Building Strong Media Relationships

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Presentation to WACE

Presentation to WACE

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  • 1. The Media: Don’t Just Deal With Them . . . Deal Them In! Presented by Cheryl Bella Sr. Vice President, The Firm Public Relations & Marketing
  • 2. Building Better Media Relationships
    • Like any relationship, requires time and commitment
        • It’s not just about pitching when you have a story
    • Be where the media is
        • What industry events to they attend and cover?
        • Create a list of key message points even for informal meetings
    • Don’t discount the importance of social media
  • 3.
  • 4. Facebook
  • 5. Getting to Know the Media
    • The three “ R ”s – R eading, R esearch and out R each
        • Keep on top of what they cover
        • Keep on top of current issues
    • The importance of understanding their audiences
        • Localize, localize, localize
  • 6. Become an Information Source – The Value of Member Surveys
  • 7. Become an Information Source – The Value of Member Surveys
  • 8. Be a Thought Leader
  • 9. Partnering with analysts and colleges on commissioned reports
  • 10. Make it Easy for Them
    • Ask not what your media can do for you but what you can do for your media
    • Be available and accessible
  • 11. Planning is Key
    • All relationships take effort – know what you want to invest
    • How to create an action plan
        • List out activities, events, etc. your Chamber will
        • engage in during the next 12 months
        • Create an outreach plan per press member
        • Make it newsworthy
  • 12. Action Plan
    • List out your top three to five local media outlets you’d like to target
    • List out the reporters at each outlet you need to reach
    • Research and summarize the stories each of your targets reported on in the past 3-6 months including what type of news you think will interest them in the future
    • List out upcoming Chamber news items, reports, surveys, events, etc.
  • 13.
    • Monthly Outreach Plan for John Doe, Reporter, Local Business Journal
    • January: Provide Chamber reaction to “State of the City” or “State of the State” address
    • February: Schedule informal coffee/lunch meeting
    • March: Pitch recently commissioned Chamber report on outlook for area job creation
    • April: Invite to attend Chamber “State of the Local Economy” membership discussion
    • May: TBD
    • June: Pitch applicable story in conjunction with Chamber Business Expo
  • 14.
    • Monthly Outreach Plan for John Doe, Reporter, Local Business Journal
    • July: Schedule informal coffee/lunch meeting
    • August: Invite to participate on Chamber panel discussion on the local economy
    • September: Pitch results of Chamber’s annual economic member survey
    • October: TBD
    • November: Pitch story on Chamber and members’ involvement with local not-for-profits; how businesses view corporate responsibility and what they’re doing to get involved
    • December: Send holiday/New Year’s greeting
  • 15. Unplanned Opportunities
    • Be flexible
    • Offer a local twist on a national story in a timely manner
  • 16. Prep for Interviews & Meetings
    • Only one chance to make a great first impression
    • How not to leave it up to chance
  • 17. Follow Up
    • Get them what you promised, when you promised
    • The importance of communicating following coverage
    • Forget-me-nots
  • 18. Resources
    • Presentation – On My Linkedin Profile
    • PR Tip Booklet –
    • Media Worksheet – email me at