A2 script the future


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A2 script the future

  1. 1. The future. Screenplay written by Megan and Navpreet. EXT – TOWN STREET – DAY A girl, whose identity is irrelevant, is walking down the street with her Iphone in hand. The screen is up, facing the sky, with reflections of tree’s and the surroundings around them both. The iphone is playing music, the song is happy (Walking on sunshine), and reveals that the iphone is happy in its currents position, and is the centre of attention. The girl is wearing average clothing, leggings, a top, a coat of sorts and has long hair. However we only, mainly see her hand. There is now jewellery, she is a student. She is not married or engaged. So no ring is shown. Her iphone is also wearing a ‘coat’; it’s a protective layer around it. This shows us how much the owner of the gadget is caring for her new gadget. The girl turns to someone, and starts to talk; the screen turns on as she turns off the music to talk to her friend. The girl’s words are quiet, and begin to fade. You can briefly make out what she is saying as we focus on the iphone’s screen, which is tilted at the girls face like it is looking in adoration. GIRL: “Hey! It’s been so long; you still up for tomorrow night right?” As we see the girl talking, the iphone’s voice is heard. IPHONE (V.O): “This is my guardian. She cares for me, and takes me everywhere with her. The girl flicks her hair, putting the iphone in her pocket.” IPHONE (V.O): “I have never been so close to someone before. The others are jealous of me. I am her favourite.” The girl and her friend finish their convocation, and turn away waving.
  2. 2. IPHONE (V.O): “It seems we will have another night out together. I cannot wait.” Fade out to black. INT – IN GIRLS BEDROOM – DUSK There is make up scattered around, the girl grabs her bag, forgetting the iphone. She leaves it on the desk. There is a book on the bookshelf, which is out of place. On the desk, there is a computer and monitor, a printer, a ps3 on top of the printer, and a large TV above the desk. It’s starting to get dark and so an artificial light is left on. In her hurry, the girl has left it on, wasting electricity. There are various objects around her desk, like a few pieces of rubbish and paper with work on, showing she is a student. There are also pens on the desk. The iphone Is staring up at the ceiling, until the door slams shut, making it obvious that the girl has left the building. IPHONE (V.O): “...She’s...She’s gone..? Have I...been left? Has she forgotten about me? M-maybe she will come back...” WISE BOOK (V.O): “Don’t be silly kid. She can’t be with you for every second of the day.” Books voice is old, like his pages. He is smart and wise. We see book, propping himself up, and shuffling over to the edge of the bookcase, closer to Iphone. The book has been left on the side by accident. WISE BOOK (V.O): “Welcome to my world...” The iphone’s screen lighting up, it moves around, standing itself up. IPHONE (V.O): “Your world ..? What do you mean?” The book moves closer, as if to speak more personally. WISE BOOK (V.O):
  3. 3. “You are new to this world. You have so much to learn. Back in my day, we books were treasured, we went from hand to hand, entertaining and educating the human kind. We were everywhere. We were taken everywhere...just like you are now...” IPHONE (V.O): “R- Really? Then what changed? Did you get too old? Did you get boring? Did someone prettier come along?” The book moves back, a little overwhelmed by the amount of questions. WISE BOOK (V.O): “One thing at a time young one...Many things changed...The humans are easily displeased.” The Iphone moves closer, he is interested in what the book is teaching him. IPHONE (V.O): “Displeased?” WISE BOOK (V.O): “Well, they're lazy. My ancestors have been lost to history because of the human’s laziness. Everything is electric and interactive to them now.” The iphone turns away from him. IPHONE (V.O): “You mean, like I am?” The book appears to nod, tilting its body. WISE BOOK (V.O): “Indeed. My kind is slowly...fading out. Soon, I'm sure, no one will want us.......” It Cuts to a short clip of books forcing themselves off the shelves to their demise. The faint noise of their cries is heard, as they throw themselves off. As we cut back to the room, we find other objects waking up. The TV turns on, a DS springs up. The computer turns its screen on. The Iphone and the book turn to look at them. One of the objects speaks.
  4. 4. DS (V.O): “We've all been there. My relatives were...dumped in the dark for me...” The screen cuts to a game boy and a game boy advance, dead...with no batteries. A Nintendo 64 chucked in the cupboard by a game cube; Looks like they are huddled together. The DS’s voice is like an average teenager, they were obviously a new ‘toy’ once, but has also learned the value of their short lives. The on button flickers from red to green. PS3 (V.O): “Same with mine, they’re not even cared for...” The computer screen draws a sad face on it which then phases to move and talk. PC (V.O): “...I don't have anyone left...They....threw him in a skip!” A tear appears on the computer screen by the face. The PCs voice is almost monotone. The iphone is silent for once; it turns to everyone, then back to Wise book. IPHONE (V.O): “...Does that mean...something is coming to replace me?” An iPod falls down from the computer monitor, shuffling its way to Iphone. IPOD (V.O): “It does indeed. I am Nano, part of the Apple family, like you.” Iphone turns to her. IPHONE (V.O): “Uh...I'm sorry...B-but why would anyone wish to replace me...I...I want to know what could be better than me!” The gadgets look to Iphone, and then turn to computer. Computer has a “...” on the screen, and then goes to the apple website.
  5. 5. WISE BOOK (V.O): “Child...We come and go that is our purpose. Please do not be frightened by what computer finds on your family tree...” The web page then loads on a photo of an IPAD. The Iphone gasps. IPHONE (V.O): “..They look so pretty...I am no match...I'll...be thrown down the toilet!” WISE BOOK (V.O): “Get a hold of yourself. We don't last forever. Make the most of now...I mean...look how expensive it is with a new member to the family. If your guardian did not love you, you would off been left here long ago...This is life, life is not perfect...” IPHONE (V.O): “Life...My guardian... I will always be in your memories...Thank you...Umm...book right? Thank you for giving me a reason to respect others...I am sorry for your losses...” WISE BOOK (V.O): “It is fine. We move on, and accept our fates. What else can we do? Have a good life, young Iphone...” A door is heard opening, the objects panic. And scurry back to their places. Some hide, unable to return to where they started. Iphone resumes his blank stare at the ceiling. The girl comes running in and grabbing him, and exiting with him in hand. Once she has gone, book watches the door, and then drops into the bin where he was supposed to be. WISE BOOK (V.O): “Good luck young one. You learn fast...” As he hits the bins bottom, a thud is made. [FADE OUT]
  6. 6. Cut to credits.