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  1. 1. Date:29-08-2012To Whomlt MayConcern:Thisletter is to recommend commend the team of ComfortJobswith whom we recentlyhad and forthe pleasure doingbusiness of with for the followingreasons anyonewould noticein this brilliantteamof Professionals: 1. AnandAdawalkar 2. AmritVats 3. VipulFanse 4. (Ofcoursetheir officeteam)Theirveryessence professionalismwhat led usto do business them andtheir impeccable of is withpunctuality devotion their work.These and to werethe reasons did business them and we withfounda really wonderful candidate our requirements to namely: 1. Professionalism 2. Devotion 3. Punctuality 4. ExcellentPR 5. Understand precise the requirement 6. Never DieAttitudefor ClienfsRequirement Say 7. VastExperience HR in 8. Structured Documentation 9. Excellent Guidance 10. Excellent MarketResearch candidates forWishing ComfortJobs andits teama Successful timesahead themand hopethat manymore ofclientsremainloyaland praiseworthy your impeccable of services.Regards ffi ,./ ^Cr,J,,f lvly" ,Ratnadeep Chandra(Managing Director)
  2. 2. UmalaxmiOrganicsPvt. Ltd. A Government Recognised Export House ,,Anlso 9001: 2008GMB HACGBKOSHER OrganicCertified & company" FactoryF.215.249, Agro : 255, FoodPark, Boranada, 005, INDIA Jodhpur-342 Rajasthan, No.: +91 029312E1204 Tef. - - -291202 Fax : +91 No. 02931281201 : Visit com E-mailinfo@umalarmi.organics.comus: www.umalaxmierganicsDate:01 September 2012 To Whom It May ConcernThis Letter is to recommendand commend for Comfort Jobs with whom we recently had thepleasure doing business with.We havebeenextremelyimpressed with the work that COMFORT JOBS have carriedout for us.The quality of the candidates they have is fantastic,as is their ability to deliver on time. Wewould recommendComfort Jobs, especiallyon posts that are often not straightforward. ComfortJobsconsultants Amrit Vats, Chikita Pandya,Vipul Fansealong with their leadersAnandAdawadkar are very professional,thorough and understandour businessneeds.They areconsistently rigorousin their approach, both to shortlisting candidates and helping us to closeonselected candidates. They know the marketplace well and are able to offer candidates who theyknow will fit both the position and the DNA of the company.They are proactivein following upand schedulingintervi€vvS, negotiateshard on the companysbehalf, even if it meansthat ofldtheir fee from the placementwill be lower as a result.Their integrity and personalapproachmakesthem an outstandingrecruitment partner.We stronglyrefer and recommendComfort JobsAs our preferredvendors.We Wish Comfort Jobsand its team a successful times aheadand hope that many more clientsremainLoyal and praiseworthyof their impeccable, professional, ethical and transparentservices. Branch Office Floor, Complex,C.Dutt Alkapun, .701-702,7th Siddharth R. Rd., ;im ,r^. ,&" lff ;ll,j;i, ,,.,,:l.?:d::: ft -n, *"W @ EL.S *k^,,.,, ;SET
  3. 3. lFuLrPmA-42, AbhayAnandSocied,BehindTrishaDuplex,Vadodara39OO22. Phone 0265 - 6599903. - : Opp.HotelAirport,HarniRoad RenLTY Dated: Octobe 2Ot2. 29tn r TOWHOMITMAYCONCERN This letter is to recommendand commend for COMFORT JOBS with whom we recently has a pleasure doing business. We are extremely happy to shareand acknowledgethe fact that TULIP REALITIES have been extremely impressedwith the work that COMFORT Jobshave carried out for us. They are fast and efficient friendly service agencywithout unnecessarytime wasting and harassingwithout loads of calls to us. TEAM COMFORT efficiently gets on with what we have askedthem for and sendsus good quality candidatesthat match the job specificationswe provide and are within the agreedbudgets.This is an increasingly competitive market and recruitment agenciesneedto empathisemore with the requirementsof the employing organizationsrather than prioritizing agencysalestargets.COMFORT JOBS seemsto want to help with our staffing problems rather than simply achieve salestargets. We were delighted with the screeningthat the COMFORT JOBS performed to ensurethat the selectedcandidates that they offered were suitablefor the position. This was only possibleby them taking great care to preparean exact brief of what we were looking for. This resultedin us interviewing a couple of candidatesall of which we were comfortable with. We recruited our MARKETING EXECUTIVE through them. COMFORT JOBS consultantscomprising of Amrit Vats, Chikita Pandya,Vipul Fanseand ably headedby Anand Adawadkar is a team of consultantswho are professional,thorough and understand businessneedsand Recruiting Industry. TEAM COMFORT is a professionaland our friendly team of people who is a pleasureworking with. We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyonewho appreciatesa good value solution. We arepleasedwith all aspects the servicethat COMFORT JOBS provides...wewould of recommendany of our colleaguesto contact COMFORT JOBS in terms of finding best and economicalplacement their hiring needs." for Ifra:t*,s{!iregdrds,
  4. 4. i:ffi";r,,* & pRMTE IIMITED KIRTIFIITRATION AUT0MATIONffi ryll5i For all FiltrationNeeds tl#,i . Dust o SystemsFilter Control o o Bags Woven IndustrialFabricsffififfit;W ,t for o Air Filters Automated o Accessories BagFilters & Valves *l1l€:fl$$$lt -: srocKISTS , illrul)ll!i.quruorusErr FoR (FoRAIr rYPEsoFAUTOMATED corNRots (p) Lrd.MIIMBAI VALVES)1r r;---S;il;iiir. rffi Dated: " July2012. 07t lo wHoM rr MAy coNCERN. "" Thisletter to recommend commend COMFORT is and for JOBSwithwhorn recentlv a we hasL- pleasure doingbusiness. We areextremelyhappyto shareandacknowledge factthat KIRTI FILTRATION & the;,, . AUTOMATION P LTD hasbeenextremely impressed the work that COMFORTJOBS withlf havecarriecl for us. outir ..; TEAM COMFORTefficientlygetson with whatwe haveasl<ed themfor andsends good usI .. d.,.| .r quality candidates match job specifications provide arewithintheagreed that the we and .i, .:,- budgets. KIRTI FILTRATION& AUTOMATION P LTD wishes inforrnthat we arevery much tollt,, satisfied of themto be a paft of our teamfor all with services COMFORTJOBS,andconsider,i : recruiting HR related ancl services. ,, COMFORlJOBS only provided not great people alsoassisted in setting systematic br-rt us up. , HR Process the employees our company makeus a great for of to cornpany. I comrnitted manner.This helpwill be fbrever etched our rnemories, we thankTEAM of in and. COFORT JOBScomprising Amrit Vats,ChikitaPandya. of Vipul Fanse efficiently and and il systematically headed their headAnandAdawadkar the same. by for " TEAM COMFORTis a professional friendly and teamof people who is a pleasure workingwith.I: We haveno hesitation recommending in who appreciatesgoodvaluesolution. themto anyone a, We arepleased of that with all aspects theservice COMFORT JOBSprovides...wewould.:. recommend of our colleagues contact any to COMFORT.IOBS telrns findingbestarrd in of, placement theirhiringneeds. econornical for : +91-255-5551160 Fax . E-mailkulin65@yahoo.co.in, Tele :0265-2320819 : . websitewww.kirtienterprise.com kirtikulin@gmail.com :
  5. 5. The COMFORT JOBS is a professional group that hasan extensivebackgroundin the ConsultingEngineering Life Scienceindustry and in-depthunderstanding the recruitmentindustry.Unlike other & ofrecruitmentfirms, I found COMFORT JOBS to be morethanjust a CV bank.They took the initiative toreview my prior experience/skill set from a different industry, presentit well to the organizationandfound a good fit for me in terms of my job requirements. They were extremelythoroughand did timelyfollow ups.As they demonstrated high level of professionalism a during my placementas a SERVICEENGINEER for Mumbai Office with GMM PFAUDLER PROCESSSOLUTIONS. They went the extramile to ensurethey had a clear understanding my expertise, of capabilities, and requirements a ascandidate, and ensuredthey provided me with an oppoftunitythat meetsmy criteria. They were veryproactive, thoroughand followed up closelyto ensuremy interview processwent smoothly.Moreover,they were very sincerein trying to provide me with the informationI neededto take decisionsaccordingly.I highly recommendThe TEAM COMFORT comprisingof Chikita Pandya,Vipul Fanse,Amrit vats and their Head Mr. Anand Adawadkar for any company or candidate.THANKYOI.]COMFORT JOBS.Pravin Pimple. KDated: 30th November20T2
  6. 6. at$AR t, INSTITUTE IECHNOLOGY OF AIT$ edu campll$ Vadodara-Mumbai # 8. Varnama NH ,391?40. Vadodara Managed by: $hrne Krishna Hdilc*ti*nar ch,aritabre Trust To, Date:1-12-12 Mr. AnandAdawadkar TheGeneralManager, COMFORTJOBS & COMFORTREALWPVT. LTD. 720-722,Siddha Complex rtha RCDutt RoadVadodara05 Respected Anand Adawadkar.BIT EducationalCampus verymuchthankfultoCOMFORTGROUPi.e.COMFORT isJOBS& COMFORTREALTY PVT. LTD. for their initiativein the process providing ofhelpinghandfor skill developments increase to success of rate placements Division forPharmacy students.These kinds of effortsarea positivestepby TEAM coMFoRTcomprising Mr. Vipul Fanse, Amrit Vatsand Mr. AnandAdawadkar of Mr. to build a longtermrelationshipwith BIT Educational Campus become to Preferred Vendorsfor theirPlacement Assistance.A guestlecture an industryexpertwasorganized BIT Campus by by on27 July 201 & 6th 2November 2012. The topic selected Corporate was Expectations from M.pharm& B.pharmfresherstudents,mismatched expectations from corporate Academia. & The audienceincluded Pharm& B. Pharmstudents, M. Chief Coordinator Training& placement of CellandDeanof Pharmacy Department BIT Campus. of The sessionbegan with an overviewofthe subject Introduction COMFORTJOBS& brief description & of aboutspeaker Anand Mr.Adawadkar, General Manager operations coMFoRT JOBS& coMFoRT REALY of ofPVT LTD It was followedby Mr. AnandAdawadkars lecture. The objectivewasto exposethe students the latest to trendsin the industry, which wasvery well served Mr. Anand byAdawadkar, who hasa fair share experience companies of in SterlingHoffinanSoftware pvt.Ltd, GodrejLtd and Intelenet GlobalServices. It wasan eyeopeningsession the students as realizedthat knowledge skiltsacquired the &by themso far needs utilize in moreprofessional effectivemanner get to and to befteropportunities their careers the industryexpect in and themto provideVALUE ADDITIONSfor their organization. encouraged It themto think beyond books.Mr. AnandAdawadkarappreciated students the interest awareness. hada special and He praisefor the upkeep andthe lushgreenBIT Campus that offersexcellentenvironment learning. fbr The session endedwith a voteof thanksby Trainingand placement Officer.The lecturewasa steptowardsbridgingthe gapbetween industryand academia.He talM e htaChief Training placement educampus. coordinator, & , BITS
  7. 7. The CoMFORT JOBS is a world classprofessional group that has an extensivebackgroundin theConsultingEngineering& Life Scienceindustryand in-depthunderstanding of the recruitmentindustry.The TEAM COMFORT appreciates complexitiesof finding the right the talent.They studiedmy profilewell and gaveme the opportunitiesthat fit my needs.They followed up with me and their client till wefound matchof both needsat my currentposition in KIRTI ENTERPRISE. Throughoutthe process,they were discreet, reliableand punctual.As they demonstrated high level a of professionalismduring myplacement my currentrole. They went the extra mile to ensure in they had a clear understanding my ofexpertise, capabilities, and requirements a candidate, as and ensuredthey providedme with anopportunitythat meetsmy criteria. They were very proactive,thoroughand followed up closelyto ensuremy interview processwent smoothly.Moreover,they were very sincerein trying to provide me with theinformationI needed take decisionsaccordingly.I highly recommend to The TEAM COMFORTcomprisingof Chikita Pandya,Vipul Fanse,Amrit Vats and their Head Mr. Anand Adawadkarfor anycompanyor candidate.THANKYOIJCOMFORTJOBS.Suresh Chandra Das.D ated27hOctober 12 : 20 %"ttLc*,anrdrA &onq
  8. 8. - :lr. i i l r ,fi i i ()r INSTITUTE: TECHNOTOSY Vadodara-Mumbal # 8, NH Gl BITS w educampus Vamama 391240, - Vadodara M an a g e d by: $ h re e K ri shna E d ucati onai C hari tabl e Tru stTo. Date: L-1.2-12Mr. AnandAdawadkar.TheGeneral Manager,COMFORT JOBS COMFORT & REALTY PW. LTD.L20-I22,Sidd rtha Com ha plexRCDutt RoadVadodara 05Respected Anand Adawadkar,BIT Educational Campus very muchthankfulto COMFORTGROUPi.e. COMFORT isJOBS& COMFORTREALTY PVT. LTD. for their initiativein the process providing ofhelping handfor skill developments increase to rate success of Placements DivisionforPharmacy students.Thesekindsof effortsarea positivestepby TEAM COMFORTcomprising Mr. Vipul Fanse, of Mr. Amrit Vats and Mr. AnandAdawadkar build a long toterm relationshipwith BIT Educational Campus become to Preferred Vendorsfor theirPlacement Assistance.A guestlectureby an industryexpertwas organized BIT Campus by on27 Juty 2012 & 6hNovember2012. The topic selected was Corporate Expectations from M.pharm& B.pharmfresherstudents,mismatched expectations from corporate& Academia.The audienceincludedM. Pharm& B. Pharmstudents, Chief Coordinator Training& Placement of CellandDeanof Pharmacy Department BIT Campus. of The sessionbegan with an overviewofthe subject& Introduction COMFORTJOBS& brief description of aboutspeaker Anand Mr.Adawadkar, General Manager Operations COMFORTJOBS& COMFORT REALY of ofPVT. LTD. [t was followedby Mr. AnandAdawadkars lecture.The objectivewasto exposethe students the latesttrendsin the industry,which was very well servedby Mr. Anand toAdawadkar.who hasa fair shareof experience companies in SterlingHoffman SoftwarePvt.Ltd, GodrejLtd andIntelenet Global Services. lt rvasan eveopeningsession the students as realized that the knowledge skills acquired &by them so far needsto utilize in more professionaland effectivemannerto get betteropportunities their careers the industryexpectthemto provideVALUE ADDITIONS in andfor their organization. encouraged [t themto think beyondbooks.Mr. AnandAdawadkarappreciated students the interest awareness. hada speeial and He praiseforthe upkeepandthe lushgreenBIT Campus that offersexcellentenvironment learning. for The session endedwith a vote of thanksby TrainingandPlacement Officer.The lecturewas a steptowardsbridging the gap betweenindustry and academia.Hetal MehtaChief coordinator,Training & Placement, BITSedu campus.