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Studio of the Future: Production Workflow in AWS

Studio of the Future: Production Workflow in AWS



On 3/29/12, Dave Rocamora, VP of DevOps at Control Group, Charlie Miller, Associate Partner, Media & Entertainment at Control Group, and Mark Ramberg, AWS Business Development Manager discussed the ...

On 3/29/12, Dave Rocamora, VP of DevOps at Control Group, Charlie Miller, Associate Partner, Media & Entertainment at Control Group, and Mark Ramberg, AWS Business Development Manager discussed the media production roadmap for the Studio of the Future.

This webinar provided architecture guidance and highlight vendors and AWS products that will help studio managers, production managers, and IT leaders understand how AWS can be used to power the Media Production Studio of the Future.



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    Studio of the Future: Production Workflow in AWS Studio of the Future: Production Workflow in AWS Presentation Transcript

    • TITLE TITLE CG CONTROL GROUP beautifully engineered + STUDIO OF THE FUTURE March 29, 201211 MTA
    • BIOS DAVID CHARLIE MARK ROCAMORA MILLER RAMBERG VP of DevOps Associate Partner Business Development Cloud Expert M&E & Strategy for Media Control Group Control Group Amazon Web Services2 CONTROL GROUP
    • CONTROL GROUP • Technology & design company in NYC • Founded in 2001, currently ~85 developers, engineers, UX designers, and strategists • Expertise from infrastructure to interface3 CONTROL GROUP
    • CONTROL GROUP RAA Ralph Applebaum Associates Incorporated4 CONTROL GROUP
    • CONTROL GROUP Traditional M&E Cloud systems solutions for broadcast architecture and and post environments integration expertise5 CONTROL GROUP
    • STUDIOS TODAY CHALLENGES • Inflexible and fixed • Number of formats required • Requires large upfront expense • Users and teams are distributed • Pay for peak capacity at all times • Deadlines are shrinking • Sheer volume of content • Rapidly evolving technology6 CONTROL GROUP
    • STUDIOS TODAY Encode/Transcode Archive Render Broadcast Distribution OVP Storage iTunes/ Netflix Customers/ Viewers Content Creators7 CONTROL GROUP
    • GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FOR GLOBAL ENTERPRISES GovCloud US West US West US East South EU Asia Asia (US ITAR (Northern (Oregon) (Northern America (Ireland) Pacific Pacific Region) California) Virginia) (Sao Paulo) (Singapore) (Tokyo) AWS Regions AWS Edge Locations9 CONTROL GROUP
    • AWS PLATFORM Your Applications Management & Administration Building Block Services Identity & Access Deployment & Web Interface AWS IAM Automation Monitoring Management Console Identity Federation AWS Elastic Beanstalk Amazon CloudWatch Consolidated Billing AWS CloudFormation Application Platform Services Content Messaging Parallel Libraries & SDKs Amazon SNS Distribution Amazon SQS Processing Java, PHP, Python, Amazon CloudFront Elastic MapReduce Ruby, .NET Amazon SES Foundation Services Storage Database Networking Compute Amazon S3 Amazon RDS Amazon VPC Amazon EC2 Elastic Load Balancing Amazon EBS Amazon DynamoDB Auto Scale Amazon Route 53 AWS Storage Gateway Amazon Elasticache AWS Direct Connect Availability Zones AWS Global Infrastructure Edge Locations Regions10 CONTROL GROUP
    • MEDIA APPLICATIONS ON AWS Uses AWS to Samsung runs its Runs its online process media files Smart Hub business almost and deliver them application on entirely on AWS to customers AWS “We moved to the clouds looking for availability. We have also found a tremendous agility by eliminating complexity, process, and control.” Kevin McEntee, VP of Content Engineering, Netflix11 CONTROL GROUP
    • STORAGE TODAY’S CHALLENGES: • Inflexible • Expensive • Fixed13 CONTROL GROUP
    • STORAGE Example: Video library for cable TV show that airs 4x a week Challenges: • Production must record news channels in HD to reference and play back in the show each day • Everything must be archived, searchable and retrievable quickly • Assets must be shared with sister show Present State: • They use a SAN that needs more and more space every year • Increases power and cooling capacity and costs • Running fiber between studio and sister show’s studio14 CONTROL GROUP
    • STORAGE Studio of the Future Store data on infinitely scalable AWS systems: • Simple Storage Service (S3) • Elastic Block Store (EBS) Studio 1 Small local bucket of storage Connect to AWS via VPC or DirectConnect Studio 2 Small local bucket15 of storage CONTROL GROUP
    • KEY TECHNOLOGY Benefits of AWS Solution: • Flexible, available • Infinitely scalable • Distributed & protected • Pay per GB of storage and transfer AWS Direct Amazon Virtual S3 Server Side Connect Private Cloud (VPC) Encryption Encryption of data while at rest in S3 Internet Dedicated connection Private VPN connection Encrypt data on upload, between your datacenter to your AWS resources automatic decryption on and AWS retrieval16 CONTROL GROUP
    • ENCODING & RENDERING TODAY’S CHALLENGES: • Requires investment in expensive, special purpose hardware • Uses lots of energy and physical space • You don’t need it all the time, but when you do, it’s never enough!17 CONTROL GROUP
    • ENCODING & RENDERING Example: Media production studio that needs on-demand rendering Challenges: • Little need for rendering at beginning of projects but lots of capacity needed near end of projects • Renderfarm hardware is expensive and takes time to troubleshoot • Hardware must be reconfigured for different types of projects Present State: • Renderfarm is a rack of computers that sits idle at the beginning of projects and is overtaxed by the end • Increasing capacity takes days or weeks18 CONTROL GROUP
    • ENCODING & RENDERING Studio of the Future • Create render nodes on-demand with EC2 • Pay for only what you use Connect to AWS via VPC or DirectConnect19 CONTROL GROUP
    • KEY TECHNOLOGY Benefits of AWS Solution: EC2 Virtual Server • Flexible • Scalable • Pay for the exact capacity you need, when you need it • Have the ability to track and bill infrastructure costs back to clients Provision and boot new servers20 CONTROL GROUP
    • DISTRIBUTION TODAY’S CHALLENGES: • Teams are distributed • Consumers are distributed • Expensive to build your own global distribution network21 CONTROL GROUP
    • DISTRIBUTION Example: Digital media company distributes video to multiple platforms Challenges: • Finished video must be transcoded and uploaded to numerous systems quickly Present State: • Manual and inflexible content distribution processes are used (FTP) • Labor intensive • Distribution platform is not integrated with production or encoding workflows22 CONTROL GROUP
    • DISTRIBUTION Studio of the Future • Files are processed by EC2 • Files distributed using S3 • All controlled by SWF SWF Connect to AWS via VPC or DirectConnect23 CONTROL GROUP
    • DISTRIBUTION Files are distributed using S3 and CloudFront Broadcast OVP iTunes/ Customers/ Netflix Viewers24 CONTROL GROUP
    • KEY TECHNOLOGY Simple Workflow CloudFront CloudFront Service (SWF) Benefits of AWS Solution: • Simple • Scalable • Distributed 26 edge servers 26 edge servers Global content Workflow Global content delivery network Automation delivery network25 CONTROL GROUP
    • THE STUDIO OF THE FUTURE Studio 1 Small local bucket SWF of storage Studio 2 Small local bucket of storage26 CONTROL GROUP
    • APPROACHING THE FUTURE • Each system architecture & implementation depends on business and workflow • Technologies and platforms are changing continuously and will offer new functionality and optimization opportunities • Take a rolling approach (one system at a time, hybrid models) • Use a partner that understands all of the components: production workflow and the intricacies of AWS technologies27 CONTROL GROUP
    • Q&A Got more questions? For more information on moving media production infrastructure to AWS: charlie.miller@controlgroup.com 212-343-2525 x189 www.controlgroup.com28 CONTROL GROUP
    • CG THANK YOU!David Rocamora, david.rocamora@controlgroup.com Charlie Miller, charlie.miller@controlgroup.com Mark Ramberg, mramberg@amazon.com