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Bbc What We Do, August 2010 (Web).Pptx


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Bbc What We Do, August 2010 (Web).Pptx

  1. 1. Copyright ©2010 - Berntsson Business Consulting<br />Click to continue!<br />value<br />support<br />business<br />real<br />your<br />to<br />creation<br /><br />
  2. 2. We are Marketing specialists!<br />Strategic marketing helps you define your VALUE, decide on what solutions and services toOFFER TO CUSTOMERS,the STRATEGY TO USE IN SALES, COMMUNICATIONand BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.<br />Marketing is the most important part of Business Management and has been since the 70’s, still many companies hasn’t taken the full advantage of what benefits true strategic marketing can give.<br />To have a Marketing process resource in an organisation is not always feasible or if you just need that outside perspective that is so important, we are the partner you are looking for!<br />This presentation intends to show what we can do for you, IF THE CORPORATE SKYLINE LOOKS A BIT GREY AND YOU WANT TO FIND NEW PASTURES GREEN, don’t hesitate to contact us!<br />Copyright ©2010 - Berntsson Business Consulting<br />
  3. 3. TRUE partnership and loyalty?<br />How do you attract attention in a crowded market-place?<br />By "being a partner“? That is easy to say…<br />True partnership is something that evolves from within your corporate culture. Do you fully understand your customer’s pain-points? Deep down..?<br />Only with a full understanding of HOW YOUR BUSINESS BRINGS VALUE to your customers and how they benefit from that can true partnership be created. Or loyalty in [b2c] for that matter…<br />It is not an internal process, it’s not a product - it’s a way of thinking throughout your organisation!<br />WE KNOW HOW TO FIND THAT VALUE!<br />Partnership is the perception of your value, internally and externally<br />Copyright ©2010 - Berntsson Business Consulting<br />
  4. 4. Customers ARE DIFFERENT<br />Customers often seem to be similar but they’re not. This is where segmentation plays an important roll.<br />Companies often segment based on the value of the customer’s business or ability to pay for goods.<br />But it’s not about that , it’s about thePAIN-POINTS YOUR CUSTOMER PERCEIVES to be truly important to be successful or lead a good life. About different characteristics that makes them different from each other. Based on that, a decision to purchase from you is made! WE KNOW SEGMENTATION!<br />If you’ve defined your core value before segmenting you are in a better position to find your customer’s latent pain-points. <br />Segmentation is also KEY TO FINDING NEW SOLUTIONS and services.<br />Segmentation is not about ability to pay, it’s about pain-points and needs!<br />Copyright ©2010 - Berntsson Business Consulting<br />
  5. 5. CONCEPTUAL BUNDLING<br />gives a higher value<br />Conceptual bundling is all about taking two or more components of your solutions and services portfolio, that combined they will give a HIGHER VALUE to your customers than when sold separately.<br />This is preferably done based on a segmentation but can be made on an overall basis. Conceptual bundling makes SOLUTIONSELLINGeasier, gives UP-SELL opportunities and can drive SALESOFSERVICES!<br />Conceptual bundling is best described by an easy to understand model that clearly states how the increased value is created step-by step! WEARESPECIALISTINCREATINGPOWERFULCONCEPTS!<br />1<br />+<br />1<br />=<br />3<br />Copyright ©2010 - Berntsson Business Consulting<br />
  6. 6. Copyright ©2010 - Berntsson Business Consulting<br />Solutions Management - <br />FUTURE SUCCESS<br />Product Management is a thing of the past. If you’ve got a grip on your basic business values, customer needs through segmentation and a few examples of conceptual bundling it is time to move on. <br />Solutions Management! A product is something you see as an answer to a market issue – a solution is your answer to what the customer perceives as a specific problem. The biggest difference is really mind-set and it makes value definition and segmentation key to help you find THERIGHTSOLUTIONSANDNEWONES!<br />There is no product that everybody loves a lot!<br />Proper Solutions Management would include BUNDLING PRODUCTS in a way that it attracts different customer segments, and within the segments attract both new customers as well as existing ones adding to their solution. To SELLMOREwithout giving the perception that customers are paying for things they don’t want.<br />Pricing is of course of utmost importance. The level of pricing towards customers compared to competitors in relation to your value. Partnership and solution selling will give you an upper-hand!<br />The model is important, customers wants FORESEEABLE, PREDICTABLEand in [b2c] TRANSPARENTPRICINGto their own business model.<br />WE’VE HELPED SUCCEED WITH SOLUTIONS MANAGEMENTthrough organisation change management and expertise in pricing and bundling!<br />
  7. 7. The WELL-INFORMED customer?<br />Web2.0, social media et al is evidently a success. But there is no new drivers behind this phenomena. As humans we have always wanted to stay well informed, but social media relates better in our fast-moving and increasingly globalised world.<br />When it comes to marketing it gives us new possibilities, and by the way - WE CAN HELPwith those possibilities, but it also tells us about something we tend to forget.<br />We tend to think that the customers have the same level of knowledge as we, and don’t relate to their situation. The question is, do you see the pain points and the needs – the reasons for their rational, and sometimes irrational behaviour? WE DO!<br />So to inform your customer in a way that he or she understand you need a good VALUE PROPOSITION, it is not a two word phrase, it’s a story. Stories that WE ARE EXPERTS on.<br />A good Value Proposition is to be<br /> considered as strategically important!<br />Copyright ©2010 - Berntsson Business Consulting<br />
  8. 8. Full steam AHEAD?<br />Marsipangården (”The Marzipan Homestead”) was opened in Trosa, Sweden in 2008. Trosa is a town filled with coffee-shops and bakeries. Marsipangården took a large part of the business through unique products and an unique environment!<br />Many companies have a clear vision of what they want to achieve, regardless of what measures they made within the marketing area. And it is full steam ahead to achieve the objectives!<br />You will need a map to foresee any obstacles - new or old ones - made up by competitors, customers, partners or suppliers. <br />YOU NEED TO KNOW THE MARKET. You need to “feel” the market to be successful. WE KNOW HOW TO ANALYS A MARKET SITUATION!<br />Only then you can provide the right solutions and services to the market with the right business model! AND KNOW THE WAY TO APPROACH IT...<br />The “market” is constantly changing, any new obstacles you should know about?<br />Copyright ©2010 - Berntsson Business Consulting<br />
  9. 9. Apparently business plans KEEPS GETTING EATEN by DESKTOP-DRAWERS!<br />That’s all because many companies do their Business Plans as a one-off only focusing on the strategic aspect.With the right methodology and a red line throughout your planning process it can be different. Where strategic planning meets tactical planning with a natural connection to operational planning.PLANNING TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS! WE’VE GOT A PLAN, DO YOU?<br />With Berntsson Business Consulting’s experience you will clearly translate strategy into SALES FORCE PRIORITIES, PROPER SOLUTIONS MANAGEMENT and SUCCESSFUL MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS. THAT IS WHAT WE CALL REAL MARKETING!<br />Copyright ©2010 - Berntsson Business Consulting<br />
  10. 10. Strategic, tactical or operational – it’s all CONNECTED! <br />Only experience in business planning will help create the map of, and understand how, everything is connected in an organisation and how strategic and tactical planning will have consequences on operations and what actions that needs to be taken! Trying to achieve your targets will enevitabely lead to the need for deliverables to support your organisation. WE HAVE THE EXPERIENCE AND WE HAVE DONE THE DELIVERABLES! <br />Copyright ©2010 - Berntsson Business Consulting<br />
  11. 11. You must rely on both legs to MOVE FORWARD!<br />ValueProposition<br />Copyright ©2010 - Berntsson Business Consulting<br />To move forward and “play” you need to understand how both legs interact!<br />SolutionsManagement<br />Build a platform to support the weight of what you have to offer!<br />ConceptualBundling<br />BusinessPlanning<br />Keep strong by buildingawareness, flex for thebest possible support for the push!<br />CustomerSegmentation<br />Look to see where you are standing, prepare to push into the market!<br />MarketAnalysis<br />Internal ValueDefinition<br />
  12. 12. Copyright ©2010 - Berntsson Business Consulting<br />So when you’ve invested a lot of resources on strategic issues...<br /> get an external partner to help with deliverables like presentations and sales-sheet to communicate your message to the market or even internally, right?<br />Wrong, by having berntsson business consulting as a partner you will have support with strategies as well as delivery of the material you need! And we, if we might say so, do some stunning stuff!<br />Don’t get lost in translation!<br />
  13. 13. SENSE a sense of humour!<br />Don’t underestimate selling or marketing your solutions with some sense of humour!<br />Humour, and some irony if it is appropriate, sometimes MAKES A MESSAGE STRONGER and also easier to remember.<br />Guess, what – despite our quite dull company name - WE ARE A LOT OF FUN!<br />Copyright ©2010 - Berntsson Business Consulting<br />
  14. 14. “…a natural talent when it comes to BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, turning sometimes very complex business matters into something understandable and logic…”<br />”…always delivers on time and always over expectations and has shown an excellent capability of understanding our customers demands and translating them into a SALES STRATEGY…”<br />“…an excellent capability of understanding a business on all levels, and combining STRATEGIC ANALYSIS and planning with key benefit extractions and HANDS-ON VALUE definitions or other marketing material…”<br />“…helped us translate Solution Selling Messaging into several sales tools with a CONCEPTUAL THINKING…is very professional, business minded….”<br />“…easily UNDERSTOOD OUR BUSINESS CRITICAL ISSUES and made recommendations OUTSIDE THE BOX. An excellent marketing consultant and with proven skills in Solution & Product Marketing Management. Highly recommendable within Marketing and Sales…”<br />“…one of the most competent, creative and high performers that I’ve had the pleasure of working with…skills in visualising business ideas and making them understandable, logic and measurable is highly sought after”<br />“…skills when it comes to CLARIFYING VALUE of products and services, finding key selling points and communicate this to others – is outstanding.”<br />
  15. 15. let’s PLAY!<br />Joacim Berntsson, CEO & Founder<br />Phone: +46 76 76 11 838<br />E-mail:<br />Web:<br />Linked-in: <br />Copyright ©2010 - Berntsson Business Consulting<br />