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Firstwave marketing intro

  1. 1. Introduction & Credentials
  2. 2. Firstwave Marketing is a highly driven marketing company, dedicated to deliveringsustained long-term sales growth to clients, through the effective use of tailored marketing solutions 2
  3. 3. What we discovered• Businesses are often limited in their in-house marketing skill set• Management teams are busy dealing with their day-to-day responsibilities to administer the numerous marketing support agencies; creative, digital & social media, PR etc• External agencies are often viewed as high cost whilst providing limited tangible added value• Businesses are participating in digital and social media, because everyone else was…but there was (and still is) a lack of strategy and integrated activity 3
  4. 4. We offer something different • We provide (and manage) all a company’s marketing requirements under one roof • Our strategic planning, activity execution, creative design and campaign evaluation is all undertaken by ourselves • When specialist skills are required, we use highly skilled freelancers from our extensive repository • Operate a highly flexible, cost-efficient business model that is created to service your exact business requirements 4
  5. 5. Our ethos • We work closely with our clients, not as external consultants, but as an integrated part of the business operation • Passion, creativity & innovative are the 3 words that make up our DNA • Every client is unique, has unique challenges and therefore requires a unique approach and bespoke service / solution • Good is never enough for us! 5
  6. 6. When you should use us • Acquire new consumers / clients • Increase sales from existing clients • Enhance digital & social media presence • Create a launch campaign for a new business, service or product • Overhaul branding and proposition • Develop strategies for short, medium and long term growth 6
  7. 7. What we do – core marketing function Develop marketing strategy in- line with business goals & objective Compile and proof Devise & implement marketing external presentations and promotional initiatives & documentsAttend external customer Design & manage meetings on request digital media, inc. website & social media Keep abreast of Improve company’s competitor activity proposition via creative rebranding Facilitate ‘brainstorming’ workshops / sessions 7
  8. 8. How we operate• We operate a highly flexible system according to your exact requirement• Many of our clients keep us on a monthly retainer which provides an excellent level of marketing support and then buy-in additional resources from us when projects and campaigns have been indentified• With additional projects we are able to manage whole process from conception through to completion or simply ‘dip-in’ and manage a single element when called upon 8
  9. 9. Companies we work with 9
  10. 10. Rachel’s: full service marketing support PR Digital Experiential / Events400 pieces of quality coverage +23% e-CRM database members 250k product samples +51% website traffic 2m audience across 12 events New Product Launches Retailer Loyalty Cards / Coupons Social Media 600k targeted across Tesco & JS Launched in April ’10, 1000 distribution points c8% redemption rates gained 4.5k fans 10
  11. 11. Classico: awareness campaign for private sectorsponsorship contract logo placement T&Cs for free prize draw print advertising stand build & design publicity Result: 250 pre-event entries – all sent info packs 11 functions = £61k t/over (total investment of £12.5k) 11
  12. 12. Rachel’s: loyalty campaign (B2C) promotional packs printed materials press coverage competition placement website & eCRMResult:Bowl redemptions over 2.5x higher than anticipated6m audience reach through PR 12
  13. 13. Txt2buy: tender presentation (B2B)Result:2 year exclusive contract gained with MaximusclePreferred SMS suppler for mobile campaigns 13
  14. 14. Four London: business plan to gain investment Result: High level of funding received. Now successfully trading in Conduit Street, London 14
  15. 15. Testimonials Together we have developed a The marketing expertise of Firstwave 3-year strategic growth plan,Finally a consultancy that which has provided us with continues to make a significant actually puts their heart much needed direction & contribution to the growth of my and soul into other focus. Events business. The campaigns to people’s business – a help generate new business has Anthony@ First Wealth rare but invaluable proven successful, making my attribute. investment payback over 5 times. Richard@ ClassicoAdam @ Squires EstatesWhen it comes to start –up Passionate, enthusiastic andbusinesses, no one creates a delivers results, I would more thorough & recommend Firstwave toprofessional business plan. any business requiring Bobby@ SSH marketing support. Russell@ Cubed Space 15
  16. 16. Fee structure • At the initial meeting stage we discuss your business goals, objectives and challenges • We respond with a written proposal, recommending the most productive way to provide the marketing support you need to meet and exceed these targets • The cost structure will be built uniquely for your business  designed to provide maximum efficiency, flexibility and value for money • When the success criteria of a project/campaign is being evaluated, we are happy to agree a percentage of the fee against the achievement of these targets – because we are confident in our ability to deliver impressive ‘Returns On Investment’ 16
  17. 17. Benefits of using us• Highly experienced in ensuring that companies adopt an efficient marketing function• Initiatives are uniquely geared to your business; both relevant and motivating to your customers• Straight talking, honest company who enjoy a collaborative approach with clients• Senior personnel involved on your business on a day to day basis• Passionate about achieving the goals of our clients• Flexible cost structure delivers maximum impact for your outlay 17
  18. 18. Andrew Curzonm: 07545 344 333t: 020 8236 0073e: