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  • Two things today:
  • One of the reasons we believe companies are adopting these services so quickly is because of our rapid innovation based on customer feedback.  In the past four years we’ve delivered over 200 new technology releases.
  • Chaordic Systems is a Brazilian company that specializes in personalization. The company focuses on e-commerce, helping users find products that are most valuable to them, and helping retailers increase profits. Chaordic Systems collects data about users’ behavior, processes that data using advanced machine learning algorithms, and then personalizes the user experience through targeted service recommendations. Some of the biggest retailers in Brazil are Chaordic customers such Livraria Saraiva and group (including Casas Bahia, Extra, and Ponto Frio e-commerce sites).The Business ChallengesJoão Bosco, co-founder and CTO of Chaordic Systems, explains the challenges the company faced prior to signing on with Amazon Web Services (AWS): “We decided to work mainly with big retailers, with a lot of user traffic and many products. To truly scale the solution, we needed a system to be very fast, so users wouldn’t notice the difference between retailers’ content and ours. We needed a very robust solution that could handle a high workload and respond quickly, especially during peak times like Black Friday.”                       
  • Why Amazon Web Services“The costs involved in building a data center to solve this problem were prohibitive, especially for a startup business with no income at the time”, continues Bosco, “Going to the cloud was the obvious decision to make.” Chaordic Systems started looking for services that offer cloud solutions. Bosco states, “We were already fans of AWS for its innovative spirit, high quality products, and providing the infrastructure behind AWS had the most stable and advanced cloud solution, so we decided to give it a try.” Chaordic Systems currently uses AWS for almost everything including development. There is one server running within the company and everything else is on the AWS cloud. The following diagram illustrates the company’s main platform architecture: Figure 1: Chaordic Systems main platform architecture. Bosco outlines some of the ways in which Chaordic Systems uses AWS: Amazon EC2 with Elastic Load Balancing to conduct load balancing between instances Amazon EBS with some RAID volumes to increase I/O throughput in database instances Elastic Map Reduce for big data processingAmazon S3 for backups Both On-Demand and Spot Instance servers Different regions and availability zones including the US East (Northern Virginia) Region, US West (Northern California) Region, and São Paulo Region to maximize availability and performance The company’s main platform is written in Java and runs on Jetty, nginx, and HAProxy. It uses a local cache (Ehcache), a Cassandra cluster, some MySQL servers, and a cluster of Memcache. Bosco adds, “The recommendation engine was written in C++ with a Python interface, but it was very memory intensive solution that required a big instance with 68 GB of RAM. So we decided to rebuild it using Amazon Elastic Map Reduce and the result was that we had a cheaper solution that runs almost 100 times faster. Our widgets are written in JavaScript (jQuery extensively), HTML, and CSS. We also have some smaller systems written in Rails, Grails, and PHP.” The team also uses Python for scripting. Their tools for interfacing with AWS are written in Python and use primarily Amazon EC2 API tools. For monitoring, they use New Relic, Nagios, Ganglia, and Pingdom. They use Puppet and Amazon S3 to help launch instances. The Business BenefitsChaordic Systems has seen the following benefits from using AWS: Their main platform processes more than 1 billion requests per month using about 25 xlarge instances. At peak times, they process about 70,000 requests per minute. They serve about 250 GB of JavaScript content every day. Their platform generates 100 million recommendations per day. Chaordic Systems appreciates the frequency with which AWS launches new products. Bosco says, “We always look forward to the next product release. I don’t think we would even have a business without AWS.”
  • ÓRAMA is the first online Funds’ Shop in Brazil, providing access to the best funds in the country. ::Track record ::The founders of ÓRAMA were the founders of ÁGORA, which was the largest broker dealer in Brazilian Stock Exchange from 2002 to 2008. ÁGORA started its online business in 2000, with an investment of U$300 thousand, and it was sold to Bradesco in 2008 for U$500 million.:: The market ::The Brazilian Asset Management Industry is one of the top five in the world, with more than U$1 trillion under management. The Independent Managers have Funds with better returns and lower fees than the Banks, but the vast majority of investors don’t have access to these superior products. There are about 5 million people invested in Funds in Brazil, of which 98% are invested through the big banks, and just 2% invest in Independent Managers. In terms of AuM the Independents have less than 15% of total assets. The typical Brazilian either isn’t aware of the Independent Managers or doesn’t have access due to high investment thresholds. In addition, the retail segment isn’t a focus for Independent Managers.In US, the Independent Managers have more than 80% of market share. In Europe and Asia, they have less than that, but they have more than half of the total. We strongly believe that this situation is going to change in Brazil, and the key for that is education. When you educate people, they tend to look for alternatives and start to compare them. And when they do that, they will likely find better products than the ones that are currently offered by the big Brazilian banks.:: Business Challenges ::- ÓRAMA must be a trustable company, because people just invest their money in companies that they trust in. From the perspective of Infrastructure, the challenge is that it must be secure, available 24/7, and fast. Imagine if you login at your bank’s website to check your holdings and it is not available at that moment, or it is slow, or it was hacked! You are going to get your money back immediately.- ÓRAMA must educate people and show them that there are alternatives to the banks. And they are much better than they can imagine.- ÓRAMA’s business model is based on a low price, so that to become profitable it must have thousands and thousands of customers, and infrastructure must be cost effective. In Financial Services there is a challenge related to Capacity Planning, because the company must always be prepared for using a capacity which is much over the peak. This happens because exactly at these moments that customers can have profits or losses, and the company must be able to afford the traffic and transactions. But expanding the capacity decreases ROI and stakeholders make pressure on that all the time.
  • “We need security, availability and performance all the time, with a cost effective solution”, says Guilherme Horn, CEO and founder of ÓRAMA.“With AWS we turned infrastructure investments into variable costs”, says Guilherme Horn, CEO and founder of ÓRAMA.
  • First let me tell you a bit about Cycle. If you'd have told me 7 years ago when I started bootstrapping Cycle, that today 2 of the 3 largest banks, 3 of the 5 largest insurance, and 4 of the 5 largest Pharma would use Cycle's software to manage supercomputing-class computations, I'd have said you were crazy. The AWS Cloud helps companies do amazing things
  • Today I’ll be telling an amazing story of real world cloud usage, and specifically how the Cloud enables us to do what we’re capable of. T
  • PÃO de AÇUCAR with partner DEDALUS Founded in 1948, the Pão de Açúcar Group was a pioneer in the retail food sector in Brazil. Today is the largest distribution company in the country with over 1,300 units, including supermarkets, hypermarkets, specialty stores, atacarejo (cash & carry), and gas stations and drugstores. By joining Casas Bahia, the company becomes the largest private employer in the country, with more than 140,000 employees and more than 1,800 stores. The company has operations in 18 states from all regions of Brazil and the Federal District, totaling over 2.8 million square meters of sales area.The Pão de Açúcar Group used a traditional datacenter and sought a solution with better service and availability. The solution chosen was Amazon Web Services with partner Dedalus. The biggest benefits identified were cost reduction with 100% uptime. The Pão de Açúcar Group uses the services of AWS and Dedalus for hosting several sites, hot sites, blogs and Intranets in AWS EC2 instances, some of them running on LAMP environment, S3 storage and support services of GOLD Dedalus.
  • The solution chosen was Amazon Web Services with partner Dedalus. The biggest benefits identified were cost reduction with 100% uptime. The Pão de Açúcar Group uses the services of AWS and Dedalus for hosting several sites, hot sites, blogs and Intranets in AWS EC2 instances, some of them running on LAMP environment, S3 storage and support services of GOLD Dedalus.
  • Two things today:
  • Keynote aws summit 2012 final

    1. 1. AWS Summit 2012 | Sao Paulo Jose Martins Nilo Gerente Geral, AWS Brasil
    2. 2. Our Sponsors – Thank you! Diamond Gold Silver
    3. 3. Welcome to the AWS Summit – São Paulo WiFi access Network: PLEASE COMPLETE # hashtag #AWSBrasil Login: amazon2012 Password: conferences
    4. 4. AgendaAgenda9:30 Key-Note: Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon e Clientes da AWS11:45 LunchBox + networking e Exposição de parceiros e soluções13:00 Technical Track / Solutions Track18:30 Coquetel de networking e Exposição de parceiros e soluções20:00 Encerramento do evento
    5. 5. Your Future with CloudComputing Dr. Werner Vogels CTO,
    6. 6. GovCloud US West US West US East South America EU Asia PacificAsia Pacific(US ITAR Region)(Northern California) (Oregon) (Northern Virginia) (Sao Paulo) (Ireland) (Singapore) (Tokyo) AWS Regions AWS Edge Locations
    7. 7. Not just on earth ….
    8. 8. System Integrators Independent Software Vendors
    9. 9. Technology Partners
    10. 10. System Integrators
    11. 11. BusinessApplicationsWebApplicationsBig Data & HighPerformance ComputingDisaster Recovery& Archive
    12. 12. Infrastructure-as-a-Service Leader in 2011 Gartner IaaS Leader in 2011 Forrester Market Share Leader Magic Quadrant Hadoop Wave
    13. 13. The Scale of AWS: Amazon S3 Growth 1 Trillion 905 Billion Peak Requests: 750,000+ 762 Billion per second Total Number of Objects Stored in Amazon S3 262 Billion 102 Billion 14 Billion 40 Billion 2.9 Billion Q4 2006 Q4 2007 Q4 2008 Q4 2009 Q4 2010 Q4 2011 Q1 2012 June 2012
    14. 14. Our Price Reduction Philosophy Scale & Innovation… … Drive Costs Down Invest in Capital Attract More Invest in 20 Price ReductionsCustomers Technology Reduce Improve Prices Efficiency
    15. 15. AWS Platform Overview Deployment & Administration App ServicesCompute Storage Database Networking AWS Global Infrastructure
    16. 16. AWS Global InfrastructureSecure, redundant Cloud infrastructurefor global companies and global apps Regions Deployment & Administration Availability Zones App Services Compute Storage Database Networking Edge Locations AWS Global Infrastructure
    17. 17. AWS Networking ServicesExtend your enterprise infrastructure tothe AWS Cloud Amazon Virtual Private Cloud VPN to Extend Your Network Topology to AWS Deployment & Administration AWS Direct Connect Private, Dedicated Connection to AWS App Services Compute Storage Database Amazon Route 53 Networking Scalable Domain Name Service AWS Global Infrastructure
    18. 18. Compute ServicesScalable Linux and Windowscompute services Amazon EC2 Virtual Servers in the AWS Cloud Deployment & Administration Auto Scaling App Services Rule-driven scaling service for EC2 Compute Storage Database Amazon Elastic Load Balancing Networking Virtual load balancers for EC2 AWS Global Infrastructure
    19. 19. Storage ServicesScalable and Durable High Performance Cloud Storage Amazon S3 Redundant, High-Scale Object Store Deployment & Administration App Services Amazon Elastic Block Store Persistent block storage for EC2 Compute Storage Database Networking AWS Storage Gateway AWS Global Infrastructure Seamless backup of enterprise data to S3
    20. 20. Database ServicesScalable and Durable HighPerformance Cloud Storage Amazon DynamoDB High Performance NoSQL Database Service Amazon RDS Deployment & Administration Managed Oracle & MySQL Database Service App Services Compute Storage Database Amazon ElastiCache Managed Memecached Service Networking AWS Global Infrastructure
    21. 21. AWS App ServicesHighly abstracted services that Amazon CloudFrontreplace software for commonly Global Content Delivery Serviceneeded application functionality Amazon CloudSearch Managed Search Service that Automatically Scales Amazon SWF Deployment & Administration Simple Workflow Service App Services Amazon SNS Simple Notification Service Compute Storage Database Amazon SQS Networking Simple Queuing Service AWS Global Infrastructure Amazon SES Simple Transactional Email Service
    22. 22. Ecosystem App Services3rd party highly abstracted services Securitythat replace software for commonly Servicesneeded application functionality… and already run on AWS Log Analysis Services Deployment & Administration Developer Services App Services BI Services Compute Storage Database Networking Test Services AWS Global Infrastructure
    23. 23. Deployment & Administration3rd party managed services thatreplace software for commonly AWS Ecosystemneeded application functionality … AWS Management Console Web-based management interfaceand already run on AWS Amazon Elastic MapReduce Big Data Analytics Service Deployment & Administration AWS IAM Identity & Access Management App Services Amazon CloudWatch Automated monitoring & alerts Compute Storage Database AWS CloudFormation Networking Automated AWS resource provisioning AWS Elastic Beanstalk AWS Global Infrastructure Java & PHP App deployment & management
    24. 24. AWS Pace of Innovation… 82 Including: 61 AWS Oregon Region Elastic Beanstalk (Beta) Amazon SES (Beta) Including: AWS CloudFormation Amazon SNS Amazon RDS for Oracle Amazon CloudFront AWS Direct Connect 48 Amazon Route 53 S3 Bucket Policies AWS GovCloud (US) Amazon ElastiCache RDS Multi-AZ Support Including: VPC Virtual Networking RDS Reserved Databases Amazon RDS VPC Dedicated Instances AWS Import/Export Amazon VPC SMS Text Notification AWS IAM Beta Amazon EMR 24 EC2 Auto Scaling AWS Singapore Region CloudFront Live Streaming AWS Tokyo Region Cluster Instances for EC2 Including: EC2 Reserved Instances SAP RDS on EC2 Micro Instances for EC2 Amazon SimpleDB EC2 Elastic Load Balance 9 Amazon Cloudfront AWS Import/Export Amazon Linux AMI SAP BO on EC2 Win Srv 2008 R2 on EC2 Oracle Apps on EC2 Amazon EBS AWS Mngmt Console Including: Win Srv 2003 VM Import SUSE Linux on EC2 EC2 Availability Zones Win Srv 2008 on EC2 Amazon FPS Amazon S3 SSE VM Import for EC2 EC2 Elastic IP Addresses IBM Apps on EC2 Red Hat Enterprise on EC2 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
    25. 25. …Continuing in the First Half of 2012 24 25 12 CC8 XL Available in Amazon VPC CloudFormation Support for VPC Amazon DynamoDB DynamoDB Available in 3 New Regions AWS Storage Gateway DynamoDB Launches BatchWriteItem Amazon RDS on Amazon VPC Introducing AWS Marketplace AWS IAM Identity Federation AWS CloudSearch Windows Free Usage Tier Reserved Cache Nodes for ElastiCache Amazon DynamoDB In-Console Item Updating New AWS Direct Connect Locations Live Smooth Streaming for CloudFront Direct Connect AWS management console Amazon Simple Workflow Service EMR Supports Hive 0.8.1 Two new locations for AWS Direct Connect ElastiCache in Oregon & Sao Paulo RDS Oracle Enterprise Manager Amazon DynamoDB Lower Minimum Provisioned Table Throughput Amazon S3 Lower Prices VM Export for Amazon EC2 Provisioned IOPS for Amazon EBS AWS CloudFormation for VPC AWS Console Enhancements for ELB Reserved Instances for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Amazon DynamoDB in Europe RDS MySQL Read Replica in VPC High I/O Instances for Amazon EC2 Storage Gateway in South America Elastic Beanstalk Available in the EU CloudWatch Metrics for EC2 Status Checks CloudFront Live Streaming SES Announces Domain Verification DKIM-Sign Your Emails with Amazon SES PHP and Git for Elastic Beanstalk CloudFront Dynamic Content Support AWS Elastic Beanstalk Now Available in US West (Oregon) and US West RDS Increases Backup Retention (Northern California) Billing Alerts Using CloudWatch Amazon RDS Free Trial program MFA-protected API access API and IAM for Storage Gateway Amazon EC2 Medium Instances Multiple IP Addresses for Amazon EC2 Instances in Amazon VPC Managed Services for Win Developers 64-bit AMI on Small & Medium RDS Oracle Multi-AZ Enhancements Q1 Q2 July / August
    26. 26. Amazon Glacierinfinite archival storage 30
    27. 27. Amazon Glacier for Long Term Archive • Secure and Cost effective Offsite data archiving • Tape Replacement for backup and recovery • Long term digital preservation for historical and digital information
    28. 28. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) • Connect directly to the Internet (public subnets) – • Connect to the Internet using Network Address Translation (private subnets) – • Connect securely to your corporate datacenter • Combine connectivity methods to match the needs of your application
    29. 29. AWS Direct Connect – NOW AVAILABLE! • Private secure connection to AWS AWS Cloud • Bypass the public Internet AWS Direct Connect • High bandwidth and predictable Internet latencyCorporate Data Center
    30. 30. AWS Storage Gateway Easily backup on-premises data to AWS Snapshots in S3 Amazon S3 Store snapshots in Amazon S3 for backup and disaster recovery Simple software appliance - no changes required to your on-premises architectureAWS StorageGateway Your Data Center
    31. 31. Amazon Simple Workflow Service • Run application workflows and business processes on AWS Amazon SWF • Manage processes across Cloud, mobile and on-premises environmentsCloud Mobile On Premises • Use any programming language for workflow logic
    32. 32. Oracle Multi-AZ • Replicates database updates across two Availability Zones • Automatically fail over to the standby for planned maintenance and unplanned disruptions • Increased durability and availability
    33. 33. Amazon DynamoDB Non Relational (NoSQL) Database Fast & predictable performance Seamless Scalability Zero administration
    34. 34. Amazon CloudSearch Fully managed search service Up and running in less than an hour Automatically scales for data and traffic Starting at less than $100 / month
    35. 35. Amazon EBS Provisioned IOPS Designed to deliver within 10% of their provisioned performance 99.9% of the time Up to 1,000 IOPS per volume Priced at ~$0.125 per GB-month of provisioned storage & ~$0.10 per provisioned IOPS-month
    36. 36. High I/O Instances for EC2 Very high, low latency, disk I/O performance using SSD-based local instance storage Ideal for high performance clustered databases and NoSQL databases like Cassandra and MongoDB.
    37. 37. SQL Server & .NET Beanstalk • Fully managed Express,Web, Standard and Enterprise Editions of SQL Server 2008 R2 .NET • SQL Server (Express Edition) covered under the free usage tier for a full year Text • Elastic Beanstalk leverages the Windows Server 2008 R2 AMI and IIS 7.5 SQL Server • Deploy using AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio
    38. 38. PHP & Git Deployment for AWS Beanstalk git push Elastic Beanstalk • Run and manage existing PHP applications with no changes to application code PHPYour App Apache HTTP Server • Provides full control over the Amazon Linux infrastructure and the software Elastic Load Balancer
    39. 39. AWS Marketplace Find, buy and run software running on AWS More than 250 listings at launch Sell your software or SaaS app to our hundreds of thousands of customers
    40. 40. The Seven Transformations of Cloud Computing
    41. 41. Cloud computing is not only about… Saving money Doing things faster
    42. 42. Cloud Transforms what’s possible
    43. 43. Transformation 1:Distributed Architectures Made Easy High Availability
    44. 44. Building Distributed Architectureswith Traditional Infrastructure is Difficult
    45. 45. Cloud Computing Makes This Easier Distributed Multi-AZ Building Blocks Loosely CoupledInfrastructure Services Process Coordination AWS Regions S3 EC2 SWF Instances DynamoDB SNS Availability Zones Elastic Load SQS RDS Balancer
    46. 46. Architecture Templates for Common Patterns MICROSOFT
    47. 47. … open sourceSimian Armyavailable now(
    48. 48. CHAORDIC SYSTEMS Joao BoscoChief Technology Officer
    49. 49. •••••
    50. 50. •••
    51. 51. Transformation 2:Embracing the security advantages of shared systems
    52. 52. ApplicationsFlexibility to Choose the Right Security Your Apps Model for Each Application Infrastructure AWS Security Infrastructure SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402, Every Customer Gets the Highest ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ITAR, FISMA Moderate, FIPS 140-2 Level of Security
    53. 53. ÓRAMA Guilherme HornChief Executive Officer
    54. 54. Only 2% investment thru CUSTOMER LOGOIndependent Managers
    55. 55. TECHNOLOGY Security Availability PerformanceROICapacity PlanningScalability
    56. 56. Users Amazon Route Elastic Load 53 Balancer Amazon CloudFront Instances Amazon Simple Instances Storage ServiceSecurity Group (S3) Security GroupAvailability Zone Availability Zone RDS DB Instances (Multi-AZ) Security Group
    57. 57. Kit, go fasterTransformation 3: From Scaling by Architecture …to Scaling By Command Yes Michael
    58. 58. Scaling by Architecture: NoSQL Database Cluster Set up Config & Shard & Rinse &more servers Tune Repartition Repeat
    59. 59. Scaling by Command with Amazon DynamoDB Amazon DynamoDB Data is automatically spread across enough hardware to deliver single digit millisecond latency.
    60. 60. Transformation 4:•A Supercomputer in the Hands of Every Developer
    61. 61. Supercomputers used to be Privileges of the EliteExpensiveRationed timeOnly for the “highest value” jobs
    62. 62. Supercomputers by the Hour… for Everyone.AWS built the 42nd fastest supercomputer in the world1,064 Amazon EC2 CC2 instances with17,024 cores240 teraflops cluster (240 trillion calculations per second)Less than $1,000 per hour
    63. 63. The CloudHelps do the science we are capable of
    64. 64. 30000 25000 20000# Cores 15000 10000 5000 0 2008 2008.5 2009 2009.5 2010 2010.5 2011 2011.5 Year
    65. 65. 50,000 core CycleCloud Super Computerrunning on the Amazon Cloud
    66. 66. How big is 50,000 cores?Why does it matter?
    67. 67. (W.H.O./Globocan 2008)
    68. 68. Every day is crucial and costly
    69. 69. HPC systems are toosmall when it mattersAnd too large the rest of the time
    70. 70. Challenge: To run a virtual screen with a higher accuracy algorithm & 21 million compounds
    71. 71. Metric CountCompute Hours of Work 109,927 hoursCompute Days of Work 4,580 daysCompute Years of Work 12.55 yearsLigand Count ~21 million ligands
    72. 72. 3 Hoursfor $4828.85/hr
    73. 73. Metric CountCompute Hours of Work 109,927 hoursCompute Days of Work 4,580 daysCompute Years of Work 12.55 yearsLigand Count ~21 million ligands
    74. 74. Every day is crucial and costly
    75. 75. Transformation 5:Experiment Often & Fail Quickly
    76. 76. Traditional Infrastructure Drives up the Cost of Failure … Innovation SuffersHow many big tickettechnology ideas can yourbudget tolerate?
    77. 77. Experiment Often & Fail Quickly with AWS     Cost of failure falls dramaticallyPeople are free to try out new ideas   More risk taking, more innovation      
    78. 78. VTEX Geraldo Thomaz Jr.Co-Chief Executive Officer
    79. 79. Thank you! We are hiring engineers, front end analysts and usability experts to work in one of our offices in Rio de Janeiro São Paulo Buenos Aires is hiring!
    80. 80. Transformation 6:Big Data without Big Servers
    81. 81. Attacking Big Data Problems Shouldn’t Be This Complicated Storing Massive Data Investing In Expensive Volumes Into A Huge Data Server Clusters To Process Warehouse The Data
    82. 82. The Cloud Makes This a Lot Simpler Hadoop Clusters Amazon S3Amazon DynamoDB Amazon EMR Load Data in Organize & Visualize the Cloud Analyze Data Results 1 2 3
    83. 83. Transformation 7:Mobile Ecosystem for a Mobile-First World
    84. 84. Building MobileApplications on Your Own is Hard
    85. 85. Rich media experienceLocation context awareReal-time presence drivenSocial graph basedUser generated contentRecommendationsIntegration w/ social networksVirtual goods economyAdvertisement / premium supportMulti-device access
    86. 86. Cloud Mobile Ecosystem
    87. 87. Virada cultural
    88. 88. Pão de Açúcar Julio BaiãoChief Technology Officer
    89. 89. IT overview Business overview 245 IT systems R$ 52,6 Bi revenue (2011) 700 DC servers 170K employees 950 stores servers 43 M tickets / month 200 TB in DC storage 61 M price changes / month 15.000 desktops and notebooks 2 M invoices / month 9.300 POS107
    90. 90. 1.008.1861.100.000 825.000 550.000 275.000 118.440 0 JUN JUL AGO SET OUT NOV DEZ JAN FEV MAR ABR MAI JUN JUL
    91. 91. FREE TIER
    92. 92. AWS Summit 2012 | Sao Paulo
    93. 93. Julio Baião - Pão de AçúcarGuilherme Horn – ÓramaGeraldo Thomaz – VTEXJoão Bosco – Chaordic SystemsAlex Tabor – Peixe Urbano