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  1. 1. Rhenna, now one of the world’s best-selling artists has sold an unbelievable 30 millionalbums and an outstanding 120 million singles worldwide. She has had many toursthroughout her time yet The Loud Tour has become the7th highest grossing tour of 2011. Ithas an estimate value of around US$90 million which has an amazing 98 reported showsand a phenomenal audience total of 1,200,800. A hot young single woman from England hasbecome a huge sensation all over the world. Being young girls role models and aspired byolder women, adored and admired by males. Could she get any better?What will your new album be called?My new album that I will be releasing will be called IDGA. It will be my debut album. It willbe released this August. I want it released in the summer where people can buy it and justlisten to it.What does IDGA mean?Haha, that’s a funny question really. It basically means I Don’t Give A. It just goes out to allthose people who said I’m not good enough, or try and say I won’t make anything of myself.Basically telling them that I don’t give a f*ck on what they say or think. I mean differentpeople have different thoughts and opinion. It’s what makes us all an individual. Haven’t gottime to be worrying about all the negative vibes going around. So I brush all those off myshoulder and stay positive.What has inspired you to make this album?Like I said all those negative people in my life. It’s pushing me to do more and prove themwrong. It goes out to all those having the same problem. This world is becoming verydifferent from what it was a couple of years ago. More hate is in the world instead of peoplegetting on or should I say there are more haters in the world now getting jealous about whatpeople have or want or the skills they have so they think its ok to try and put people down. Ithink it’s just sad and pathetic that people do it, just shows they have too much time on theirhands and no ambition in life what so ever so they won’t amount to nada. They are goingdown so they try and bring people down with them so I’m just going to laugh and say it won’thappen to this person because nada will stop this.Do you songs have any meaning?Yeah they do and some of them are saying ‘F*ck You’ to the haters and some are just tellingall those people who believe in themselves that they are going to make something ofthemselves, people I can relate to, to never give up and just reach for their dream. I know itsounds corny or cheesy but I mean someone needs to believe in them and someone needs togive them the hope. People can be negative all their lives but all it takes is for that one personto be positive and to believe in them to give them the spirit, ambition and faith to know thatthey can do it. I mean just look at how many people are blasting YouTube out with their ownsongs or covers to show their vocal talents. It’s absolutely unbelievable.Will anyone feature in your new album?To be honest I can’t really say. I’d like it to be a surprise to all of my fans out there and givethem the un-expected. There’s a mixture of different artists that I have worked with on myalbum but I think that the vocals work so well together. It’s like a whole element to music.
  2. 2. Are you releasing any song from your album before it’s out?Well, thinking about it now *laughs* I have been thinking about this and well I have decidedto do little teaser of different songs collided into one to give a bigger teaser at what my newalbum has to offer. I think that this will be exciting and I also can’t wait to see how myproducer will succeed with the matter. It will all be worth the wait.Do you think you will be considered for the MOBO’s this year?I’d like to be considered for the MOBO’s because it’s like another great opportunity for me toshow what I can do and how far I have come. But then again, I wouldn’t be where I am todayif it wasn’t for my fans. They support me the most, buying my albums and songs just makesme happy and makes me push harder to keep up my fan base. If I got chosen to be in theMOBO’s for an award that would be sensational *laughs* it would just add to my littlecollection of awards I have lining up.Most artists are starting to bring out a clothing range, Have you considered it?You know what I actually have. I started having a talk with my manager about that and hewas going on about what should be on the clothing like hoodies or tee-shirts… so I said whatabout the album? He thought it was a great idea… A new franchise of ‘I Don’t Give A F*ck’stuff. I think it will be brilliant. I see stuff out there that are just stupid. I mean like YOLO.What the hell is that? Mine has more of a meaning than this stupid YOLO that’s goingaround and I don’t care who hates me for saying it *laughs*.