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Some Practical HR forms for different HR functions

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Hr forms final

  1. 1. 2011HR Toolkit Forms Dr.ABDELRAHMAN NABIL Kelma HR Consultancy Group 9/11/2011
  2. 2. HR FormsBRIEF INDEX OF HR FORMSChapter 1: HR Planning Pages 2-5Chapter 2: Job Analysis & Description Pages 6-26Chapter 3: Recruitment & Selection Pages 27-52Chapter 4: Employee Orientation & Socialization Pages 53-66Chapter 5: Training & Development Pages 67-79Chapter 6: Compensation & Benefits Pages 80-87Chapter 7: Employee Satisfaction & Motivation Pages 88-110Chapter 8: Performance Appraisal Pages 111-148Chapter 9: Termination of Employee Page 149-158 1HR Forms | P a g e
  3. 3. HR Forms Chapter 1 HR Planning 2HR Forms | P a g e
  4. 4. HR FormsHow to write a KSA?1. What is KSA?KSA model includes elements of knowledge, skills and abilities. It is used for human resourcedepartment to review applicants. So that it is very important to create your KSA for job profile.2. Process of writing KSA includes steps:Step 1: Review job advertisement• First, you should read KSA carefully. If you do not understand each KSA, you will not be able to writegood responses.• Find out nature of job. It will help you identify key tasks as well as reasons of recruitment.• Identify list of task, duties, responsibility.Step 2: Write your KSA by factWith each task, you should answer questions:• How to do this task?• What are knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform this task?Step 3: Comparison• Make summary list of knowledge, skills, abilities to perform job.• Classify each element of knowledge into: importance / medium / not importance. And same for skills,abilities.• Comparison your competency and KSA requirements.• You must pay attention to important KSA.Step 4: Complete your KSA• Write your KSA.• Review your KSA before sending.Competency mappingWhat are competencies?Competencies are the human capabilities and work-related behaviors that provide a competitiveadvantage to an organization. 3HR Forms | P a g e
  5. 5. HR FormsWhat is competency mapping?Competency Mapping is << a process of identifying key competencies for an organization and/or ajob and incorporating those competencies throughout the various processes of the organization.>>Types of competencies• Knowledge: Information and understanding needed to fulfill the responsibilities.• Skills: Acquired ability or experience needed to fulfill the responsibilities.• Attitudes: Way of thinking or behaving needed to fulfill the responsibilities.• Aptitudes: Natural ability that prepares the person to fulfill the responsibilities.Methods of conducting competency mapping• In Basket Exercises• Stress Interviews• Structured Group Discussion• Psychometric Tests• Case Studies• Peer Coaching & Counseling Exercises• Focused Behavioral Event Interview• Presentation Vision / Strategy Speeches• Leaderless Group Exercises• Role Play• Business GamesTypes of competency1. Employee core competenciesCompetency that relate to organization’s values, mission and strategy; these are competencies thatreflect organizational core capabilities.Examples: Customer satisfaction; quality orientation or some “employee core competencies of 3M,Google…”2. Managerial competencyCompetencies that relate to skills needed to perform managerial work and process; it deals with theinteraction process either with individual or group of people.In typical organizations, managerial competencies will play greater emphasis as the position progresseswithin the organization.3. Technical/Functional competency 4HR Forms | P a g e
  6. 6. HR Forms<<Competencies that pertain to specific bodies of knowledge and skills required. It includes the abilitiesto use the procedures, techniques and knowledge of a specialized field. >>4. Personal attributeCompetencies that relate to inherent personal characteristics (e.g. motives, self-image, self-concept, etc.)and potentially affect work attitude and performance.Process of competency mappingStep 1: Identify customer valueActivities of any organization have to result into economic value to the customer. Organizations areinterested only in the products and services required by the customers. So that organizations have todefine their outcomes.Step 2: Identify strategy and objectives• Understand business strategy and objective of organization.• What is objective behind doing competency mapping in organization?Step 3: Build business processThen organizations have to define their business process to enable them to deliver outcomes to customerrequirements in a brief time at an economical cost without sacrificing quality.Step 4: Identify value of business processThen companies have to define the time, cost and quality standards of each task of the business process.Step 5: Job analysisWe can use 18 method of job analysis to analyze jobs.Step 6: Identify competencies• Then define the competencies required for each task in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes tocomplete the task within the quality standards defined.• Connect the competency mapping with your any of above mentioned system• Discuss with line managers about the project• Find out the competencies required to perform each Job• Rate the competencies according to importance to perform job 5HR Forms | P a g e
  7. 7. HR Forms Chapter 2 Job Analysis & Description 6HR Forms | P a g e
  8. 8. HR FormsJob analysis exampleIt includes 6 types of question based on methods as follows:1. Sample questions of critical incident techniqueIt is a job analysis form that includes factors:• Context Questions• Behavior question2. Job analysis interview questions sample/exampleIt is a job analysis form that includes factors:• Job purpose:• Job duties• Job criteria / results• Records and Reports• Supervisor• Authority• Working instruments• Health and safety• Working conditions• Responsibilities• Knowledge• Skills/ Experience• Abilities required3. Job analysis interview questions for management positions sample/exampleIt is a job analysis form that includes factors:• Management by functions• Management by activities4. Position analysis questionnaire sample/exampleIt is a job analysis form that include includes 195 items of job elements includes six categories.These questions are designed base on Position Analysis Questionnaire model (PAQ model).5. Functional job analysis questions sample/exampleThis sample include questions designed base on FJA method.6. Job Analysis Questionnaires sample/example 7HR Forms | P a g e
  9. 9. HR FormsIt is a job analysis form that include factors:• Physical demands.• Mental requirements.• Education:• Working experience• Problem solving• Decision making• Management responsibilities.• Contacts• Job complexity• Work environment• Skills and/or licensing/certification required• Employee info• Key tasks and responsibilities:Questions of critical incident technique1. Contents of critical incident:• Context – in which the incident occurred• Behavior – exactly what the individual did that was effective or ineffective• Consequences – of the behavior and whether or not consequences were in the employee’s control2. Sample questions of critical incident techniqueContext Questions• Tell me what you know about what happened.• Please think of what was happening when you were carrying out activity X.• Were any events particularly good or helpful to you.• Were any events particularly bad or unhelpful to you?• Ask participants to describe an event, what let up to it, and what happened as a result.• Incident context – What led up to the incident (background)? What was the situation?• Describe what led up to the situation.• What assumptions have I made about the client or problem or situation.• What were the circumstances surrounding the incident? What was the situation?• What will I do if I am faced with a similar situation in the future?Behavior question:• What exactly did the person do that was effective / ineffective?• Exactly what did the person do or not do that was• especially effective or ineffective?• What was the outcome or result of this action? 8HR Forms | P a g e
  10. 10. HR Forms• Why was this action effective, or what more effective• action might have been expected?Consequence questions:• What was the outcome of the behavior?• What were the consequences of the behavior? Were the consequences due to the person’s behavior?• How long ago the incident happened;• What you observed being done, or not being done – the behavior; and• What resulted that led you to believe the action was effective or ineffective – the consequences.• You also will be asked to supply some descriptive information about the context in which the incidentoccurred• the circumstances leading up to the incident – the antecedents;Job analysis interview questionsJob analysis interview questions include questions as follows:1. Interview information• Name of Employee:• Job Title:• Job Analyst:• Department:• Date:2. Job introduction• Describe: location of job and, if necessary or appropriate.3. Job purpose:• What is the essence of work in your position? What is the job’s overall purpose?4. Job duties• What are the main duties and responsibilities of your position?• Describe your duties in the following categories: daily duties, periodic duties, duties performed atirregular intervals• How long do they take?• How do you do them?• Are you performing duties not presently included in your job description? Describe.• Do you use special tools, equipment, or other sources of aid? If so, list the names of the principal tools,equipment, or sources of aid you use. 9HR Forms | P a g e
  11. 11. HR Forms• Describe the frequency and degree to which you are engaged in such activities as: pushing, throwing,pulling, carrying, sitting, running, kneeling, crawling, reaching, climbing…5. Job criteria / results• How would you define success in your work?• Have work standards been established (errors allowed, time taken for a particular task, etc.)? If so,what are they?• Describe the successful completion and/or end results of the job.6. Records and Reports• What records or reports do you prepare as part of your job?• Who do you have to send these reports?7. Supervisor• Who is your supervisor?• What kinds of questions or problems would you ordinarily refer to your supervisor?• Are the instructions you receive clear and consistent with your job description?8. Authority• What is the level of authority vested in your position?• What is the level of accountability and to whom are you accountable?• What kinds of independent action were you allowed to taking?9. Responsibilities• Are you responsible for any confidential material? If so, describe how you handle it.• Are you responsible for any money or things of monetary value? If so, describe how you handle it.10. Compensation• Consider your level of productivity, and the skill level required to fulfill your responsibilities, do youthink that you are: underpaid? Equational paid? Overpaid?11. Knowledge• What special knowledge of specific work aids are needed for this position?• Describe the level, degree, and breadth of knowledge required in these areas or subjects.• Indicates the educational requirements for the job (not the educational background of the incumbent).• What level of education is required for your position?• What type of certification and licensing is required for your position?• Can you specify the training time needed to arrive at a level of competence on the job?• What sort of on the job training is needed for this position?12. Skills/ Experience 10HR Forms | P a g e
  12. 12. HR Forms• What activities must you perform with ease and precision?• What are the manual skills that are required to operate machines, vehicles, equipment, or to use tools?• Indicates the amount of experience needed to perform the job.• What level of experience and skills are required for your position?13. Abilities required• What mathematical ability must you have?• What reasoning or problem solving ability must you have?• What interpersonal abilities are required? What supervisory or managing abilities are required?• What physical abilities such as strengths, coordination, a visually acuity must you have?14. Working instruments• Describe briefly what machines, tools, equipment or work aids the incumbent works with on a regularbasis.15. Health and safety• What is the safety conditions related to this position?• Does your work present any type of hazardous or unusual working conditions?16. Working conditions• Describe your working conditions.• Describe the frequency and degree to which you will encounter working conditions such as these:cramped quarters, moving objects, vibration, inadequate ventilation.Job analysis interview questions for management positionsJob analysis interview questions for management positions include questions as follows:1. Management scope:* How many staff do you supervise directly? ____ Indirectly? ____* How many trainees do you supervise directly? Directly? ____ Indirectly? ____2. Management by functions2.1 Professional functions:2.2 Human resource functions:What is your power related to? 11HR Forms | P a g e
  13. 13. HR Forms* Recruitment and selection* Training and development* Performance appraisal* Compensation and benefit2.3 Accounting functions:* What is financial matter you have to manage?* What’s budget you have to manage?2.4 Administration functions:* List asset/instruments you have to manage?2.5 Document authority* What is document you are allowed to sign?3. Management by activitiesDescribe the activities that are part of your supervisory duties:* Work assignments* Instruction and training* Performance appraisal* Discipline* Grievance handling* Placement* Work flow* Program improvements* Developing new programs* Troubleshooting* Reports* Follow through* Other supervisory dutiesHow to write a job descriptionHow to perform / conduct a job description? You should do 5 steps as follows for conducting /writing a person description.Step 1: Collect job information• Using methods of job analysis in order to collect job information.• Collect all written job description used. 12HR Forms | P a g e
  14. 14. HR Forms• Analyze organization chart to identify job location.Step 2: Task analysis.• Identify and list the critical tasks that have to be carried out of job.• With each task, you should answer question: how to do this task and you will set up procedure, instructions. For each task, you should:- Are arranged in order of importance that indicate the weight, or value, of each duty; weight of a duty- Stress the responsibilities that duties entail and the results to be accomplished.- Indicate the tools and equipment used by the employee in performing the job.- Should comply with law by listing only the essential functions of the job to be performed.• Identify sub-task.• Identify elements of task:- Frequency with which they are carried out.- Chronological order- 0rder of importance- The main processes of management that are carried out.• Group related tasks should come under prescriptive headings to enable to a quick appreciation of the range of activities.Step 3: Identify key results area, performance criteria• What are results of each task?• What are performance criteria for each task?Step 4: Identify job specification and working conditionYou should use post “contents of person specification” at the end of this post to identify personspecification.Step 5: Create a job descriptionBased on above contents, you group them into category as tasks, duties, knowledge, skills…You also can refer to posts: contents of a job description and job description form as below in order tofulfill your job description.How to develop job descriptions?You can use “process method” (management by process) in ISO 9000 standard or job analysis methodsin order to develop person description. It is not difficult to create a job description if you use jobdescription form as below. 13HR Forms | P a g e
  15. 15. HR Forms Job Description Format This is free sample job description form; you can convert it to work sheet in order to create your forms by yourself. I/ FORM OF JOB INFORMATION 1. Job title: 2. Job code: 3. Department: 4. Job location: 5. Manager / Supervisor’s title: 6. FLSA status (exempt or non-exempt). 7. Type of job: Regular, Temporary, Full-time, Part-time 8. Hours worked: ………. /wk. 9. Date revised of job description: 10. Purpose of the job: II/ FORM OF JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. List of main duties (include % time pent of each task) 2. List of responsibilities 3. List of employee empowerment: 4. Employee relations: (Internal, External) 5. Supervision: • Number of employee: • List of employee (job title, number of employee (same job title), job nature). 6. Key result areas 7. Standards of performance III/ FORM OF JOB SPECIFICATION 1. Knowledge 2. Skills 3. Experience 4. Abilities IV/ FORM OF WORKING CONDITIONS: 1. Environmental conditions 2. Job hazards / safety 3. Machine, tools and equipments _________________ __________________ ____________ Prepared by (print) Signature Date Here are some Different Practical Samples of Job Description forms for different Jobs:i. Job Description for the position of Assistant Vice President - Training 14HR Forms | P a g e
  16. 16. HR Forms Job Description for the position of Assistant Vice President - Training Department Training Reporting to : First Vice President Training Required qualifications Essential Graduation Desired : Train The Trainer Certified, Green Belt Training Train The Trainer skills Knowledge of Instructional Design Knowledge of latest training tools & techniques eLearning Required work experience Total Relevant (BPO) Number of years 10 - 12 3 - 5+ Specific Industry BPO / ITES / Sales / Hospitality / Collections / Customer Service Required Attributes (Analytical skills, Communication skills, etc.) Essential Desired 1. Develop Talent 1. Ability to lead a team, motivate & retain 2. Communication skills 2. Public speaking / good presentation skills 3. Decision making ability 3. Ability to take risk 4. Collaborative approach 4. Networking skills - Global mindset 5. People management skills 5. Speed & energy 6. Solution oriented 6. Result oriented and open to change 7. Exposure to American Accent Training 8. Exposure to Customer Service Training. Job description Build a robust team - operationalize training - Meet/exceed customer expectations - build BCP/DRP - succession planning and focus on knowledge management ( documentation, compliance and audit)ii. Job information of compensation and benefits (C&B) manager 1. Job title: 2. Job Code: 15HR Forms | P a g e
  17. 17. HR Forms 3. Department: 4. Report to: 5. Job purpose: Key tasks of compensation and benefits manager 1. To be a strong contributor to the development of new compensation strategies through creative input combined with data analysis and a deep understanding of the company’s future challenges (bonus plans, market position, salary range design, and pay mix analysis.). 2. Design & deliver Remuneration & Benefits strategies for the organization. 3. Implement a grading structure based on company methodology. 4. Work closely with HR to design and deliver retention plan/schemes. 5. Design and implement policies that support the rapid growth and expansion of the organization. 6. Custodian of job evaluation and performance management processes within the organization. 7. Identify and implement benefits that increase the quality of life for employees. 8. Participate in remuneration networks representing the company. 9. Coordinate and deploy performance management, annual salary reviews, bonus payout processes throughout the company. 10. Ensure that a culture of performance is rooted deep in the organization through the definition of guidelines and KPIs related to performance assessment and their translation at the time of salary and bonus review. 11. In cooperation with HR and Finance, establish budgeting guidelines for the different populations, countries and package components at the Group level (salary increases, allowances revision, bonus provisions). 12. Act as a recognized subject matter expert, advising HR and business managers. 13. Devise solutions for specific issues in countries or businesses, ensuring the respect of corporate philosophy on C&B while addressing the needs of the business (for example, inflation/devaluation approach, special adjustments.). 14. Actively involved in the deployment of the grading system. 15. Participate to the elaboration and deployment of the education program of HR, line managers, enhancing their C&B and performance management skills to support the growth of the company. 16. Contribute to the education of employees on C&B matters to improve employee satisfaction and retention. Job specification of compensation and benefits manager 1. 5-7 years strong experience in design and / or administration of C&B programs. 2. Excellent Networks in the industry/sector. 3. At least a bachelors degree (preferably in HR). 4. Proven track record of delivering remuneration strategies. 5. Is an intellectually astute with strong drive for results. 6. Excellent communication skills and cross-group collaboration. 7. Excellent Command of English. 8. Planning, organizing and coordinating competencies. 9. Advanced IT skills.iii. Job information of Banker: 16HR Forms | P a g e
  18. 18. HR Forms Function Location Netherlands Intercompany Mumbai – Mafatlal Chambers Job Reporting To Band 3 - Executive Deputy Team Leader PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES CRITICAL SKILLS REQUIRED 1. Overall responsible for service delivery 1. Strong interpersonal and influence (designated activities) management skills 2. Role will include, supporting NL Inter- 2. Good communication skills company process (against UK) - managing SLA requirements & metrics 3. Ability to work and communicate with people across organizational units 3. Responsible for implementing tools and 4. Ability to think strategically and translate methods as per internal ACES requirements strategy into action plans 4. Focus on stabilizing the process and 5. Strong analytical skills with an ability to problem meeting the customer expectation while solve with a win-win negotiation approach optimizing the cost. 6. Advanced knowledge of MS Office Applications 5. Implement productivity improvement 7. Excellent Customer facing skills and ability to methods/tools from time to time build rapport with clients. 6. Implement and monitor various 8. Knowledge of Customer’s Culture development initiatives identified for the domain 9. Excellent English written and communication skills 10. Knowledge of the derivatives industry is desirable CANDIDADATE SPECIFICATION 1. Preferably Graduate in Commerce/ Finance. CA Inter would be an added advantage 2. 3+ years of Post Qualification experience in investment banking/brokerage/ custodian banking 3. Previous experience in a BPO or Transaction processing business preferred. 4. Good Communication skills 5. Demonstrated Experience of handling large teams/ departments 6. Good interpersonal skills with excellent man-management capabilities. 17HR Forms | P a g e 7. Good analytical skills.
  19. 19. HR Forms 8. Aptitude for understanding technology 9. Independent decision makingiv. Organization Development Manager (Change Agent) (Continuous Improvement) Function: Training Title Org Development Manager Job Summary The Training manager is responsible for ensuring successful rollout and implementation of Organizational Development Initiatives in the L&D function. Responsible for the design, development, implementation, delivery and evaluation of OD training projects. Principal/Primary Financial Accountabilities • Defines budget requirements to meet training objectives; tracks training costs for the company. • Coordinates with local sites on all project specific updates and up training, tracking and reporting all training hours for all positions. • Maintain appropriate headcount and keep controllable costs to a minimum within the department. Performance • Effectively managing training by distributing workload appropriately, reviewing project materials and developing skills necessary for performance, and evaluating performance. • Oversees the development of instructional material in alignment with OD guidelines and performance objectives (training content outline, flowcharts, quality guidelines, student guides, facilitator guides, job aids, quality evaluation forms and other training and quality documentation). • Oversees communication and delivery of programs and measures effectiveness of delivery People • Ensures Intelenets policies and procedures are administered honestly, consistently, and with sound judgment. • Takes ownership of the training taking a leadership role from conception to completion. • Builds a high-performing training team through recruiting, hiring, coaching, motivation, recognition, self-development and support of career development Scope/Impact • Defining the top talent management framework for the organization. • Drive the performance management culture; design the framework to ensure goal settings, review, consolidation, action planning and development planning. • Supporting Training Head in development of the entire leadership development program for the organization. Decision- Will be responsible for managing training delivery at the local sites at par with organizational making/ expectations. Has a high degree of autonomy in the role. Freedom to Act Knowledge and • Must have at least 2 years prior experience in Managing Organizational Development Skills Initiatives in another company. • Adapts strategies and solutions that are consistent with project goals and objectives, demonstrating critical thinking when making decisions and problem solving. 18HR Forms | P a g e
  20. 20. HR Forms Education/ • Must be in a role similar to the one being managed with a minimum of 2 years experience in a Licenses/ OD delivery environment or related position must be from the BPO background. Experience • Comprehensive experience with all aspects of training (assessment, development, facilitation, analysis, etc.) • Minimum of 7 years of experience. Reports To Corporate Training Head (Direct Line-Implementation and Delivery), Site head (Dotted Line- Coordination at local level) Other Extensive travel will be required. Able to work in a 24x7 call center environment. Position is based in Mumbai Other Graduate Degree, MBA preferredv. Job Information for National Sales Manager Job Title: National Sales Head Reporting Authority: Director Location: Mumbai Job Function: Business Key responsibilities Preparation of long term short term business plan for revenue generation PAN India. planning and development of aggressive and imaginative marketing strategies for the company, with a view to ensure market penetration, increase in market share and correct brand positioning. identifying potential Clients base across India pioneering the diversification project of the company for providing services among BTL advertising across the country. inventing new business strategies followed by its execution for the growth of company. Manage and mentor a team of KAM / BDM / Sales professionals Qualification criteria: Graduate / Post graduate from a reputed University. Experience in a reputed Advertising Agency or Media House Should have handled large budget, national client accounts. Personality: Self-driven, results-oriented with a positive outlook, and a clear focus on high quality and business profit. A natural forward planner who critically assesses own performance. Mature, credible, and comfortable in dealing with senior big company executives. Reliable, tolerant, and determined. Empathic communicator, able to see things from the other persons point of view. Well-presented and businesslike. Sufficiently mobile and flexible. Keen for new experience, responsibility and accountability. Able to get on with others and be a team-player. 19HR Forms | P a g e
  21. 21. HR Formsvi. Staffing representative Common Duties and Responsibilities: • Participate in a variety of recruitment activities so that the organizations recruitment process is efficient, effective and equitable. • Ensure that all open positions are closed as per the pre decided timelines • Prepare internal and external job advertisements, web postings, specifications for external recruitment agencies and other materials in accordance with the organizations recruitment standards and business needs so that potential job applicants have the information they need to decide whether, and how to, apply for a vacant position. • Respond to enquiries from candidates, managers and external recruitment agencies about the organizations recruitment activities and about the status of job vacancies so that interested parties are kept informed without compromising the organizations standards of privacy and confidentiality. • Contact candidates, arrange interview times and develop appropriate interview questions in collaboration with the hiring manager so that interviews are conducted efficiently and equitably. • Interview, test, rank, check references, select candidates and provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates based on the jobs pre-established selection criteria and the organizations recruitment policies. • Prepare job offer materials in accordance with the agreed job specifications so that successful candidates have all the information they need to decide whether to accept the position. • Represent the organization at job fairs and other recruitment venues so that potential candidates have an opportunity to learn about the organization and its recruitment activities. • Conduct employee orientation/induction and introductory training so that new employees are quickly integrated into the organization. Knowledge / Skills/Attitude • Minimum Qualifications: Degree or equivalent • Years of Experience: 2 to 3 • Focused and detail oriented • Timeline oriented • Stretch and learnability • Process oriented • Good communication skills – both written and verbal • God interpersonal skillsvii. Job Description for Telecom Operation Designation: Sr. Engineer Telecom Operations Department: Information Technology 20HR Forms | P a g e
  22. 22. HR Forms Work Experience: 3 or more years Job Profile: Managing the Telecom Infrastructure of Zenta at various sites Viz: Avaya ACD system, Nortel Passport, Nice Logger, CMS Troubleshoot tickets Create and Manage process requirements. Understand Business strategies. Implement new Projects. Launch new process. Attend weekly Conference calls with Clients ,Service providers, Vendors Render Remote support to Telecom department. Skill Set required: Diploma or degree Engineer in Telecommunications. Fluent in English. Good communication, Presentation skills. Understanding of business requirements related to BPO industry. Should be willing to work in shifts. Industry Certification IP telephony Experience on LAN/WAN technologies. Worked on Avaya CM 2.1 and above, CMS and Nice loggers Capable to give remote support manage remote sitesviii. A.M./Mgr.-Information Security Position Name: A.M./Mgr.-Information Security Level: Manager/.Asst.Manager No of positions: 1 Experience level: Overall 3 - 7 years Education: Graduation / MCA Salary: 7- 9Lakhs Date needed to join: ASAP Shift: General Shift (9.30 A.M -6.30 P.M) But must be willing for night shift Description: 21HR Forms | P a g e
  23. 23. HR Forms Coordinate - Information Security Training programs - Certification programs such as SAS 70, ISO 27001:2005 etc. - BCP / DR Plans - Record Management Coordination - Development of various Policies, Procedures and Guidelines in align with Security Standards and best practices - Internal and Client Audits to meet Legal and Regulatory requirement of Indian and other countries - To provide various daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual reports - Anti-virus controls (Trojan horses, worms, malicious code, and other network threats) - Monitor Logs and evaluate Firewall / Intrusion detection systems - Incident response and prevention best practices - To monitor activities relating to change control ESSENTIALS: - Hands on experience in ISO 27001:2005 implementations. - Good presentation skills with Power point to carry out various training programs. - Familiar with various network technologies and security products. - Configuration of network devices such as VPN and IDS solutions and firewalls. - Familiarity with risk analysis and mitigation methodology, security policy and procedure development, incident response, program, patch management and vulnerability management processes, security training and awareness - Development and implementation of security policies and procedures, and building security architecture - 3-7; years relevant experience in the areas of IT security / Network and Infrastructure - Graduate / Post graduate degree in Computer Science, Information Systems Administration, Computer Applications or related field. - Additional security certification like ISO 27001:2005 / Ethical Hacker / CISA / CISSP / CISM desirable. ********************ix. Sales Manager 1. QUALIFICATIONS, EXPERIENCE TRAININGa. University Graduate preferably with a postgraduate degree or diploma in Business Management.b. Exposure in sales preferably in retail sales in consumer durables or automobiles (Some experience in direct sales will be an advantage).c. Exposure in handling sales team with a large number of front line sales people reporting to him through junior supervisory and managerial staff. 22HR Forms | P a g e
  24. 24. HR Formsd. Exposure to control administratively medium to large size automobile workshops spare parts management.e. Working knowledge of branch accounting, general administration branch HR related matters.f. Skills, experience knowledge of modern business methods and controls. 2. LIMIT OF AUTHORITYa. Capital Expenditure: Limited only by resources, group policies from time to time budgetary provision.b. Personnel: Should work in conjunction with respective divisional heads like Branch Head, GM (Sales), GM (Service), Head (Parts) and also to work closely with the HR manager.c. Operational: Authorized to operate the Branch to meet sales service requirements and expectations within the budgeted norms. 3. MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB a. To ensure maximum efficiency and profitability of the Branch whilst giving a high level of customer satisfaction. b. To maximize sales potential of the assigned Branch, Maximize the bay utilization of the workshop at a level commensurate with budgetary profit requirements. c. To maximize Branch profitability through the sales of vehicles, accessories and other associated products like finance insurance. d. To create and project and image both within the Branch and outside as a top class professional company with a total customer satisfaction as it’s main objective. e. To help and co-operate with the divisional heads in order to achieve the overall organizational objective. 4. RELATIONSHIP AND PERSONAL ACTIVITIES a. Directly responsible to: Branch Head/GM-Sales and heads of the respective divisions for functional and administrative responsibilities. b. Responsible for: Sales team (both functional administrative) Team Leaders, Warehouse management, processing management. c. Relationship with: Vehicle manufacturer, banks and other financial institutions (with whom the organization will have business relation from time to time), professional organizations, other motor vehicle dealers, Suppliers, automobile associations, chamber of commerce as well as all departmental heads of the organizations in order to ensure smooth function of day to day business. 5. OBJECTIVES AND KEY RESULT AREAS 5.1 Improved Profitability: a. To ensure profitability targets are met on a regular basis from all the areas of operations like unit sales, accessories, finances, insurance, service spare parts revenues. 23HR Forms | P a g e
  25. 25. HR Forms b. To ensure the Branch attains net profit as detailed in the business plan and annual budget. c. To device a mechanism in order to continually monitor the financial situation on a daily/weekly basis to ensure on target performance and suggest effective course correction to higher authority wherever and whenever necessary. d. To examine all accounts, operating controls and composite figures to initiate improvement. e. To ensure high level of contact with the banks and other financial institutions to ensure smooth and timely cash flow f. To maintain and increase market penetration to meet dealership objective. g. To improve stock turnover ratios, reduce stock holding value and increase sales to meet branch objective. h. Always be on the lookout for new and related business opportunities to add to the bottom-line as well as enhance branch’s brand image amongst prospective buyers. 5.2 Customer service and satisfaction:a. To maintain high level of customer satisfaction whilst maximizing profit.b. To improve the quality of customer service and retention by enhanced facilities and improved technical and soft skills resulting in lower cost of ownership and improved marketing methods.c. To ensure high standard of quality both in terms of hardware and software (Facilities and Human elements).d. To stay in constant touch with the customer relation department real time to find out any dissatisfied customer and take immediate action.e. To maintain a high level of relation with all corporate customers to ensure constant flow of profitable business and take care of all their problems irrespective of the source of the problem. 5.3 Staff related matters:a. To establish and agree staff requirement with GM-Sales and departmental heads.b. To analyze the training requirement for providing a satisfactory staff development program.c. To ensure training needs are met and accurate records are kept to maximize effectiveness.d. To ensure all new recruits have gone through our orientation and induction program before assigned to a particular job.e. To operate a quarterly appraisal system to discuss individual and branch performance level with key branch personnel and ensure action is taken on results.f. To maintain an excellent and professional relations with all in order to achieve a very healthy working environment.g. To constantly motivate all staff reporting to him and maintain an environment of healthy competitiveness in order to achieve better results.h. To always encourage people to be innovative in order to maintain a competitive edge over others.i. To ensure correct reporting system and compliance.j. To establish KRAs for all staff members under him. 5.4 Administration: 24HR Forms | P a g e
  26. 26. HR Forms a. To ensure that the Branch is operated within the law. b. To review from time to time all departmental activities and reporting systems. c. To ensure that adequate safety and security measures have been installed to meet municipal requirements. d. To strictly adhere to systems, procedures, credit policies, discount structure laid by the company from time to time. 5.5 Communication: a. To maintain good liaison with directors and managers. b. To submit the day end, weekend month end reports to the management in timely manner which should reflect the current sales/service situation vis-à-vis sales plan, shortfall if any, corrective action plan to make up the short fall, future projection, major achievements, lost opportunities etc. c. To ensure direct liaison with manufacturers, professional bodies, suppliers statutory representatives, corporate customers and all other contacts. d. To always maintain a healthy line of communication with all staff members. e. To maintain professional relation with the Honda co-dealers and to stay in touch with them and co-operate wherever possible. 5.6 Marketing: a. To plan and oversee the execution of local area promotional activities in both sales and service. To agree plan with respective divisional head. b. To instigate research into customer satisfaction and requirements for improvement. c. To device strategies for effective and real time market intelligence in order to stay ahead of competition. d. To come out with innovative and cost effective marketing ideas in order to stay always on top. e. To ensure approval has been taken before any campaign is initiated from competent authority and respective departmental head. f. To inform management any significant development in the market in terms of new launches, new campaign by competition or any other relevant matter which is significant and important in nature. g. To constantly be on the lookout for new business avenues and opportunities to increase market share both in sales and service. 5.7 Finance: a. To keep the financial aspects of the business under constant review. b. To highlight all sales discounts, fleet discount and suggest necessary action to higher management whenever change is necessary. c. Collection of payment from customers should be on time as per the policy laid down by the management and outstanding amount should always be kept under control. 25HR Forms | P a g e
  27. 27. HR Forms d. Credit sales should be avoided as far as possible and extension of credit to any customer should only be done with prior management approval. e. To negotiate constantly with the banks and other financial institutions in order to derive maximum benefit for the organization as well as the customers.5.8 Cost control: a. To maintain effective control of expenses in line with budget objective. b. To carry out monthly examinations of all expenses and look for saving potentials. c. To ensure maximum cost effective stock turnover ratio. d. To examine weekly/monthly debtor situation and effectiveness of credit control procedure. 26HR Forms | P a g e
  28. 28. HR Forms Chapter 3 Recruitment Selection 27HR Forms | P a g e
  29. 29. HR FormsRecruitmentAPPLICATION FORMI / CANDIDATE INFORMATION:1. Position applied: _____________________________________2. Name: ______________________________________3. Email: ______________________________________________4. Present Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________5. Permanent Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________6. Date of Birth: _________________________________________7. Sex: Male / Female_____________________________________8. Marital Status: ________________________________________9. Date of Marriage: ______________________________________10. Number of Children: ____________________________________11. Age of Children: _______________________________________12. Family BackgroundYou design a table with columns: member, occupation, address, phone.II/ EDUCATION1. Language Spoken: (State Mother Tongue First)You design a table with columns: Language, Spoken, Written, Both. And rating scales can be Native,Fluent, Fair, Poor.2. Academic Details:-You design a table with columns: Course Main Subjects, Year of Passing, % of Marks Obtained, Nameof School / College / Institution (Along with University).III/ EXPERIENCE1. Work Experience Summary:You design a table with columns: Company Name, Designation, Duration, Reason for Leaving.2. Current Job Details:-a) Company Name ____________________________________b) Current Designation ____________________________________c) Date of Joining ____________________________________d) Current Salary (All Inclusive package) ______________________e) Expected salary (All inclusive package) _____________________f) Job Responsibilities ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 28HR Forms | P a g e
  30. 30. HR Forms3. New Job:-a) Do you have any experience in the XXXXXXX Industry? If yes, please specify theIndustry ________________________________________________Position _________________________________________________Tenure. _________________________________________________b) what kind of growth are you looking for yourself in the next 3 years?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4. What do you feel is your major accomplishment? Give reason in support of your claims________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5. Other Details:a) Have you ever been convicted? ________________________b) Do you have any political Involvement? __________________c) Does any family relative have political involvement? ________d) Do you have any relatives employed overseas ____________e) Family Business / Service? ___________ if yes, give details _________________________________________________________________________IV / GENERAL INFO1. What are your strengths?——-——-2. What are your weaknesses?——-——-3. What are your hobbies?——-——-4. Have you applied to **************** before? YES / NOIf YES, when_____________________________________________In what Capacity: _________________________________________Final Outcome ____________________________________________a) Do you wish to relocate? ______________________________b) How may days’ time would you require to attend a personal interview in Mumbai ________c) What is your notice period before you can join? ___________5. List Three References (other than relatives)You design a table with columns:, Name, Official Designation, Address Phone No, Period for whichhe knows you, Capacity in which he knowsV/ DECLARATION 29HR Forms | P a g e
  31. 31. HR FormsI hereby declare that the information furnished above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Incase any false statement is made by me, Company would have the right to terminate my services at anytime.DATE: ____________ PLACE: _____________ Signature: ____________Pre-Employment ChecklistDate:Applicant: __________________________________________________________Position: ___________________________________________________________ References Requested: Date Received: ____________________ ______________ ____________________ ______________ ____________________ ______________ Interviewed By: Approved By: ____________________ ______________ ____________________ ______________ ____________________ ______________Education verified: _________________________________________________Licensure of certification verified: ________________________________Bonding Company approval: ___________________________________________Starting Salary $Fringe Benefits [List]:Effective starting date:Recruitment request form1. General information of recruitment requestYou should design a table with columns and rows as follows:• From• Name 30HR Forms | P a g e
  32. 32. HR Forms• Department• Date:2. Recruitment request formYou should design a table with columns as follows:• No• Designation• No. Of Requirements• Qualification• Skill Sets• Years of Experience• Date of Joining• Period of Requirement• Salary Range• Project to handle Expected3. Remarks:Please attach job description and job specification for each position.SignaturesManpower requisition formThis form is applied for recruitment/hiring process.From:Department:Position:Date:You should design a table with column as follows:1. No2. Designation3. No. of Requirements4. Qualification5. Skill Sets6. Years of Experience7. Project to handle8. Expected Date of Joining9. Period of Requirement10. Salary Range 31HR Forms | P a g e
  33. 33. HR FormsDepartment head SignatureHR signature (Please attach Job Specification and Job Requirement)Appointment Letter Format Company Name / Logo Company AddressDear Sir / Madam, Dated.............................Name: _____________________________Father’s Name: _______________________Address: ______________________________ This has reference to your application dated__________________and the subsequentInterview / test which you had with us. We are pleased to appoint you as_________________(Designation) as per the following terms conditions.1. That your appointment as ___________________________________is affected form the date of issuance of this letter.2. Your appointment is on probation. The initial period of probation is 3 months, which will automatically be extended up to a period of 6 month. Unless so confirmed in writing. During the period of probation or extended any period of probation your services can be conformed form the date orders are communicated in writing confirming your service.3. That you will be paid a salary of Rs.__________________ in consolidation. You will not be eligible for any other allowance or benefit except as stated above.4. That you headquarter for present is at but it can be changed to such other place that may be decided by the management communication to you. Thus your head quarter is likely to be changed.5. That you will be eligible for leave other benefit as per service rule of the company as in vogue or altered from time to time. The company has right to amend the rule, which shall be applicable to you. 32HR Forms | P a g e
  34. 34. HR Forms6. You duties will include for efficient, satisfactory and economical operation in the area of responsibility that may be assigned to you from time to time. As an employee of the firm you will maintain a high standard of loyalty, efficiency, integrity, and secrecy and will liaison with employees working under your supervision or your colleagues and will be responsible for execution of the decision taken by the management from time to time.7. You will devote your whole time and attention to the interest of the any company/ firm/ establishment will not engage yourself in any other either paid or in honorary capacity without written permission.8. In case there is any change in your residential address, you will intimate the same in writing to the personal department/manager within three days from the date of such change and get such change of address recorded9. If by your conduct performance, you will render yourself incompetent to perform the duties or you became dishonest, intemperate, irregular in attendance , negligence to work, disobedient or commit any misconduct or any breach of condition of employment then you render yourself liable for dismissal without any notice or compensation. Apart from this you shall make good the loss, if any arise out of your act. If the above terms and conditions are acceptable to you please sign the carbon copy intaken of its acceptance and return the same for our record. For Authorized / Competent official Declaration by the EmployeeI accept the offer and the terms and conditions mentioned in the aforesaid letter.Signature of the EmployeeDate:- Human ResourcesRecruitment Selection – Interview Agreement APPLICANT DETAILS: (name) 1 33HR Forms | P a g e
  35. 35. HR Forms 2POSITION: 3SECTION: 4VAC REF NO: DATE: 5PANEL MEMBERS: 6 7INSTRUCTIONS:SECTION 1 2 - MUST BE COMPLETED ON ALL APPLICANTS INTERVIEWED(Completion of Section 1 by providing a consensus rating of each applicant against the selectioncriteria may assist panels in formulating comments on each applicant required for Section 2)SECTION 1 - INTERVIEW CONSENSUS RATINGSAll panel members to contribute to the justification of the rating between 1 - 5 based on thoroughdiscussion of the merit of each applicant against the selection criteria. A minority report may belodged if consensus cannot be reached. May be used to assist in consolidating panels comments forSection 2.*Please use WHOLE NUMBERS only in your final consensus ratings (i.e. the use of + or –, orfractions [e.g. 0.5] is not permitted)ESSENTIAL SELECTION CRITERIA INTERVIEWED APPLICANT RATINGS (by consensus)Skills, abilities, knowledge, experience, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7qualifications which are minimumrequirements for effective job performance. 34HR Forms | P a g e
  36. 36. HR FormsDESIRABLE SELECTION CRITERIASkills etc which would improve jobperformance but are not essential forappointmentRANK ORDER OF APPLICANTS*SECTION 2 - CONSENSUS SUMMARY REPORTThis section seeks a summary report on each applicant against the selection criteria. Focus on eachapplicants demonstrated capacity to meet the essential selection criteria for this position. In someinstances it may be appropriate to address desirable criteria also (where there is a close field). Suchcomments will be used as part justification for a recommendation (together with informationobtained in the application and referee reports), for feedback to unsuccessful applicants, immigrationand other matters as required.APPLICANT NO 1 Appointable Yes / No Rank Position* 35HR Forms | P a g e
  37. 37. HR FormsAPPLICANT NO 2 Appointable Yes / No Rank Position*APPLICANT NO 3 Appointable Yes / No Rank Position*APPLICANT NO 4 Appointable Yes / No Rank Position*APPLICANT NO 5 Appointable Yes / No Rank Position*APPLICANT NO 6 Appointable Yes / No Rank Position* Appointable Yes / No RankAPPLICANT NO 7 Position*In determining rank order applicants who meet all (or a high proportion) of the essential criteriashould be ranked higher than those who meet a proportionately higher number of desirable criteria.Comments: 36HR Forms | P a g e
  38. 38. HR FormsSECTION 1 and SECTION 2 VERIFICATIONPANEL MEMBERS SIGNATURES:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________DATE: _____/_____/_____Attach this report to Recommendation to Appoint and other documentation. Human ResourcesRecommendation to AppointVACANCY DETAILSVacancy ReferenceNumber :Position Title:Faculty/Section: 37HR Forms | P a g e
  39. 39. NAME OF APPLICANT/S RECOMMENDED FOR APPOINTMENTHR Forms 1. 2.RECOMMENDED CONDITIONS OF APPOINTMENTProfessional Employees Academic EmployeesUSQ USQLevel: Level:Step: Step: Continuing Fixed Term Continuing Fixed TermProbationary Durati yea Probationary Period: Durati yearsPeriod: on: rs on: months Expiry ___/___/_ months/y Expiry ___/___/___ Date: __ ears Date: Probationary Period: Probationary Period: months monthsStart / / Start / /Date: Date:Supervisin Supervising Position g PositionTitle: Title:Other OtherCondition Conditions: s: 38HR Forms | P a g e
  40. 40. HR FormsCharge to: Charge to: Dept. ID Program Dept. ID Program Project (if req) Project (if req)SELECTION PANEL MEMBERSCo-ordinator:Non-Faculty/SectionMember:Other Members:NAME OF APPLICANTS INTERVIEWED Please tick if unsuccessful notification is not to be sent until successful applicant accepts offer of appointment.SIGNATURESPanel Members: 39HR Forms | P a g e
  41. 41. HR FormsRecommending Delegate: (if appropriate) / /Approving Delegate: / /ATTACHMENTS Position Description Recommended Applicant’s Full Application Interview Consensus Summary Referee Reports on Recommended ApplicantADDITIONAL INFORMATION if required (e.g. outlining developmental plans for probationary period,reasons for waiving or shortening probationary period etc.) 40HR Forms | P a g e
  42. 42. HR FormsNOTES All information provided is to remain confidential until the outcome of an offer made by the Executive Director, Human Resources is known Details outlined on this form must be in accordance with Human Resources Policy and Procedure Recruitment and Selection Satisfactory referees’ reports on the nominee must be obtained and attached. A minimum of two referee checks must be obtained for all advertised positions. In accordance with Human Resources Policy and Procedure Probationary Appointment, “the Vice- Chancellor approves any shortening or waiving of a r probationary period for” In such instances, please complete the “Additional Information” section above This form is to be forwarded to your HR Client Service team once completed (including all relevant signatures) and including attachments 41HR Forms | P a g e
  43. 43. HR Forms Selection Forms Interview forms i. Interview assessment form ii. Interview questions form iii. Job interview form iv. Candidate interview form v. 2nd interview invitation letter vi. Interview invitation letter vii. Interview appraisal formi. Interview assessment form 1. Candidate info: • Candidate name: • Sex: • Birth of date: • Apply to position: • Date of interview: • Interviewers: 2. Rating scales: • Poor • Fair • Average • Good • Superior 3. Interview appraisal factors: Education Experience • Basic Qualifications • Other Relevant Courses • Years of Experience • Relevance of Experience Job Knowledge Skills • Functional Knowledge • Thoroughness 42HR Forms | P a g e
  44. 44. HR Forms• General Knowledge• Computer Skills Personal Attributes• Personal Appearance• Confidence Assertiveness• Team Spirit• Analytical Ability• Creativeness Maturity• Emotional Stability• General Attitude• Diplomacy/Tactfulness Communication• Ability to Logically Organize Thoughts• Ability to Express Ideas• English Language Skills• Arabic Language Skills4. Overall rating:• Outstanding• Very Good• Good• Satisfactory• Unsatisfactory5. General Observations:Joining Potential: Strong/Weak ________________Expected Salary ______________ Previous Salary _____________Offered Salary _________________Interview Committee: 1. _____________, 2.______________, 3.____________________Signature: 1._________________ 2.___________________3.______________________Final Assessment. HR:Concerned Dept.: 43HR Forms | P a g e
  45. 45. HR Formsii. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS FORM 1. Candidate info: • Candidate name: • Sex: • Birth of date: • Apply to position: • Date of interview: • Interviewers: 2. Rating scales: • Poor • Fair • Average • Good • Superior 3. Interview appraisal factors: • Qualification (s) • Job knowledge • Experience Profile Consistency in jobs • Personality (Appearance, Dress, Manners) • Awareness about technical Dynamics. • Interpersonal skills / team spirit. • Attitude towards tasks, people and technology. • Confidence level (Positive mental attitude) • Age Group suitability • Communication skills • Business Orientation • Analytical skills, logical reasoning • Clarity of thoughts • Maturity • Achievement Orientation. • Conceptual Clarity • Openness Of Mind • Leadership Ability / Proactive ness • Personal Profile • Careers Plan 4. Overall rating: • Outstanding • Very Good 44HR Forms | P a g e
  46. 46. HR Forms • Good • Satisfactory • Unsatisfactory 5. General Observations: Joining Potential: Strong/Weak ________________ Expected Salary ______________ Previous Salary _____________ Offered Salary _________________ Interview Committee: 1. _____________,2.______________, 3.____________________ Signature: 1._________________ 2.___________________3.______________________ Final Assessment. HR: Concerned Dept.:iii. Job interview form 1. Candidate info: • Candidate name: • Sex: • Birth of date: • Apply to position: • Date of interview: • Interviewers: 2. Rating scales: • Poor • Fair • Average • Good • Superior 3. Appraisal factors: • APPEARANCE: Bearing and poise, neatness, physical fitness, dress mannerisms • EDUCATION 45HR Forms | P a g e
  47. 47. HR Forms • EXPERIENCE Specific to the position being considered for • KNOWLEDGE Of the product or field • PERSONALITY Mature, sincere, courteous, likeable, enthusiastic, self-confident, introvert/ extrovert, loner/ team worker, at ease and friendly, ability to pick up the ball and carry it • ABILITY TO EXPRESS SELF: Clear and pleasing voice, expresses himself forcefully and clearly, uses hands, face and voice to add meaning to what he says • MENTAL ABILITY: Alertness, logic, perception, judgment, organization of thoughts, comprehends what you are trying to say, asks good questions, he structures answers to your questions • LEADERSHIP: Ambition, high energy level, initiative, decisiveness, record of accomplishment, plans for the future and has objectives, self – reliant • INTERESTS: Has breath of curiosity and information, good general knowledge, technical knowledge of a general character, social cultural and political • ATTITUDE: Willingness to learn and to work, co- operation, positive outlook on life, enthusiastic about his future, regard for former employersiv. Candidate interview evaluation form 1. Candidate info: • Candidate name: • Sex: • Birth of date: • Apply to position: • Date of interview: • Interviewers: 2. Rating scales: • Poor • Fair • Average • Good • Superior 3. Appraisal factors: 3.1 Appearance 46HR Forms | P a g e
  48. 48. HR Forms• Dress• Grooming• Body Language• Eye Contact3.2 Characteristics• Assertive• Achievement-oriented• Cooperative• Responsible• Outgoing• Open• Dedicated• Poise• Maturity• Professional• Verbal/persuasive• Ability to learn3.3 Goals/perception of self• Realistic appraisal of self• Reason for interest in field• Realistic career goals3.4 Qualifications• Education/training• Accomplishments• Skills• Relevant experience• Potential3.5 Decision making/problem solving• Creativity• Logic3.6 Reasons for selecting particular organization• Commitment• Knowledge of organization• Knowledge of industry3.7 Job expectations• Realistic• Match employer’s needs3.8 Long term objectivesRealisticPotential to grow 47HR Forms | P a g e
  49. 49. HR Forms 3.9 Overall evaluation 3.10 Additional comments: Signature: Interviewer 1 ——————Interviewer 2:v. 1st Interview invitation letter Date Name of Applicant Address City – State Sub: interview Invitation for position of ………… Dear Name of Applicant, Thank you for submitting an application form for the above post. I am delighted to invite you to attend on interviewing you for the position of sales manager. This letter confirms the phone conversation in which we scheduled your interview on………. The interview will consist of contents as follows: + Interview time: + Types of interview If you have any questions, please call me at……….. Sincerely yours, John Tan HR coordinatorvi. 2nd interview invitation letter sample [Date] Dear [Name] Re: Vacancy for [position title] First of all, we thank you for your application for the above position. 48HR Forms | P a g e
  50. 50. HR Forms We would like to inform you that you pass 1st round interview. We are grateful if you could attend an 2nd interview: At [Address]. On [Date]. At [Time]. The interview will be with [name and job title of interviewer(s)]. The interview is scheduled to last approximately [state duration] and will take the form of [short description of format of interview such as panel, group interview…]. Please can you bring along the following documentation to the interview: 1. 2. 3…. Please contact [name of contact] on [telephone number] to confirm your attendance at the interview. If you have a any questions to assist you at the interview, please let [me/name of contact] know. A map showing the location of the interview venue is included. We are looking forward to meeting you. Yours sincerely John Tan HR managervii. INTERVIEW APPRAISAL FORM 1. Candidate details • Candidate name • Post Applied for • Date • Line Manager 2. Appraisal You should design a table which includes columns such as No, Contents of appraisal, HR Manager, Line Manager. Contents of appraisal: 49HR Forms | P a g e
  51. 51. HR Forms• Attitude• Knowledge• Communication• Experience• Loyalty Expectation• Present ability• Initiative• Team SpiritRating scales:(1-Poor, 2-Average, 3- Good, 4-V.Good, 5-Excellent)3. Remarks:a Strengths…..….b Weakness….….Signature…………………………..HR Manager……………Line Manager……………DirectorSample interview questionsIt includes types of question as follows:1. Phone interview questionsPhone interview i a method to interview candidate by telephone. You have a little time to conduct it sothat you should just ask question about candidate’s basic job requirements.2. Situational interview questionsIn situational interviewing, job-seekers are asked to respond to a specific situation they may face on thejob, and some aspects of it are similar to behavioral interviews.This type of interview is most often used with college graduates who do not have as much past workexperience.3. Behavioral interview questionsIn behavioral interviews, candidates are asked to explain their skills, experience, activities etc – asexamples of your past behavior. 50HR Forms | P a g e
  52. 52. HR FormsIt includes interview questions about knowledge, experience, soft skills, management skills, abilities …of candidates.4. Stress interview questionsThe stress interview is designed to find applicants who can handle stress, and handle it well.5. Tough / difficult Interview questionsIt include 51 Tough / difficult interview questions about last job, competencies, new job etc.Here is an example of difficult interview questions about Last Job candidates their self.I. Difficult interview questions of last job1. What do you think of your last boss?2. What is the riskiest thing you have ever done?3. Why are you leaving/did you leave your last position?4. What do you think of your previous manager?5. If you could change one thing about your last job, what would it be?6. Why you had so many jobs in such a short period of time?7. Tell me 3 good things and 3 bad things in your last company?II. Difficult interview questions of candidates their self1. How many hours a day/week do you need to work to get the job done?2. If you stayed with your current company, what would be your next move?3. How do you measure success?4. Describe a job that would be your worst nightmare?5. Where do you see yourself in ten years?6. What is your long-range objective?7. How do you balance life and work?8. What is your favorite book? How about your favorite movie?9. What did you do during this six month gap in employment?10. What do you feel this position should pay?6. Interview questions from companies• Microsoft interview questions (Check over the internet)• Google interview questions7. Common interview questionsIt includes questions as follows: 51HR Forms | P a g e
  53. 53. HR Forms• 60 Common interview questions• 36 Good interview questions• Illegal interview questions• Top interview questions8. Interview questions by departments• HR interview questions• Training manager interview questions• Secretary interview questions• Administrative assistant interview questions• Sales interview questions• Marketing interview questions• Accounting interview questions• Finance interview questions• CEO interview questions• Production interview questions• Quality interview questions• Project interview questions• Purchasing interview questions• Health care interview questions• IT interview questions 52HR Forms | P a g e
  54. 54. HR Forms Chapter 4 Employee Orientation Socialization 53HR Forms | P a g e
  55. 55. HR FormsHiring formsYou can refer more information about Hiring forms by topics as follows:1. Job offer letter2. Appointment letter3. New hire integration feedback form4. Confirmation of employment letter5. New employee introduction letter6. Welcome New Employee Letter7. Probation extension letter8. Employment rejection letter9. 90 days evaluation form10. Employment offer letter11. Employment agreement checklist12. Employee drug testing agreement1. Samples / examples job offer letterAnpha corporation123 Ani St – DapotPhone 23245-0989-123March 12, 2008Jimmy Tan12 VMP StNew De City, 12342Dear Jimmy TanJOB OFFERANPHA CORP is pleased to offer you the position of Marketing Director for our organization. We areexcited about the potential that you bring to our company.1. Job contentAs we discussed during your interviews, you will be working in our office at………, where ourmarketing departments are located.You will report directly to the Vice-President of sales and marketing and be a member of our ExecutiveManagement Team.2. Compensation and benefits 54HR Forms | P a g e
  56. 56. HR FormsShould you accept this job offer, per company policy you’ll be eligible to receive the followingbeginning on your hire date.Salary: Annual gross starting salary of $123,500, paid in biweekly installments by your choice of checkor direct depositBenefits: Standard, ANPHA-provided benefits for salaried-exempt employees, including the following• 401(k) retirement account• Health, dental, life and disability insurance• Profit sharing• Sick leave• Vacation and personal days• Annual stock options• Child daycare assistance• Education assistance3. Process of joiningTo accept this job offer:• Sign and date this job offer letter where indicated below.• Mail all pages of the signed and dated documents listed above back to us in the enclosed business-reply envelope, to arrive by Monday, Oct 12, 2008.• Attend new-hire orientation on Friday, Oct 16, 200x, beginning at 8:00 AM.To decline this job offer:• Sign and date this job offer letter where indicated below.• Mail all pages of this job offer letter back to us in the enclosed business-reply envelope, to arrive byMonday, Oct 12, 2008.We look forward to your arrival at our company and are confident that you will play a key role in ourcompany’s expansion into national and international markets. Please let me know if you have anyquestions or if I can do anything to make your arrival easier.Sincerely,[Signature]JohnHR Coordinator, Human ResourcesAccept Job OfferSignature: _________________________________ Date:_____________Decline Job Offer 55HR Forms | P a g e
  57. 57. HR FormsSignature: _________________________________ Date:_____________2. SAMPLES / EXAMPLES APPOINTMENT LETTERNameAddress:CityDear Mr. Name.Sub: Letter of AppointmentOn the basis of interview held we are pleased to offer your services on our Company in the followingterms.1. Job information• Position• Probation time• Hours of work2. Compensations and benefits• Salary:• Leave: 12 days for casual Leave; 12 days Sick Leave per year• Break3. General conditions• During the probation period, the company may terminate your services without notice if yourperformance is not up to our expectations or for any other reason.• You will be governed by the service rules of this company as may be applicable to you from time totime.• The company reserves the right to alter or modify its working hours or to increase them.• This is a position of continuous responsibility and does not entail payment of extra time or overtime.• All programs, System Designs, Manuals, Literature etc. developed by you, while in the companyservice will at all times be deemed to be sole property of the company. Also, the company will at alltimes, have the sole proprietary right in any new system which you may develop while in the company’sservice.• During the period of your employment, you will work honestly, faithfully, diligently and efficiently forthe growth of the company. You are expected to maintain utmost secrecy in regard to the affairs of thecompany and shall keep confidential any 56HR Forms | P a g e
  58. 58. HR Forms• Your appointment will be subject to being medically fit at the commencement of and at any timeduring the tenure of your employment with the company; the company has a right at all times to sendyou for a medical checkup to ascertain your fitness for the job.We welcome you to our organization and look forward to your contribution to the growth of theorganization and yourself.Sincerely,Name of the company.NameCEO3. NEW HIRE INTEGRATION FEEDBACK FORMDear Mr/Mrs…………….This form is intended to improve the over on boarding process and your feedback is important for us.Thanks for your cooperation.I/ Rating scales1. 0 = not applicable2. 1 = Completely Disagree3. 2 = Somewhat Disagree4. 3 = Somewhat Agree5. 4 = Completely AgreeII/ Feedback questions1. My Recruiting Process was well scheduled and arranged.2. I found the information and learning provided during the orientation training sessions relevant inhelping me integrate better within………..3. Guest House accommodation provided a comfortable stay for me.4. I am satisfied with my overall experience with the following teams:• Recruiting• Transport• IT (Computers, NT Login)• Finance• Training Development• Guest House Accommodation 57HR Forms | P a g e
  59. 59. HR Forms5. I was given a useful ramp up for the project to help me learn fast.6. I found the orientation program comprehensive and useful?7. I found induction kit was useful.What can we do better as a team to improve your on boarding experience?Other remarks:For companyJimmyHR Manager4. Sample / Example Welcome New Employee LetterNew employee nameAddress:CityMr/MrsDepartmentFANDA CORPAddressPhone:Sub: Welcome New EmployeeDear Mr John,Welcome to FANDA CORP and sales department.I am delighted you are joining us as corporate sales manager. I am very pleased that you have chosen toaccept our offer of employment and know that this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial association.The enclosed information is designed to serve as an introduction to sales department and provideresources that will help you make a smooth transition into your new role.The sales team is here to support your transition so, please know that you can call on any of us to assistyou. We are looking forward to you joining our team and your success at FANDA.Yours sincerely,John TamHuman Resources Manager 58HR Forms | P a g e
  60. 60. HR Forms5. Employment offer letterDate: ___________Ms. / Mr. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Subject: EMPLOYMENT OFFER LETTERDear ________________,With reference to your application and subsequent interview with us, we are pleased to offer you theposition of ___________________ in our organization at a company of USD. __________________(Rupees ___________________ only).We would expect you to join as early as possible but not later than _________, beyond which the offerwould stand withdrawn, unless a new date is mutually agreed upon, by us in writing.On the date of your joining, you may please bring along the following:1. Proof of age2. Copies of Educational Certificates3. Copies of professional Certificates4. Relieving certificate from the previous employer5. Appointment letter of the previous employer and salary revision letters6. Last pay slip received from the previous employer7. 3 Passport Size photographs8. An updated Curriculum Vita9. Form 16 (TDS certificate)This Offer of Employment is subject to receipt of satisfactory references.This Letter of Offer is being sent in duplicate. Kindly sign the copy as a token of your acceptance of theoffer and return us the same.For, Company NameName: Employee NameDesignation:6. Employment agreement checklistThis checklist is used to negotiate employment agreements between employer and employee. 59HR Forms | P a g e
  61. 61. HR Forms1. Job description and specification• What is the title of the employee’s job?• Is employee guaranteed a seat on the board of directors while an employee?• Where is the place of employment? What are the regular working hours?• Can employee be relocated unilaterally to another city, or only with the employee’s consent?• Is the employee allowed to be involved in other activities (e.g., a directorship on other boards,involvement in community activities)?• What are the employee’s responsibilities?• Can the employee be demoted? Can employee’s responsibilities be substantially modified, decreased,or increased?2. Wage and Salary• What is the base salary? What about overtime? What about commissions?• Does the salary go up each year by a designated amount or by cost of living increases?• Are there designated times for performance reviews?• When is it payable?3. Benefits• Will the employee participate in all benefit plans of the company?• Which of these plans should be in place for the employee? Are all of the payments for the benefits theresponsibility of the company? such as:- Health and medical (including spouse and dependent coverage)- Educational reimbursement- executive financial counseling- Disability- 401(k)- Pension- Cafeteria plan- Life insurance- Stock option/stock grant- Dental, vision- Professional liability insurance• Any special loans or forgiveness arrangements?• Are some of the benefits taxable to the employee? Should employee be reimbursed for the tax?• How much vacation per year is employee entitled? Does unused vacation continue to accrue for thebenefit of employee and payable on termination of employment?• Is there a designated sick pay policy?4. Bonus• Are there bonuses to be tied to objective performance standards?• Are target bonus levels or minimum bonuses to be established? 60HR Forms | P a g e
  62. 62. HR Forms• Does employee get a signing bonus?• Is employee entitled to a guaranteed bonus?5. Reimbursement of expenses• Are moving expenses to be reimbursed?• Is there a relocation package available for employee (e.g., the company purchasing employee’s houseon a move?)• Will the employee’s business expenses be reimbursed promptly?• Is there a car or car allowance, cellular phone provided, or other such amenities?6. Stock option grants• Does the option exercise period terminate 90 days after termination of employment or can it be longer?• Are the shares obtained upon exercise of an option subject to repurchase on termination ofemployment? If so, at what price? (From the employee’s perspective, repurchase rights should not beincluded or should be limited.)• Are the shares obtained upon exercise of an option subject to a right of first refusal? If so, on whatterms?• Is the option a tax advantaged incentive stock option?• Does vesting of options accelerate on a change of control of the company? Or, on other events such astermination of employment by the company without cause?• Will employee get stock options?• What percent of the company do the options represent? (Note: in venture capital backed privately heldcompanies, the usual price for common stock options is 1/10 of the price for the latest round of preferredstock issuance.)• What is the exercise price for the options?• Are any options deemed automatically vested upon grant?• How long will unvested options vest? Monthly? Yearly cliff vesting?• How long is the option exercisable?7. Stock grants• Does vesting accelerate on a change of control of the company? Or, other event such as termination ofemployment by the company without cause?• Does employee have to pay anything for the grant?• What tax will the employee have to pay for the grant? Will the company also pay employee an amountto cover the tax?• Does employee have a right of first refusal for future company stock issuances to avoid dilution?• Will the employee be granted stock?• Is this stock subject to vesting? What is the vesting period?• Is this stock subject to repurchase rights or rights of first refusal?• Should employee file a § 83(b) irc election?8. Confidentiality restrictions• If there are confidentiality restrictions on the employee, are the following excluded from the definitionof “confidential information”?: 61HR Forms | P a g e