Updating the UC TCA using Adobe


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For Community College Articulation Officers: How to Update a TCA using Adobe

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Updating the UC TCA using Adobe

  1. 1. Updating the UC TCA Electronically Using Adobe CCC Articulation Officer Training April 2010Slides created by Lynn Fowler, Articulation Officer Cosumnes River College Presented by Sheila Lau, Articulation Analyst UCOP
  2. 2. To start the process, you need toknow what version of AdobeAcrobat you have. You can findthat information here:REMEMBER, you MUST haveeither Acrobat Professional orStandard software – AcrobatREADER will not allow you to dothis editing.This slide presentation illustratesthe process using Adobe Acrobat8 professional.
  3. 3. You will see the versionnumber for your software
  4. 4. Open the PDF documentthat Sheila sends you.The following screen-shots are from CRC’s UC-TCA for 08-09.To edit, follow the stepsas you see them on therest of the slides.
  5. 5. To begin editing, choosethe “Tools” drop-downmenu(-go to next slide)
  6. 6. From the “Tools”drop-down, choose“Advanced Editing,”and then the“TouchUp Text Tool”(-go to next slide)
  7. 7. Using the Touchup Texttool, if you want toreplace existing text, justhighlight the text youwant to replace (as I’vedone with ManagerialAccounting, at left).The first time you do this,the software will loadfonts, and you may get amessage box – justchoose “OK” in that box.(-go to next slide)
  8. 8. After highlighting thetext, I backspaced toremove part of theword “Accounting.”(-go to next slide)
  9. 9. Or, you can add text.Instead of highlightingtext, put your cursorto the right of thenumber 4, press theenter (return) key, andthen press thespacebar if you want toalign your added textwith the existing text.(-go to next slide)
  10. 10. Here I’ve added acourse, using thesame steps as inthe previous slide.(-go to next slide)
  11. 11. Once I added thetext, I chose the“Highlighter” tool,and added theyellow highlight. Ifyou don’t see thehighlighter tool, youcan find it byselecting Tools,then “Commentand Markup” fromthe sub-menu, andthen the highlightertool.
  12. 12. Alternative Method for Adding Text• Click “Tools” from the menu bar• Select “Typewriter” from the pull down• On the page, click where you wish to insert text and just begin typing. You can do this throughout the document wherever new text needs to be added.• When you are finished, you may select another function from menu otherwise it remains in the “typewriter mode”.
  13. 13. You can double-click thehighlighted text and a commenbox (below) opens, allowing yoto add a note (the comment boonly appears if you havehighlighted the text).(- go to next slide)
  14. 14. Indicating adeleted course:Go to Tools menu,from the“Comment andMarkup”submenu, selectthe “Cross Out TextTool,” then selectthe text in thesame way as if youwere going tohighlight it.
  15. 15. Indicating a deleted course:Go to Tools menu, from the“Comment and Markup”submenu, select the “CrossOut Text Tool,” then select thetext in the same way as if youwere going to highlight it.(Note: this slide was createdfrom the Mac version ofAdobe Acrobat, so the toolbarmay look different from aWindows version, but theywork the same way.)(-go to the next slide)
  16. 16. Once you select the “Cross Out Text Tool” use it asthough you were highlighting the text. The tool willcreate a red line through the selected text, indicatingdeleted text (see Managerial Accounting, above).If you have questions, or want further assistance – goto next slide…
  17. 17. Contacts for SupportIn the Northern Region:Lynn Fowler, Articulation OfficerCosumnes River College(916) 691-7235fowlerl@crc.losrios.eduIn the Southern Region:Madelline Hernandez, Articulation OfficerLos Angeles Mission College(818) 364-7618hernanm@lamission.edu