Destination Marketing


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Destination Marketing

  1. 1. Destination Marketing CREATE BRAND MARKET Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Now, It’s About Engaging An Expanding Audience
  2. 2. • What is your objectives? • What is your product? • Who are you targeting? • Where are you going to find them? • What is your budget? • How are you going to communicate? Make the partnerships you need to succeed and grow your destination Recognizing the evolution of travel, tourism, meetings and hospitality Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Partnerships Recognizing the evolution of travel
  3. 3. The New Consumer Consumers no longer move from one touch point to the next. Awareness, consideration, preference, action has a new perspective. Travelers have moved away form seeing the advert, then going to site and ordering the brochure rather they “thrive on a digital content” delivered through a array of devices. The new consumer share ideas and base opinions about hotels, attractions and destinations with information gleaned from travel blogs… Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Consumers Awareness, consideration, preference
  4. 4. Segmenting Product & target group Product Market Partner Combinations I can find out the strength of your current brand. Develop your new brand identity. Even give you a step-by-step plan for implementing your brand. Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Product & target group Segmentation
  5. 5. BUDGETS In Destination Marketing the budget plays a bigger role. Much of the time it is 50% public and 50% private which sounds and looks good but in actual is not workable model. The Destinations should look at variables in the below categories and support the budget with guaranteed demand creation and incentivized it. Travel Trade S&M Convention S&M Corporate Meeting S&M B2C activities Press & PR actvities Social Media Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal BUDGETS Brand Value
  6. 6. FOCUS ON PRODUCTS Product capabilities have to be examined as well as the limitations of the tourist product to be mitigated by taking the customer experience to delight Leisure: Classics City Style Beach Country side Business: Corporate Meetings Incentives Conventions / Congresses Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal PRODUCTS Leisure and Business
  7. 7. • The Indian economy is emerging markets and the fastest growing economy. • The aim is to leverage the India opportunity in partnership and promote products and services in India. • Expertise in understanding the premium & mass segment (retail & corporate) in India, business practices and rules reduces the entry risk and compresses the time period for profitability. • To put it simply, you need to know what a Indian traveler anticipates and more than that what it takes to satisfy them… INDIA Collaboration Motive INDIA - Cash Rich Market Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Indian economy Emerging markets
  8. 8. REAL SUCCESS IS ACHIEVED WITH • Accurate Target Database • Engagement Activities & Road-shows • Sales & Marketing Initiatives Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Success Sales & Marketing Initiatives
  9. 9. Promotion Channels • Advertising • Direct Mail • Trade Shows • Fam trips • Sales calls • Sales Toolkit • Events • Agent Training Online • News letters • Social Media Channels • Website & Microsite • Event Landing pages • Roadshows • Product Specific Forums Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Promotion Channels
  10. 10. Utilize Social Media to get more Footprints Increase brand awareness by capitalizing on conversations via technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, images, videos and audios. Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Social Media Increase brand awareness
  11. 11. 100% FDI permitted through the automatic route (RIGHT TIME TO COLLABORATE) Shift To Experiential Tourism • Rise of authentic experiences • Multiple short breaks • Move away from Sun - Sand – Sea • Rise of Alert Independent Traveler Rise of Middle Class • By 2050 over 55% of Indian will live in urban cities • India has overtaken USA on 2nd largest mobile market • Credit Card usage growing at 37% annually • Personal consumption in India 67% of GDP The Future of India Tourist Going Abroad DESTINATIONS WISH TO ENTER INDIA The Comparative INDIA Relationship Advantage Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal DESTINATIONS INDIA
  12. 12. Weak Points INDIA - Barriers BARRIERS VISAS PRODUCT PRICE ACCESS AWARENESS Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal INDIA Weak Points & Barriers
  13. 13. New Opportunities for Destinations  Exploit Regional Markets (cash rich)  Leverage local partner corporate relationships  Grow outbound business  Revenue management – dynamic pricing  Increase internet promotion & travel, Group Tours and FIT  Re-engineer offers with added services Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Destinations New Opportunities
  14. 14. First Steps after Collaboration INDIA Marketing & Partnerships Tourism Marketing  Campaign Development- timing and scheduling  Regional Promotions  Internet Marketing and Publicity  Social Media Optimization  Partnerships-hotels, trade partnerships etc Industry Liaison  Trade Associations  Regional Govt Bodies  NGO Partnerships Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Collaboration First Steps
  15. 15. Target Market INDIA Consumer Insight Who they are: Active and Energetic, first time traveler, food and travel independently. Two core segments also included Empty Nesters: Capitalize on graying baby boomers: 45 - 60 age group, high disposable income, Children are independent, Students, Cultural Exchange Programmes Dinks: Two incomes household, no children, high disposable income, High purchasing power especially for luxury goods e.g. travel. 25-35 age group Needs: Meeting locals, adventure, discovery and outdoor sporting activities. Holiday Types: Tour and explore small towns and villages. Tend to travel to all parts of Tangalooma Island Resort, Queensland Reaching them: TV, Radio, Print and Online Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Target Market Consumer Insight
  16. 16. • Tactical Advertising Campaigns • Promoting Holiday deals along with major events • Joint campaigns with industry partners, government bodies • Education Institutes and Cultural Events planning • Focus on lucrative Meetings, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition (MICE) promotion programs. Marketing & Promotions INDIA Joint Advertising Campaign Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Marketing & Promotions Advertising Campaign
  17. 17. Direct Mails – Sample Promotion Mass Market, B2B,Groups, FITs, MICE Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Direct Mails Sample Promotion
  18. 18. Reputation to overall gains Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Strategically connected with clients, engaging and involving them: •How to get closer to customers? •To build brand awareness and enhance loyalty? •To position new products and services for the effective market penetration? •To fulfill what customers really desire? Specialties Brand Strategy, business entry & planning, product development, internet marketing, trade distribution, public private partnerships, sustainable tourism management and investment promotion. Crafting, Operationalizing and Implementing Growth Strategies to maximize opportunities in emerging geographies; experience as my strong resource and capability Sachin Bansal Enhancing business profitability
  19. 19. SACHIN BANSAL- Chief Explorer INDIA : +91 97111 90192 DELHI LONDON MELBOURNE NEW YORK ITALY Enhancing business profitability…. Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal