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Cloud Storage Transformation – Keynote - AWS Cloud Storage for the Enterprise 2012


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Cloud Storage Transformation – Keynote - AWS Cloud Storage for the Enterprise 2012

  1. 1. Transforming Storage Strategies with AWS Matt Tavis Sr. Solutions Architect
  2. 2. Amazon Web Services Platform Customer ApplicationsDeployment & Management Identity & Access Web Interface Monitoring Web Interface Deployment & Automation Monitoring AWS IAM Management Console Amazon CloudWatch Management AWS Elastic Beanstalk Amazon CloudWatch Identity Federation Console AWS CloudFormation Consolidated BillingApplication Services Messaging Workflow Content Distribution Notifications Amazon SQS Amazon SWF Amazon Cloudfront Amazon SNS Email Search Parallel Processing Libraries & SDKs Amazon SES Amazon Cloudsearch Elastic MapReduce Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, .NETFoundation Services Compute Storage Database Networking Amazon EC2 Amazon S3 Amazon RDS Amazon VPC Auto Scale Amazon EBS Amazon DynamoDB Elastic Load Balancing AWS Import/ Export Amazon Elasticache Amazon Route 53 AWS Storage Gateway AWS Direct Connect AWS Global Infrastructure
  3. 3. Next Generation Enterprise StorageCustomer Storage Data Use Cases Center Disaster Block File Archive Backup Recovery Internet Web AWS Direct Services API Connect HTTP(S) AWS Cloud
  4. 4. Leveraging Amazon S3SDK: Application Developers Plug & Play: IT can bridgecan leverage the S3 SDK for on-premises environmentscustom application integration with familiar storage interfaces and methodologies via Cloud Storage Gateways Internet Web Services API HTTP(S) S3
  5. 5. Next Generation Enterprise Storage Use Case: Thin on-prem storage gateway with Amazon S3– Reduce footprint while increasing scalability– Combine Production + Archive + Backup + DR into an 11-9s storage platform– Advanced efficiency technologies • Block based deduplication • Compression • WAN Acceleration– Enterprise grade security • Gateway side encryption– Reduce DR cost by 50%  Eliminate Tape! Storage GW  Never run out of capacity  Massive CAPEX reduction
  6. 6. Tapeless Cloud BackupPhysical Symantec Virtual NetBackup 7.5 EU West S. America APAC Japan Region Region Region Region (Ireland) (Sao Paulo) (Singapore) (Tokyo) US West US West AWS US East Region (N. Region GovCloud Region (N. California) (Oregon) Region (US) Virginia)
  7. 7. Next Generation Enterprise Storage Example: Backup Oracle Database with Amazon S3Corporate data center Oracle Oracle Secure RMAN Backup S3 Module
  8. 8. Built for Enterprise Security StandardsCertifications Physical Security HW, SW, Network SOC 1 Type 2 Datacenters in nondescript Systematic change management (formerly SAS-70) facilities Phased updates deployment ISO 27001 Physical access strictly controlled Safe storage decommission PCI DSS for EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, Must pass two-factor RDS, ELB, IAM authentication at least twice for Automated monitoring and self- floor access audit FISMA Moderate Compliant Controls Physical access logged and Advanced network protection audited HIPAA & ITAR Compliant Architecture 8
  9. 9. Traditional: On-Premise SolutionsPrimary Primary File Archival Disk Based Tape Replicated Offsite Block Storage Storage Backup Infrastructure & Storage for LocationsStorage Storage Management Disaster Geo- Recovery Resilience Next Generation: Gateway & Cloud StorageReduce Reduce Eliminate Eliminate Eliminate Recover in Eliminate SAN NAS Architecture Backup Tape Cloud or SecondaryFootprint Footprint Hardware & Hardware & any Data Data Software Software Center Centers Reduce Complexity. Reduce Cost.
  10. 10. Benefits of AWS StorageFinancial – Significant reduction in capital investments – Pay for only what you use: Metered Utility – Eliminate the need to over purchase – AWS prices continue to fall over timeOperational– Streamline and simplify data management operations– Reduction of systems and data centers– Focus employees on proactive and innovative tasksBusiness– Never stop the business as capacity is endless– Never slow the pace of innovation– Turn IT into an innovation enabler
  11. 11. Applying Amazon S3 Services Managed DBs Amazon Delivery DynamoDB Amazon CloudFront Direct Access AWS Direct Workflow Connect Analytics Amazon SWF Amazon Elastic Discovery MapReduce Amazon Cloudsearch DR and Compute Amazon VPC Amazon EC2 Amazon EBS