BDPA New York Chapter Annual Report (2011)


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This is the annual report detailing the programs, services and accomplishments of BDPA New York chapter in 2011.

It is worth noting that this chapter earned 'BDPA Chapter of the Year' honors for its efforts in CY-2010.

This document is well-worth reading for any chapter interested in being successful in 2012 or beyond!

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  • Thank you for sharing your slides. Your accomplishments are outstanding and inspiring. Way to go NY!
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BDPA New York Chapter Annual Report (2011)

  1. 1. BDPA New York Chapter of the Year January - December 2011 “Envisioning the Future – Collaboration, Cooperation, and Commitment”.
  2. 2. About BDPA BDPA (Black Data Processing Associates) is a non- profit organization of professionals working in or having an interest in the Computer Science and Information Technology fields. BDPA has a diverse representation of information technology professionals. Included amongst the organization's members are programmers, analysts, engineers, managers, instructors, and entrepreneurs, to name a few.
  3. 3. BDPA Classroom to the Boardroom
  4. 4. BDPA New York’s Corporate Partners and Supporters (as of December 2011) Deloitte UBS JP Morgan Chase Yahoo Delbac Walmart National Grid BDPA/BETF  NAAAHR  NABA  NSBE  NBMBAA  HIMSS
  5. 5. 2011 Calendar* Meeting - MembershipMeetings9/10/2011 Community - NpowerCommunity9/4/2011 Meeting - Mobile TechnologyMeetings8/24/2011 Meet and Greet - Fashion 40Meet and Greets8/24/2011 Fundraiser - Scholarship DinnerFundraiser6/29/2011 Meeting - Mobile TechnologyMeetings6/16/2011 Meet and Greet - B. Smith'sMeet and Greets5/19/2011 Community - CB3 Business Youth ConventionCommunity5/5/2011 Meet and Greet - B. Smith'sMeet and Greets4/13/2011 Community - No Limits Career DayCommunity4/9/2011 Meeting - How to Obtain City and Federal ContractsMeetings3/7/2011 Career Fair - Pace - Grad StudentsCareer Fair3/5/2011 Community - BFTAWCommunity2/26/2011 Meet and Greet - B. Smith'sMeet and Greets2/16/2011 Community - Microsoft Minority DayCommunity2/11/2011 Community - Computers for YouthCommunity2/5/2011 Meet and Greet- Empire HotelMeet and Greets1/19/2011 Community - Wall Street ProjectCommunity1/10/2011 DetailsEventDAY *Events sponsored, hosted, and/or attended in 2011
  6. 6. 2011 Calendar continued* Community - Access for WomenCommunity Fundraiser - Holiday PartyFundraiser12/6/2011 Meeting - Venture Capital DemystifiedMeetings11/17/2011 Meet and Greet - B. Smith'sMeet and Greets11/2/2011 Career Fair - Pace - TechnologyCareer Fair11/2/2011 Community - Cyber Security AwarenessCommunity10/22/2011 Meeting- Beyond the PCMeetings10/20/2011 Community - Making Strides Breast Cancer WalkCommunity10/16/2011 Community - Cyber Security AwarenessCommunity10/15/2011 Career Fair- EOP STEM Diversity - BDPA NY - Co- SponsorCareer Fair9/30/2011 Community - Senior Benefit FairCommunity9/22/2011 Meeting- Primer on Medical Informatics and Health ITMeetings9/19/2011 DetailsEventDAY *Events sponsored, hosted, and/or attended in 2011
  7. 7. 2011 Programs 3 12 2 6 8 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Career Fair Community Fundraiser Meet and  Greets Meetings Total Total Type of Event
  8. 8. 2011 Event Participation Total 86 602 124 233 288 Career Fair Community Fundraiser Meet and Greets Meetings 1333Grand Total 288Meetings 233Meet and Greets 124Fundraiser 602Community 86Career Fair TotalEvent 
  9. 9. Rainbow Push
  10. 10. Black Family Technology Awareness Week (BFTAW)
  11. 11. Black Family Technology Awareness Week (BFTAW)
  12. 12. Meet and Greet
  13. 13. Meet and Greet
  14. 14. How to Obtain City and Federal Contracts
  15. 15. Career Fairs
  16. 16. Mobile Technology from Science Fiction to Reality
  17. 17. IT Showcase Kickoff
  18. 18. IT Showcase
  19. 19. No Limits Career Day
  20. 20. Computers For Youth
  21. 21. NPower
  22. 22. Microsoft Minority Day
  23. 23. Scholarship and Awards Dinner
  24. 24. Scholarship and Awards Dinner
  25. 25. 1st Quarter Board Meeting- Chicago
  26. 26. Regional – Washington, DC.
  27. 27. 2011 National Conference - Chicago
  28. 28. 2011 National Conference
  29. 29. Medical Informatics and Health IT
  30. 30. September Membership Meeting
  31. 31. Senior Benefit and Entitlement Fair
  32. 32. STEM Diversity Career Fair
  33. 33. Cyber Security Awareness Community Events
  34. 34. Making Strides for Breast Cancer
  35. 35. 4th Quarter Board Meeting - Vegas
  36. 36. Venture Capital Demystified
  37. 37. 2012 Planning Meeting
  38. 38. Holiday Celebration
  39. 39. BDPA NY on Caribbean Classroom
  40. 40. Our YouTube Channel
  41. 41. 2011 Speakers • Black Family Technology Awareness Week CyberSecurity/CyberBullying - Ms. Denise Hamilton Careers in the Gaming Industry - Mr. Sean R. Scott, CEO SoulRealis LLC BDPA Information Technology (IT) Showcase - Carol Anthony and BDPA Deleware Chapter Communicating is More Than 160 Characters - Mrs. Laquette R. Holmes, M.A., R.R.T. IT Careers in The Air Force - Ms. Heather Roberts, (ret) MAJ, USAFA Financial Literacy and Consumer Resources - National Association of Black Accountants – NY Chapter • How to Obtain City and Federal Government Contracts Janice Bracey, Lead Small Business Specialist US General Services Administration Small Business Utilization Center Gregg Bishop, Assistant Commissioner, Buyer Services NYC Small Business Services • Mobile Technology: From science fiction to reality Guy A Duggins, BDPA member and Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers
  42. 42. 2011 Speakers • 2011 BDPA New York Scholarship & Awards Dinner Keynote Address by Carla Taylor-Ogunrinde, VP, Met Life Honoring Corporate Sponsor of the Year UBS Corporate Sponsor JPMorgan Chase Small Business Innovators Eric Hamilton, CEO/Founder, Adsmoke, Founder, The Web Academy Sabrina Lamb, CEO/Founder, Outstanding BDPA New York Membership Award Bilal Muhammad, The McGraw Hill Companies BDPA New York Scholarship Awardees and IT Showcase Students • Primer on Medical Informatics & Health Information Technology Dr. Charles DeShazer,Vice President Medical Informatics, Quality and Transformation at Dean Health System Dr. Curtis Cole, Chief Medical Information Officer Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine and Public Health; Weill Cornell Dr. Kenneth Ong, Chief Medical Informatics Officer , New York Hospital Queens Adjunct Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management and Assistant Professor of Dept of Biomedical Informatics, Columbia School of Medicine
  43. 43. 2011 Speakers • Cyber Threats Beyond the PC Minerva Tantoco, Executive Director, Chief Architect, UBS Wealth Management Americas Glenn Siriano.KPMG, Principal, Information Technology Advisory Services (ITAS) practice Moira Jack. Sixnet LLC, Regional Sales Manager, Machine-to-Machine Automation and Communication Solutions, BDPA Member Carol Anthony, Director, Enterprise Security, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, BDPA NY IT Showcase Director • Cyber Threats Beyond the PC – Community Event Moira Jack. Sixnet LLC, Regional Sales Manager, Machine-to-Machine Automation and Communication Solutions, BDPA Member Carol Anthony, Director, Enterprise Security, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, BDPA NY IT Showcase Director • Venture Capital Demystified Hank Williams, Founder, CEO Koudco Tom Zoeller, Analyst at Canrock Ventures Natalia Oberti Noguera,Founder & CEO Pipeline Fellowship Hermann Mazard ,CEO HomeShopr Avi Fogel,Majorlee Investment Corp Eric Hamilton,CEO Adsmoke, UGC Video Advertising Executive, BDPA Member
  44. 44. 2011 Accomplishments • National Chapter of the Year • National Management Award • 12 months of Executive Board Meeting • Regular Meetings, Networking Events, Fundraisers, Community Events – Over 30 – Over – 1000 Reponses / Came in Contact • Diverse attendance at meetings • Kick-Off IT Showcase Program • Publicity – Television, Radio Interviews, Internet, Magazine Articles, New Electronic Newsletter • New Community Partnerships- ALCC, Housing, NewMe
  45. 45. 2011 Accomplishments • Successful Fundraisers – Scholarship, Holiday – Raised over 3000 dollars • Grants – Honda, Career Communications Group • Product Donations – Best Buy, Trader Joes, Costcos • Corporate Sponsorship – Chase , UBS • Continued relationships with partner organizations • New Relationship HIMSS • Stay Safe Online
  46. 46. 2011 Accomplishments • Donation – Over $500 Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk • Donation to Women’s Supportive Services Program @ Community Healthcare Network – Support HIV positive women and their families • Attended various Urban Network and other networking events • BDPA Members – Speaking, Employment and Business Opportunities
  47. 47. 2012 Goals • Increase Members Attendance at Events, Meetings, National Conference • Kickoff Student Information Technology Education and Scholarship (SITES) and Students Involved more in chapter programs • Recruit Members for Committees • Recruit Coordinators for Membership, Fundraising, Nominating Committee, Recording Secretary, Photographer • New Partnerships, Corporate Sponsors, Political relationships • Increase use of National Membership Website and Membership Tool
  48. 48. National Chapter of the Year
  49. 49. 50 January 2011 Membership and  Contact Information Contact: Renetta English, President Mail: BDPA New York Murray Hill Station, P.O. Box 808 New York, NY 10156 Phone: 212-802-5341 Web Site: Face Book:!/BDPANewYork Twitter: @BDPANewYork
  50. 50. Thank You • Executive Board & Members • Sponsors – UBS & Chase • Supporters • Speakers • BETF • Abundant Lift Christian Center • B. Smith’s • Microsoft • Diversity / Careers in Engineering and Information Technology • Equal Opportunity Publications • Black Sci-Fi • Bric Arts Media • BDPA Today For making 2011 a wonderful year!!