State of the Chapter: BDPA Cincinnati (Jan 2012)


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This is the PowerPoint deck used during the Jan 2012 program meeting hosted by BDPA Cincinnati chapter.

The topic: 'State of the Chapter: Strategies for Success." The presenter was Wayne Hicks (BETF executive director).

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  • There are major issues in the industry – racism, sexism, inadequate access to capital, inadequate access to mentorsWhat is BDPA’ response?Arm ourselves with self-knowledge; consistent diet of self-love, self-worth and self-esteem.We are a powerful people. Would not; could not dieDevelop systems of self-validation; define yourself!You have greatness within youYou are no ‘accident’Young black man … define yourself!
  • Share action planK-12 StudentsTaft Elementary School (Tech Corps TECHie Club)YTSSHSCCIT ShowcaseConference (regional and national)College StudentsIT ShowcaseConferences (regional and national)MentorsScholarshipsInternshipsIT ProfessionalProgram Meetings (3rd Thursdays)Quarterly WorkshopsVolunteers (leadership, project management, budgeting, public speaking)MentoringCareer AdvancementThe Leadership Academy (ITSMF)IT EntrepreneursSupplier Diversity programsVenture CapitalNew MarketsCorporate Advisory Council6. Community OutreachBlack Family Technology Awareness WeekCincinnati STEM CollaborativeBlack Family ReunionStrategic Alliances
  • Are you giving of your time, talent and resources to support our collective destiny?Chicken & PigsThere is no acceptable level of Blacks ‘at risk’ or people being written off as members of the “permanent underclass”Stop being afraid of our CHILDREN!Reassert our authority as MEN and WOMENStop hiding your headsLook out the windows on all avenues of the worldEliminate practices, behaviors, habits which support internalized oppressionGo to churchEducation is an ongoing processGive up terms like ‘good hair’ or ‘light skin’
  • Nobody can give you success.You have to get it yourself.Stop waiting for permission from othersGet your IT certifications; keep your tech skillset currentYour career success is up to you; are you networking? Are you becoming a subject-matter expert? Are you volunteering to give presentations like this one?Don’t give up! - persistence. Knock, knock, knock, knock.
  • State of the Chapter: BDPA Cincinnati (Jan 2012)

    1. 1.  Welcome Our Guests Introduce 2012 BDPA Cincinnati Officers Why Does BDPA Exist? Strategies for Success ◦ Attitude ◦ Goals ◦ Commitment to Win ◦ Take Responsibility for Yourself How Can BDPA Help Your SUCCESS?
    2. 2. Take notes … feel free to ask questions at anytime! We wantthis to be a robust discussion with REAL talk for you. Wewant you to understand the BDPA ‘value-proposition’!
    3. 3.  Nat’l Membership Committee Chair (1989- 1990) • Chartered almost 25% of current chapters (10 of 45) Nat’l BDPA Vice President (1991-1992, 2002- 2003) BDPA Cincinnati Chapter President (1999- 2001) • Grew membership from 6 (Jan 1999) to 229 (Nov 2001) • Won Chapter of the Year Twice (2000 and 2001) National BDPA President (2004-2005) • Profitable annual conferences • All-time record in corporate sales • All-time record in BDPA membership totals BETF Executive Director (1993, 2006 – Present) • BETF revenue is over $1 million in 2001-2011 • BETF gave out over $344,000 in scholarships • American Honda Foundation - $25k grant last year
    4. 4.  November 1975, Founders Met ◦ Founders Concerns:  lack of Blacks in middle & upper management  poor preparation of Blacks for these positions  low number of Blacks recruited for upper management  lack of career mobility for people of color  lucrative placement services dominated by non- minorities What’s Different in 2012????
    5. 5. Ohio Chapters (founding mo / yr)  Cincinnati Chapter (Dec 1989)  Cleveland Chapter (Nov 1980)  Columbus Chapter (Jun 1990)  Dayton Chapter (Jul 1998) Jan 2012 45 Active BDPA Chapters nationally  Cincinnati Chapter  68 financially current members [as of 1/1/2012]  4th Largest Chapter in the Nation!
    6. 6.  “BDPA advances the careers of African Americans in the IT industry from the classroom to the boardroom”  Elevator pitch when people ask what does BDPA do “We’re a service organization that advances IT professionals’, entrepreneurs’ and students’ careers from the classroom to the boardroom through education, mentoring and business networking that enhance innovation, technical skills, business savvy and personal growth.”
    7. 7.  President: Clarence  Dir, Communications: Larcarte Braxton Washington President-Elect: Vacant  Dir, Fundraising: Ellery VPF: Prince Ellis Lewis Dir, Marketing: Ernest VPMS: Joseph Parker  Gause VPMM: Dalric Webb Dir, Membership: April  VPSP: Steve Gutter Gillespie IPP: Wanda Gray  Dir, Outreach: Deborah Prince Who You Surround Yourself With Says A lot About You!
    8. 8.  See 2012 Chapter Action Plan K-12 Students College Students Information Technology (IT) Professional Information Technology (IT) Entrepreneurs Community Outreach
    9. 9.  High School Drop-Out Rates Too Few Blacks w/ STEM experiences while in school Too Few Blacks majoring in STEM curriculum in college Too Few Blacks in IT management or IT executive positions How can we ‘Win the Future’?
    10. 10.  Are you wasting your time on media that is owned & operated by others? Are you supporting Black-owned media (e.g. Cincinnati Herald)? Are you surrounding yourself with OQP (‘other quality people’)? Are you investing in STEM experiences and scholarships in Cincinnati?