone minute. Oh, and who’s this you brought with you today?” She asked noticing Daveyfor the first time“That’s Davey he helped me up here just to make sure I was ok.”“Well Davey, Jade will probably be here for a while so you might as well just go back toclass.” she told him. Davey looked kind of pissed but got up to leave.“Umm actually I got really dizzy a few times coming up here, so do you think he couldwait in case I need help on the way back?” I asked quickly before Davey left the room“Yes that’s fine. You don’t mind waiting do you Davey?” she asked him“Not at all” He said sitting back down and pulling out a black notebook. I smiled at himquickly before I went and sat down in the back“Ok Jade, how’s your head feeling now?” she asked me and put on a pair of rubbergloves“Umm it’s feeling a little better. Now I just have a little bit of a headache. Before it feltlike I got hit with a brick.”
  11. 11. “Hmm that’s good it’s feeling better. It’s sounds to me like there isn’t any major damage,but I’ll have to check to see if it’s bleeding, and I’ll have to check for a concussion. Okcan you put your head down for me?” I bent down and I felt her felling around on theback of my head. “Now where exactly did you hit yourself?”“Umm it’s...DAMMIT!” The pain came shooting back as she hit me with her nails. “UhhI guess you found it.”“You do have a small cut back here nothing terrible though. Umm Jade, you said you hityour head on the corner of the bleachers right?”“Yea, why?” I asked her worrying she found something serious“Nothing really, but your cut back here is shaped funny kind of like the top of the letterW or the letter M. But I guess anything’s really possible.” She informed me. So Willmust have hit me with that gaudy jewel encrusted W he wears around his neck. She did afew more tests and shit before she told me that I seemed like I was fine, and I should seea doctor if I start getting dizzy more often. I walked out to the front of the office and Isaw Davey still writing in his note book. I guess he was really involved with what he waswriting because he didn’t hear me come up. I was right next to him and he still didn’t seeme, so I bent down slowly until I was right next to his ear.“HEY DAVE WHAT ARE YA WRITING ABOUT?!” I yelled causing him to drop hisnotebook, and scream at the top of his lungs like I was murdering him.“Jesus Christ Jade you scared the shit out of me!” He yelled picking up his notebook andshoving it quickly into his bag.“I’m sorry it was just too easy.” I laughed. I really wasn’t sure if he was mad at me, butwhen he looked up from his bag he was laughing too.“You are such a dick Jade.” He told me still laughing“Yano sometimes your words really hurt me Dave.”“I know. So what did she say?” He asked with a hint of concern in his voice“Nothing really. She said I was ok and I should rest, and I should go to a doctor if I gettoo many dizzy spells. God I don’t even feel like being here anymore.”
  12. 12. “Do you want to leave?” He asked me“Yea, but where would we go?” I asked him, not that it really mattered I’d go prettymuch anywhere if I could spend the day with Davey“We could always go to my house, ya know so you could get some rest.” He told me“Yea that sounds great. Let’s go.” I said grabbing my stuff“Is there like a side door or something so we don’t get caught?” he asked me soundingkind of worried“No you worry too much, the security guards are lazy they don’t give a shit what you doas long as they don’t have to get up.” I told him walking out the front door “Just keepwalking they won’t do anything.”“Hey you two! Where are you going?” the security guard yelled“We’re going home.” I yelled back, and kept walking. “See they honestly don’t care.”Davey laughed and started walking towards his house.“So why did you lie to the nurse about what happened?”“It wasn’t worth it to tell her the truth. She’s Will’s aunt ,and she never believes he didanything wrong. I just didn’t want to hear what a good kid he was and how he’d never doanything like that. So anything that happens I just say I did myself.”“That’s terrible!!” Davey says sounding kind of outraged “Well here we are. Damn! myMom and her boyfriend are home.”“Will they be mad you left?” I asked. I really didn’t want to get him in any trouble“No. It’s just her boyfriend is a huge asshole. He’s like a huge homophobe. So I cannever tell my mom that I’m...” He just stopped I guess he thinks I’m going to be mad. Helooks away and keeps staring at his shoes.
  13. 13. “Yea I haven’t told my parents yet either.” I tell him trying to make him lessuncomfortable“You mean you’re.. umm...”“Gay?” I cut him off “Yea I am”“Wow that’s great!” He said turning red “Well let’s go inside.”Chapter 4We walk in the house and I see two people who I am assuming are Davey’s mom and herboyfriend watching TV on the couch. His mom looks startled when she sees us. “Daveyis everything ok? Did something happen?” She asks him sounding really concerned“I’m fine mom. Everything is great. This is my friend Jade. He hurt his head at school soI told him he could rest here for a little while until his parents get home. I hope that’s ok.”Davey said sounding very excited. It was really cute to see him like this he waspractically bouncing off the walls.“It’s no problem at all. It’s great to meet you Jade.” She said beaming at me.“It’s nice to meet you too ma’am.” I said reaching out my hand for her.“Don’t be silly, call me Penny.” She said pulling me into a hug “Would you like to stayfor dinner honey?”“Yea that’d be great. Oh do you think I could call my mom to see if it’s ok?”“Sure sweetie. Davey hun could you show him where the phone is?”“Yep come with me.” Davey said, and grabbed my arm pulling me into the kitchen. “I’msorry about her, I’ve never been good at making friends, so I guess she got kind ofexcited. Sorry again.”
  14. 14. “It’s fine. Honestly you worry too damn much. She seems really nice.” I picked up thephone and dialed my number“Hello.” My mom answered“Hey mom it’s Jade. Umm I’m in between classes right now, and my friend Daveyinvited me over for dinner after school I was wondering if that would be ok?”“I’ve never heard of this Davey person before how do you know him?” She askedsuspiciously.“Today was his first day.” I told her“Sure it’s fine. It’s good to hear that you actually have a friend.” God she’s always got tofind a way to take a shot at me“Thanks mom I’ll see you later.” I said and hung up before she could finish telling mewhat was wrong with me. “Alright she said it was ok. Thanks again for having me over.”“Ok well I guess you’re going to have to talk to Bill, my mom’s boyfriend. I’m going toapologize now.” Davey said looking nervous.“I’m sure he can’t be that bad.” I said and followed Davey back into the living room.Davey’s mom and Bill were sitting on the couch so I sat next to Davey on the loveseat.Davey moved a little closer to me. I guess he really was nervous about me talking to Bill“Umm Bill, this is my friend Jade.”“Well would ya look at that Davey’s got himself a friend it’s about damn time.” He said.I can already tell he was an ass. He had that condescending tone in his voice. “So Jade doyou have a girlfriend?”“Umm no not right now.” I said trying to sound pleasant“Well what are ya waiting for? You don’t want people thinking you’re a fag do ya?” I feltDavey tense up next to me. I reach over and squeezed is hand quickly trying to get him tocalm down. It’s a good thing Bill didn’t see me, I’m sure he would have freaked out.
  15. 15. “Yea you’re right.” I said laughing politely. Davey was right he was an obnoxioushomophobic asshole.“What do you want to do after you get out of high school? Are you thinking aboutcollege yet?” He asked me“Well actually I’m learning how to play the guitar, and I’d really like to be in a band.” Itold him truthfully“Well I gotta tell ya if you were my kid and you told me something like that I’d have toknock the shit out of you. You have to start thinking about getting a real job one day. It’sbest if you get out of that little dream world now. You aren’t on drugs are you?” Heasked me. God now I was starting to get really pissed“No I’m not. I’m straight edge, meaning I don’t drink or smoke.”“Hey! Me too.” I heard Davey say from next to me“You don’t drink at all? You kids these days always trying new things to be shocking anddifferent. It fucking pisses me off!”“Umm well we’re going to go upstairs and watch a movie or something.” Davey saidquickly pulling me up towards the stairs.“Umm it was nice to meet you both.” I yelled back over my shoulder as Davey quicklypulled me upstairs into his room. His room was painted black and his walls were coveredin posters. In one corner he had an incredibly awesome stereo with about five hundredCD’s piled up next to it. His room was pretty awesome. Davey’s voice interrupted mythoughts.“He’s such an asshole I’m sorry.” He said sounding pissed “I’m so sorry about his fagcomments.”“It’s not your fault Dave.” I told him hoping that I would calm him down“Yea but he’s still an ass.” He said sitting down on the couch thing in the corner of hisroom. “Hey come sit down.” He said patting the seat next to him. Hell he didn’t have toask me twice. “Umm do you want to watch a movie or do you want to see what’ s on theTV?” He asked me. I went and sat next to him, and again he moved a little closer to me.“Umm it doesn’t really matter to me. Whatever you want to do is fine with me.” He picksup his remote and turns on the TV.
  16. 16. “Do you want to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas? It’s my favorite.” He asksexcitedly“Sure. It’s one of my favorite movies too.” He makes this excited little squeaky noise. Hestarts the movie, and begins to sing along with the opening song. He’s actually got areally good voice. I look over at him and he’s got this excited little sparkle in his eye.“God I’m sorry. I’ll quit.” He says when he sees me looking at him“No, please don’t.” I say and slide a little closer to him. I hear a voice calling our names Iopen my eyes and realize I must have fallen asleep, and from the looks of it, the moviehas been over for a while.“Jade honey dinner’s ready. Can you get Davey up?” she turns and leaves the room. Ilook over and notice Davey must have fallen asleep too. My head must have fallen ontohis shoulder while I was sleeping, and his arm was wrapped around me. I kept my headon his shoulder and watched him sleep for a few more minutes. He was really beautifulwhen he slept, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I watched him for a little while until hiseyes slowly fluttered open.“Hey.” He said sleepily “What happened?” He looked over and noticed how we werelaying, and instead of letting go he pulled me a little closer to him.“I guess we fell asleep while we were watching the movie, and as much as I wish I couldstay like this for a while, we have to go eat dinner.” I told him reluctantly getting up. Ifollowed Davey downstairs and into the dining room where Davey’s mom and Bill werealready eating. I looked at my plate and saw a huge steak. I felt kind of sick looking at it.“Umm I’m sorry I forgot to tell you that I’m a vegetarian.” I told Davey’s mom“I’m so sorry. I had no idea. What do you want me to make you to eat?” His mom askedme“That’s ok I don’t want to cause any trouble.” I told her.“Umm Jade you can have some of my salad if you want. It’s safe I’m vegan.” He told memoving his plate closer to me“No that’s really ok I don’t want to eat your dinner.”“I’m not going to let you starve, Jade.” He said putting some lettuce on his fork andholding it up for me to eat. “Please.” He said looking at me with those pouty eyes again.Damn he knew I couldn’t say no to that look. I reached up to take the fork from his hand,but he just smiled and shook his head. He held the fork up to my lips for me. I lookedquickly to see if his mom or Bill was paying attention before I opened my mouth to letDavey feed me the salad. He smiled and looked into my eyes as I swallowed the lettuce.“Good?” He asked me
  17. 17. “Mmm-hmm” I said sounding kind of flustered“Good, now you can have some more.” He said happily.“Bastard” I mouthed at him. He just smiled and stuck out his tongue at me, but we bothknew he had won. I picked up my fork and began eating.“God another one. Don’t you two realize you are supposed to eat animals. That’s just theway it works.” Bill yelled from across the table. Davey looked over at me and rolled hiseyes. “Listen if you weren’t supposed to eat animals they wouldn’t be made out of meat.”He couldn’t honestly be that stupid. I just laughed politely at what I assumed was a joke.We finished eating, and I helped Davey take our dishes into the kitchen.“You’re evil Davey.” I told him as we got into the kitchen“I know.” He said and walked out of the room“Thanks mom, dinner was really good. Me and Jade are going to go upstairs for a littlewhile before he has to leave.”“That’s fine sweetie.” I followed Davey up to his room and sat back down on the couch. Iheard the phone ring downstairs.“So did you enjoy dinner?” he asked me kind of seductively. Well that was all theencouragement I needed.“Yea I really did.” I said in the same voice he just gave me. He came and sat down nextto me on the couch. I slowly reached up and moved his hair out of his eyes. Ok it wasnow or never. I put my hand on his shoulder and leaned in towards him. He let out ashaky breath and his eyes fell shut. Our lips were so close that I could feel his hot breathon my skin“Jade! your mom just called she wants you to go home now.” Bill called through thedoor. I jumped up just as he opened the door. “Did you hear me?”“Yea I heard. Thanks for having me over” I said grabbing my bag. I looked over atDavey he was still on the couch looking startled. “I’ll see you tomorrow Davey.” I saidtrying to get his attention“I’ll walk you to the door.” He said jumping up. We walked downstairs and I yelledgoodbye and thank you to Davey’s mom. Davey held the door open for me. “Wow thatwas really close.”
  18. 18. “Yea I know I’m sorry.” I told him“Don’t be. I wanted it to happen as much as you did. It just seems like we keep gettinginterrupted.” Davey said smiling kind of sadly. He was right. In the locker room, thegym, and just now upstairs in his room something had always stopped us. “Well I’ll seeyou in school tomorrow Jade. Thanks again for everything today.”“Yea see you tomorrow, and thanks for helping me, and having me over.” I turned towalk away thinking about what just happened. I turned around and saw him still standingthere watching me. I turned around and slowly walked back up the side walk towardshim.“What’s wrong?” He asked me looking slightly confused“I think I forgot something.”“Oh, what did you forget?” He asked me sounding kind of disappointed“Umm this.” I said wrapping my arm around his waist and pulling him into a deep kiss.He kind of squeaked in surprise then he started kissing back. He parted his lips slowlyand let my tongue glide into his mouth rubbing up against his. He moaned into the kiss,and reached up to tangle his fingers in my hair deepening the kiss. We both pulled awayat the same time. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said softly kissing again quickly before Iturned and walked down the sidewalk. I turned and saw him still watching me. He smiledquickly before he turned around and went back in the house. I looked back at the closeddoor for a minute before I tuned and walked the rest of the way home.Chapter 5I woke up the next morning feeling happier than I’ve felt in a long time. I got up andquickly started to get dressed. I wanted to leave a little earlier so I could stop and pickDavey up on the way. I pulled on a pair of tight black jeans and a Cure shirt, and Iquickly ran into the bathroom. I pulled out my eye-liner and carefully put a dark blackline under each eye. I made sure my hair looked ok, then I brushed my teeth, and I wasready to leave. I looked in the mirror once more to make sure I looked ok, and I grabbedmy bag and went downstairs. “Mom I’m leaving.” I yelled to my mom who was sitting atthe kitchen table reading the newspaper.“Isn’t it a little early Jade?” She asked me looking up from her paper“I guess, but I want to pick Davey up on the way so I want to get there before he leaves.”
  19. 19. “I think it’s great that you’ve made a new friend. Why don’t you bring him over afterschool? He can stay for dinner since his parents were so nice to have you over yesterday.Besides I’d really like to meet him.”“Umm ok I’ll see if he wants to come over. Thanks mom.” I told her walking over andgiving her a quick hug before I walked out the door. I walked towards Davey’s house. Iwalked up the driveway and only saw one car. Great maybe Bill wasn’t there. I walkedup and knocked on the door. A few seconds later Davey’s mom answered.“Morning Jade.” She said smiling warmly “What are you doing here this early sweetie?Not that I’m not happy to see you.” She told me pulling me into a quick hug.“I came by to pick Davey up on the way to school. He didn’t leave yet did he?”“Oh that’s wonderful. No he won’t leave for another twenty minutes. Come on inDavey’s in the kitchen.” She told me stepping aside so I could come in. “Actually youknow what can I talk to you for a second?” She said stepping outside and pulling the doorshut“Sure. Is something wrong?” I asked“No nothing’s wrong. Umm last night when you were leaving I went to turn the porchlight on for you since it was dark, and when I walked past the door I umm...” Shit I havea feeling I knew where this was going, and she’s going to kill me. “Umm I saw whathappened between you two on the porch.”“Listen I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean for it to happen like that, and I...”“It’s ok Jade I’m not upset with you. You really like him, you aren’t just screwing aroundwith him right?”“Yea I really like him a lot, I would never do anything like that to hurt him you don’thave to worry.” I told kind of relieved that she was taking this so well.
  20. 20. “I knew you wouldn’t. I could tell by the way you were looking at him at dinneryesterday that you really care about him. And you don’t have to worry about me I’m notupset at all. All though I wish Davey would have come to me, but I understand with Billand everything why he didn’t say anything. Oh speaking of Bill, I don’t think he’ll bequite so understanding about his. So it’s probably best if none of us tell him about it yet.”“Yea that probably a good idea, I really don’t want to get Davey in any trouble.” I toldher. “Umm does Davey know you saw us?”“No I didn’t get a chance to talk to him yet. Jade, I can tell he really cares about you.He’s one of the only things I have. Please take care of him for me.” She tells me pullingme into another hug“Don’t worry I won’t ever let anything happen to him.” I tell her as I follow her into thekitchen“Davey, there’s someone here to see you.” His mom tells him“Who?” He turns around, and his face lights up when he sees me. “Jade!! What are youdoing here?” He asks me getting up and pulling me into a hug. “I missed you.” hewhispered in my ear“I came to pick you up for school.” I heard the door open and a few seconds later Billappeared in the kitchen“Hey Jake, what are ya doing here?” he asks me.“Well I came by to walk Donnie to school.” I told Bill, and he looked kind of confused.“C’mon I have to finish getting ready.” Davey laughed and pulled me towards his room.“Now Penny are you sure that boy’s a good person for Davey to be friends with? I meanhe doesn’t even know his name.” I heard Bill ask from the kitchen. Me and Davey bothcouldn’t stop laughing“So is he really that stupid?” I asked Davey“Yep pretty much. You look really good today Jade.” Davey tells me. He sits down at hisdesk and starts to do his make-up.“So do you Dave, you look really great.” I tell him. Today he’s wearing tight blackpants , and a Misfits shirt, with a black fishnet shirt underneath. I watched him finish hiseye-liner, then he put bright pink eye shadow on, and finally he finished with some darkred almost black lipstick. “Beautiful.” I told him. He smiled at me and then motioned forme to come over and sit next to him. I went over and sat down in the chair next to him.
  21. 21. He walked over and sat down on my lap. He looked at me thoughtfully before he leanedin and kissed me on the lips. He pulled back quickly before I had the chance to kiss himback.“Yea just what I thought.” He said, and he grabbed his lipstick and put some on me. Heleaned back and admired his work. “You’re beautiful.” He told me, and leaned in to kissme again. He pulled away and got up from my lap. I looked in the mirror, and it actuallydidn’t look that bad. “See I told you, you’re beautiful.” He told me. “Damn it’s time togo.” We walked downstairs where Bill and Penny were eating breakfast. “I’ll see youafter school mom.” Shit I forgot to ask Davey about coming over.“Umm actually my mom said if you wanted to you could come over for dinner afterschool. She also said to tell you thank you for having me over, Penny.”“It’s no problem at all sweetie, I enjoyed having you. You two have fun at school, andcall me when you get to Jade’s.” She said smiling at us.“Ok thanks mom. I love you. See you later Bill.” Davey said and turned to walk out thedoor.“I love you too baby have a good time.”“See ya Dave. It was nice seeing you again Jake.” Bill yelled after us. We started walkingsilently. I had the feeling something was bothering Davey. He was walking slowly withhis eyes on the ground.“Hey what’s wrong Davey?” I asked“Well I really like you a lot Jade, and I don’t think it’s fair to you that I have to keep thisa secret from my mom.” I forgot that Davey’s mom didn’t tell him that she saw us. Ireached down and grabbed his hand lacing our fingers together.“It’s ok your mom told me this morning that she went to turn the light on and saw us, andshe isn’t mad. She said Bill came home and she didn’t get a chance to talk to you, butyour mom isn’t mad.”“That’s so great. I had been so worried about how I would tell her.” He looked relieved.Then he reached up and pulled me into a quick hug. “Thanks again Jade.” We walked therest of the way to school silently. I stopped quickly at my locker and grabbed my historybook. Then we went into the room and sat down next to each other.
  22. 22. “Hey! There’s my two favorite fags! Aww and they’re wearing matching lipstick that’sjust darling! How’s your head feeling Jadie?” Will yelled from across the room. I wasgoing to go over there and kick the shit out of him but I got a better idea. I walked over tohim.“Aww I missed you too Willie. Thanks for being concerned about my head.” Then Igrabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss. To my surprise he kissed meback quickly before he pulled away.“Eww fag germs! I’m gonna kill you!” He screamed. I looked over at Davey. He had hishead down on his desk, and he was laughing uncontrollably“Dude that was great!” Davey leaned over and whispered to me“You know he enjoyed it! He kissed me back.” I told Davey who was still laughing. Therest of the day went by pretty uneventfully. The last bell rang, and I quickly made myway to my locker where Davey was already waiting. I leaned in and kissed him softlysliding my tongue into his mouth. He moaned quietly, and slid his hands under my shirtrubbing my back.“Ahh god my eyes! Stop it you stupid fags.” I turned to see Nick and Will watching us. Iwant to kiss Davey again. When I heard someone calling my name.“Mr. Puget. Weren’t you supposed to come talk to me after school yesterday?” Myhistory teacher was standing there looking pissed off. “I need to see you now. Come withme”“Shit I’ll be right back baby.” I told Davey, and kissed him once more quickly before Ifollowed my teacher into the room.“Mr. Puget I’ve noticed that you have been falling asleep more often in class and yourgrades are starting to slip. You’ve always been a good student until very recently. Issomething going on that you want to talk about?”“You try concentrating with everyone calling you a fag for everything you do. It’s a littledifficult.” I told her getting kind of pissed off.“Well before I did see you in the hall kissing that new boy.”“So it’s ok for them to make my life hell cause I’m gay? I don’t really understand thepoint you’re trying to make.” I said and I got up and left. I got out into the hall just in
  23. 23. time to see Davey grab Will’s head and slam it into a locker where he collapsed on top ofan already unconscious Nick. “Holy shit Dave, what happened?” I asked him. I grabbedhis hand and pulled him away from both of the unconscious guys.“They were asking for it.” He said.“I’m sure they were. Now let’s go home before you get in trouble.” I said lacing ourfingers together, and leading him out the door.Chapter 6I can’t believe he just did that. I really had no idea he had that in him. “So whathappened?”“It’s not really important, Jade. I shouldn’t have done it, I’m going to get in trouble andmy mom’s going to kill me.” He told me sounding really upset. He said it wasn’timportant, but I knew he wasn’t telling me something. I put my arm around his shoulderand led him over to a bench.“You don’t have to lie to me Davey, you can tell me what happened I promise I’llunderstand.” I took his hand, and squeezed it reassuringly.“Ok.” He said letting out a sigh before he continued talking. “Well after you went into theclass room, I decided I was going to run to my locker. When I came back down no onewas in the hall except Nick and Will, they didn’t notice me come back. I really didn’twant to talk to them so I waited over by the door for you. I wasn’t trying to listen to whatthey were saying, but I heard your name, so I had to hear the rest of what they said. Iwalked a little closer to them so I could hear, but so they wouldn’t see me, and I heardthem...” He was kind of shaking. So I pulled him into a hug trying to calm him down. Hewrapped his arm around my waist, and put his head on my shoulder. “Jade? Please don’tlet go.” He said sounding scared. I wrapped my arms around him the rest of the way andheld him close to me.“Don’t worry baby, I won’t. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, I won’t beupset.” I started rubbing his back slowly trying to get him to calm down, only stoppingbriefly to flip off a few people who were staring as they walked by.“No it’s ok I want to tell you.” He took another deep breath before he finished “So Iheard them say your name, and I went over and I heard them saying how we disgust themand they should get some kind of revenge on us. Will said that he got an idea when youkissed him in class today, which is why he kissed back. He said they were going to try toget you to break up with me to go out with Will. Then he said after you trusted him hewas going to dump you in front of everyone at school so you learn a lesson, and he saidthat he was going to, he said...” He started shaking again, I held him tighter hoping thatnothing serious was wrong. He reached up and took my hand looking deeply into my
  24. 24. eyes. I could see the pain in them, and I knew whatever he said next was going to be bad.“Jade, he said he was going to rape you. He said then when he did that I’d never want tobe with you again.” I was going to kill that mother fucker next time I saw him . I was soangry, but I didn’t want to let Davey know.“Shh baby it’s ok. They are stupid if they even think for one second that I’d ever want tobe with anyone but you. And you aren’t going to get in trouble. You three were the onlyones in the hall, and I’ll say you were with me when it happened. I promise I won’t letanything happen to you. You’re worrying over nothing.” I told him. I lifted his chin upand pulled him into a quick kiss. “We should probably get going.” I told him standing up.Davey grabbed my hand and pulled me back down.“Not so fast.” He said pulling me into a deep kiss, immediately sliding his tongue into mymouth. I moaned softly into his mouth. We continued kissing for a few minutes, hishands were running over my chest. I forgot we were in public until I heard a car slam onit’s breaks, and I heard some inaudible yelling from inside the car. I looked up and sawBill inside his car staring at me like he could kill us both. “What’s wrong Jade?” Daveyasked“Shit we gotta go now.” Davey looked up and saw Bill staring at us from inside his car.Davey froze. “C’mon we gotta get to my house.” I said pulling him along behind me. Itonly took us about 10 minutes to run to my house. We were both panting as we got intothe house, and Davey collapsed onto my couch.“Fuck what am I going to do now?” Davey asked sounding like he was on the verge oftears. I sat on the couch with my back against the arm. I pulled Davey back so he wasresting against my chest, and I wrapped my arms around him tightly.“Well you’re going to call your mom later, and explain what happened, and then you’regoing to sleep here tonight, and every night until I fell that it is safe for you to go home.OK?” I asked him beginning to rub his shoulders.“What about your mom? She doesn’t know does she?”“Not yet but I plan on telling her when she gets home. You’re too important to me tokeep it a secret .” I leaned down and started to kiss his neck slowly. I sat up and pulledhim into my lap and started kissing him again. His tongue was rubbing up against mineslowly. I could feel his erection poking me in the stomach. I slowly moved my handsunder his shirt and began to rub his chest, moving my hands down to the top of his pants.I moved from his lips to the skin behind his ear, sucking gently and leaving a small redmark. “Do you want me to stop?” I whispered softly in his ear. I stopped and lookeddeeply into his eyes, looking for any sign of hesitation.“No, please don’t.” He said softly. I pulled him back down into a kiss, as I slowlyunbuttoned his pants. I slowly reached into his pants and began rubbing him through hisboxers. I was a little unsure of myself, I had never been with another guy before, not that
  25. 25. Davey was just any guy, and I wanted to make sure it was perfect for him. He wasmoaning my name softly in my ear. “Jade please.” He said softly, I looked up into hiseyes to make sure he wasn’t having second thoughts. His eyes were full of lust, I kissedhim once more before I slowly started to pull his pants the rest of the way down. I heardthe key turn in the lock, fuck, my mom was home early. “Shit!” Davey said jumping upto fix his pants. I quickly got up and moved over to the other chair. Davey just got hispants back up and back down on the couch before my mom came in. I looked over atDavey his hair was slightly messed up and he was still panting softly.“Hey boys.” My mom said“Hey mom.” I said in a squeaky voice. “This is Davey.” I said my voice returning tonormal“It’s so nice to finally meet you.” My mom said shaking his hand. I noticed his hand wastrembling slightly.“You too. Mrs. Puget.” He said sounding kind of nervous.“Umm mom can I talk to you it’s important.”“Sure baby what’s wrong?” She asked sitting down on the couch.“Ok this is kind of hard to say. Please don’t get mad at me.” I honestly had no idea how Iwas going to say this. I looked over at Davey who smiled reassuringly.“MomI’mgayandmeandDaveyaretogether.” I said in one breath. From the look on herface I think she understood me. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. Are you mad?”“Of course not honey. I’m just a little shocked. But I could never be mad for somethinglike that.” I let out the breath I had been holding in. Then to my surprise she leaned overand pulled Davey into a tight hug. “Jade’s a great kid you’re very lucky.”“Mom there’s one more thing.” I got up and sat next to Davey. I grabbed his hand andsqueezed it softly. My mom looked down and saw our hands. She looked up and smiledat us happily. “Davey and I were sitting on the bench outside of school, and umm, I washolding his hand and stuff, and his mom’s boyfriend drove by and saw us. He’s ummkind of a homophobe, and he flipped out. I don’t think it’s safe for Davey to go home yet.Would it be ok for him to stay here tonight?”
  26. 26. “Of course. Davey, you are welcome here anytime. When you do go back home ifsomething happens don’t ever think twice to come here.” She said smiling at us.“Thanks so much Mrs. Puget.” Davey said looking relaxed for the first time since we gothome.“Yea mom thanks. I love you .” I gave Davey a quick kiss before I stood up“You know you two really are beautiful together. I honestly don’t think there is anyonemore perfect for you Jade.” My mom said with a tear in her eye“Yea he is perfect.” I said hugging Davey tightly. “Umm I think we’re going to goupstairs until dinner. Is that ok?”“Of course. Have fun.” She said winking at us. I’m sure my face was just as purple asDavey’s was. We were just getting ready to go upstairs, when I heard pounding at thedoor.”“DAVEY I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE YOU LITTLE FAG! NOW GET OUT HEREWE’RE GOING HOME.” Davey looked terrified as Bill continued to pound on the door.“Both of you go upstairs and lock the door I’ll take care of it.” My mom said angrily“C’mon baby it’ll be fine I promise. I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”Chapter 7We ran upstairs quickly, and Davey collapsed onto my bed. “Fuck, what am I going to doJade?”“You’re going to give him some time to calm down, and you also aren’t going to worryabout it, and if he doesn’t calm down in a few days I’ll send a pack of mutant bunniesover there to eat him.” I said trying to cheer him up.“God you’re such an idiot, Jade.” He said laughing. I went over and sat on the bed next tohim.“Yes, but I made you laugh.” He moved closer to me and lays his head on my shoulder. Imove so I’m laying back on my bed, pulling Davey down with me. I wrap my armsaround him, and give him a quick kiss on the top of his head.
  27. 27. “What do you think he’ll do to me the next time he sees me?” Davey asked“Nothing. I won’t let him. I made a promise to your mother that I wouldn’t let anythinghappen to you, and I don’t ever plan on breaking that promise.”“Jade, please don’t let go.” I kiss him lightly and pull him closer to me.“Never in a million years, baby.” We lay there silently for a little while. I turn to saysomething to Davey, but he was asleep.“Jade sweetie? Wake up.” I open my eyes to find my mom shaking me lightly. “I’m sorryto wake you up honey, but your father just called , and he wants to take everyone out fordinner. He said it was ok to bring Davey, if you guys want to go.” I look over and seeDavey still curled up by my side, with his head resting on my chest.“Yea that sounds good let me see if he wants to go.” I leaned down and softly kissed himon the lips. He opened his eyes slowly, and leaned up to kiss me. “Did you sleep ok,baby?” I asked him“Yea, better than I have in a long time.”“Oh yea.” I said remembering why I woke him up in the first place. “My dad wants totake us out for dinner, do you want to go? If you want to go back to sleep that’s okthough.”“No, that sounds great, are you sure it’s ok for me to go too?” Davey asked.“Yea he wants you to go.” My mom told him “You should hurry up and get dressed, he’sgoing to be home soon.”“Umm Jade?”“Yea baby?”
  28. 28. “I uhh don’t have anything clean to wear. Do you think I could borrow something?” Heasked“Sure. Help yourself to whatever you want.” I said pointing to the closet. I pulled on aplain black button down shirt, and sat down to fix my eyeliner. I looked over and sawDavey pulling on my cure T-shirt. Shit he looked good. He turned around and continuedto look through my closet. I heard him let out an excited squeak.“Jade, you should wear this tonight, it would look so good on you.” I looked up and sawhim holding up a pink tie that I forgot I even had.“You think it’ll look ok?” I asked finishing up my eye-liner“Are you kidding? You’d look so sexy.” He said coming over and put the tie on for me.“See?” He asked wrapping his arms around my back and resting his chin on my shoulder.“How can people not see that we are perfect for each other? Who cares that we are bothguys. I care about you and that’s all that matters.” He said studying our reflection in themirror“It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks, all that matters is that we’re happy. Itdoesn’t matter to me what anyone else thinks. I’m happy as long as I’m with you.” I toldhim. I pulled him into a deep kiss my tongue immediately sliding against his. Daveypushed me up against the wall, and moved his hands down to my belt buckle. Just thenmy mom opened the door.“Oh shit I’m sorry. Umm your dad’s home. It’s time to go.” My mom said looking aboutas embarrassed as I felt.“Sorry Mom. I didn’t realize.” I said“Don’t worry about it hun I’m not upset.” I grabbed Davey’s hand, kissing him one moretime before we went downstairs. My mom and dad were waiting for us at the bottom ofthe steps.“Well this must be Davey. I’ve heard so much about you. It’s nice to meet you.” My dadsaid holding out his hand. Davey let go of my hand and quickly shook my dad’s hand.After he shook my dad’s hand, he grabbed my hand again. He was really cute when hewas nervous. My dad looked down to our hands, and smiled quickly at my mom.“It’s ok” My mom mouthed to me. “Well are you two ready?” She asked cheerfullyAfter about an hour waiting at the restaurant, we finally got seated. The waiter came overand quickly took our orders. Davey and I both ordered a salad. “So Davey how are youliking school? Jade said you just mover here right?” My dad asked“Yea me and my mom just moved. Umm school’s ok I guess.”
  29. 29. “Have you made a lot of new friends?”“Umm just one.” Davey said. He reached over and squeezed my hand under the table.“But that’s all I need.” He said smiling at me. My mom looked over at us with a hugesmile on her face. After our food came things got pretty quiet. My mom was in themiddle of telling me something that happened at work, when I felt Davey hand let go ofmine. He put his hand in my lap, and started to rub me through my jeans. I looked over athim with every intention of making him stop, but the look of lust in his eyes made meforget everything I was going to say. He unzipped my pants, and reached into my boxersslowly starting to rub me. “Yea.” I heard Davey answer my dad, although I had no ideawhat he said. Davey started to rub me faster. I knew if I didn’t make him stop soon that Iwas going to cum.“Guys we are going to run to the bathroom before we go. Ok?” I just shook my head. Iknew if I opened my mouth I’d let out the moan I was holding in.“Fuck Davey, don’t stop.” I moaned quietly as my parents left the table. He lookeddeeply into my eyes before he slid under the table. I felt his kiss his way up my thigh,before he took my whole cock in his mouth. “Mmm God Davey I’m so close. Pleasedon’t stop.” I felt myself tense up, and I knew that I was going to cum. I moaned hisname one last time before I came. He quickly zipped my pants back up, and returned tohis seat. I pulled him into a deep kiss. I slid my tongue into his mouth tasting myself onhis tongue. “Don’t worry I’ll take care of this when we get home.” I told him, reachingdown to lightly rub his erection.“Ready to go?” My dad said cheerfullyWe got into the car, and I immediately wrapped my arm around Davey’s waist. He puthis head on my shoulder and was asleep before we were out of the parking lot. I musthave fallen asleep as well, because when I woke up, I heard my mom and dad talkingabout me and Davey.“You were right dear they are great together. When you first told me I didn’t think I wasgoing to be able to handle it that well, but you were right it is about love and not gender.Did you see them trying to cover it up at dinner, but you could tell every time they lookedat each other. I’m just happy Jade found someone to make him so happy.” I heard my dadsay. I smiled to myself and pulled Davey closer to me. I heard him moan quietly in hissleep, and wrap his arms around me tighter.Chapter 8I woke up the next morning with Davey still wrapped in my arms, though now that Ithink about it I have no idea how I got into bed. My mom came in the room with a hugesmile on her face. “Morning honey.” She said still smiling. “Umm I think you guysshould stay home today, with everything that happened with Bill yesterday, I think it’s
  30. 30. best for you two to take a break for a day.”“Yea that’s probably a good idea, mom. Thanks”“Well I’m going to work, I’ll be home around five, and your father won’t be home untillate. I love you honey.”“Love you too mom.” I watched Davey sleep for a little while, before I turned myattention to the rain that had started to fall. I hated the rain, it was so gloomy anddepressing.“Morning baby.” Davey said sleepily“Morning.” I leaned down and gave a him a quick kiss. “I didn’t wake you did I?”“Nope. Besides we have to get ready for school don’t we?” He moves s he’s leaning backagainst my chest. I wrap my arms around his shoulders.“No, my mom said she thinks we should take the day off. We can go if you want tothough.”“No, I’d much rather spend the whole day with you. Hey look Jade, it’s raining!” he saidsounding excited “Can we go out in it? Please baby?”“Alright, you know I can’t resist that face.” He looked really excited. “You really are toocute.” I cupped his cheek lightly, and pulled him into a deep kiss. His tongue rubbedagainst mine quickly, he lightly bit my bottom lip before he pulled back.“C’mon let’s go.” He said getting up and pulling on a pair of my sweat pants. He randownstairs and out the door quickly. I went over and sat next to him on the wet grass.“Isn’t it beautiful?” I had never really thought about it before. I had always just assumedthat the rain was very depressing, but the more I looked around the more I noticed howbeautiful everything was. The leaves on the trees had drops of water running off them,
  31. 31. and somewhere in the distance I saw a bolt of lightning.“I have never really noticed it before, but yea it is really beautiful.” Davey laid back, andpulled me down with him.“Look baby, a rainbow!” He said pointing up to the sky. “Wow I’m sorry I bet I soundreally childish.”“Not at all.” I said pulling him close to me. We laid silently until it started to rain muchharder. “You think we should go in?” I asked sitting up.“No, let’s stay out here longer. We’re already as wet as we can get.” I looked over at him,his hair was soaked, and kind of stuck to his face, and he had drops of rain running downhis face. “What’s wrong Jade?” he asked looking concerned“Nothing.” I said taking his cheek in my hand. “I was just looking.” I pushed him backdown on the grass. I straddled his waist and kissed him gently. “I never got to thank youfor yesterday.” I whispered“Here? Don’t you think it’s a little dangerous?”“Not as dangerous as the middle of a crowded restaurant.” I kissed down to his neck, andsucked gently leaving a red mark. I reached into his boxers, and began to rub him gently.“Do you want me to stop?” He moaned softly. I slowly pulled down his pants. I slowlykissed up his thigh, and began to rub him gently.“Jade please.” he moaned as I started to rub him faster. I took his whole erection in mymouth and he started to moan loudly. “Shit Jade!” He moaned loudly and started to pullon my hair. I start to suck him faster, his finger nails are digging into my scalp. I feel likeI’m bleeding, but I don’t care. The pain makes me moan loudly around his dick. I run myteeth along his dick before I start to deep throat him. “Fuck Jade, I’m gonna cum” Hemoans loudly. He moans my name one more time before his cum fills my mouth. I moveup and kiss him gently letting him taste himself on my tongue.“C’mon let’s go inside baby.” I said pulling him up with me“See Jade, I told you the rain is beautiful.” We had just come back inside.“Yea, you’re right. I had always just thought it was really depressing.” I said pulling on adry t-shirt.“It is! But don’t you think that something can be depressing and beautiful at the sametime? I think some of the most beautiful songs ever written are also incrediblydepressing.”
  32. 32. “Yea I guess you’re right I never thought of it that way” We went downstairs to watchTV, I laid down on the couch with Davey wrapped in my arms, he fell asleep almostimmediately. I couldn’t stop thinking about everything that had happened over the lastcouple of days. Being with Davey made everything seem perfect. Even school didn’tseem so bad, because he was there with me. As much as it scares me, I think I’m fallingin love with him. The phone interrupts my thoughts“Hello?” I answer it quickly so I don’t wake Davey up“Hi Jade, it’s Penny is Davey there?”“No, he’s sleeping. Do you want me to give him a message?”“Sure.” Her voice sounded different, almost forced. “Tell him I’ve talked to Bill, and hecalmed down a lot, and we would like Davey to come home.”“Umm yea I’ll bring him home after dinner.” I honestly couldn’t believe she was stillwith Bill after how he treated Davey. She told me herself that Davey was one of the onlythings she had.“Well actually Bill wants to take Davey and I out for dinner, so if you could bring himhome now that would be great.” She said and hung up. Something definitely didn’t seemright, but I didn’t want to cause any problems so I had to do what she wanted.“Davey wake up, baby.”“Damn I can’t keep my eyes open for five minutes, sorry baby.” He said sleepily “Issomething wrong baby?”“Your mom just called, and she wants you to come home” He looked kind of nervous.“She said she talked to Bill, and he’s calmed down. She also said he’s taking you two outto dinner so we should probably go now.”
  33. 33. “I don’t want to go back if he’s there.” Davey said sounding scared.“I know, I wish you could stay with me, but your mom must think it’s safe.”“Yea, I guess you’re right. Alright let’s go.” Davey was quiet the whole way to his house,I could tell he was scared, because, because he was holding onto my hand tightly thewhole way.“Don’t worry, Dave, everything will be fine.” I pulled him into a quick kiss. I reachedinto my pocket, and pulled out some money. “I want you to take this, and if somethinghappens I want you to get your things, and get over to my house as fast as you can. OK?”“Ok, thank you Jade. I’ll see you in school tomorrow, I kissed him again before I turnedto walk away. “Jade?” I heard him call softly“What’s wrong baby?” He looked like he was on the verge of tears.“I love you.” He said as a tear slid down his cheek.“I love you too baby.” I kissed him deeply, his tongue slid into my mouth massagingmine gently. “So much.” I hugged him tightly before I turned and walked home. Icouldn’t help feeling like I betrayed him by letting him go back.Chapter 9I woke up the next morning in a hurry to get to Davey’s house. I know it had only beenover night, but I really missed him. I took a quick shower, and threw my clothes on. “I’mleaving now mom. I’m going to pick Davey up. I love you.” I yelled in one breath as I ranout the door. I ran all the way to Davey’s house to find the whole house dark, with nocars in the driveway. Damn I must have missed him. I walk the rest of the way to schoolthinking about Davey. I shouldn’t have let him go back, I have a really bad feeling thatsomething is going to happen.“Hey Jadie? Where’s Davey today, I want to talk to him?” Will said walking over to me.“Yea I want to talk to my dear friend Davey too.” Nick added“Shit, you mean he isn’t here yet?” They both shook their heads. “That god damn son ofa bitch! I’ll kill him!” I yelled leaving the two assholes standing there shocked as I raninto the school. I ran to the payphone and dialed Davey’s number. The phone rang abouttwenty times before I gave up. I was really worried now. I went to my first period class. I
  34. 34. honestly didn’t care about anything that was going on, I just wanted to get out of here.“Jade? Is everything ok?” My teacher asked. At first she sounded pissed, but I guess Imust look like shit, cause now she sounds concerned.“Yea I’m fine.” I lie“You aren’t paying attention. Didn’t we just talk about this?” I think I must have spacedout again. “Jade, please wait after the bell rings I need to talk to you.” She said angrily. Ididn’t hear another word that anyone said the rest of the period. When the bell rang Islowly walked up to the front of the room.“Yea?” I said dully“Sit down Jade.” I took a seat quickly, hoping I would get out of there soon. “Now Jade, Ican tell something is wrong, it will help you to talk about it.”“Dammit you don’t know anything.” I yelled at her, “Talking about it won’t help me findhim, talking about it won’t protect him. Fuck, I need to get out of here.” I said breakingdown into tears.“Jade, calm down. Who do you need to find?” she asked putting her hand on my shouldertrying to comfort me.“Davey.” I said quietly“What happened?”“He’s gone, and I don’t know where he is. I need to find him. Shit, I love him so fuckingmuch, and I let this happen.” I said crying harder“Please just tell me what happened.” I take a deep breath, and the whole story comespouring out. I tell her everything that happened between me and Davey. By the time I’mfinished I’m shaking uncontrollably. “Jade, I’m so sorry. You shouldn’t be here today,why don’t you go home.” she said hugging me tightly.“Thank you so much.” I say and walk out the door. I stop at Davey’s on the way home,but the house is still empty. I got home and collapsed on my bed. I stayed in my room allnight ignoring my mom and dad’s attempts to get me up.It has been almost two weeks since I’ve seen Davey. I stop at his house everyday on theway to school, but the mail piled up outside makes it clear that no one has been there forweeks. My grades at school have dropped, and they are making me see the schoolcounselor every day. It doesn’t do any good. I can’t even talk to anyone about it. So hereI am now, sitting in a damn counselors office, when I could be looking for Davey.
  35. 35. “Come on Jade you’re going to have to talk to me sometime. You’ll feel better once youget it out.”“God, all you people have no idea what the fuck I’m going through, and talking abouthow bad I fucked up my life as well as Davey’s won’t help a fucking thing. Can I pleasego now?” I yelled getting up“Please Jade, I just want to ask you a few questions about Davey.” She said pleading withme“OK I’ll tell you. Davey was my boyfriend, his mom’s boyfriend is a fucking asshole. Hetook Davey away from me. I’ll probably never see Davey again. I love Davey so fuckingmuch, and he’s gone. And I’m going to kill the asshole for taking Davey away from menext time I see him.” I yelled at her breaking down into tears. “No, whatever bullshitanswers you’re going to give me won’t help. Now I’m leaving.” I said getting up andwalking out the door. On the way home it started raining, and the rain made me think ofthe last time I was with Davey. I got home and sat down in the grass outside just likeDavey and I had done two weeks earlier. I felt weak, I hadn’t been eating or sleepingsince Davey left. To be honest I hadn’t really been dong much of anything. I sat out in therain for hours just thinking about how bad I had fucked up.“Jade what are you doing? It’s freezing. Come inside please?” My mom said. She hadjust got home from work I guess. She pulled me inside, and wrapped me in a blanket.“Jade please talk to me honey, it kills me to see you like this.” She said pulling me intoher arms on the couch.“Davey’s gone. His mom called two weeks ago, and told me to bring him home, and Ihaven’t seen him since. No one has been in his house since I saw him last. I knowsomething bad happened. I just can’t stand the thought that I let him go back there andnow he’s gone. I love him mom, and now I’ll never see him again.” I said hugging hertightly.“Shh baby, it’ll be fine. I promise we’ll find him.” I laid on the couch silently with mymom until the phone rang. I hurried up and grabbed it.“Hello?” I said into the phone. At first all I heard was silence, I was about to hang upwhen I heard Davey’s voice“Jade, is that you?” He sounded weak, and like he was in pain.“Yea, I’m here baby, are you ok?” I said my voice coming out in a mixture of excitementand fear.“I’m ok now that I talked to you, I need help though, please come get me.”Chapter 10
  36. 36. “Where are you Davey?” I felt tears come to my eyes, I was so happy to be hearing fromhim, but he said he needs help. I feel so guilty.“I’m not sure. I got off the bus somewhere downtown.” He said sounding scared. “I knowI’m by a grocery store. Does that help you at all?”“It will have to. I want you to go wait inside the store until we get there. Ok, baby?”“I don’t want to cause any trouble for you or your mom. I’ll just find a place to sleeptonight, it’s too late or you to be driving around, Im sorry I bothered you. I’ll just...”“Davey, do you actually think that I would leave you out there at night? What makes youthink that I don’t want to see you? Fuck I missed you so much. Just wait where you are,and we’ll be there as fast as we can.”“I missed you too Jade, thank you for helping me. I love you.”“I love you too, Davey, more than anything.” I told him and hung up the phone.“Jade, what’s wrong?” My mom asked coming in the room“It’s Davey, he’s somewhere downtown, he needs help, we have to go get him.” I saidpulling my mom to the car. “He said he got off the bus and he’s by a grocery store. Doyou think we’ll be able to find him?” I asked my mom as we quickly drove away“Honey, I’m not going home until we find him.” She told me reaching over to squeezemy hand. “I promise.”“Thank you mom.” I leaned my head against the cold window.“You really care about him don’t you?” My mom asked breaking the silence“I love him, mom. I love him so fucking much, and I can’t stand the fact that I let him get
  37. 37. hurt.” I said wiping away the tear that had rolled down my cheek.“He’ll be fine honey. Now he shouldn’t be too hard to find there are only two grocerystores downtown, and I’m pretty sure he’ll be here.” She told me pulling into the parkinglot. “I don’t think you can get to the other one by bus. I’ll let you go in and check ok.”“Ok mom. Thanks.” I said getting out of the car and running into the store. I didn’t seeanyone in the store. I looked around quickly.“Jade?” I heard a voice say. I looked down and saw Davey sitting on the floor leaning upagainst a shelf. He looked terrible, he looked weak and exhausted. He looked like he hadlost at least twenty pounds since I saw him last.“Davey are you alright?” I said dropping to my knees next to him. I grabbed his handgently, and helped him to his feet. As soon as he stood up he pulled me into a tight hug.“I thought I was never going to see you again, Jade. I thought you forgot about me.”Hearing him say this brought tears to my eyes. I tilted his head up and kiss him gently.“I would never forget about you, Davey.”“Hey can you two take that outside? You’re making me sick.” The redneck behind thecounter yelled. I was about to say something to him, but Davey stopped me.“Let’s just go baby.” I grabbed Davey’s bags and walked to the car. Threw his things intothe front seat, and I went and sat next to him in the back seat. I pulled Davey into my lapand kissed him gently.“Do you want to talk about what happened?” I asked rubbing his back gently“Not right now, but I promise I will soon. Ok?”“That’s alright, baby. But I’m here whenever you’re ready to talk.” I told him wrappingmy arms around him.“Thank you, Jade.” He said hugging me tightly. “Jade, you’re the only thing I have leftnow, please don’t leave me.” I look at him and see fear in his eyes.“Davey, I don’t think I could live without you.”
  38. 38. “I love you.” Davey says laying his head on my shoulder“I love you too, baby. I promise I won’t let anything happen to you again.” I lean downand kiss him on the top of his head, and pull him closer to me. I grabbed Davey’s handlacing our fingers together. I noticed that his hands were shaking badly. “Baby, what’swrong?”“Oh, nothing. I haven’t eaten anything today, so I guess I’m just hungry.”“That’s not nothing, you have to eat something.” I told him “Mom, do you think wecould stop somewhere to get something to eat?” My mom pulled into the parking lot of arestaurant, and handed me some money.“I just ate so I’m not very hungry. I’m going to let you two go by yourself. ok?” My momasked“Ok, thanks mom.” Me and Davey were waited on quickly, and there weren’t manypeople in the restaurant. “Do you want to talk about it now?” I asked squeezing Davey’shand gently“Ok” He said “Umm well when I got home my mom was waiting at the door for me. Assoon as I got in the house she started screaming at me that I don’t love you, and that Ineed help. She had all my things packed, she told me that we were moving back to Bill’shouse to get me away from you so that she can help me.”“I thought your mom was ok with us?” I asked“She lied. She said she had this planned since the first time she saw us together. When wegot into the car Bill started screaming at me the whole way that I was nothing but a stupidfag. and that he would kill me if I didn’t fix myself.” He told me with tears in his eyes. Igot up and sat next to him in the booth wrapping my arms around him.“It’s ok now baby. I won’t let anything happen to you again.” I said holding him tightly“When we got there, Bill went through all my things and threw away everything he saidwas too gay. He threw away almost all of my clothes. Then he said that he was refusingto feed me the shit that I ate, and I would have to eat normal if I was going to eat at all.So I actually haven’t eaten anything since I was at your house.”
  39. 39. “Why didn’t you leave sooner?” I asked him“They had me locked in my room the whole time. They said they weren’t going to let meout until I admitted that I was better. So I told them that I wasn’t gay, and I had made amistake.” He looked at me with tears in his eyes again. “I told them that I didn’t love you.Even though it was a lie, it was still the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. It was horrible,the only thing that kept me from killing myself was knowing that you were waiting forme.” I couldn’t believe what he was telling me.“It’ll be ok now. I promise I’ll take care of it for you. I’ll never let anything hurt youagain.” I told him kissing him gently.“I know you won’t. I love you.” Davey said kissing me gently. He wrapped his armsaround me and let his tongue slide into my mouth. He moaned softly.“I love you too. More than anything.” I looked up and saw our waiter standing therelooking embarrassed.“Shit I’m sorry. I should have said something.” He said handing us our food“It’s alright. I’m sorry too.” I told him. I looked over at Davey who was laughing quietly.“What?”“I don’t think he was too bothered by us.” He said still laughing“And how do you know that?” I asked him. At this point we were both laughing so hardthat Davey couldn’t finish his sentence.“All I’m saying is that it was hard to miss. Didn’t you notice?” He asked trying not tolaugh again.“I did. And might I point out you excellent word choice.” Davey was laughing so hardthat people at other tables were starting to stare. “Damn it wasn’t that funny. Be goodhere he comes.” He buried his head in my neck to try to stop laughing.“Is he ok?” Our waiter asked handing me the check“Uhh something just set him off. It doesn’t really take a big thing to do that to him.”“I dunno Jade, I thought it was pretty big.” He said seriously causing me to start laughingagain.“Shit I’m sorry.” I told the waiter handing him the money.“It’s alright.” He said still looking mildly confused. “Hey don’t I know you?” He asked
  40. 40. “Umm I don’t think so.” I told him“Oh yea, you were that dude who flipped out on the counselor on Friday.”“Oh yea I do remember seeing you there. I’m Jade, and this is Davey.” I told him“Nice to meet ya both. I’m Hunter. Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow at school.”“Yea, nice to meet you too.” I told him“Why were you at the counselor?” Davey asked me as we walked back to the car.“I was worried about you, and they made me go talk to her. She just made things worse.”I told Davey wrapping my arm around his shoulder.“Well you two look like you’re in a better mood.” My mom said smiling as we got in thecar.“Yea we are.” I told her. Giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. I rode the rest of the wayhome thinking about everything that Davey had told me, and what I was going to do thenext time I saw Bill. I fell asleep for the first time in over a week with Davey wrapped inmy arms.Chapter 11I woke up the next morning to find Davey sitting at my desk writing in a black notebook.“Morning beautiful.” Davey said getting up and kissing me quickly.“Well someone’s in a good mood this morning.” I said kissing him again “So what wereyou doing up so early?”“I woke up about an hour ago, and I couldn’t fall back to sleep. I was writing.”“Oh, what were you writing?” I asked laying my head on his shoulder.“It’s a surprise.” He told me. “Now get up, we’re going to be late for school.” I got up,and got dressed quickly. I went in the bathroom to fix my hair. When I came out of thebathroom Davey was still putting on his make-up.
  41. 41. “Weren’t you the one who was rushing me cause we were going to be late?” I askedsmiling at him.“Well now you know my secret, I am a hypocrite! Can you ever forgive me?”“God you’re such an idiot, Davey” I said laughing“Yes, but I made you laugh.” He said turning to finish his make-up. I laughedremembering our conversation about the mutant bunnies we had a few weeks ago. “HeyJade? Since Bill threw away most of my clothes, do you think I could borrowsomething?”“Sure baby, help yourself.” I told him picking up my guitar from next to my bed.“I can’t believe that bastard threw away my Joy Division shirt, you can’t even get anotherone like that anymore.” He said bitterly“I’m sorry baby.” I told him. I started to play Lovesong by The Cure while I was waitingfor him to get dressed. Davey came over and sat next to me on my bed.“I really love that song. It’s beautiful.” He said as I finished playing. “You’re really good.Will you play something else for me?” He asked laying his head on my shoulder“Sure, what do you want to hear?” I asked“Anything. Surprise me.” I thought for a minute before I started to play the song I hadwrote for Davey while he was gone. “Wow, that was really beautiful. I don’t think I’veever heard that song before. What is it?” Davey asked me“Umm, I wrote it.” I told Davey nervously“Really? It’s beautiful.” Davey said wrapping his arm around me “What’s it called?”“Ever and a Day.” I told him. “I wrote it for you, do you like it?” Davey looked at mewith tears in his eyes. He leaned in and kissed me gently.“Jade that was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, I love it.” He kissed meagain. “And I love you.”
  42. 42. “I’m glad you liked it baby.” I leaned in and kissed him softly. My mom comes in theroom, and I pull back slowly. “Morning mom.” I say“Morning sweetie. C’mon you two are going to be late.” She said smiling. I sit my guitardown on my bed, not bothering to put it away. I pick up my bag and walk downstairswith Davey behind me.“Love you mom.” I said kissing her on the cheek“Love you too honey. Have a good day Davey.” She said hugging him tightly before weleft. I wrap my arm around Davey’s waist as we start walking to school. We get to schoola few minutes early.“I’m going to stop at my locker real quick, baby.” Davey tells me“Alright. Love you.”“I’ll only be gone a few minutes.” He tells me laughing softly“Yea, I know, but I still love you.”“Oh ok. I love you too.” He tells me, kissing me quickly before he turns and walks to hislocker. I walk into my first period class with a smile on my face.“Morning Jade.” My teacher says “How are you doing today?” She asks me worriedly“I’m great.” I tell her. She looks confused, but she doesn’t say anything else. I think shedoesnt want to upset me. I had been kind of on edge since Davey left, and she doesn’tknow he’s back. I go sit in my seat and pull out my notebook that is covered in heartswith Davey’s name in them.“Morning.” Davey says to her as he comes in the room.“Davey! How are you doing? We’ve missed you these last two weeks.” She said smilingat me.“I didn’t miss him ma’am.” Nick said causing his friends to detach their lips from his asslong enough to laugh.“That’s enough Nick.” She said. Davey came and sat down next to me, I smiled at himquickly before I went back to drawing on my notebook. Today I was drawing a flamingheart with Davey’s name in it. I was almost finished when I felt something hit me in thearm. I looked up and saw Davey staring at me.“Whatcha drawing?” Davey whispered to me. I handed him my notebook. He looked at it
  43. 43. thoughtfully for a few seconds before he picked up his pencil and drew something. “It’sbeautiful” He said handing me my notebook back. I looked at it and I saw that underneathhis name he wrote mine. Now it said ‘Davey and Jade’ inside the heart. I looked over athim again, and this time he handed me a folded piece of paper. I opened up the note, andstarted to read it.‘Dear Jade,I started writing this for you after the first day we met, while you were in the nursesoffice, and I finished it while I was at Bill’s house. I was really scared to actually let youread this, but I figured that since you played me the song you wrote for me this morningit was only fair that I showed you this. Well I’m kinda rambling.’I looked over to Davey having no idea what he was talking about. When I looked at himhe handed me the notebook he was writing in this morning. “First page.” He whispered. Iopened it up to the first page and saw what turned out to be a song he wrote for me. Istarted reading.‘To my beautiful Jade,Lie in the comfort of sweet calamity with nothing left to lose.Lie in the darkness, I’m slowly drowned to sleep with nothing left to lose.Three tears I’ve saved for you.I’d retrace the steps that lead me here but nothing lives behind me.So I lie in this field bathed in the light that loves me, with nothing left to lose.Three tears I’ve saved for you.Will you be my beloved? Will you help me to get through?Will you be my destruction? Will you help me to be through?’I reread it a few times, and each time the beauty of his words hit me a little more. “Didyou like it?” Davey leaned over and whispered in my ear“It was beautiful, baby. Thank you so much.” I leaned over and kissed him gently.“Ma’am can you please ask the fags to stop? They are making it hard for me toconcentrate.” Nick said“Yes, that is enough you two.” she told us
  44. 44. “Sorry” Davey mumbled quietly pulling away from me“Yea, sorry” I said“And that’s enough out of you, Nick” She said smiling at me. The bell rang, and Daveygrabbed my hand pulling me out of the room. As soon as we got out in the hall he pushedme up against the wall and kissed me deeply sliding his tongue in my mouth. I moanedsoftly as he began to grind his hips into mine.“Not now Davey.” I moaned in his ear. He bit down on my neck gently causing me tomoan loudly.“Then let’s go I need you now.” Davey said grabbing my hand and pulling me out of thedoor.“Where are we going?” I asked“Umm, I don’t know.” He said “Around the back of the school?” He asked me“Yea that’s good.” I said as he started to pull me towards the back of the school. As wegot closer I could hear voices and groaning coming from behind the school. “Damnsomeone’s already back there.” I said walking closer to see what was going on. When wegot around the back we saw Hunter with his face buried in some guys lap.“Shit Hunter don’t stop.” The guy moaned. He had his back to us so I couldn’t tell who itwas. Just as me and Davey were about to walk away Hunter looked up and saw usstanding there.“Shit!” Hunter said jumping up“What’s wrong, Hunter?” He asked zipping up his pants“I’m so sorry.” I said apologizing to them both.“Well I guess we’re even now.” Hunter laughed “Davey and Jade, this is my boyfriendAdam. Adam this is Davey and Jade. I met them at the restaurant yesterday.”“Uhh, it’s very nice and very awkward to meet you both.” Adam said laughing.“Yea you too.” I said shaking his hand. “Umm well we’re going to go, and let you to,uhh, finish.” I said turning to walk away.“Hey guys?” Hunter yelled after us“Yea?” I asked“Tomorrow do you want to come out here with us? Ya know talk and shit?” He asked“Sure that sounds great. See you tomorrow.” I yelled
  45. 45. “Yea see you tomorrow. It was nice meeting you Adam.” Davey yelled as we walkedaway. “Shit that was totally awkward.” Davey said laughing. Davey wrapped his armaround me as we walked home. “Is it wrong to be as turned on as I am right now?” Daveyasked me laughing“Maybe, but I’m just as turned on as you , so it’s ok.” I said wrapping my arm around hisshoulder“Hey, did you leave the door open this morning?” Davey asked me“No, why?” I asked confused“Well, your front door is wide open.” He said sounding worried. I turned and saw that mydoor was open, and I saw Bill speed out of the drive way.“That son of a bitch.” I said with running down the street to my house.Chapter 12I ran in the front door and looked around. I didn’t see anything missing or even moved.“Is everything alright?” Davey asked“I’m not sure, everything seems fine down here.” I told him“I’ll go check upstairs for you. Ok?”“Alright thanks, baby.” I told him. I walked into the kitchen, a few drawers were opened,but nothing looked like it was missing.“Shit, Jade come here.” I heard Davey yell from upstairs“What’s wrong?” I asked running up the stairs“Just come here, please?” He said sounding upset. I found him standing in my roomholding a piece of paper.“What’s that baby?”“Shit Jade I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.” Davey says. I come over and wrap my armsaround him“What’s your fault? He didn’t do anything. I checked, and everything is fine.” I told him“No, it’s not fine. Look.” He said pointing over to my bed. I looked over and saw myguitar laying on my bed smashed into pieces. “I’m really sorry, Jade.” Davey said
  46. 46. wrapping his arms around me.“Baby, it’s not your fault.” I said hugging him tightly“Yes it is. He said in the note that if I don’t come home, he’s going to come back. I’mjust going to go back, I don’t want to cause you any more trouble.” He started to gatherall his things together. I walked over to him, and took his bag out of his hands.“I’m not letting you go back there. It’s not safe.” I told him sitting down on the bedpulling Davey into my lap.“I’m not staying. I’m not going to let anything else happen to you.” He told me trying toget up.“Davey, he just broke my guitar. Yea I’m pissed, but I care about you a little more thanthe guitar.” I picked up the pieces of my guitar and sat them next to my bed. “I promiseI’ll make this better.” I told Davey pulling him down next to me on the bed.“Hey guys, how was your day?” My mom asked walking into the room.“Umm, it was alright.” I told my mom“Shit, what happened to your guitar.”“Bill was here looking for Davey, and I guess he got pissed when he couldn’t find him.” Itold her“That’s terrible. All this shit has to stop.” My mom said sounding angry.“It doesn’t matter, mom. I don’t care as long as Davey is safe.” I told me mom pullingDavey close to me“Hey baby?” Davey said as my mom left the room“Yea?” I said“I have to go do something I’ll be back later.” He said getting up“I’ll go with you.” I said. “I don’t want you to go by yourself.”“You can