Task 1 different applications of photography


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Task 1 different applications of photography

  2. 2. ADVERTISINGINDUSTRYPhotography is playing a huge part withinthe advertising industry as it can be putand placed where a advert on the TV can’t.It can be considered the most importantelement of advertising and theircompanies. Being able to make advertisingpictures and place them on billboards, inmagazines and even on posters andflyers, makes the advert near enoughstuck to the whole of the nation. Makingsure you can see it near enough whereever you go is a technique used by manycompanies. Making the right picture isvitally important for the advertising industryas they want to make you remember theimage. Making sure that the photograph isclear and has the vital eye-catchingheadline and how it explains the benefitsof the product which is being advertised isclear and remember able, makes it allabout good advertising.
  3. 3. Photography is highly important within thefashion industry as it helps capture aperfect moment when someone is dresseda certain way and looking a certain way.Two photographers such as PatrickDemarchelier and Peter Lindbergh are wellknow fashion photographers who bothseem to work in a style of black and whitecapturing famous women lookingsophisticated, elegant and even beautiful attheir best. Wearing certain clothes withinthe image would encourage people to buycertain stuff especially if female idles arewearing them. Patrick Demarchelier hasworked closely with high fashion brandssuch as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Chaneland Giorgio Armani yet discovered fashionphotography whilst he was a freelancephotographer.FASHIONINDUSTRYPeter LindberghPatrick Demarchelier
  4. 4. Photography has become a huge partwithin the music industry. Having manydifferent photographers yet only a fewselected high paid photographers narrowsit down. By the music industry havingphotographers , it opens the doors for theartists as tey get to promote themselvesand their albums which they may release.Having am album cover with themselveson or even a poster which enables peopleto know about them helps them promotemusic, tours, albums or evencollaborations. Photographers such asAndrew Cotterill have worked with famousand well know artists such as KanyeWest, Nelly and even the Artic Monkeys.He has a laid back style where his imagesshow artists calm and relaxed.MUSIC INDUSTRYAndrew Cotterill
  5. 5. Photography is used within thisarea because they can be creativeon capturing fast moving objects.Within this case, one main reasonwhy photographers chose tophotograph instead of filmathletics because they arebeginning to save money on thisas they need to spend moremoney on film and printingsupplies. They can edit their ownimages on a computer and cancrop it to how they please.Bill Frakes is a well known sportsphotographer who began shootingfor Sports Illustrated which is anAmerican Sports Media Franchise.SPORTS INDUSTRY
  6. 6. Photojournalism is a form ofjournalism which tells a newsstory. Times like this day and agestill images are more preferredhowever, moving images are justas good. It has become morebasic within each story within thenews as well as being told aboutsomething that might behappening, now it shows what’shappening.Alfred Eisenstaedt was aphotojournalist before he died andis most famous for the V-J Day inTimes Square, Manhattan. I haveselected some of the photographsthat Eisenstaedt has taken duringhis time as a photojournalist.Each photo has its own individualstyle, from close ups and midshots to long shots each image isprofessional and admired bymany.PHOTO JOURNALISM
  7. 7. Fine Art Photography is mainly usedto show a creative vision of thephotographer. It has been taken fordisplay purposes to show anelement of beauty, realism ordecoration. It can be seen to show aphotographers emotions andperceptions which can give theviewer an immediate connectionwith the photographer. Onephotographer who has a highinterest in fine art photography isNicholas Trofimuk. He isnt veryfamous as appearing in magazinesor magazines as such but he is wellknown for his simple yet elegantpieces of work.FINE ARTPHOTOGRAPHY