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Movie posters powerpoint

  1. 1. Movie Posters<br />Megan Shepherd.<br />
  2. 2. The objects in the picture relate to what the film is presenting. Guns, cigarettes and drugs, and of course a pulp fiction magazine for a little Taratino comedy.<br />The background appears to be a sleezy hotel room, since there don’t appear to be any personal belongings in there, apart from items which can be taken with you by hand. <br />This makes it realistic.<br />Made to look like a “pulp fiction magazine”<br /><ul><li>3 Basic colours – red – yellow and black relate to the link of magazine and film. 3 Base colours are used in these old magazines.
  3. 3. Even includes the “10 Cents” price tag.</li></ul>The image of Uma Thurman in the centre on the poster was designed to seduce and incise the audience to the film. Her clothing and posture relate to the sense of attraction to the poster.<br />Because of the posters “Raunchy” nature, I would say that its for an adult audience. Which makes a lot of sense, since the film is an 18+ in the UK.<br />The bold titles are made to look like the heading on a pulp fiction magazine. <br />Its in yellow because it stands out against black and red. <br />The font is somewhat old fashioned, again like a pulp fiction magazine. <br />They include most of the stars names, boasting about all the big names they have in the movie. Of course, a selling point. <br />There is no tag line in this movie poster. But, it proudly boasts that it won an award and was made my Quentin Taratino.<br />
  4. 4. Leonardo DiCaprio’s name is the biggest shown, since he is the most known. This is a advertisement point. Other stars are under his. This is also shown in the image in the poster. His character is central and can be easily recognised. <br />The poster is abstract and somewhat confusing. It creates an enigma for the audience, making them want to learn more, and watch the film. The purpose was to create something for the audience to get there head around. <br />Tag line “ Your mind is the scene of the crime” - reveals to the audience that the film is about the human mind, and perhaps hinting that this film will make you think. Its about dreams inside your head. <br />The buildings in the background encase them, again causing an abstract effect. This makes is unrealistic, but dreamlike. <br />The colours used are metallic colours, consisting of blues, silvers and blacks. <br />The title is in red, causing it to stand out and indicating to some foreshadowing to the mixed up world. <br />The font isn’t fancy, but simple and easy to read, even from far away. <br />The film is clearly aimed at fans. Fans of the dark knight (Since its mentioned below “Inception” and fans of Leonardo. The audience maybe aimed at audiences that like to use their heads when watching a film too. Since the image makes you turn your head to make sense of it. <br />Selling point – “Also shown in IMAX”<br />
  5. 5. “Once upon a time in Nazi occupied France...” is the tag line to this poster. Its a comic tag line, which contrasts with the image that’s being shown on the poster. It maybe used to reveal the genre to the audience. A comedy/ Drama/ Action with a few hints of graphic violence. <br />This is one of three movie posters like this. They both hold something like a knife. All liberating the Nazi race. <br />This one, with the blade through the Nazi flag, and blood all around it. <br />Its a shocking image, however the blood itself doesn’t look to realistic, this maybe to censor it slightly. <br />The images is extreme, and shocking. Which is the posters purpose. To Shock and be violent. It also gives historical context and gives away what the film is about clearly. <br />The font is slanted, almost like the royal air force emblem. The tag lines font is soft and friendly. Again, a contrast with the rest of the image. <br />The background is fairly plain, grey and clouded is showing the dark side of this film. It also shows the time period, besides stating the obvious Nazi emblem. The clothing is old fashioned. And the grey background makes it look almost black and white. The red stands out a lot, making the image more vivid and shocking to its audiences. <br />The posters audience would obviously be adult.<br />
  6. 6. This movie poster for Mega mind is for all ages. Its an animated film, showing no signs of adult only content.<br />Its not only for children, because they have added “Ferrell vs. Pitt” relating to the actors voices used in the film. Adults can relate to it. Its also a comic line. Showing the film will be amusing and of the comedy genre. <br />“The superhero movie will never be the same “ is the tagline to this movie poster. It shows us its a superhero movie and also relates to the image shown. We see the hero and the villain. “Ferrell vs. Pitt.” <br />The layout is a little different. The characters are the most important. The tagline is too. Both of them. The characters are what you see first. They have big heads – maybe a inside joke about the actors used. <br />Colours used are simple – Blue, black and white. The font is specialised for the movie (title) but the taglines etc is basic but bold. It stands out. <br />“Dream works” is shown above it. Giving it a link to its institution. <br />
  7. 7. “In space no one can hear you scream” The poster itself is simple. But its tag line tells us so much. “Space” telling the audience that the film is Sci-fi, and “Scream” – Horror. The tagline is designed to scare its readers, but also drawing you in to watch the film. – The posters purpose too. <br /> Green and black are the main colours. This links to the film since they are both dark, frightening colours, but the “aliens” blood is also green – There skin is black. <br />“ ALIEN” is spaced out. The font is simple, but it has sharp edges to it. This is because the film is a horror. Its in white to stand out on the black background. <br />The layout is very simple. However its all it needs. The tagline is enough to draw in an audience. The egg is the key item in the picture. The audience won't know what it is, making them question it. The movie poster doesn’t give to much away to its audience.<br />The audience is adult – shown by the scary tagline. <br />The background is black, an eerie green glow in the distance. A rough metal cage on the bottom. Vivid image.<br />
  8. 8. Disaster movie, is obviously a comedy – spoof. <br />“Not another shallow Hollywood movie” and “ Al Gore was right” both reveal its a comedy and for an adult audience. Its using adult humour to draw in an audience. <br />Its also shown as a comedy because of the key image. Lady liberty wearing a snorkel. So unrealistic, it maybe funny. <br />The main colours used are bleus and whites. This is because its natural, and of course, showing a massive tidal wave. Red and yellow are used on the snorkel, perhaps hinting at danger. <br />The institution is shown in the corner, “Lionsgate” Its small, but had to be included. <br /> The font is bold, and plain. Its sort of dramatic with the blunt edges. Its a little opaque, slightly showing the water in the background. <br />
  9. 9. The key item is the title. Its the main thing to look at. Its got Sharpe edges (font), and almost merges in the with landscape. <br />Its revealed as a shocking film, or a horror/thriller because of this.<br />“Man is the warmest place to hide” Is the tagline. Again revealing that it maybe a horror or some sort of sci-fi monster film. It provokes the audience through its use of enigma to come see the film.<br />The font of the tagline is plain and simple, perhaps hoping not to give to much away. <br />The colours are dark, (White, blue and black) and cold. Its reveals to us the setting and the genre of the film. Snowy mountains the background also link to this. <br />The purpose is to scare. <br />
  10. 10. Because of its friendly nature, this poster is for all age groups. <br />“A long time ago in a galaxy far far away ..” is the tagline. This is like the poster is starting off the story, making the audience want to hear the rest. The font is soft and rounded. Making it inviting and friendly.<br />The title itself is small, but in the typical “star wars” font we still see today. Its like a logo. The bold blue is attractive and will draw attention to an audience. <br />A lot is going on in the background .They are drawings of characters and action, <br />The rule of 3rds is used to draw your attention to the beam of light which seems to be telling a piece of the story, by blocking/ holding back darthvader. <br />Typical sci-fi colours are used. Blues, blacks and yellows. This will also help the audience understand the genre. <br />
  11. 11. There is no tagline. But it mentions the director. Perhaps because of his success, he needs to selling point. <br />The key image is the alien face. Its rich blue colour catches our eyes and its green eye looks like its looking at the audience – drawing us in.<br />“Avatar” is in soft, and almost jungle themed font. This seems exotic/tribal and links to the setting in the film. <br />The colours are blue and black mainly. This keeps is simple, and attractive. <br />The plain background keeps things simple, and draws out the main features. It also seems like a shadow, making it mysterious. <br />