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Testimonials from the parents.

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  1. 1. Testimonials:From the parents… “ When we first moved to Thailand, Kiefer was age 2 and I was looking for a school in which I could attend with him. Babies Genius has aided in teaching him numbers, alphabet, songs and is a preschool in which he has learned and utilized his English skills. In addition to the academics, he has gained a lot of confidence and learned independence. The ratio of teacher to students is perfect so that each students has individualized attention. Similarly all teachers are proficient in the English language and most p g g g comparably in Thai as well. Kiefer will soon transition to a larger International School and I feel Babies Genius has made this possible. Nadia has just started attending Babies Genius and I can already see an increase in her language development and improved motor skills. skills She also imitates songs sung in each class and has improved listening skills. Overall, I have been extremely impressed with this school. The curriculum is outstanding, teachers highly trained, and is a wonderful and supportive environment for learning. If Babies Genius had been available to me in the US, I would have enrolled Kiefer sooner. “ - Mrs. Melissa Pham & Mr. Don Pham (American Embassy Thailand) Kiefer Pham: Platinum Member of Baby Bright ClassBABIES GENIUS Nadia Pham: Smart Toddies Class @ Siam Paragon Center
  2. 2. Testimonials: BABIES GENIUSFrom the parents… “ I went to many other children playschool programs before I decided to let my son, Peter (3 years old) to join Babies Genius. Babies Genius is different from other programs. The class which my son joined lasts for 2 ½ hours in each session. Within that time frame, they are many varied activities that occupy my son so he won’t feel bored. The children here learn: numbers, alphabets, making music, arts and crafts and play dough, etc. Besides learning these ‘academic skills’, my son also acquired other ‘soft skills’ at Babies Genius such as: sharing, manners, personal hygiene good eating habits, etc. One day at home my hygiene, habits etc son surprised me by reminding me to wash his hands before having dinner. My husband and I are very happy that my son has improved tremendously after joining Babies Genius. He is not only learned a lot l t academically b t also d d i ll but l developed many other soft skills th t will l d th ft kill that ill useful for him in future. Thumb up for Babies Genius!! “ - Ms. Cindy Sim & Mr. Edward Siauw (Chief Actuary) Peter Siauw: Baby Bright Class y g
  3. 3. Testimonials: BABIES GENIUSFrom the parents… “ It worked very well with her sister Lucy and we are seeing similar development in Lily too. She is however more happy with practical tasks, and in this respect Babies Genius is a good choice for her” -Mr. James Hookway (Journalist) Lucy and Lily Hookway: Smart Toddies Class “ The programme seems very interesting. At first, I wasn’t sure whether it will have any impact on Jordi or not I just wanted him to not. have fun. After two years, I realized that the programme has helped to shape his learning behavior. He has great interest in art, music and reading. He has become very inquisitive. He has a very good memory. He has learned to share and take turns. Overall, it’s a very exciting place for him. He looks forward to coming to Babies Genius G i every week. It’ a wonderful programme and th t k It’s d f l d the teachers h really seem eager to teach every student. Finally I believe Babies Genius has helped to build a strong foundation for Jordi’s learning and he will always love learning as he grows up.” -Ms. Amara Srikuruwal (Teacher) & Mr. Krin Malhotra ( ) (Businessman) Jordi: Smart Toddies, Smart Tinies and Kiddies Bright Classes.
  4. 4. Testimonials: BABIES GENIUSFrom the parents…“We have been coming to Babies Genius for a few weeks. Ben has We weeksbeen looking forward to it. I’ve seen some changes in him sincestarting and he had benefited and developed with the help of BabiesGenius. We come along with our beloved nanny and she learnedhow to continue working and playing with him at home. Thank youBabies Genius !!.”-Ms. Idit (Lawyer)Ben: Smart Babies
  5. 5. Testimonials: BABIES GENIUSFrom the parents… “We believe that it important for a baby’s brain and physical development to comprise various aspects, including p y and social p p p , g play interactions with other babies, mothers and teachers. We researched and visited many other schools throughout Bangkok, seeking a school for the above, with of course a particular emphasis on the English language and high teacher-to-baby ratio. Babies Genius was our top choice among the schools. But what made us decide on Babies Genius was the friendliness and teaching abilities of all of the teachers. The activities/programs were well structured and constructed and organized. Warner graduated from Smart Babies to Smart Toddies and we witness Warner’s mental and physical development with way beyond we expected and the program has changed to continue different stage of development in motor skills and mentally. The location was also a small factor since we always enjoy coming to Paragon.. “ - Mrs. Jessica Teng & Mr. Vasan Abe Sun (Lawyer) Warner Sun: Smart Babies and Smart Toddies @ Siam Paragon Center