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Design technology

  1. 1. AS Design TechnologyDan Penn Mood BoardDirect point of Brand Initial Gant Chart Assembly and sales analysis Specification Links FX Customer Questionnaire Materials Profiling
  2. 2. This is a direct point of sale promoting ‘Tony Ferguson’ whichis a company selling products to allow you to loose weighteasily. I do not think this is a good direct point of sale as itdoes not promote what the products do very well. The text onthe side of the cardboard container can not be read and theproduct isn’t stacked neatly. It does have some goodfeautures such as a substantial amount of space and thecompanys name is placed in large letters across the top at eyelevel, which makes it easier and more appealing to thecustomer. Next
  3. 3. This is a direct point of sale advertising thecompany Hovis. Hovis is a big brand companywhich sells different varieties of bread. I feel thisis a good direct point of display as it stands out. Itstands out by using big bold vibrant colors such asyellow. It also advertises the latest offer thecompany is selling in big bold writing, covering allangles of sight for the customer. The bread is setout neatly on each one and the companys logo iseasily visible. I feel this would attract/catch theeye of any customer despite their age. My last and final point of display is a very well recognised one. Walls ice cream is one of the largest ice cream manufactures across the country and is well known for selling certain varieties of ice creams and ice lollies. This type of storage display is good because it meets the aims of the ice cream by keeping them cool and frozen but also advertises its company on the sides and top, making it easily visible for the customer. This type of point of display can be found in many different places such as supermarkets, off licences and news agents. Home
  4. 4. This is a very good direct point ofsale as it contain many featuresthat would appeal to the targetaudience. One of the good sellingpoints it has is its color. It usesbright color to attract its targetmarket and draw them to theirproducts. It also has an interactiveside, where the customer can tryout the pen/pencil before they buythe product. The direct point ofsale separates the products neatlyand makes it look wellrepresentable. Next
  5. 5. The company lynx aims its products at the teenage market. My opinion of old spice is that it aims at I think that like Lynx, Fish Soho is alsoThe adverts broadcasted on the TV are a big selling point older males aged 21+. It has a classical aimed at the target audience of teenagers asfor the product, inspiring the teenagers of today to be the edge to the branding of the product. the it gives off a more funky style by using funnymale on the advertisement. Lynx is owned by Unilever and aim of the brand is to eliminate body names and bright colours on the packaging.sells male grooming products such as aftershave,deodrant odours and stop males from severe Fish started as a hairdressers, cuttingand shower gel. Although Lynx’s lead product is sweat. The company uses well known everyday peoples hair across Central London.the fragranced aerosol deodorant body celebrity faces to promote the branding Fish decided to release their ownspray, other formats of the brand exist. of the company and to attract the targetWithin underarm care the following are audience towards their products.available: deodorant aerosol body spray,deodorant stick, deodorant roll-on, anti-perspirant aerosol spray (called Lynx Dry),and anti-perspirant stick (also called LynxDry). Next
  6. 6. I believe that LOreal men expert is targeting the older male due to the use of certain well known celebrities and the aims of the product. The product aims to reduce wrinkles and make your skin look less tired and more fresh and healthy.Back Next
  7. 7. Lynx is a brand selling male grooming products, owned by the British/Dutch company Unilever. I feel this brand is targeting the young males/ teenagers due to the advertising and packaging of the product.Although Lynx’s lead productis the fragranced aerosoldeodorant body spray, otherformats of the brand exist.Within underarm care thefollowing are available:deodorant aerosol bodyspray, deodorant stick,deodorant roll-on, anti-perspirant aerosol spray(called Lynx Dry), and anti-perspirant stick (also calledLynx Dry).Lynx was launched in France in 1983 by Unilever. It was inspired by another of Unilevers brands, Impulse.Unilever were keen to capitalize on Lynx’s French success and the rest of Europe from 1985 onwards, later introducing the otherproducts in the range. Unilever were unable to use the name Axe in the United Kingdom and Ireland due to trademark problems soit was launched as Lynx.The European launch of the deodorant was followed by success in Latin America and moderate impact in Asia and Africa. In the newmillennium, the brand has launched with great success in the United States and Canada. The company has also widened its portfolioby overlapping male deodorants into the Lynx brand such as South Africas Ego brand.Unilever has now launched its first Lynx product for women in the United Kingdom as part of a global expansion of the previouslymen’s-only brand. Next
  8. 8. Aesthetics CostSome of the aspects of my aesthetics for my One main thing I need to take into perspective is the quantity topoint of sale I will be looking at are: brand quality ratio. I also need to think about the cost of my materialscolours, working around and studying what that I could use, whether I use more expensive materials. Also Icolours my brand use. Shapes, the different need to into perspective the cost of manufacturing. Other things Ishapes I can use to attract my target need to look at are the point of sale in the shop and how much it isaudience. Logos, studying the different areas I going to cost if I wanted to place mine on the shop floor.can place the companys logo. Styles andpatters, looking at all the different styles and Safetypatterns and which ones will suit my customer Size some of the safety aspects I need to look at are:and information, the information and text Things I need to takewhich will be placed onto my direct point of .Personal health, such as asthma into perspective are thesale. .The person assembling the products stability of the point of .avoidable instances Customer sale. So that it can fit in .falling over The aspects of my products the shop nicely and .sharp edges should be aimed at my neatly. But also the customer through targeting Materials floor space to cost ratio, Some of the materials I am allowing me enough the right age range, by using going to be looking to use are space to advertise but correct colours and shapes. alluminium,oak and acrylic. I not too much so it The certain shops it is placed am looking to use these becomes a waste of in, shops my target market materials to attract the target money. would visit and also audience and to be able to fit anthropometrics. into its environment.EnvironmentWhen we are looking at the environment we need to look atthe position of the point of sale in the shop and its surroundings. Initial SpecificationThis is because it needs to be placed in a position with similarsurrounding which would attract the target audience. Next
  9. 9. Task Analysis.Functionality & Features: Colours, pictures, shapes, design, materials, video, smells, sounds, tasting,textures..Visibility & Position: In it’s own space, no other choice or products in the way/around it, eye-level hanging,moving..Target Markets: Young, teenaged, middle aged, older generation, male or female, unisex..Aesthetics/Branding: Shape & colour scheme, name & price of product, lighting, from a distance/up close,distinctive, eyefall..Materials: Plastics, glass, metal, wood, finishes: reflective, matte, smooth, textured, recyclable, sources..Safety: No spiky edges, any parts that stick out, brightness, sound level, fire resistant, notcombustible/explosive.Sustainability: Materials used, uses for other products/designs, recyclable, adaptable, componentreplacements.Environment: What type of shop, which isle/area, positioning, direction of display, consideration of footfalland eyefall..Interactivity: Samples, testers, sensors, theme, method of purchase, use of 5 senses (video, smells, sounds,tasting, textures).Social Networking/Web: Use of QR and barcodes, facebook/ twitter pages, website (layout andbranding)..Construction: Where will it be made, processes, assembly, source of materials, types of glue/joints..Ergonomics: Ease of view/reach, distance from customer to product, level, position/angle..Price: Value of the product, reputation of the brand, time it will be used for, type of shop it is in..Future: Future products/releases of the brand, trends/fashions, other companies , direction of themarket/technology. Next
  10. 10. Logical Links FxHave the brand name clearly displayed on the unitIt is logical to have the product on display, so people can see itTo have it positioned where there is a large footfallLocated near other fragrancesClear what the product doesTo have the products at eye lineProducts near the till because they’re already spending moneyHave the unit relative in size to the productTo have small samples so consumers can test itIllogicalFor the price to be displayedShow all products, full focus on oneTo be dishonest to the consumer so they have full trust in youFor the unit to look cheap when displaying an expensive productTo sell in non-related stores as you wouldn’t have many salesTo put the point of sale unit in a place of the shop where it is not visible to the passing customersNeedThe product on show so the customers know what they’re purchasingThe unit must stand on its own without any support so it should be freestandingIt needs to be safe to handle when customers want to test itTo inform the customers about what it does if it is a new brandAccessible to the customer with ease otherwise if it is in a box they probably wont be bothered to ask someone about itTo be easy to use and simpleKeep-I am going to keep the social media part of it so that it is fun and interactiveI am going to keep the product on display and where there is a heavy footfall because more people will go past itI am going to keep the theme of the brand with its old heritage look so that customers get a feel for the brandScrapI am going to scrap the demo manikin as I think it cheapens the effect of the unitI may scrap the barber chair theme as this would be to cost expensive and would be difficult to get hold ofFunction vs. FormThe form of the unit so the aesthetics should be more effective than the function as more people will go past it rather than go up to it and test itThe function should be efficient, honest and reflect what the brand does for the customerX-FactorThe X factor of the unit will be its interactive screen with fun videos about the brand and it will have links to the social media trends and websites Home
  11. 11. Gant Chart Next
  12. 12. Next
  13. 13. Price: High Competitors Ive placed the fragrance Jump’ by Joop! In this position as I feel it is very high priced,but not very popular due to the branding. Joop! Isnt one of the largest, Ralph Lauren, or otherwise know as popular brands but still has expensive Polo, is one of the most popular products. fragrances purchased and used across the UK. I have placed it in this position because the products are still fairly expensive but at the same very popular.Popularity: Popularity: HighLow I have placed Lynx in this position as I feel that it is a very cheap brand, which is a good factor as it makes it more accessible to the targeted customer. And I feel that Lynx is a very popular product and appeals to a wide I have placed the Adidas target audience. aftershave fragrance in this position as it is dirt cheap compared to other products and is not very popular. Adidas is one of the largest sports brands across the world, and most customers go to their company to buy sports accersiories,not aftershave. Next Price: Low
  14. 14. Customer Profiling Lynx aims its products at the older teenagers/young male market. We know this from the packaging of the product, which uses bright primary colours, and the cost of the products, making it easier and more affordable for the customer. Lynx is a brand selling male grooming products, owned by the British/Dutch company Unilever. I myself would personally use Lynx as I feel it is affordable and does what it needs. Lynx stands out to me as it uses bright vibrant colours on dark back grounds, making it jump out of the shelf.Older teenagers/young males useLynx products because they areattracted to the branding andadvertising of the product. Thecompany Lynx advertises young menusually a little older than the age groupwearing the product, allowing them toattract various girls due to the product.This the automatically appeals to thetarget customer, inspiring them to bethe males presented on the advert .My stereotypical customer for myproduct would be a sports player.He/she would use Lynx beforeand after matches to destroyodour from things such as sweatand mud. My customer stillattends school in the higher yearsand likes to go out of a weekendwith friends to various places. Mycustomer likes to constantly smellgood wherever he or she goes. Atschool my customer studies The main selling point towards the older teenage age range is the advertisingphysical education, media and of the product. TV adverts which represent the brand always show a youngEnglish. My stereotypical male aged 21-25 attracting the opposite sex easily. When older teenagerscustomer who buys the product view this advert, they are automatically drawn towards the brand, aspiring toon a regular basis, comes from a be the young males represented on the advert. This gives a message acrossfairly average background. to the target audience of the brand, that if you wear there products you willHe/she had other siblings and attract the opposite sex, which most older teenagers are constantly lookingparents who work hard. they live to a semi detached house in afairly goof area. My customerenjoys his sports and is alwayslooking to attract the opposite sex. Next
  15. 15. Environmental Snapshot I would place my direct point of sale in a shop like this as it fits the genre of the shop and would be surrounded by products of the same calibre. I would place my direct point of sale in the fragrance area. By doing this means it makes it easier for the customer, allowing the customer to know where our products our stored in the shop. I would also pay extra to have my product placed at eye level. I feel this is a vital element of distributing our product making it more accessible and eye catching towards potential customers. Stores such as Boot and Super Drugs are perfect for my product because they are leading cosmetic stores which sell similar products to mine. I would like to place my direct point of sale in the mens aftershave area, as I feel it would best suit the environment and can be marketed against other brands.
  16. 16. Average price per product: HighBrand Analysis I have placed the brand Jean Paul Gautier in this position as I feel it is not as big as other brands but still produces high end expensive I have placed Polo in products. this position as I feel it is one of the most popular if not the most popular brands out there. It produces high end products at a reasonably high price.Popularity: Popularity: HighLow I have placed the brand Lynx in this area as it is one of the largest well known brand aimed at teenagers. It produces low priced products which I Have placed Mr Natty in appeals to the target audience, this position as I feel that it allowing them more sales. is not a very popular product and the prices arent very high. I feel this is not a popular brand as it only appeal to a thin gap in the market. Home Average price per product: Low
  17. 17. Questionnaire1. Does a point of sale influence you towards By making a questionnaire it allows me purchasing the product advertised? to design my product around the Yes No Sometimes customers needs. The results will allow me to assemble and design a direct point2.What do you think the ideal size of a point of sale... of sale which will appeal to a wide range Chest height, Eye Level, Head Height or Above of the target audience. By making it Head Height appeal more to my target audience, it will catch the eye of a potential customer3.Is it important that the point of sale is interactive more easily. I asked my questionnaire to an age range of 14-23 year old male and Yes No Sometimes females. By doing my questionnaire I asked 10 different students who take a4. How long will you spend at a point of sale wide range of different subjects within.1-2minutes the school. By using different styles of.4-5minutes students gives me a wider range of.5-10minutes answers. Here are my results....10+minutes5.What do you feel is more important for a direct point of sale, form or function? Back Next
  18. 18. Questionnaire Results 1.Does a point of sale influence you towards purchasing the 2.What do you think the ideal size of a point of sale... Chest product advertised? height, Eye Level, Head Height or Above Head Height Yes No Sometimes 5.What do you feel is more important for a direct point of sale, form or function? From these results of this question I have found out that over half of the 10 From these sets of results from this shows me how the people I asked feel that a direct point potential customers feel that no direct point of sale of sale does not influence the should be above head height, and I should really be purchasing of the product and it’s the putting my direct point of sale at eye level to increase quality and price of the product which sales in the product. is the main influence. From this set of results I 3.Is it important that the point of sale is interactive 4. How long will you spend at a point of sale have found that most of .1-2minutes the potential customers Yes No Sometimes .4-5minutes feel that form is more .5-10minutes important than function. .10+minutes This is useful to me as I can now focus on the aesthetics of the direct point of sale rather than the function of it. From these sets of results it indicates to me thatBy receiving the results from question 3 I have 4 out of the 10 target audience I surveyed wouldrealised that my direct point of sale defiantly only spend 1 to 2 minutes at a direct point ofneeds to be interactive. The potential customers sale. This tells me that on my direct point of salefeel it needs to be interactive as they feel they I need to get my point across quickly andwould spend more time at more product. . efficiently Back Next
  19. 19. Assembly And Materials These are perhaps the most common types of Free standing point of sale units point of sale units. They are made out of are very risky. They can easily cardboard and can display multiple items. They can easily be broken or smashed. are usually delivered in a flat pack. To put the These points of sales are usually unit up, you’d need to unfold the cardboard. The point of sale is cheaper than those of higher fully assembly . once used they materials but do not last very long as the material can be re used and different isnt very strong and hasn’t got long durability. products can be placed within. The product is easily recyclable. This point of sale is hard to dispose of and would be used more than once.This is a free standingacrylic point of sale Some point of sales would be in aunit. They can be used display case on a portrait and Sometimes, the display case wouldlandscape. They can be part of the point of sale. Thealso be wall mounted, bottom half would be made out offree standing ,laid flat wood, metal or some cheaper onesor hung from cable out of plastics. Can be
  20. 20. Research PlanQuestionnaire Competitors What Ive learnt from carrying out research on my competitors is the differentI feel that my questionnaire was very useful to my research plan as it styles, prices and colours that my main competitors use. This page was verygave me a good understanding of what my target audience is attracted useful to me as it told me all of my main competitors that my brands faces, andto and what they find good in a direct point of sale. By carrying out a Environment what they do to set their brand out from others.. Carrying out research on myquestionnaire it gave me a clear set of results of what I should base my al Snapshot competitors taught me how to present my brand in a unique way which willdirect point of sale on. separate it from others, while also appealing to the target audience.Environmental Snapshot Customer ProfilingAn environmental snapshot helped me design my direct Competitors By researching my stereotypical customer, this has helped mepoint of sale to fit the genre and needs of the shop floor. a lot with the design of my direct point of sale, allowing me toI found this helpful as it tells me the best size for my Questionnai design it more suitable and attractive towards the potentialdirect point of sale and the outline design I should re customer. Through research on my potential customers it haschoose for the best floor space to cost ratio. helped me with the design, colours and interaction of my direct Customer Profiling point of sale.Assembly and MaterialsAssembly and materials helped me design my directpoint of sale very well. It gave me a good understanding Assembly&of the wide range of varieties the direct point of sales Brand Materialscan be assembled. This then also helped me with my Analysispackaging, giving me different options on how to packmy product and the one which suits my direct point ofsale the best. Brand Analysis The brand analysis helped me out a lot as it gave me a wide perspective of all the other brands and competitors. Through my brand analysis I learnt all the different popularities of different styles of companys and also the expenses of the company (average price per product). This then gave me the best perspective on how popular and expensive my brand is and how I should market and present my direct point of sale.
  21. 21. 50 Initial Designs
  22. 22. 20 Further Designs
  23. 23. Construction: I have studied various Aesthetics: My development of my Components: One of my maindifferent hinges to place on my point aesthetics for my direct point of sale is components of my point of sale unit isof sale unit to allow the door to open the colours used. My point of sale unit is my testers which will be placed insideand close. After all my research based around a first aid box/kit the direct point of sale unit. The testerthroughout the different joints I ,continuing with the theme of ‘What will be a Polaroid picture, containingdecided to do first hand research, by happened last night?. Through my images of ‘the night before’. Eachanalysing different joints around the research on the internet I looked at the picture will contain the scent of theschool, seeing the durability of the various colours used on modern and also fragrance and have information aboutjoint and the aesthetics of the joint. In old fashioned first aid boxes. I found out the company. The pictures will varyand around my school I found two that there is various colour first aid boxes from things such as beer bottles tomain hinges, a casement hinge and a specific to the medical danger being kebab shops. To give me a gooddoor hinge. Both these joints work carried out. For example an all over red understanding of images to use on myreally well and carry out the job box with a white cross symbolises a fire Polaroid pictures I surveyed 30 malesintended. I decieded to go with a door hazard. This means the products inside and 30 females aged 18+ the 5 mostjoint as the casement job will not fit my the box will be specific to fighting fire with common things they would use on adirect point of sale and will not work heatproof blankets and also treatments night out. This gave me a wide rangewith the job needed. This was a good for fire injuries like burn cream. I also of ideas to use as images for myhinge to choose as it fits the found a plain all green with white cross pictures. This is a good idea to use asspecification perfectly and also looks first aid box. This is amore modern first testers as it is very different fromgood on my direct point of sale. aid box and contains products aimed at others and makes the brand more all different injuries. I have chosen to individual. I know this from my uses these colours as I feel it will appeal research of other companies testers to more of a wider range of audience and the information/text which is making it more recognisable, and is also placed onto them. Most companies modern appealing to its target audience. have a small thin white piece of plastic advertising only the company with the fragrance placed onto the stick.
  24. 24. Material: For my first aid box, Construction: Making my first aid box was Components: Making and assemblingmaterial is key as the box needs one of the hardest problems I came the handle onto my direct point ofgood stability and durability. across. Assembling each side of the sale unit I found very easy, as thereChoosing the right material took a acrylic plastic walls is tough as it needs to was a wide range of different handleslong while to work out as the have good durability and stability for the to choose from. First I chose theaesthetic side always interfered, with first aid box to stay in its intended shape. material I would use for making mythe boxes designs and colours came I made a card model to show all the handle. I decided to choose woodinto consideration. I then tested out different ways in which the box can be over acrylic plastic and metal filings.acrylic plastic. This was a very good made. Firstly I made each side the This is because the metal filings Imaterial to use as it carries out all correct length as was left with 6 card found were too heavy and would fallthat is asked. I tested its durability panels. Firstly I tried the glue gun, in this off of my direct point of sale dropping it from various height case this would represent araldite as With the plastic acrylic handle modeluntil it had been damaged. I then araldite is a lot stronger and will hold the was placed onto my unit, I felt thattested its stability by .This then gave plastic together more efficiently. This was there was too much acrylic plasticme a clear indication that this is a a good test run for me as it allows me to and the unit became too colourful.good material to use for my direct understand that it is easier to assemble Wood was then the obvious choicepoint of sale as it has good and will hold the products together nicely. and also applied to the unit well, withaesthetics for designs, and can also The downfall to the glue was the mess it good aesthetics. I then took somebe purchased in colours saving us made around the edges. I feel that this is market research into woodencolouring it and has a clean block of a good method to use on my first aid box handles, taking notes on all thecolour. Acrylic plastic can also be as it holds each panel in place correctly various shapes and sizes. I thenbought in large sheets with low and does the job it entails. Araldite glue is decide I was going to make a plaincosts, and designs such as the first a lot cheaper than most other ways of and simple handle, which is why Iaid cross can be added easily and connecting each panel. For example if I chose the round circular knob. This isefficiently through the use of was create joints to fit each side, the cost a good shape to use as it is nice andcoloured sticky plastic, which works of the machine would be a lot more smooth and user compatible, beingwell with the acrylic plastic. expensive than a tube of araldite. able them to wrap their fingers around it. This is why I chose its 4cm length, as this is the average size of the diameter in which your thumb and index finger grips, making it more user compatible.
  25. 25. Components: The light on the top of Usability: Within my first aid box, I Usability: Alternatively to the wall goingmy direct point of sale unit is to realised that the depth of the box was through the middle of the box, I couldattract customers which may be in too deep. Once I had compared my create a platform at the front of the unitor around my point of sale display. first aid box to other displays, I had for the display products and testers toThis will go off randomly throughout realised that the product is always at be neatly stored and accessible. Thisthe time in which the power is the centre of the display and stands is then a good idea as it can be stuckswitched on. The light will be out. I needed to find a way of bringing down, and allow the display productspowered by the electrical source. my product to the front of the display to placed neatly along with its testers.The light will consist of two different when the door was opened. My initial This can be made out of acrylic plasticcolours, alternatively switching idea is to add a wall through the centre to fit the theme of the direct point ofwhen the light it set off. I of the box, pushing all the testers and sale unit and to go nicely with the otherresearched into police car lights and the product display to the front of the plastic acrylic used on my unit. I canthey released a statement that you unit. This works very well with my point be vacuumed formed for round edges.should be able to see there flashing of sale unit as it not just pushes my This will then eliminate any dangers orblue lights for up to 1 minute if the products and its testers forward but possible hazards that could be carriedpolice car is travelling at 30mph. allows the testers to be placed in a out using my point of sale unit. TheThis is why I have chosen my light neat orderly fashion. This the also has stand can be stuck on using aralditeto consistently flash for 1 minute at space behind the wall at the back of glue for good durability and stability. Irandom point throughout the day. my direct point of sale unit to store think this is a good idea as it makesThis will not only fit with the theme extra testers and display product in the display look a lot more neater andof the direct point of sale unit but case they run out. This can then becomes a lot more user compatible toalso attract customers towards my accessed trough the back of my the potential customer.unit. The light will be assembled display, where it can be then be placedusing small screws, screwed into neatly round the front through the mainthe top of my unit. This means it is door.stable and will eliminate anypossible hazards or dangers.
  26. 26. Materials: Wood was another Materials: Another material which I can Components: I have various differentpossible material which I could of use is glass. Glass is a good material as options on which material to use forused for my first aid box. There it looks very professional and would my handle. One of the chosenare various different woods that advertise the brand in a good light. materials was iron filings. I think thatcan be used on my direct point of Coloured glass will give my direct point iron filing is a very good idea as itsale unit. First I tested oak, as gives my direct point of sale display of sale a very unique look, attractingthe material is very durable and unit a different edge. Thewill give my point of sale unit potential customers towards it. The advantages of using iron filings isgood stability. But then the disadvantage of using coloured glass is that not only does it show the unit inaesthetics of the oak such as its the durability of the first aid box. If this is a different light but is also easy tograin would ruin its design on the dropped this then can smash or be build. When building my handle it is afront of the box. Oak is very severely damaged easily. Another lot easier than building one fromdurable and can be dropped from disadvantage of coloured glass is the plastic. Iron filings are very durabletall heights without it being cost. The coloured glass costs a fair bit, which is good, and have gooddamaged. I also tested plus the specialist machines which are stability if attached to the unit in thechipboard. This has very good needed to cut them. This is a huge correct manor. Making the iron filingsaesthetics and colours can be downfall especially because the material is fairly cheap as it is mainly madeadded to it easily and efficiently. from left over scrap metal. Iron filings is so easy to damage. I feel I could useThe disadvantage of using chip can be applied to the unit through the this on my direct point of sale unit as itboard is that it is not very durable use of araldite glue. Iron filings canand has to be connected very would show the company and the brand be shaped and sized in variouswell for it to be stable. If I am to in a professional way. different ways. This is good as I canuse, I would choose oak as I feel make the handle a lot more userthat the stability and durability of compatible, making it a lot easier formy direct point of sales more the potential customer to open theimportant than the aesthetics. door. This comes into play with the research I have carried out, giving me information on average sizes and shapes for small door handles.
  27. 27. Usability: Closing of the door is a key Aesthetics: For the designs of the Construction: Another way ofelement to part of the users first aid box I could also use paint as construction each of the six panels ofcompatibility with my direct point of well as acrylic. Paint is a good my first aid box could be through asale unit. There are various different appliance to use when adding to the finger joint. A finger joint is a joint inways which I can do this, which links right material. For example the detail which each panel is cut into the edgeswith the hinges on the door. Once a on the box would be good to use in different shapes which is clearlycustomer has left my point of sale paint if my box is going to be made shown in the image below. If the jointmy research has shown that 3 out of out of wood. This is a good appliance is cut accurately the ‘fingers’ should fitthe 10 people randomly chosen to use as it gives you nice smooth together without any gaps and thenleave the door open. This then can layers, which you can apply the right glue is added which ensures that theycause potential accidents and makes amount yourself. It also gives you the are virtually indestructible. They aremy display look neat and untidy. I freedom to do whatever you want by used for a wide range of productscould insert small springs on both of hand, which allows you to create including jewellery boxes, cabinetsthe two hinges used on my door, to your own designs using a wide range and cupboards. I feel this would be acreate automatic close with the door of colours with your personal good construction to use on mystaying put. I feel this is a good judgement of how thick or thin the display as it becomes very durabletechnique to use as it leaves nothing layer should be. Another advantage and gives the box a strong chance and makes sure that it for using paint is its wide range of The disadvantage of using a fingershuts every time a customer uses it. colours which can be used. This then joint is the mount of time it takes toI feel this is better than leaving it to allows me to use a wide range of create and assemble each panel. A lotchance that the customer does shut colours onto my direct point of sale of time lost is bad as this could thenthe door as it will then eliminate any unit in any shape,patter,design I delay the products release and candanger hazards which might occur choose. The disadvantage of using mess up the whole advertising cycle. Itand stops my display from looking paint is it can become very messy would also cost me a bit of money tountidy. The disadvantage for using and if applied wrong could ruin the use the specialist machines in which Isprings within the hinges are the display. Paint can also be smudged would need to cut certain materials.durability. The springs do not last when wet, and paint can also wearvery long within the hinges and can down or be scratched off over apop out of place. This will then period of time.damage my point of display door andmake the brand seem dangerousand un safety checked.
  28. 28. Components: Another way of Components: Using a light on top of Materials: There are variousgiving out the scent of the my direct point of sale is a good idea different materials which I canbrands smell is automatic spray. as it draws in a lot of potential produce the small light which will sitThis will then allow customers to customers and gives the direct point on top my material. One of thetest the product using only of sale unit a edge on other brands. possible is materials is glass. I feelmotion of themselves. This will Another way in which this can be this is a good material as it willthen cause a mechanism to powered is solar panels. His is a magnify the light which is produced.spray a display product which very good idea as it saves a lot of The glass can also be coloured towill spray into the air. This is a energy and the company paying for create effect, which will attractgood technique to use as it electricity. The solar panels are more customers with bright colours.saves the company money from situated on the top of the first aid Glass is fairly cheap and can beproducing testers and the smell box, and can be directly linked to the heat moulded at very highwill also get onto the potential light situated at the front of the top temperatures to create any shapecustomers clothes, allowing panel. The disadvantages of using or size I decide to choose. Glass isthem to remember and link the solar panels is that if my direct point what is used on most light bulbs assmell to the brand making it of sale is placed onto a shelf, this will it fulfils the task asked of it. Glassmore recognisable. The then mean that the amount of light can also be fairly cheap dependingdisadvantage of using this the panels are receiving are very on what type you choose to buy.technique is for people who limited, which will mean little energy The disadvantage of using glass issuffer from asthma. This will for the light to work off. Another that it is highly fragile. This meansthen cause reaction and creates disadvantage of using solar panels is that if dropped from a certaindanger hazards within my direct the cost. From my research I found height, this will then smash and willpoint of sale unit. This could the average price for a 10cm by 5cm not be able to fix. Replacementsalso apply to tender parts of the solar panel costs £… This will cost are available to buy, but this thenaked body such as eyes and the company a lot of money just to costs the company money to keepmouth. This could then be spray power one small component. replacing what is only a smalland make contact with these component on my direct point ofareas and cause accidents and sale unit.potential injuries.
  29. 29. Usability: I wanted to create adirect point of sale which was veryinteractive. This can be done invarious different ways through theuse of the internet and socialnetworking sites. One way whichthis can be done is a bar codescanner. From my research overhalf of the population living andworking in and around Londonown smart phones. This thenallows me to place a bar codescanner onto my direct point ofsale which my potential customerwill then be able to scan with theirphone, with them receiving freeinformation abut the brand andthe company. I feel this is a verygood idea to use as the cost isvery cheap and gives thecustomer something to remindthem about the company, attractthem towards the Lynx brand. Thedisadvantage of using this is thetechnical side which couldinterfere with the aesthetics of thedisplay. This means that some barcode could find it hard to beprinted onto the material used,which will make the code unscanable.