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Magazine review 2

  1. 1. Magazine Review <br />By Navpreet Grewal and Megan Shepherd <br />
  2. 2. The Magazine is DVD and Blu-ray Review <br />This is read mostly by men and they are either at university or graduated. They tend to be from the age of 22 years and upwards. <br />Well know magazine for reviews and has the latest information on all new and old films that have been released on DVD and Blu ray. <br />
  3. 3. Kick Ass <br />The target audience is for teenagers and young adults. People who like comedy films and also who the actors are in the film. Also they would of either seen the film to understand the storyline and would like to see what the outcome is of the film. Also if people like superhero based films. <br />The readerships would most probably be men as they would be more interested in reviews about certain films. <br />Demographics is that men would be more interested and they would probably be the age of late teens and upwards. Also people would be living in areas that sell the movies for people to read the review. <br />It is a long review. Due to being a big blockbuster in the cinema they would like to keep the same review for it when it comes out on DVD / Blu-ray. <br />There is a caption on each of the images in this review. <br />
  4. 4. Four lions <br />The target audience would be teenagers and adults. People who would interested in a film that makes controversial issues funny and lets the audience get involved with the jokes. <br />Demographics males and they would be adults. <br />There are a lot of bold words so that would catch the audiences attention. <br />The review is pretty short so they audience don’t have to read for that long otherwise they may get disinterested. <br />There is a caption on each of the images in this review. <br />
  5. 5. The Ghost <br />Target audience is both genders but mostly people in the UK due to it is based around the politics here. <br />Demographics adults, people who are studying or like to know about government and politics. <br />It is also a short review so will keep the reader engaged to know more. If they would want to buy this film on DVD or not. <br />There is a caption on each of the images in this review. <br />The use of colours is that they are quite dark and also there is the main image at the top and a smaller image at the bottom. <br />
  6. 6. Robin Hood <br />The target audience would be adults as maybe some teenagers who are interested in the person. <br />Demographics adults and they would be both male and females. <br />Robin Hood was around in the medieval period and has the tales surrounding him have been passed down many generations so through that people may be intrigued to read the review as to know if it is recommend to watch. <br />There is only one main image and that is at the top of the review. The colours used in that review is browns and greys yet the image still looks bright. <br />There is a caption on each of the images in this review. <br />
  7. 7. Date Night <br />Demographics adults females and males. <br />There are two images . The main image at the top represents the two main characters that are in the shot and is a bigger image. The image at the bottom is that of a minor but yet important character. <br />There is a caption on each of the images in this review. <br />The target audience would be adults and also teenagers due to the humor that is in the film has come across in the review so they would like to know. <br />
  8. 8. Prince of Persia <br />There is a caption on each of the images in this review. <br />Both the images in the review are bright and colourful and stand out. That would catch the readers eye and they would be intrigued to know what is happening. <br />The target audience would be young kids and adults. It is family movie. Disney fans would go and watch it due to Disney distributed it. <br />Demographics would be both genders and all ages. <br />
  9. 9. Whip it <br />Demographics be both genders and teenagers/ young adults. <br />There is a caption on each of the images in this review. <br />The target audience would be teenagers and young adults. <br />The review has bold letters and short sentences. This would keep the reader occupied in the text. <br />
  10. 10. Get him to the Greek <br />There is a caption on each of the images in this review. <br />The target audience would be teenagers and adults . <br />Also the audience would have to be interested in the actors who are in the film otherwise they would not want to read the review. <br />Short Review with a catching headline to get the readers attention. <br />
  11. 11. As the film is animated the audience would probably be for children and their parents may read it to them as they would intrigued due to the picture. The review gives basic information about what the film has involved. <br />How to train your Dragon?<br />Demographics would be both genders and all ages. As it is a family film. <br />Short review and would keep the reader engaged in the text. <br />There is only one main image. There is also a caption with the picture. <br />
  12. 12. Bauer Consumer Media<br />Simple concept. Could use for my magazine review.<br />Empire magazine website. Review on Metropolis.<br />-Online Audience.<br />People who enjoyed the film when it was first made, may enjoy this review. They are also given an opportunity to write their own review. <br />18 – 24 year olds ( <br />Male, no kids but college educated. <br />Maybe readers of the magazine itself, wished to make their own comments about the review and logged onto the website to do so.<br />
  13. 13. Death Ray publishing.<br />Brought by rebellion development. (A gaming corporation) <br />Magazine is based on Science fiction and fantasy films and games.<br />Readers of this review may enjoy the terminator films, and are interested in the spin off – They are trying to learn from it.<br />Audience are mostly male, ranging from teens to middle aged adults. <br />Its a TV show review, however, it is based the same way as a film review. It explains the plot, and gives it a rating.<br />
  14. 14. Total Film article. <br />Is both a magazine and a website review. <br />Appeal to both sexes. <br />Fans and movie enthusiasts alike. <br />Hollywood blockbuster.<br />Mainstream audience attracted. <br />Fans off the actors will have read this review and also fans of work by the director. <br />Wider audience attracted. Aim for this?<br />Pirates of the caribbeanreview.<br />Includes interviews with actors.<br />
  15. 15. - Review on Scott pilgrim vs. the world.<br />Mostly from the UK. <br />Audience ranges from 18 – 24 year olds. <br />Online audience. <br />Mostly male with no children, but college educated.<br />Similar to Empire magazine.<br />Audience maybe people who enjoy comics, or just learning more about new films. <br />The film was given 3 stars. People will question why? And give an opinion.<br />Adverts distracting on Online magazine reviews, concept is basic and usable. <br />
  16. 16. Simple and detailed, could use for own review. <br /><br />Mostly 18-24 year olds.<br />Mostly male.<br />No children.<br /> College educated.<br />New film review – “Buried.” <br />Audiences are people who want a scare from horror films (And who enjoy horror films). <br />Fans of Thriller/ Horror Genre. <br />Online audience. From home/school/work. Mostly from work on empire.<br />
  17. 17. Star trek review –<br />Webpage is complex. Audience will be online. <br />Mostly female, but ranging from 18 – 44 evenly. <br />Screen shots included to get the star trek fans excited.<br />Audience is wider, since its based on a old TV show. The review gives you a brief of the story etc. <br />Audience members mostly have children, and some college education. <br />Its broken down into the clips that were seen, explaining if they enjoy it or not. <br />A little complex, may confuse readers. May not be used in my review. Images are a good idea however. <br />